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2004-12-30 08:39:23 PM  
last in AEast in 2010??? i hope so... the bluejays need a break
2004-12-30 08:52:18 PM  
how many superstars George Steinbrenner can purchase with his big, fat, disgusting wallet of greed

Awwwwww, sorry our guy wants to win more than yours, and is willing to spend whatever it takes WITHIN THE RULES OF MLB to do so.

I've said it before and I will say it again: Steinbrenner is not worth the most of all the owners, he simply is willing to put whatever it takes on the line to field the best team. I guarantee you he would operate at a loss if he thought it meant winning.

I think the financials of MLB need serious changes, but don't blame a man who might care about winning more than anyone else in sports. In fact, he may be the one man in baseball who doesn't give a damn about the money, how pure is that?
2004-12-30 08:53:19 PM  
hahahahaha Mark Prior in 2009 hahahahahahahaha
2004-12-30 08:58:36 PM  
Pure? Ever study game theory?

The man is a jackass. I think the article had it about right.

Kinda nice, though, as a non-Yankee fan, in at least one way. Everytime the don't win the world series it's a big hairy choke. They must have the least heart of any team in baseball to take the field with that much talent and still manage to find a way not to win it all.

Personally, I wouldn't want my team to spend like Steinbrenner. What fun would winning be if went in with such an advantage?
2004-12-30 09:01:28 PM  
nodog: Ever study game theory?

What's your point?

They must have the least heart of any team in baseball to take the field with that much talent and still manage to find a way not to win it all.

Please, they lost to the Red Sox, who may as well have had the same salary as them. When you get that high, the difference is neglible. But the Sox were the scrappy underdogs right?
2004-12-30 09:12:27 PM  
First off I should have said the theory of games, not game theory.

But the point is that if we're playing chess and you start off with queens in place of your pawns, you are a bad player indeed if you still lose.

In the case of the red Sox, I would hardly call the difference negligable. The Yankees can afford to fill any hole, any time with the best option. That is an advantage that no other team had, not even the Sox. (who, by the way, also have a ridiculous payroll)

The difference is that the Sox spent wisely, the Yankees recklessly. Schilling vs. Brown?

And who says I was glad the Sox were there either? The Yankees are by far the worst, so you want to compare them only to the second or third worst?

These luxury taxes better have more of an impact than they do to this point or baseball will further erode.
2004-12-30 09:13:46 PM  
Yeah, but they lost to the Marlins the year before that.

The Marlins. Think about that. Gosh, that makes two years in a row the Yanks watched someone slam the door on their season and celebrate on their field. All in all, I could learn to like it.
2004-12-30 11:56:08 PM  
I'd much rather see the Yankees good enough to get into the post-season and continue to suffer crushing defeats than to finish the season in last place something like 62-100. As far as World Championships, so far they're 0 for the 21st Century. I like the way this is playing out. Dontrelle Willis and Ben Sheets in 2010 is funny cause it sounds so plausible and is typical of the Steinbrenner mentality.
2004-12-31 12:27:23 AM  
Baseball needs a salary cap (STFU players union) and complete TV/radio revenue sharing (STFU owners) in order to stop Steinbrenner et al from preventing any semblance of competition in baseball. I mean, you can almost project next year's division winners already by eliminating the smaller-market/payroll teams.
2004-12-31 12:27:46 AM  

I see your point - but there is a sick pleasure in hoping one day the Yanks just collapse under the weight of their own juiced up swollen heads and have an Expos-esque crash into the bottom rungs of the MLB. Just think - the NY Post was calling for their heads after they lost the alcs, what would finishing in 3rd or 4th place in al east do to em?
2004-12-31 12:27:51 AM  
I forsee....jokes about a big unit
2004-12-31 12:27:55 AM  
The Yankees have put themselves in this situation where they have to bring in new talent via free agency and trades. Everywhere I have read the Yankees farm system has been absolutely gutted and can't really bring up their own guys to replace their aging players. Btw, the Cubs would never let Mark Prior go to the Yankees.
2004-12-31 12:30:26 AM  
Its true what you read, the Yankee farm system is now officially empty.

As a Yankee fan, I can't disagree with that article at all. George didn't learn his lesson in the 80's, and now he's doomed to a repeat.

