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(Washington Post)   Sharon's new strategy: "to kill Palestinians at a rate sufficient to force them to stop attacking Israeli soldiers and civilians"   ( divider line
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2002-03-06 08:30:17 AM  
Sharon is scum.
2002-03-06 08:39:51 AM  
Perhaps he should try ending the illegal occupation of their land?
2002-03-06 08:44:40 AM  
Eventually the Palestinians will run out of mad bombers.
2002-03-06 08:49:30 AM  
Good Strategy...

hopefully they'll kill each other until their is no one left on either side... dibs on some waterfront property. :)
2002-03-06 08:56:09 AM  
my theory: hot weather makes people pissy.

i lived in orlando for 3 the summer, it was so hot that joining in on a holy-land war would've made it much cooler, like a gentle ocean breeze...if only i had thought about it then.
2002-03-06 08:57:51 AM  
Its about time something gets done.

Standing around waiting for the next terrorist attack to occur sure as heck hasn't been effective in stopping the PLO's terror campaign.
2002-03-06 08:58:09 AM  
Sharon's new strategy: "to kill Palestinians at a rate sufficient to force them to stop attacking Israeli soldiers and civilians"

Nice to see a country with a leader that's a bigger moron than ours.

How stupid can Sharon possibly be? I can't believe we still give billions to this terrorist scum.
2002-03-06 08:59:14 AM  
At least we see why even the US (israeli puppet) lists Israel as the #3 human rights violater on the planet.
2002-03-06 08:59:15 AM  
I am also disgusted at how the US sends billions in aid to a useless and warlike ally.
2002-03-06 09:01:48 AM  
That sounds like a pretty decent strategy to me. Currently they're losing 1 Israeli for every 2 Palestinians or so. They need to crank that up to about 50 to 1. Considering the number of terrrorists in the occupied territories(including the entire government) that should be doable....
2002-03-06 09:02:22 AM  
I can't believe we still give billions to this terrorist scum.

Bad_CRC: And I suppose you support the U.S. giving money to Arafat and his terrorist scum ilk?
2002-03-06 09:02:35 AM  
I am also disgusted by how many people will side with terrorists who target civilians. Nice.
At least Sharon targets military assets.
2002-03-06 09:03:47 AM  
Why don't the Israelis move to Antarctica?
2002-03-06 09:05:20 AM  
Why don't the Palestinians go back to Jordan, from whence they came??

2002-03-06 09:08:18 AM  
"We have to cause them heavy casualties and then they'll know they can't keep using terror and win political achievements."

An eye for an eye, was all that filled their minds
and another eye for another eye, until everyone was blind.
2002-03-06 09:09:11 AM  
Israel is just a shiatty little country that's going to start WWIII and get us all nuked.
2002-03-06 09:10:12 AM  
9/10 the Palestinians were thrown out of Israel not Jordan,

Read some history nincompop
2002-03-06 09:10:29 AM  
This situation is getting worse and worse each day. If Mr Obese War Criminal gets ousted, another maniac will get in power - Netanyahou. It can only be solved if America intervenes or puts pressure on Israel. But there's like 0.000000000001% chance of that happening.
2002-03-06 09:14:17 AM  
If someone was destroying your home and killing your children, would you say "ok, I guess I'll just sit quietly and wait for you to kill me too" or would you fight back with whatever means you could?

Palestineans - want to be left alone, and want the israelis to stop taking and bulldozing their homes and killing them(do the pro nazi-er-israeli people even understand that Israel is still taking people's homes, forcing them out, and flattening them for "new settlements"?)

