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(Party Hardy)   Connecticut Fark Party -- Saturday, January 8th, 6 pm-ish @ Playwright, Whitney Ave., Hamden. Be there or be square, man. Link goes to info   ( divider line
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2005-01-06 04:46:23 PM  
When is someone going to organize one in Stamford?

I'm too lazy to drive up to Hamden.
2005-01-06 04:50:12 PM  
Yeah, same here.
Fairfield County Farkers Unite!
2005-01-06 04:52:04 PM  
damn, i gotta work saturday
2005-01-06 05:33:28 PM  
Playwright, eh? It's 18 to walk, 21 to crawl, right? If so, I'm in.
2005-01-06 05:39:20 PM  
Just a little info for anyone wanting to come:

See who's coming and help your Organizer better plan the event
by RSVPing:

What: New Haven Fark January Meetup

When: Saturday, January 8 at 6:00PM
Where: Playwright Restaurant & Pub
Whitney Ave
Hamden CT 06517
2005-01-06 06:01:07 PM  
Hey come on down, I'm the organizer, I'll buy you a beer. We'll make sure you have a good time! You can see my pic at the link so you can recognize me. I'll be wearing a fark t-shirt and a leather pilots jacket.
2005-01-06 06:19:51 PM  
i get out of work at 5pmish on saturday. depending on how i feel, i'll take that drive down to hamden (i'm working 60+ hours this week, including a 15 hour day tomorrow) i'd love to meet all you other CT farkers..
2005-01-06 06:52:38 PM  
Definately come. I'm starting a new job on Monday and I want to celebrate! See you there Farkstick.
2005-01-07 04:43:03 AM  
Wow, I haven't been to the playwright in Hamden since St. Patty's 2001... thank god. I'd go if I still lived in CT
2005-01-07 04:49:58 AM  
I have cousins in Connecticut. I don't know if they read Fark, though. Anyone have a cousin named Lance here? Thin guy, resembles Gumby some say. Favorite animal's bats? Sound familiar?

/wants to arbitrarily enable voting to get Gumby props
2005-01-07 04:55:16 AM  
See you all there...
2005-01-07 05:01:38 AM  
Lance?! NO WAY. How are you??
2005-01-07 05:09:15 AM  
Spoofed Packet, Seriously? That's incredibly funny if you're telling me the truth here. I'm doing pretty great, working third shift right now. Are you sure you're you, or are you not the you that you were going to be the ... ... broken. Anyway, great, how's the stuffs by you?
2005-01-07 06:31:03 AM  
Sounds fun but I think I will be skiing. Actually by that time I will be eating dinner and thinking about falling asleep.

It would be fun to show up and discover if any of my friends waste their free time on Fark as well!

Have fun.
2005-01-07 07:34:51 AM  
Hamden? Ugh. Too far.

FC Farkers Represent!
2005-01-07 08:40:56 AM  
what about us poor, desolate farkers up
in litchfield county? there must be
at least....3 of us up here i'd bet

/lives in the land that time forgot
2005-01-07 08:55:21 AM  
mrgreenjeans: set something up for your area

/my brother used to call me dancing bear
2005-01-07 08:55:56 AM  

I live in Torrington, why can't someone have one anywhere NEAR the northwest corner?
HPZ [TotalFark]
2005-01-07 09:04:14 AM  
"Playwright" makes me think of chakalakasp's brilliant caption of that one Henry Earl mugshot.
2005-01-07 09:08:09 AM  
Just graduated from Quinnipiac last year... Dammit!
2005-01-07 09:36:45 AM  
From Waterbury to Hamden? Fark that. I'll take my wife to see The Phantom of the Opera and then I'll fark her breathless. Hopefully Joel Schumacher managed to avoid butchering the play.
2005-01-07 09:42:42 AM  
Soon.....soon there shall be a NYC or NJ gathering.
2005-01-07 09:53:59 AM  
Nut Bunnies
On a Friday at rush hour it would take us a month to get up to Hamden.

I also work where you live, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
2005-01-07 10:03:55 AM  
shiat! I live near Groton! The ONLY time there's a Fark party around, I have a date!

Decisions, decisions....
2005-01-07 10:12:18 AM  
Crap, and I used to live in West Haven up until November, too. I could have made it. ><

Oh well. Have fun, farkers.
2005-01-07 10:16:25 AM  
Too far? In Connecticut? Jeez. Suck it up, put on a good CD or two and drive.

