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(Reuters)   U.S officially declares hunt for Iraqi WMDs over. President Bush's last minute plan -- Operation Send in Scooby Doo and the Gang -- rejected for being unpossible   ( divider line
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2005-01-12 02:09:25 PM  
Isn't this what we've been saying all along?
2005-01-12 02:09:26 PM  
2005-01-12 02:09:44 PM  
how many billions of dollars later?
2005-01-12 02:10:09 PM  
better than Operation Human Shield...
2005-01-12 02:10:20 PM  
2005-01-12 02:10:24 PM  
Hey! Unpossible is not a word!
2005-01-12 02:10:34 PM  
Great headline. I submitted this without a better one.

/Bows to his betters
2005-01-12 02:10:34 PM  
Hey, we never said we were going there to find WMD's. Never said that. Not once. Stop unsupporting the troops.
2005-01-12 02:10:36 PM  
OH god, here we go...
2005-01-12 02:10:43 PM  
Me fail diplomacy? Thats unpossible!
2005-01-12 02:11:00 PM  
Being unpossible, that's great.

The funny/sad thing is, even though we have officially declared that there were no weapons in Iraq, President Bush and his administration will NOT admit that they made a mistake. That's been part of this administration's P.R. campaign since they started running for office.

If you never admit you made a mistake, it's harder for people to grasp on those failures.
2005-01-12 02:11:07 PM  
So that still leaves the question....WHAT THE FARK ARE WE DOING THERE?!?!?!
2005-01-12 02:11:15 PM  
Cool-headed, logical discource in 3...2...1...

2005-01-12 02:11:27 PM  
Well, I guess its for the best, now they can put the money/manpower into things that will actually pan out. Shoulda planted some on them like an L.A. cop.
2005-01-12 02:11:30 PM  
Rut Roh... can we go home now?
2005-01-12 02:11:35 PM  
Supernintendo Chalmers

Unsupporting the troops? Oh, that's gold, my friend. Gold.
2005-01-12 02:11:37 PM  
Someone cute the "Aw Jeez" photo, please.

2005-01-12 02:11:41 PM  
why is that he funniest headline i've read today?
i laughed even before i got to the scooby snacks
2005-01-12 02:11:44 PM  
hehehe ...this is going to be good...

/submitted this as well, with plain headline.
2005-01-12 02:11:45 PM  
Me fail english? That's unpossible!

/fastest infinity thread ever
2005-01-12 02:11:51 PM  
Me fail English? That's unpossible.

/ headline sucks
2005-01-12 02:11:51 PM  
But... but... we might still find them!

2005-01-12 02:11:52 PM  
Godwin's Law within 30 posts.
2005-01-12 02:11:53 PM  
My yellow ribbon magnet! It does nothing!
2005-01-12 02:12:10 PM  
Cue the Bush apologists/defenders!

Weaver, Oldbuttfast,'re on!!

/Bush is teh dick!
2005-01-12 02:12:27 PM  
I assumed the CIA would have planted something before letting this happen...

I'd join the chorus of "I told you so" if 30,000-100,000 deaths hadn't already been cased by this miserable failure.
2005-01-12 02:12:30 PM  
Does this even effect the way this administration will roll on? I can see them laughing it off and going on with their bidness.
2005-01-12 02:12:34 PM  
*pours gasoline everywhere*

Anyone in here have a light?
2005-01-12 02:12:38 PM  
You can't find it if it's in space.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-12 02:12:42 PM  
Geez, oren0.
2005-01-12 02:12:43 PM  
Give Mr. Hussein a refund and an apology.

/stands by for flaming
2005-01-12 02:12:47 PM  
and still no ramifications for this stupid little folly.

2005-01-12 02:12:47 PM  
farking brilliant. Only cost us billions of dollars and the respect of the world to find out that the WMD claims made back in 2002 were full of shiat.

So what is this week's official reason for the invasion of Iraq?
2005-01-12 02:12:53 PM  
Isn't this what the UN weapons inspectors said two years ago? I don't get it. Why didn't anyone tell the president?
2005-01-12 02:12:57 PM  
To infinity and beyond
2005-01-12 02:13:00 PM  
Astonishing! Simply astonishing!

Oh, I should clarify: It's astonishing that as of the time I finished reading the responses thus far, no one has posted the "Mission Accomplished" photo. I'm sure someone will have taken care of it by the time I actually submit my comment.

Carry on.
2005-01-12 02:13:08 PM  
Saddam was a wussy after all. Knew he couldn't hang with the Middle East's real badasses.

/Ayatollahs unimpressed.
2005-01-12 02:13:46 PM  
Man, I hope all the hardcore partisans didn't blow their wad on the Ali G thread.
2005-01-12 02:14:40 PM  
Oh yes they did find the Weapons of Mass Destruction

/she sang at the Orange Bowl halftime
2005-01-12 02:14:45 PM  
armybottom: So that still leaves the question....WHAT THE FARK ARE WE DOING THERE?!?!?!

Trying to come up with a plausible excuse for why we've lost the war and/or way to blame it on someone else?
2005-01-12 02:14:49 PM  
This is going to be friggin' ugly.

*leaves matches for TheRealist*
2005-01-12 02:15:04 PM was certainly worth it.

no. it wasn;t. bush lied. bush raised your taxes. america is not safer. i blame the red states.
2005-01-12 02:15:08 PM  
Bush better not declare this in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner or the Iraqis will suddenly nuke New York.
2005-01-12 02:15:24 PM  
They were still searching untill NOW? WTF? I guess it took a long time to search because they need to dodge mortars every few minutes.

Hans Blix never had to dodge no mortars...He woulda finished the job years ago now. and less would be dead too!
2005-01-12 02:15:38 PM  
We were in Iraq for WMD's??? I thought it was just a live-fire range...
2005-01-12 02:15:38 PM

But it was never about WMD's, and always about freeing the Iraqi people, right?
2005-01-12 02:15:41 PM  
Keen Machine:

Isn't this what the UN weapons inspectors said two years ago? I don't get it. Why didn't anyone tell the president?

He doesn't listen to public interest groups, remember?
2005-01-12 02:15:49 PM  
Does this even effect the way this administration will roll on? I can see them laughing it off and going on with their bidness.

I foresee a "I looked everywhere, but I just couldn't find those WMD under my couch" joke coming from GW soon.
2005-01-12 02:15:58 PM  
Man, history is going to absoulutely SKEWER this administration.

2005-01-12 02:16:13 PM  
Isn't this the reason we decided to go to war in the first place? I wonder how Bush can sleep at night knowing the "Mission Accomplished" was never accomplished? My two cents: He figured if he couldn't get Bin Laden, Saddam was the next best thing. After touting the WMD thing for such a long time, can he actually expect the American people to have confidence in him ever again? Just 'cause Saddam had to go, doesn't mean we should have taken the initiative to depose him at this point in time.

/Any thoughts?
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