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(Guardian)   Professional dog-walkers banned from talking to each other in London parks. Your dog wants walkies   ( divider line
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9788 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jan 2005 at 10:00 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-08 06:20:43 AM  
Odd indeed.

Shouldn't be hard though, I hear the royal guard is a pretty closed-mouthed bunch as it is.
2005-01-08 06:39:49 AM  
But are dog walkers banned from doing "it" doggy-style?
2005-01-08 07:08:52 AM  

/claps hands against thighs
2005-01-08 10:08:21 AM  
Since when is "dog-walking" a "profession"?
2005-01-08 10:09:37 AM  
And more importantly, how does one become a "professional" dog-walker? Is a college degree required? Is there some sort of guild? Pooperscoopers Local #2?
2005-01-08 10:09:43 AM  
someone put this farking cliche out of its misery, already!
2005-01-08 10:14:21 AM  
the only solution

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-08 10:14:29 AM  
Am I the only one here that doesn't really care? Who gives a flying fark if they can't chat with their friends while doing their dog walking?'s a job. They're hired to walk the dogs...not shoot the shiat with their ragamuffin friends.
2005-01-08 10:17:05 AM  
On another in the hell can someone be too busy to walk their dog???
2005-01-08 10:18:12 AM  
Grommit doesn't talk, and he's prolly smarter than the people walking him anyway.
2005-01-08 10:18:54 AM  
Um, "professional" denotes for money. It's a major industry here in Brooklyn. Hush up that union talk.

Interesting there is no mention of enacting or enforcing leash laws. That certainly would curtail "wild packs". Hell, It's a $100 ticket per dog around here. That'll cut down the profit margin for any "professional".
2005-01-08 10:19:25 AM  
If these people don't have time to walk their pets why do they even own one?
2005-01-08 10:22:10 AM  
2005-01-08 10:19:25 AM autoharp

If these people don't have time to walk their pets why do they even own one?

I keep telling my wife that about my willie.
2005-01-08 10:27:46 AM  
Teddy Salad will never find me if he's gone walkies!
2005-01-08 10:36:33 AM  
I suppose a professional dog walker is a good leader.
2005-01-08 10:46:08 AM  
2005-01-08 10:17:05 AM DrunkenBuzzsaw
On another in the hell can someone be too busy to walk their dog???

The dogs are at home and the they are an hour (or more) away at work.

Of course, they shouldn't have a dog in this situation.
2005-01-08 10:49:43 AM  
While they're at it, these council members should pass a law prohibiting office workers from talking to their co-workers about what they did over the weekend on Monday mornings.

Because what society really needs is more laws.

2005-01-08 10:59:29 AM  
Those lazy arsed Brits. Why dont they just hook up the dog to the bumper of their car?? He'll get all the exercise he needs.
2005-01-08 11:12:34 AM  
autoharp: If these people don't have time to walk their pets why do they even own one?

Because it's fashionable to have some pitiful excuse for a dog (Bichon Frise, miniature poodle etc) to carry under your arm - think Paris Hilton, or some huge hound more suited to the wilds of Yorkshire, think Madonna in her new 'country' incarnation, in central farking London.

I don't think it's wierd at all, they're a menace. I suspect the money quoted to be bullshiat though, since all dog walkers seem to be eastern European young women.
2005-01-08 11:13:22 AM  
Cujo unavailable for comment.
2005-01-08 11:29:11 AM  
forget stopping people talking in public (???) concentrate on enforcing leash requirements.

i have a 110 pound malamute that would simply love to get to know your off-leash poodle a little better.
2005-01-08 11:29:19 AM  
Why don't the dog-owning brits buy a remote controlled fetching machine?
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-08 11:34:57 AM  
I majored in Dog Walking at Harvard
2005-01-08 11:45:27 AM  
Curse you, Neutron!

Mrs. S

/should've taken the 5,000 pounds, you farking idiot
2005-01-08 11:53:07 AM  
Does one require an advanced degree to become a dog-walker?
2005-01-08 11:59:50 AM  
This is clearly an attempt to quash any hope of forming a union for these underappreciated/underpaid/hard-working skilled tradesman.
2005-01-08 12:00:58 PM  
Where are you guys from that have never heard of professional dog walkers, or people too busy to walk their pets?

/ Was offered a job as a doggy caretaker once, but as much as I love dogs, having one in a city is a PITA and having it be someone else's dog would not make it any better, except that I'd get paid for it.
2005-01-08 01:11:35 PM  
all dog walkers seem to be eastern European young women.

half of London appears to be eastern european young women these days.

Anyway, I can imagine a situatoin where you'd need a dog walker and should still own a pet. I travel loads for work. When I'm in Chicago then I could walk the dog. But who would walk it the 25% of the time when I'm not here? Think that would be a legitimate use of dog walker. I do agree that if you can't walk it ever then you probably shouldn't have one.
2005-01-08 01:40:27 PM  
If you people had it your way the only people to have dogs would be the ones with a stay at home spouse or those on welfare or disability. That's absolutely ridiculous. People who treat their pets great are the ones who care enough to hire dog walkers. It's the people who crate or chain them 24/7 that you should gripe about.

What I really want to know is how can they clean up after the dogs if they're walking more than 3 or 4?
2005-01-08 04:55:04 PM  
I have a friend that has a B.F.A. in Metal something-or-other... and primarily walks dogs, for a living, in the D.C. area.

/lesson - never major in art
//that is all
2005-01-08 06:10:05 PM  
I'm an amateur dog walker. Seriously though, I've never seen a dog on a lead at Battersea park. They're all running wild! One had the audacity to run up to me, smile, wag his tail and put his muddy little paws on my new wool coat.
2005-01-08 07:15:32 PM  

Is that li'l brudder?
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-08 09:09:05 PM  
"We've heard of single people walking up to 20 dogs and these run off a leash - they just roam around. It's frightening.

How the hell do you walk TWENTY unleashed dogs???

2005-01-08 11:54:02 PM  
I don't really care about the dogwalkers, but here in the US it would be a direct violation of our first amendment right to freedom of association.
2005-01-09 12:02:32 AM  
I personaly think that this needed the asine tag
/as always, didn't read the article
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