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(SacBee)   Roseanne Barr to divorce 3rd husband. Straight men applying for passports in droves until "all clear" is sounded.   ( divider line
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2130 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2002 at 8:27 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-06 08:32:19 AM  
What is wrong with these guys?

Why do they keep proposing to her?

Her show wasn't funny, and no one cares what she has to say.
2002-03-06 08:52:20 AM  
"What is wrong with these guys?"

I'd more wonder what's wrong with the stupid biatch. When you've been married multiple times, one has to wonder just who has the problem. Like Liz Taylor... *shudder* She's on her what... 7th marriage? But then again it's no surprise coming from Rosanne.
2002-03-06 08:56:38 AM  
great blowjobs can make a man do crazy things.
I like Tom Arnold though. I always thought he was pretty funny.
2002-03-06 08:56:41 AM  
i'd bump her...
2002-03-06 09:03:42 AM  

*To be sung*
2002-03-06 09:10:48 AM  
Hey, if ugly motherfcukers like Steven Tyler and Ric Ocasic can score model pussy, it should come as no surprise that a nasty piece of meat like Rosanne can get laid too.
2002-03-06 09:56:46 AM  
Go for the big payout Ben.
2002-03-06 10:17:59 AM  
That is some bitter way to get some stanky on your hangdown, dog. Reminds me of the joke in "Predator:"

"So I'm going down on my girlfriend, and I say, Jeez you got a big pussy, jeez you got a big pussy. And she says to me, hey why did you say that twice. And I say, I didn't!"
2002-03-06 10:23:46 AM  
Carrion: Thats too funny man, reminds me of a situation...
2002-03-06 11:26:48 AM  
I saw Roseanne barf in public once. ICK...
2002-03-06 11:29:02 AM  
Haha! great headline ;-)
2002-03-06 01:42:16 PM  
I read an article once where Tom Arnold said having sex with Roseanne was like landing a Cessna in the Grand Canyon. Not that he's much better...
2002-03-06 02:02:09 PM  

Don't look.
2002-03-06 02:04:24 PM

shiat. Still don't look. Still NSFW
2002-03-06 03:57:13 PM  
I think all that needs to be said about Roseanne can be said with this statistic: 16 comments.
2002-03-06 05:29:42 PM  
for that money I would give her a rim job.
2002-03-06 09:01:02 PM  
I wonder who the next sacrifice will be.
Poor guy, but it must be done for the safety of the world.
2002-03-07 03:48:48 PM  
2002-03-07 03:49:44 PM  
f!rst post
2002-03-07 03:50:32 PM  
fark shiat coont
2002-03-07 03:53:35 PM  
fun with autofilters
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