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43480 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Jan 2005 at 7:12 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-06 02:01:21 AM  
Isn't that the second time that's happened?
2005-01-06 02:11:36 AM  
And it won't be the last time it happens either.
2005-01-06 02:15:17 AM  
All computers have a built-in sensor that crashes the computer when it absolutely must work. It's probably the most expensive feature and one not often discussed.
2005-01-06 02:19:18 AM  
it's happened before...i'm beginning to think it's on purpose.
2005-01-06 02:19:29 AM  
Isn't that the second time that's happened?

Yes. He always seems to have some sort of problem with something.
2005-01-06 02:27:57 AM  
Man, what has this world come to? Even Satan doesn't keep his promises anymore.
2005-01-06 04:07:11 AM  
"The errors - which came during what's usually an ode to Microsoft's dominance of the software industry and its increasing control of consumer electronics - prompted the celebrity host, NBC comedian Conan O'Brien, to quip, "Who's in charge of Microsoft, anyway?"

That's comedy gold.
2005-01-06 07:18:48 AM  
For some reason, I can also see the "While demonstrating why windows is good..." post, but when entering the comment section it tells me it's for TFers only. Eeenteresting.

Anyway, this can't be much more embarrassing than the first time.

"Well, I guess that's why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet. DURP!" - Mr. Gates
2005-01-06 07:19:58 AM  
Oh wow.. Didn't notice that they let Conan O'Brien host this thing. How stupid is that? You're just ASKING for it. The man is an evil genius.
2005-01-06 07:20:30 AM  
hey, sh*t happens imo
2005-01-06 07:20:45 AM  
Heads will roll. No, really, heads WILL roll. Bodies will be found floating in the bay. Men in black suits talking into their sleeves will be seen escorting the Windows XP Magnificat V2.133 with video, ESP and a better than iTunes music thingie, code writers into small rooms. Sounds of a rubber hose hitting flesh will be heard throughout the auditorium.
Later, Martin Borman will make an appearance explaining it all as a plot by the Jews. Finally - late that night, thousands of shopowner windows will be shattered.
I think of this stuff at 5 am.
2005-01-06 07:23:16 AM  
rancher: You live further west than the Pacific time zone? It's 4:20, man! That's the only reason I'm still up.

Anyway, I like your idea. "MS Force, ASSEMBLE!"
2005-01-06 07:23:19 AM  
So which thread is the orignal article ? This has happened to him in the past. A few years ago he was putting on a presentation for Windows ME and the machine he was using locked up like a vault. Some day Bill will realize his products suck. But then he will look at his bank book and say OH WELL!!
2005-01-06 07:25:20 AM  
Slide show:

Click Here
2005-01-06 07:28:22 AM  
Nah, abdul, started writing it at 5 am central, then was distracted by stuff like work (I came in early to avoid playing car hockey with the citizens after 14 inches of snow), so I jump back and forth between work, paying bills, FTPing some original music files to a video editing house, working in InDesign, PhotoShop, downloading digital video from our DV camera and reading my emails. All apps open at the same time - guess whut! Computer never crashed. In fact, this computer has NEVER crashed.
Only my mind crashes - should have said 6am.
Sigh. I wanna be rich and retire
2005-01-06 07:29:32 AM  
I think it's pretty obvious that a computer is going to crash if it's running Windows. I think it's funny that Gates and company can be so accepting of it. It is *not* normal for a computer to just die on you, run out of memory, etc. It does happen often, though, if your software (including operating system) is written poorly. Sure, other platforms do still have problems from time to time, but I'll guarantee you that it's not nearly as often. Unfortunately, Windows is this unstable even without the spyware, viruses, etc.
2005-01-06 07:31:37 AM  
I was there the first time this happened, here in Chicago. Pretty hilarious. The guy that was working the computer for Gates (he was a senior VP, but still a lackey) got a really nervous look, and Gates just smirked.
2005-01-06 07:32:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-06 07:33:40 AM  
My computer only crashes when I've left it on for more than a month. *shrugs*
2005-01-06 07:38:19 AM  
I'm with SuperMoses.

You might try using a shell other than Exploder. I'm fond of GeoShell.
2005-01-06 07:41:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-06 07:43:25 AM  
Pfft. Wouldn't have happened if he were using a Mac!

/not a Mac user, just a fan
2005-01-06 07:43:51 AM  
maybe somebody should buy Bill a powerbook.

or a p-p-p-p-p-powerbook.
2005-01-06 07:44:19 AM  
8' .88
8`._.' Y8.
d/ `8b.
dP . Y8b.
d8:' " `::88b
d8" 'Y88b
:8P ' :888
8a. : _a88P
._/"Yaa_: .| 88P|
\ YP" `| 8P `.
/ \.___.d| .'

Not crashing at all. ;)
2005-01-06 07:47:03 AM  
"Bill Gates can't
guarantee Windows, how're you going to guarantee my safety?"