My only solace will be that I've been saying this for 3 years, so i'll own "I told you so" rights.

Not too much solace in that, though. Stupid George, never letting the baseball minds build the baseball team. He never learns.
2004-12-31 12:31:02 AM  
50 Reasons why the Yankees Suck

1. George Steinbrenner owns the team. This is a man with the warmth of Pat Buchanan, the patience of Ross Perot, and the credibility of O.J. Simpson.
2. The Yankees honored a truant, Jeffrey Maier, whose interference transformed an out into a series-turning Yankee home run in the 1996 playoffs.
3. Yankee hype resulted in Joe Gordon winning the 1942 MVP award over Triple Crown winner Ted Williams. The "Splendid Splinter" led the American League in six offensive categories; Gordon led in one, most strikeouts.
4. Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak in 1941 is considered the record in baseball. Why is excellence over two months better than excellence over a season? (DiMaggio had 193 hits that season, sixty-four short of George Sisler's major league record.)
5. They make you envious. Their General Manager is thirty-three years old. Derek Jeter dated Mariah Carey. Joe Torre has spent forty years in baseball. Steinbrenner did not have to go to jail following his felony conviction.
6. The Yankees retired Reggie Jackson's and Billy Martin's numbers. These two played a combined twelve seasons for the Yankees and hit .261.
7. Yankee fans are impossible to like. More than three decades ago, Roger Angell described them as "overdressed, uncomprehending autumn arrivistes." Today we would describe them as front-running boors.
8. Bucky Bleeping Dent, Red Sox killer and ersatz Yankee manager. In the worst-ever made-for-television movie, Dent played a football player who fell in love with a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.
9. Their dynasty began because the Red Sox owner, Harry Bleeping Frazee, needed money to finance his theatrical ventures. We are not talking about hard work by the Yankees; this was Dumb Luck I.
10. Just before the end of the 1920 season, the Chicago White Sox were a better team with a brighter future than the Yankees. By the end of that season, the Sox were a shell of a great team. Eight of their stars were on their way to lifetime bans as a result of throwing the 1919 World Series. This was Dumb Luck II in establishing the Yankee dynasty.
11. After Mel Allen (whom the Yankees fired), their best known broadcaster is Phil "Holy Cow" Rizzuto. His biases would have earned him the nickname "Homer" but for the fact he hit only thirty-eight four-baggers during his thirteen-year major league career.
12. Role models like convicted felons Darryl Strawberry and Steve Howe have played for the Yankees.
13. As a Yankee, Don Zimmer has evolved from "the Gerbil" to a Grand Old Man.
14. The Yankees are living in the past. They have won five World Series since 1962. Over the same period, the Montreal Canadiens have won twelve titles, and the Boston Celtics have won eleven.
15. The Reggie! Bar was as hard to stomach as its namesake.
16. Steinbrenner, who was banned from baseball for life, got reinstated after three years. We hope whoever made this decision never gets on the Unabomber's parole board.
17. Yankee hype resulted in Joe DiMaggio winning the 1947 MVP award over Triple Crown winner Ted Williams.
18. Roger Maris, who had three great seasons, had his number retired. Are the Reds going to retire George Foster's number?
19. Yankee reliever Sparky Lyle wrote The Bronx Zoo, a 300-page whine about how tough life is when you're earning a large salary for pitching for a World Series winner.
20. Yankee tragedies are supposed to consume the nation. After Thurman "I won seven fewer Gold Gloves than Johnny Bench" Munson's plane went down, the Yankee faithful wanted the waiting period for Munson's Hall of Fame election waived. Tony Conigliaro, whose life was more tragic than Munson's, and who hit more home runs in far fewer at bats than Munson did, is forgotten outside of Boston.
21. Two words: Jim Leyritz
