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(CNN)   "Had batteries advanced at the pace of the computer processor, 'a double-A cell would contain more energy than a tactical nuke.'"   ( divider line
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2002-03-05 07:59:54 AM  
Well, ok. That's interesting. Uhm. Thanks. Gosh.
2002-03-05 08:08:06 AM  
2002-03-05 08:15:35 AM  
As someone who has worked with batteries and the chemistry behind them, I can tell you that battery development is not some "conspiracy" like the supposed oil company conspiracies. Battery makers have developed very powerful and long-lasting batteries; the problem is that such batteries are usually made up of chemicals like liquid sulfur that require high temperatures to operate. They are also very large - some are the size of a refrigerator. Such batteries are obviously not practical. There are only so many components that battery makers can use that will satisfy the demands for 1)long life, 2)usability in any conditions, and 3)cheap price. The lithium-ion batteries were are now seeing were developed nearly ten years ago, but it took that much time to get production costs down to a point where the public would buy such batteries.
2002-03-05 08:22:29 AM  
Lew Urry, a scientist with Energizer Holdings Inc., pshaws the notion.

2002-03-05 08:32:49 AM  
"InHand Electronics Inc." "Don't have enough battery left to make that call. "
2002-03-05 08:33:50 AM  
"Researchers talk of batteries being replaced at some point by portable fuel cells and tiny jet engines"

Man, I'd like my discman to be powered by a tiny jet engine. Hopefully they use the same technology used in the jetpack in the Rocketeer so it won't melt or be singed by the flames blasting out of it mere inches away
2002-03-05 08:33:55 AM  
OK, that made no sense whatsoever. Sorry. What I meant to write is...

"InHand Electronics Inc." -LOL

I also like the last option on the Quick Vote - "Don't have enough battery left to make that call. "
2002-03-05 08:56:53 AM  
This could do wonders for the vibrator community
2002-03-05 09:13:05 AM  
Why oh why have we underutilized hamster-wheel technology? It's a renewable resource and its only byproduct is fertilizer!
2002-03-05 09:28:50 AM  
Just think, we might have actually been able to run Windows XP efficiently!
2002-03-05 10:24:30 AM  
Screw the batteries; I want a Double-A sized tac-nuke!
2002-03-05 10:34:48 AM  
If batteries and vibrators have advanved like computers, I wouldnt need my boyfriend.. or just batteries, pshaw.
2002-03-05 10:53:57 AM  
Strange that none of the big battery manufacturers do a big ad campaign about NiMH batteries. I wonder why?
2002-03-05 11:00:59 AM  
'a double-A cell would contain more energy than a tactical nuke

*snicker* perhaps so, but what would be used to make it?

Let's run off a list of things that battery manufacturers may NOT consider for use in their batteries:

--that string of toxic chemicals listed in the report(or am I the only person that remembers environmental activists?)
--rare, expensive, hard to work metals and other things that drive the cost up(oh, you're willing to pay a thousand bucks per battery if you can get a battery with more power than you'll ever use? You're waiting for that light bulb that burns for a thousand years but costs a million bucks as well, aren't ya? Too bad you're the only one.) You'd get SOME leeway here on industrial batteries, but not much.
--anything that would only work at some strange voltage level. If you've perfected the AA UberBattery, but instead of running at 12 volts it runs at 97.8, you'll have a hard time selling it. Backwards compatibility, folk...
2002-03-05 11:02:35 AM  
*yawn* too early in the morning....
bad editing strikes again. I had been thinking of the electric cars when I wrote the voltage level.

"instead of running at 1.5 volts"...
2002-03-05 11:29:08 AM  
My digital camera would still suck them dry.

Damn microdrive.
2002-03-05 11:41:27 AM  
If anything had accelerated at the pace of computer technology, it wouldn't be super-powerful today, it just would have started out so useless that nobody would buy one.
2002-03-05 11:41:40 AM  
The name of number three battery seller Rayovac Corp. dates to the 1930s, when radio technology got a boost from the onset of vacuum tubes -- an anachronistic technology replaced long ago by the transistor. Sorry to say, the vacuum tube is still around. Some audiopiles swear by there sound and performance.
2002-03-05 11:46:45 AM  
It would be sweet to walk around with a TV remote control "death ray" device!
2002-03-05 11:56:40 AM  
I don't buy the conspiracy that the desire to sell more batteries is keeping battery technology down. If that were true, they never would have developed rechargeables. I haven't bought batteries in years, all mine are rechargeable.
2002-03-05 12:09:06 PM  
"Had batteries advanced at the pace of the computer processor, 'a double-A cell would contain more energy than a tactical nuke.'"

"...U.S. to detonate wristwatch in South Atlantic..."
2002-03-05 12:13:49 PM  
The future of batteries...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-05 12:24:32 PM  
Direct beamed power from space stations, then you could hold a cell phone up to both of your heads.
2002-03-05 12:25:43 PM  
I think I'm actually OK with batteries NOT being as powerful as a small nuclear weapon.

Though images of placing them in a Furby and watching it sprint off to terrorize Tokyo are vaguely amusing:)
2002-03-05 12:46:51 PM  
Rootbeer: The conspiracy is still alive and well. Rechargables don't last forever, either. ;^)
2002-03-05 01:42:38 PM  
Damned slacker battery developers.
2002-03-05 03:04:48 PM  
Had batteries advanced at the pace of the computer processor, they wouldn't run stupid ass meaningless "Tech" stories.
2002-03-05 04:46:30 PM  
If cars had developed at the rate of computers, a Lexus would cost two dollars, travel at the speed of sound, and be able to drive around 1,000 miles on a thimble of gas.

We could always just invest in wireless energy transfer.
2002-03-05 07:26:13 PM  
A nuclear powered vibrator with a half-life of 50,000 years, that glows in the dark. Can be permanently installed for only $19.95.

Somebody's gonna be very rich, while others will be very happy.
2002-03-05 08:09:08 PM  
Cool. Sounds like your laser pointer would have the power to shoot down satelites with one of those babies.

Of course, to take the computer camparison a little further, we'd have to pay the cost of a pair of Pentium 4 2.2 Ghz CPUs every time the remote control ran of of juice...
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