Israelis - want Palestineans to stop whining about being killed for no reason and having their homes taken away. Also want to kill as many Palestinean children as possible for fun.
2002-03-06 09:16:34 AM  
Yeah, we need to put pressure on the new government in Afghanistan, too, so that the Taliban will be properly represented. Maybe that will assuage their angst to such a degree that they won't kill any more civilians.
2002-03-06 09:21:35 AM  
They really aren't that different, both sides are running an 'eye for a eye' style campaign that went out of fashion back in the 14th century.
2002-03-06 09:21:37 AM  
Let there be war across the face of the planet. All of these things have more to do with overpopulation than religion or polemics. What we need is a mass reduction of the overall human population on planet Earth (the U.S. included of course). Let there be oceans of blood spilled in the name of all gods. I need some space to breathe--the automobile exhaust really gets to me in the morning.
2002-03-06 09:25:17 AM  
Sharon =
2002-03-06 09:25:47 AM  
Harmonia, Jordan kicked them out in 1970 after the PLO set up shop and threatened to dismantle the Hussein government. Arafat and his minions then went to Lebanon and started the Lebanese civil war. The Palestinians are the bastards of the Arab world, and all they do is cause trouble. Maybe it's you who should get history straight.
2002-03-06 09:26:31 AM  
Israel is a waste of perfectly good real estate.
2002-03-06 09:26:46 AM  
The Palestinians are lucky. In other places Arabs revolted (Jordan in 1970, Syria in 1982, Iraq a bunch of times) the Arab governments massacred thousands in days. Here, the Palestinians have been attackings Israelis for 18 months, and their casualties (during 1.5 years) have been relatively small given the audacity of their terror campaign
2002-03-06 09:27:31 AM  
9/10: Was about to post the same.

Take your own advice Harmonia.
2002-03-06 09:27:49 AM  

You and your anti-Semite friends are a waste of carbon.
2002-03-06 09:29:07 AM  
Palestinians =
2002-03-06 09:29:31 AM  
So the West bank was empty before 1972 and Black September, is that really what you are arguing?

Conservatives, meet common sense, I understand you have never been introduced.
2002-03-06 09:30:13 AM  
I do believe 9/10 has laid the smack down and takes round 1 in decided fashion.
2002-03-06 09:30:14 AM  
Ironbar, churches are a perfectly good waste of real estate. Think of all the titty bars we could put in their place!
2002-03-06 09:30:22 AM  
I'm not anti-Semitic, I just think Israel is a waste of American money and Sharon is a scumsucker.
2002-03-06 09:31:31 AM  

So, how's the whole Klan/Master race/Race genocide thing working for you?
2002-03-06 09:32:40 AM  
It's the Isrealis that are in land that doesn't belong to them.
2002-03-06 09:32:52 AM  
So Fb, how's the two brain cells you use working out for you?

You're way out in the Pacific, who really gives a damn what youn think?
2002-03-06 09:35:15 AM  

Actually, the Virgin Islands are in the Caribbean sea, not the Pacific.

See your braincells are working fine today.
2002-03-06 09:36:21 AM  

If the arabs didn't want to lose land, they shouldn't have tried to push the Jews into the ocean in 1967.

Try to commit genocide and lose, then you better be ready to give up land.
2002-03-06 09:38:32 AM  
Bravo Fb-

Fight violence with violence. That will make it all stop.
2002-03-06 09:38:39 AM  
03-06-02 09:35:15 AM Fb-

Actually, the Virgin Islands are in the Caribbean sea, not the Pacific.

See your braincells are working fine today.

Whatever, you're not on the mainland, so who really cares what your opinions are?
2002-03-06 09:40:11 AM  

No, I'm simply saying, when the arabs tried to push the Jews into the ocean in 1967, the Jews fought back and took lots of land. Their troops could have taken Cario if they wanted to. They gave most of it back. But if you are going to blatently try to wipe a country of people out and lose, you better be willing to sacrifice territory.
2002-03-06 09:41:34 AM  

Gotcha. Only people on the US mainland matter. Cool.
2002-03-06 09:42:03 AM  
... because the use of military force against the Palestinians has been so successful at stopping terrorism thus far.
2002-03-06 09:48:25 AM  
Wow, Ironbar and Harmonia seem to be on top of their game today. Well done, Fb and 9/10.
2002-03-06 09:49:39 AM  
Try to name one damn thing Israel has done for us to justify it's existance.
2002-03-06 09:51:11 AM  
Try to name one thing you've done for us that justifies your existence
2002-03-06 09:51:49 AM  
Sorry, Shortround, but violence can solve some things. Any questions, ask the founders of Hiroshima.
2002-03-06 09:51:53 AM  
That's right, Ironbar. If they can't do something for us, they have no right to exist.
2002-03-06 09:52:03 AM  
03-06-02 09:51:11 AM Katchaa
Try to name one thing you've done for us that justifies your existence

Nice dodge, not an answer, though.
2002-03-06 09:52:27 AM  
Let's list the altruistic deeds of the PLO, huh?
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