22. After the 1976 Yankees won the franchise's first pennant in twelve years, they were swept by the Reds in the World Series. Steinbrenner complained of how this loss to the greatest team since the end of World War II was a "personal humiliation."
23. The Kansas City A's were effectively a Yankee farm club. (Would you believe they sent Roger Maris to the Yankees for four spare parts?)
24. The Babe Ruth Story might be the worst sports movie ever made.
25. Howard Cosell rhapsodized about Mickey "the CAT-a-lyst" Rivers, Reg-GER-oo, and Chris "the Silent One" Chambliss when the Yankees were on Monday Night Baseball in the 1970's.
26. ABC called it Monday Night Baseball, but in practice it was The Yankee Game of the Week.
27. Above-average feats by ordinary Yankees make magazine covers.
28. Thanks to Yankee fans, Chris Chambliss's trip around the bases after his 1976 pennant-winning home run was more of an adventure than getting out of Saigon.
29. Steinbrenner, who has the Mona Lisa of ballparks, has demanded that New York City build him a paint-by-the-numbers stadium with luxury boxes.
30. Larry McPhail, the Steinbrenner of his time, made it impossible for Hall of Famers Joe McCarthy and Bill Dickey to manage the Yankees.
31. Steinbrenner and five-time Yankee manager Billy Martin made up and broke up more frequently than temperamental high school sweethearts.
32. A Yankee fan's contribution to baseball chat rooms is limited to "Red Sox suck" and "1918."
33. The Yankees exiled their greatest legend, Babe Ruth, to the 38-115 Boston Braves. They let stars like Frank Colman and Roy Weatherly wear Ruth's #3 before retiring it.
34. Yankee co-owner Del "Mr. Baseball" Webb
35. Yankee General Manager George "Chuckles" Weiss
36. Yankee backup catcher Charlie Silvera played in 227 major league games and one World Series game. Somehow, he was on six World Series winners, while Ty Cobb was on none.
37. Bill Mazeroski got the key hit in three Pirate wins, hit the World Series-winning home run, batted .320 and watched Yankee Bobby Richardson get named the MVP of the 1960 World Series.
38. Either the Yankees of the 1960's were a cliquish gang who slammed windows on kids wanting autographs as described in Jim Bouton's Ball Four, or...
39. Bouton is a liar, in which case the Yankees issued a paycheck to a big-mouthed malcontent who had a 4-15 record in 1965.
40. Joe DiMaggio was voted baseball's "Greatest Living Player" largely because that noted baseball expert, Paul Simon, wrote a line in "Mrs. Robinson" about him.
41. Free enterprise is free enterprise, but there is something terribly wrong when Luis Tiant is pictured in a Yankee uniform, holding a hot dog and saying "It is great to be with a winner." I blame the Yankees.
42. Wally Pipp could not play with a headache.
43. In the 1930's and 1940's, the Yankees would not allow radio broadcasts of their games.
44. You had to cheer for someone in the Billy Martin-Ed Whitson fight.
45. Shane Spencer had a few great weeks and the New York media compared the start of his career to those of various Hall of Famers. Earth to Spencer fans: baseball is a game of streaks. Hurricane Hazle, after a six-game major league career with the Reds, hit .403 in forty-one games for the '57 Braves. Within a year the twenty-eight-year-old was gone from the major leagues.
46. No matter how often I remind myself that he has a family and probably visits sick kids in hospitals, I cannot like Tino Martinez.
47. The Yankees have helped cause the exorbitant salaries in baseball. Bernie Williams makes over $12 million a year. What does this make Chipper Jones or Alex Rodriguez worth? Can I buy a ticket on the installment plan?
48. Ron Blomberg was baseball's first designated hitter. There is something preternatural about a Yankee holding the distinction of introducing an odious concept.
49. Jerry Coleman, whose malapropisms ("Folkers is throwing up in the bullpen") as a Padres announcer are legendary, is a former Yankee.
50. Hillary Clinton, who knows less about baseball than she knows about the upstate New York town of Glens Falls, claims to be a lifelong Yankee fan.
2004-12-31 12:31:37 AM  

