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6908 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2002 at 12:52 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-06 12:53:59 AM  
i have that rom. jesus god, it's horrid.
2002-03-06 12:55:37 AM  
The arcade game was excellent back in 1981.
2002-03-06 12:56:56 AM  
dig dug rules, mindless entertainment for about 3 or 4 minutes!! Then you tear your eyeballs out for an encore!
2002-03-06 12:58:43 AM  
if you play digdug, you obviously suck dicks for a living.
2002-03-06 12:58:54 AM  
I remember playing the arcade version when I was a kid
2002-03-06 12:59:02 AM  
Holy mother of God, yes! I so loved this game.
2002-03-06 12:59:43 AM  
Dammit, I guess you can't download it from there. Now I have to search for it...
2002-03-06 01:01:19 AM  
Ahh nostalga. Dig dug was good for the time, as was tempest. Anyone old enough to remember Major Havok?

Showing my age and god-damn proud of it.
2002-03-06 01:01:27 AM  
so where the hell are the boobies? come on guys! my girl's on the rag!
2002-03-06 01:02:47 AM  
was this just to tease me? Wheres the game?
2002-03-06 01:02:55 AM  
Yeah! I may only be 18 but atari was like the first system i ever played. Goes into system procession rant.
#import rant.awt.event;
int main()
//bah who needs variables
1. Atari
2. NES
4. Gameboy
5. Saturn
6. Gameboy pocket.
7. Dreamcast
8. Gameboy color
9. Playstation *PSONE*
//end rant here
2002-03-06 01:04:28 AM  
2002-03-06 01:04:35 AM  
I remember the old tempest coin-op too...and galaga. I even remember playing some of those old game on the table-top coin-ops.
2002-03-06 01:08:57 AM  
Dig Dug rocked...I couldn't wail on it like I could Donkey Kong Jr. (the only game I truly ruled on), but it was fun.
2002-03-06 01:21:02 AM  
DIG DUG Rules!
2002-03-06 01:22:30 AM  
Yeah, I was reading this the other day. Too bad that's probably going to be the only X-E update for another week or two...the posts are usually great!
2002-03-06 01:23:15 AM  
2002-03-06 01:38:59 AM  
Nice thought trenchcoat, but anglefire isn't nice and won't allow direct linking.
2002-03-06 01:40:17 AM  
Love that game! I have a table-top Dig-Dug in my game room, next to a Tempest and a Stargate. All I need now is Galaga, Joust, Asteroids, Missle Command, etc...
2002-03-06 02:06:35 AM  
Farkedbeyondrecognition, you missed Intellivison. That system ruled in the early to mid 80's. It had the first D&D game, Bumb and Jump, the first voice games, and Frog Bog.
Man that system kicked major ass.
(I had a troubled childhood)
2002-03-06 02:09:47 AM  
Locke2053: excellent, blowjob week!, well depending on the girl i suppose
2002-03-06 02:14:25 AM  
I was just about to review that rom for my site - props to X-E for doing such a good job.
2002-03-06 03:42:52 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-06 04:52:49 AM  
Don't really read XE, but was lured in by DigDug. Question: what exactly are the odds of finding love with Alley Bagget through the UGO personals? (Ad halfway down) Methinks not as good as the chance of finding someone who'll fark me till I love them, and not in the nice way neither...
2002-03-06 08:16:02 AM  
Out of all the other NES reviews on X-E that I just read, the Dig-Dug one was the least entertaining. The Zelda one was pure money, and Elevator Action positively finished me off. But he didn't mention the car farting trick! How could you do an Elevator Action review and leave out the car farting trick?!
2002-03-06 08:27:07 AM  
Ah yes, Dig Dug!
This game doesn't have a soundtrack that doesn't get on your nerves, it's very enjoyible.
2002-03-06 09:02:52 AM  
Puff 'em up, let 'em go down. Puff 'em up, let 'em go down. Puff 'em up, let 'em go down. Puff 'em up, let 'em go down. Puff 'em up, let 'em go down. Puff 'em up, let 'em go down...
2002-03-06 09:33:04 AM  
Wow, I'm suprised it took so long for some Farker to get their greasy, sperm covered hands on this. This article has been out for like three days.
2002-03-06 04:30:34 PM  
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