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(M90) Boobies Looks like the plotline for the Dukes of Hazzard movie will be about Jessica Simpson's boobs (ads not safe for work)   (m90.org) divider line 195
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2005-01-03 10:08:40 AM
It better be.
2005-01-03 10:15:47 AM
good. i guess they scrapped their plans to make it a po-mo noir film that gets to the heart of cooter's secret pain.
2005-01-03 10:17:19 AM
Damn, I miss watching the show on Friday night. That was the best part of the week for me as a kid. Even Saturday morning cartoons didn't thrill me as much.
2005-01-03 10:20:17 AM
damn she's hot in that bikini. that's a real woman
2005-01-03 10:35:48 AM
You say that like it's a bad thing.
2005-01-03 10:40:58 AM
Why not? The TV show was based on Catherine Bachs ass.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.
2005-01-03 10:58:00 AM
thinks the "OBVIOUS" tag might have fit better here...
2005-01-03 11:32:31 AM
2005-01-03 11:54:45 AM
I remember my old boss showing me a picture of her in a Celebrity Skin mag where the camera man got an upclose picture of her shavedness.
a real pic.
she was in yellow shorts..if youre looking for it.

I feel bad for Nick, his wife is hot as all get out, but dumb as a mailbox. however, shes still smokin hot and i'm shallow, so i'd still take her over an average looking smart girl.
2005-01-03 11:58:28 AM
:( Safe for Work doesn't apply to my work usually... I wanna click it... click it hard and furiously.
2005-01-03 12:06:52 PM
At least it's a plot. Or they are.
2005-01-03 12:26:07 PM
Her breasts are so...perfectly round. Eerie.

She should play Barbie if they ever make a movie.
2005-01-03 12:28:07 PM
About her boobs? Why, is her dad writing the script?

2005-01-03 12:28:36 PM
"Looks like the plotline for the Dukes of Hazzard movie will be about Jessica Simpson's boobs"

His father approves

/creeped out
2005-01-03 12:29:02 PM
Who cares? It's not like Daisy had anything worthwhile to say on the original show! Does she wear short-cut-off-jeans and lean over her white Jeep to grab the CB without bending her knees???

/thought so
2005-01-03 12:29:33 PM
With a body like that, she could just "average" to "mildly lame" in bed, and still I would shoot with maximum velocity.

Sucks to be shallow.....
2005-01-03 12:30:46 PM
i'll kill anyone who thinks this is a bad thing
2005-01-03 12:31:46 PM
Nice upskirt shot.

And she will NOT age well, git it while you can.
2005-01-03 12:33:14 PM
10-4 Good Buddy.
2005-01-03 12:33:30 PM
A shoe-in for breast supporting actress.
2005-01-03 12:33:39 PM
I'm ok with that.
I'm not ok with the $7 to see the movie though.
2005-01-03 12:33:49 PM
Too bad they couldn't work in Halfwit #2(Ashlee) in with a hoedown scene.
2005-01-03 12:34:12 PM
2005-01-03 12:34:29 PM
Jessica Simpson definitely has a body built for two. And I'll gladly be the second.
2005-01-03 12:35:51 PM

/extremely obvious
2005-01-03 12:36:01 PM
I lurve me them tig ol' bitties.
2005-01-03 12:36:05 PM
i cant believe her dad gets to hit that.
2005-01-03 12:36:25 PM
Funny how I read this thread.. and for some reason, think of everybody posting looking like the comic book guy from the Simpsons.

/Best. Body. Evar.
2005-01-03 12:37:53 PM
After looking at the eXtra picture, I realized I like cleavage more than the actual boobies.
2005-01-03 12:38:36 PM
Million dollar body, 10 cent brain.
2005-01-03 12:39:29 PM

This one is just betting for a filthy photoshop contest.
2005-01-03 12:39:31 PM
Oh Please Hollywood!
Make it so!
And better yet... make it so that some lame-ass wannabe-punk or hiphop stars do the theme-song and market a Plastic General Lee(TM) toy at McDonalds(TM) and use product placement for Nike(TM), Chrysler(TM), and Diet Coke(TM), so even more fond childhood memories can be destroyed!