Or just do the same thing you always do every Saturday...
2005-01-07 10:24:22 AM  
programmer cat:
i hear 'phantom'

you're in torrington?
i'm in harwinton!
hey neighbor!
2005-01-07 10:28:13 AM  
For those of you biatching about the driving distance... Several years ago I went to a xmas party in Greenwich and I lived in Cheshire. Also, me and the girls drove to Westport for dinner while we lived in Cheshire - both of these were during the week.

So, man up Nancy. It's freakin' Connecticut - you can drive from one end to the other in about hour.

Hope to see you there
2005-01-07 10:29:25 AM  
Hey Invader Flak: We have Fark parties/meetings almost every month.
2005-01-07 10:34:16 AM  
All we're sayin' is that for the scheduled time (6ish) it'll take us southwestern CTers at least an hour to get from Stamford to just Bridgeport on a Friday during rush hour...

Can't make it anyway, I just like to complain.
2005-01-07 10:42:18 AM  

i hear 'phantom'

Considering the director, I wouldn't be surprised. However, my wife wants to see it, so I'm going to suck it up and take her. She puts up with me staying up all night playing Metroid Prime: Echoes with headphones on, after all.
2005-01-07 11:08:39 AM  
what about us poor, desolate farkers up
in litchfield county? there must be
at least....3 of us up here i'd bet

/lives in the land that time forgot

No that would be Windham County, where I lived until recently.
2005-01-07 11:15:16 AM  

All we're sayin' is that for the scheduled time (6ish) it'll take us southwestern CTers at least an hour to get from Stamford to just Bridgeport on a Friday during rush hour...

Can't make it anyway, I just like to complain.

Hey dude, look at the top of the page, it's SATURDAY night.
2005-01-07 11:27:51 AM  
<sarcasm> hmmmm, FARK party at the Playwright, or a Neil Young tribute band a Toad's.
Decisions, decisions. </sarcasm>
So much going on in this great state. I live in Columbia, about 3 minutes from Willimantic, so my options are to drive about an hour each way to go do anything, or drive down the road and pick up a raging smack habit. In any event, I'll try and see you guys there, (I'll be the one nodding out) jk.
2005-01-07 11:35:27 AM  
Yay for Litchfield Cty!!

/In the big city of Terryville
2005-01-07 11:40:10 AM  
No need for the attitude on me spacing the headline, a simple correction would have done the job just as well.

Farkstick indeed.
2005-01-07 11:44:02 AM  
I'd go, but I'd scare you poor Farkers.

Have fun those who go.

/is fugly
2005-01-07 12:04:50 PM  
WalkingCarpet : You're not gonna start crying are you?
/I mean what with all your whining
2005-01-07 12:09:13 PM  
Farkstick: Who the ignore list was made for.

2005-01-07 12:09:27 PM  
Duck_of_Doom: Fugly is in the eye of the beholder. Just come for crying out loud. Farkstick will buy you a beer.
2005-01-07 12:12:44 PM  
WalkingCarpet: Come on. Farkstick is a great guy. We are farkers we are not suppose to be nice. I read your bio and you don't seem that sensitive to me.
2005-01-07 12:20:39 PM  
I'll have to take your word for it and no, I'm not at all sensitive, just a little grouchy this afternoon.
2005-01-07 12:26:38 PM  
WalkingCarpet: Don't forget, farkstick will buy you a beer.

/hey, it's not my money
2005-01-07 12:52:25 PM  
Danggit, I'm like RIGHT NEXT DOOR, but I can't go.

/grumbles from Cheshire.
2005-01-07 12:55:46 PM  
Are Western Mass Farkers allowed?
2005-01-07 01:02:15 PM  
El Toro: Absolutely, come on down.
2005-01-07 01:04:56 PM  
Word, Hamden really is waaaay far away. Are there any super-rich Farkers in like, the Stepford area that want to throw a bash at their mansion? I'll hit that up. shiat, I've been in CT for a loooong time, and I'm not even exactly sure where Hamden is..
2005-01-07 01:05:21 PM  
deltableh: Danggit, I'm like RIGHT NEXT DOOR, but I can't go.

/grumbles from Cheshire.

If you like sign up at the link ( and you'll get email notices for every meeting, which is just about every month.
2005-01-07 01:15:34 PM  
deltableh: I'm also from Cheshire. You should try to make it sometime.
2005-01-07 01:37:13 PM  
What the hell goes on at a Fark party anyway?

/fairly new to fark since work decided to not categorize as "mature" (guess they read the message boards...j/k)
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