2005-01-06 07:49:08 AM  
hey MrSticks, what's that supposed to be?
2005-01-06 07:54:24 AM  
Ok, lets get the flame wars going!

2005-01-06 07:54:35 AM  
hey MrSticks, what's that supposed to be?

I think that's a left-justified Linux penguin
2005-01-06 07:56:22 AM  
obvious? ironic?

conan gets hero.
2005-01-06 07:56:58 AM  
A day will come and all computers will crash. We are not totally dependant on them yet. What will everyone do with all their free time? Communicate the old fashioned way, play cards, time to do things with family. What a concept!
2005-01-06 07:57:55 AM  
Karma is a biatch
2005-01-06 07:58:06 AM  
I'm a computer programmer/nerd/geek and I think Windows is a good piece of software. All those who have a problem with Windows are probably still using Windows, and if you say that is because it's a monopoly, then I challenge you to make something better. If you can't, then don't complain.
2005-01-06 08:01:19 AM  
WTF... somone seriously needs to get fired for this, big time. How the fark do you prep for a presentation w/ Bill F'in Gates and not run the presentation through 10,000 times to make sure every single bit goes on flawlessly. I don't think I've ever seen an out of memory blue screen on XP... pretty impressive.

The only times I see XP crashing in my day to day are when hardware fualts occur (which bring down any OS). Personally, my desktop gets months of uptime at a time.
2005-01-06 08:02:34 AM  

[deep breath]

2005-01-06 08:03:34 AM  
They should get Ashlee Simpson's people in to show them how to fake it.

Oh also, I've got a Gentoo box that hasn't been reset or crashed since March last year. The only problem is the wireless network card seems to just stop working every so often for no reason.
2005-01-06 08:06:03 AM  
Anyone have a video stream of Bill's CES presentation?
2005-01-06 08:11:38 AM  
How does Half Life 2 run on your Gentoo box? Photoshop CS or Premier Pro? :P

/linux servers kicks butt
//linux desktops still have a long way to go
2005-01-06 08:12:25 AM  
Macs are the flaming homosexuals of the computer world. They always dress fashionably and look good. Maybe they could do a queer iMac for the straight Windows.

I'd feel bad for Gates since stuff happens, but it's hard to love the evil empire.

//I apologize for my rudeness earlier. I should not have alleged that macs are gay. It's insulting to gay people.
2005-01-06 08:12:41 AM  
A day will come and all computers will crash. We are not totally dependant on them yet. What will everyone do with all their free time? Communicate the old fashioned way, play cards, time to do things with family. What a concept!

Reboot? You make it sound like one day computers will just stop working. That's like saying one day fire will no longer burn. It's just silly.

2005-01-06 08:16:12 AM  
Methinks the "BWAHAHA [deep breath} BWHAHAH..." type posts were funny at first, but now seem to retain aboiut as much comic value as the old [grabs popcorn] cliche'.

/need more coffee.
2005-01-06 08:16:27 AM  
sat0shi: If you're running Windows on a mission critical server then you should be fired.
2005-01-06 08:17:28 AM  
Couldn't have happened to a nicer tool. 8-)

They can't even get through a freakin' demo without a crash... and they really think people aren't going to switch to Macintosh?

(have Mac OS X and Windows XP... it's no contest)
2005-01-06 08:20:28 AM  
I didn't say it was necessarily good for a "mission critical server" but for the normal PC user it is a good piece of software. Disagree?
2005-01-06 08:24:48 AM  

*sigh* I was being an ass with my earlier comment, but haven't Mac users been dreaming of the day they will rise ascendant again for years now?

It's like the folks who maintain the south will rise again. Perhaps, but it's so remote as to be a pipe dream.
2005-01-06 08:25:58 AM  
I think the first incident happened back in 98 or so, I think they were demoing Win98 and media player, but don't quote me.

The fact that this happened a second time is just poetic justice.

/the more things change, the more they stay the same
2005-01-06 08:27:55 AM  
I sense a developing Windows vs Mac thread. Booooooooorrrrrriiiinggggg!

The world should have been running AmigaDos by now :(
2005-01-06 08:33:30 AM  
sat0shi: Now that you have clarified your stance, I cannot disagree.
2005-01-06 08:35:06 AM  
Next time he should record his presentation in a quicktime movie and just play it through an ipod.
2005-01-06 08:36:41 AM  
2005-01-06 08:37:51 AM  
I don't see what the big deal with WIndows vs Linux is. I use Linux at work because that's the right tool for the job. The only system crash I ever had (ever) was due to bad RAM. Every piece of software I need for my job is available for linux.

At home I use my XP partition more than my Linux partition because that's for fun. Windows has more fun software than Linux.

Why would anyone have loyalty to a hammer over a screwdriver? Both tools have their place and their limitations.
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