I mean, you can almost project next year's division winners already by eliminating the smaller-market/payroll teams.


St. Louis


Wild Card:




Wild Card:

You can bank on it.
2004-12-31 12:32:09 AM  
Ortiz on the Yankees? I think the Sox have learned not to let their pig-faced sluggers go to New York.

/love you Papi, but you ugly.
2004-12-31 12:33:19 AM  
Should that happen, the Yankees payroll would almost HAVE to decrease. Why? Because the good players will want a ring that don't already have one. The Yankees will have proven by then that they can't supply one. So, off they go. The Yankees will be forced to sign lesser talent at lower prices.
2004-12-31 12:34:21 AM  
Baseball needs a salary cap (STFU players union) and complete TV/radio revenue sharing (STFU owners) in order to stop Steinbrenner et al from preventing any semblance of competition in baseball. I mean, you can almost project next year's division winners already by eliminating the smaller-market/payroll teams.

Hear, hear. Baseball needs a salary cap, and fast. The NFL is a great model for a sensible system that allows for any market to compete, regardless of size.
2004-12-31 12:36:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-31 12:36:55 AM  

/wishful thinking
2004-12-31 12:39:41 AM  
Yankee's suck

Go Angels
2004-12-31 12:39:44 AM  
dmd8605, I wouldn't bank on that at all:

Depodesta in LA, and his mentor Beane in Oakland are turning over the clubs to make way for a new generation of players in the former case, and to cut payroll in the later. Both teams will be "rebuilding" this year, compared to last.

More likely prediction: the winners in the AL will be exactly the same as they were in 2004 (which were the same as in 2003 with the exception on the AL West). San Francisco or San Diego will win the NL West, and Chicago will have a tough time winning the NL WC, especially if Beltran resigns with Houston, and Pettite stays healthy.
2004-12-31 12:39:50 AM  

You really think so after trading Hudson (good trade) and Mulder (WTF?)? I sure hope so since I'm a long-time A's fan. Otherwise, the picks look good to me. You have to wonder why they even bother with the regular season, since the outcome is almost predestined.
2004-12-31 12:40:31 AM  
As far as World Championships, so far they're 0 for the 21st Century.

Not if you count 2000 as part of the 21st Century, which I don't. But since some people do, they did beat the Mets in the Subway Series that year.

Plus, Mark Prior with the Yanks? The Cubs would blow up Wrigley and die first.
2004-12-31 12:40:55 AM  
Hey, remember when the Yankees were painful to watch?

Yeah, the last 8 years have made up for that.

Oh, also, suck it Yankee haters. Suck it long, and suck it hard.
2004-12-31 12:41:30 AM  
I meant Beane was turning over a new generation, and Depodesta is cutting payroll--not the other way around.

/proofread too quickly
2004-12-31 12:42:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-31 12:43:32 AM  
Oh, also, suck it Yankee haters. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

As opposed to the Yankees themselves, who won't even try to suck, because they know they'll just end up choking.....
2004-12-31 12:44:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-31 12:45:54 AM  
i like how they think they're gonna go after some of our Texas Rangers....mmmhmm....we let you have A others will be let go!
2004-12-31 12:45:57 AM  
Ghost Rider:
The Cubs would blow up Wrigley and die first.

Might not be a bad idea since it is already falling apart.
2004-12-31 12:47:54 AM  
Berkman and Lidge. Right.

I swear, if any of the core Astros sell out to the Yanks, I'm gonna go on a throat-punching spree.
2004-12-31 12:48:59 AM  

Damn you have to much time on your hands. Don't waste your time on the obvious, the Yanks do suck. Anyway the Yankee fans are to stupid to get all your reasons.

FARK the Yankees.

Jeter sucks a - rod and now he can suck a big unit!

It's as simple and crass as that. F them.
2004-12-31 12:51:28 AM  
SECSManiac: You really think so after trading Hudson (good trade) and Mulder (WTF?)?

Absolutely. I'm convinced that Billy Beane knows damn well what he's doing. Hudson and Mulder are in downslopes right now, and it's always better to trade a year too early rather than a year too late. Besides, Harden was the best member of that rotation last season, and he and Zito are more than capable of anchoring it.

That said, I realize that Beane is building for the 2006 season at this point (he's admitted as much,) but I wouldn't discount his ability to find the perfect players. He's done it so well for so long that you know it's just not a fluke. Read Moneyball. It will change your outlook on baseball forever.

SlackrMatt: GO REDS!!!1

/wishful thinking

As one Reds fan to another, I feel you. Even though she was a bigot, at least Marge Schott was committed to winning and not to some damn ice cream, a la a certain current owner.

Cheapass motherfarker.
2004-12-31 12:55:40 AM  
Might not be a bad idea since it is already falling apart.

