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(KSBW 8)   School has policy that leaves wheelchair-bound students inside burning buildings   ( divider line
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18591 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jan 2005 at 5:17 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-05 12:08:30 PM  
Holy shiat! There wasn't two teachers man enough to carry out a kid in such an emergency?
2005-01-05 12:14:44 PM  
The policy said because their classrooms are on the second floor, teachers are to lead them to the second-floor stairwell and leave them there and wait for the fire crews to come to their rescue while everyone else evacuates.

That's one of those times where I'd gladly tell the board to take their policy and shove it.
2005-01-05 12:37:24 PM  
What happened to No Child Left Behind? Aren't they, you know, not supposed to leave children behind?
2005-01-05 01:36:49 PM  
Johnnie Cochran's pager asplodes.
2005-01-05 01:40:20 PM  
That is absolutely horrifying. And if one school does it, you can bet there are more.
2005-01-05 01:42:08 PM  
2005-01-05 01:42:23 PM  
2005-01-05 02:19:01 PM  
Okay, I'll ask a stupid question, how do they get up to the second floor every morning? Why not reverse the process in the case of an emergency?
2005-01-05 02:28:43 PM  
Ahh, the joys of public school
2005-01-05 02:45:35 PM  
wow. just wow. that's horrific. [and Goober, they probably use a lift, which aren't allowed to be used during emergencies, yet another policy they should revise.]
2005-01-05 03:52:34 PM  
while the idea of a teacher hauling out a student on their shoulders during a drill puts the school into a pickle regarding someone falling and then sueing... all over a fire drill is possible, one would think that in the event of an actual fire, there would be at least two adults with enough common sense to ignore this an drag the students to safety.
2005-01-05 04:10:52 PM  
I got a call from a teacher the day there was a fire and they said (Brian) was hysterical because all the other children were evacuated, he was left in a stairwell with Jeremy,"

Ohh there would be some butt kicking.
2005-01-05 04:39:00 PM  
I think a couple of school admins are about to get sued into the next decade.
2005-01-05 04:42:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-05 04:44:31 PM  
I thought for sure the headline was exxagerating. Nope!

I wonder how far you have to have your head up your ass before this seems like a good idea.
2005-01-05 05:21:21 PM  
They better expand the school parking lot for all the lawyers' cars that will be there 24/7.
2005-01-05 05:22:16 PM  
Can't you just toss 'em out the windows?

/one-way, please
2005-01-05 05:22:52 PM  
Somewhere up the food chain, a lawyer made this decision. I can smell it. Scumbags.
2005-01-05 05:22:56 PM  

this thread was begging for an image of those two :P
2005-01-05 05:23:58 PM  
"When a Carroll County, Md., high school had an emergency evacuation, everyone got out except for two students who were confined to wheelchairs.

They were abandoned in the stairwell on the second floor."

Am I the only one who broke out laughing?
2005-01-05 05:24:53 PM  
Hopefully, the wheelchair-bound kids bought their elevator passes from the older kids ahead of time.
2005-01-05 05:25:20 PM  
This is just another example of school boards making boneheaded regulations because they're scared to death of being sued. And trust me, if one of these kids had been injured as a result of being carried out, one of their parents may very well have sued.

The policy really ought to be that all appropriate efforts should be taken to evacuate all students in a manner that will not hinder the free evacuation of others. If the school is really paranoid, they should have parents sign a waiver indemnifying the school against legal action if a child is injured during an evacuation, although such a thing is probably redundant in any state that has Good Samaritan laws.
2005-01-05 05:25:33 PM  
Jeremy Bentham meets John Locke meets Pat Robertson meets Albert Speer.

The new America is a cesspit where those less fortunate than you drown in their own misery or are tramped down into the muck to allow you to float.
2005-01-05 05:26:06 PM  
jsavimbi said, "Darwin."

I bet when you get sick you go to the doctor. Shouldn't you stop cheating evolution?
2005-01-05 05:26:23 PM  
Dammit Gayle... you never leave a man behind!

/That gubment do take a bite, don't she?
2005-01-05 05:26:42 PM  
Well egress stairs are supposed to have areas of refuge (for people who are not able to get out the building) and elevators are programmed to go to the lobby, open the doors and stay until they are unlocked by rescue personnel

The same thing is true for any building over one storey not just schools.
2005-01-05 05:27:32 PM  
This is the procedure where I work. Anyone who can't use the stairs goes to the 2nd floor safe corridor. It's fireproof for 2 hours.