We'd all be thankful!
2005-01-03 12:39:37 PM
Yeah, she's smokin' hot, but dumb as a sack of doorknobs. I think her supposedly tongue-in-cheek commercials for Starkist Tuna were sad... She doesn't even realize what a dumbass she really is. I guess poontang makes you do crazy things (Nick)...
2005-01-03 12:39:48 PM
But does she like it "in the mud?"
2005-01-03 12:39:56 PM
I'd put two in the pink and one in the stink and then brag about it.
2005-01-03 12:40:15 PM
Sorry, "Begging" for a dirty PS contest.
2005-01-03 12:41:16 PM
...and here I am thinking it would be about her breakthrough discovery in the field of HIV research!
2005-01-03 12:41:22 PM
i don't find her to be attractive. she looks like a former child beauty pagent contender. dressed up white trash is not attractive - hell, Many Moore has more hotness then this airhead.

/driving Ms. Portman
2005-01-03 12:41:24 PM
Good Gravy she's hot!!!!
2005-01-03 12:42:13 PM
Does anyone else think this movie is going to be ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!?! This is one of my favorite shows of all time and those movie a**holes are gonna screw it all up, just like every other TV to movie remake so far.

I for one REFUSE to go see it. It's a desecration of the original show. And could they cast any worse! (Except for Daisy) Burt Reynolds as Boss!!! C'mon - that's awful! If I was casting, Burt would be Rosco and the perfect person to play Boss is Danny DeVito! I'm not even gonna get into the casting of Bo & Luke or this post will be NSFW.

If it's on cable and there's nothing else on, maybe I'll watch it, but we all know there's NO WAY this movie's gonna be any good.

Hell, it's from the same director as "Super Troopers!" need I say more?

Save your cash, check out Jessica's pics and clips on the net, and wait for this bomb to hit HBO!
2005-01-03 12:42:35 PM
"Million dollar body, 10 cent brain."

and thank heaven I have the 10 cents to start somewhere. I will buy her piece by piece.

2005-01-03 12:42:47 PM
I see no Dukes of Hazzard references in those photos. Besides, wasn't Daisy Duke the smart one?

Her boobs are far, far from huge. And if she keeps dieting, they're not even going to be slightly on the biggish size anymore.
2005-01-03 12:43:19 PM
man...you KNOW Nick whatshisname ain't hittin' that right!
2005-01-03 12:44:11 PM
Saw a commercial for the upcoming season of her "reality" show on MTV last night where her and her husband are arguing about Hooters girls, and how she thinks they're trashy and slutty, while Nick was chewing her out for judging people she's never even met.

Meanwhile she dresses and "performs" like what you see in the link. Hilarious.

/would still ravage it.
2005-01-03 12:44:19 PM
Hey Halfmast, do I detect nipplage?
2005-01-03 12:45:12 PM
Either that picture has a vertical-hold problem or Jessica Simpson has turned into a real porker. Check out the uber-fat thighs. Eeesh. Dumb. Airhead. And now with extra chunky legs. Remind me again what anyone sees in this vacuous idiot?
2005-01-03 12:46:16 PM

I see no Dukes of Hazzard references in those photos. Besides, wasn't Daisy Duke the smart one?

Check out the door signage.

/I know, I wasn't looking there either....
//She is kinda hot. I mean, she's real. Not platic, not barbi-dollesc. That is what makes her nice. Too bad her father is the control freak...
2005-01-03 12:47:05 PM
Thank God she and her father are bringing back wholesome Christian entertainment to America.
2005-01-03 12:47:16 PM
Ah, not since the early Jennifer Love Hewitt days have two boobies so desparately needed their own representation...

/I'm available to handle them
2005-01-03 12:47:52 PM
Her jaw is kinda square, but she's smokin hot.
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