But why bother? Wrigley still draws 3MM in a park that only seats 38k. Should we blow it up and replace it with a who-let-the-dogs-out theme park like we have here in NYC?
2004-12-31 12:57:11 AM  

You really think so after trading Hudson (good trade) and Mulder (WTF?)? I sure hope so since I'm a long-time A's fan. Otherwise, the picks look good to me. You have to wonder why they even bother with the regular season, since the outcome is almost predestined.

The Mulder trade was a stroke of genious Beane got a young stud pitcher (Haren) one of the best relivers in baseball (Calero) and the best hitting prospect in baseball (Barton)
2004-12-31 01:02:06 AM  
George Steinbrenner ruined baseball - actually their are many reasons baseball is weak, but George is by far the biggest reason.

Football by far is America's sport.
2004-12-31 01:05:04 AM  
This is a waste of a flame war. This article wasn't that good. Page 2's stuff is just getting weaker and weaker each day.
2004-12-31 01:06:07 AM  

how did George ruin baseball? If anything, it's the other 25 owners who won't spend any money that are ruining baseball. George, the Red Sox, the Angels, the Mariners, the Mets...These guys are not ruining baseball.
2004-12-31 01:06:19 AM  
I have to learn how to farking spell
2004-12-31 01:08:57 AM  
I agree with milesl.. unless he's talking about the football the rest of the world plays. I cant stand watching baseball at all.. I just end up screaming at the television "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMBODY THROW THE farkING BALL!"
2004-12-31 01:12:29 AM  
Yankees suck. I hope they lose forever.
2004-12-31 01:13:09 AM  
I just end up screaming at the television "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMBODY THROW THE farkING BALL!"

How can you say football's any better? It takes 3 hours to play a one-hour timed game.
2004-12-31 01:13:12 AM  
bibendum: But why bother? Wrigley still draws 3MM in a park that only seats 38k

How about when chunks of cement fall on some of those 38k fans during 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'? Wrigley should, of course, be restored to its original glory, but there would have to be a demolition party first.

I sure hope dmd8605 and david630 are right since it sure looks like the A's have already blown off next season. Of course, they will still be more fun to watch than the BALCO Giants with their geriatric lineup and dogmeat pitching.

/Good night
2004-12-31 01:15:37 AM  
go bravos......[image from too old to be available]
yankees:[image from too old to be available]
would love to see cubs or red sox win the world series.... and the braves... but we'll see...

keep spending yankees, it wont make me like you anymore but it will make me hate you that much more.... just goes to show you what yankees think of raising prospects through the minor leagues.... the yankees have minor league farm system?

thanks imageshack
2004-12-31 01:16:52 AM  

A Braves fan...calling the Yankees chokers. Pot? Meet kettle.

Remember 1996 and 1999? I do.
2004-12-31 01:18:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

How many more times do I have to post this before it becomes a consensus opinion?
2004-12-31 01:21:01 AM  
Whats funny is that all these all stars the yankees buy may end up biteing them in the arse soon. the yanks problem is that they are getting too old too fast.Look at the 2004 Seattle Mariners the reason they went 63-99 after averaging 100 wins a year is that they got too old too fast.

2004-12-31 01:25:49 AM  
The only people making more money right now in baseball are the very very top stars. The rest of the players get the big old shaft!

Football right now has: 80.582 Million Salary Cap x 32 teams = 2.6 Billion going to players

Baseball according to​r=2004:

Total Baseball payroll=2,071,265,943, which is about 500 million less than football! This despite the fact that football players only play between 16-20 games a year, compared to baseball's 160+. Of course, football has more players so the money is spread out more. But 500 million is alot of money to spread out. And if you count the extremely poorly paid minor leaguers, baseball has far more total players to pay than football.

In addition, the majority of the players who are not named Bonds, Jeter, or Johnson really get screwed over. Only 11 baseball teams exceed the football salary cap!!! Four teams, the Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and the Milwaukee Brewers have team salaries less than half that of the football salary cap! How fair is it that if you are a Pittsburgh Steeler you get a portion of 80 million and if you are a Pirate you get a portion of 32 million???

Baseball cannot continue this way. Who the heck wants to go see a Devil Rays or Pirates game when you they will never, ever, ever be a contender? Any good players they build up get shipped off somewhere else. These bottom franchises will die off eventually, the majority of players will continue to get screwed, and we will be left with even more of a shell of a game than we already have.

Brian Ellenberger
2004-12-31 01:26:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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