I bet the school has the same thing.
2005-01-05 05:27:43 PM  
My damn work has the same thing. We're supposed to leave them in the stair wells and tell the firemen where they are. Dumbasses
2005-01-05 05:27:58 PM  
Come on, wouldn't you rather be closer to the cafeteria? Lunch is served every day; there's a fire once in a blue moon.
2005-01-05 05:28:37 PM  
Big deal. This very thing has been standard operating procedure at the Slough office of Wernham Hogg.
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-05 05:28:55 PM  
josephstalin asked, "Am I the only one who broke out laughing?"

Nope, I'm sure some other lumpen troglodytes shared in your glee.
2005-01-05 05:29:15 PM  
What, is Costanza the policy maker here?
2005-01-05 05:31:15 PM  
This is at a high school too, are there no football players anymore?
2005-01-05 05:31:17 PM  

This is the High School I graduated from last year! Way to make it on the schooll, WHS.

Thank christ there wasn't a fire drill when I farked up my knee last January.
2005-01-05 05:31:56 PM  
Forgive the double post, but I mean to say "way to make it on the news" not the misspelled "school".
2005-01-05 05:32:29 PM  
"Jeremy, there's a fire and your slowing me down!! I'll get you halfway down the stairs, from there your on your own"
2005-01-05 05:32:50 PM  
You know what's really scary about this? The people who came up with that policy are teaching the next generation!
2005-01-05 05:33:21 PM  
I work in a school, and the place is LOADED with ramps. Seriously, this isn't a hard situation to overcome.
2005-01-05 05:33:31 PM  
Well at least we can be sure they don't have scissors or fingernail clippers or any other "weapons" on them.

I just dont understand public schools. I bet there are 100 pages written on potential "weapons" and probably 1 paragraph of fire evacuation.
2005-01-05 05:33:38 PM  
skinink - exactly what I was thinking, thanks!
2005-01-05 05:34:11 PM  
OKAY, a tsunami wiping out 100,000 people , who cares right?? but leaving a kid in the stairs and saying " not my problem, let someone else help him. SUE THE SCHOOL!!!!!
2005-01-05 05:34:14 PM  
Please somebody tell me they've seen the second series of The Office. I so wish I had a pic of the particular scene I'm thinking of. I'll give a hundred of whatever your currency is* to the first person who can.

Come on, I know you're out there.

* Offer only applies to residents of Japan.
2005-01-05 05:34:16 PM  
in college i had an architecture prof who was in a motorized wheelchair, one that apparently was quite heavy with him in it. he told us that in case of a fire he was to go to his office (this was on the 4th floor) and someone was to close the door behind him and call the fire department and tell him where he was. i guess in a concrete building he figured he was safe enough to wait on the firemen to get him out rather than have some panicking college kids trying to get a 400lb guy-and-wheelchair-combo down 3 flights of stairs.
2005-01-05 05:34:56 PM  
I don't think that's too bad. Just a school board adopting Darwinism as policy, that's all...
2005-01-05 05:35:25 PM  
the solution is simple, if your too damn lazy to build ramps, designate janitors or something to carry the kids... though how does a school get built without having ramps, access for handicaps? wtf.
2005-01-05 05:36:29 PM  
OK well skinink and Sarah Jessica Farker are with me at least.
2005-01-05 05:36:46 PM  
To use a fark cliche' of 'farche' if you will:

"I for one welcome our disabled hating overlord"

/(to use another)Got nuttin'
2005-01-05 05:37:04 PM  
At the very least it should be mandatory for a couple of people to stay with the kids until either the fire department arrives or until the situation becomes so untenable that the adults are compelled to carry the kids down the stairs.
2005-01-05 05:37:16 PM  
Fark this.

The kids should have had the common sense to group together, pick these two kids up, chairs and all, and get them out of the building.

Blame the policy, yes. But also blame the asshat students who walked by these two kids just to save their own asses.
2005-01-05 05:37:38 PM  
That's normal practice: since the mid 80's stairways have been built with an "area of refuge" in the fire stairs, and get outside air blown in to prevent smoke inhalation until fire crews arrive and can carry handicapped people down.

As to why they can't leave the way they came in, another fire practice is to have elevators immediately go to the exit floor and shut down at the first fire alarm. If you allow the elevator to operate normally, there's a good chance that it will stop at the fire floor, which would be a bad thing. So anybody on the elevator at the time of an alarm gets taken to the best possible exit, given that they're already in the elevator.

Fire emergency in multistory buildings has improved a lot in the past twenty years, and the two most significant improvements have been parking the elevators at the exit floor (fire crews have a key to turn them back on if they decide its safe) and ventilating the fire stairs with outside air. It's the safest place to be if you physically can't leave the building.
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