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5971 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2004 at 12:14 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-30 02:23:25 PM  
Also, to be on-topic: this bloggers without borders site reckons that extra people are needed in the area.

Yeah, way to go. Fly over and suck up all the locals' dysentry medicine. If you don't work for a major and experienced relief agency or government/military agency all you will be contributing is a clueless loser who needs looking after.

Donate money or even blood, but you should probably stay home.
2004-12-30 02:30:07 PM  
Sorry to those who have a problem with my LIKING where I live.

I'm not quite sure why people hate America so much, but I imagine it has something to do with stereotypes. For example, when I think of Europeans this guy comes to mind as the stereotypical European citizen:

[image from too old to be available]

2004-12-30 02:47:59 PM  
OK I get the idea that some people who write in blogs are just in it to get people to pay attention to them. I had a blog for a while before anyone read it. I just used it as a journal, but not one that I would write intimate details of anyone in. Right now, I pretty much think of it as a status report to my friends who are home on vacation or have moved out of town.
Of course, none of us like to share our unsolicited opinions with others.
2004-12-30 03:19:50 PM  
I like your irony drsoran, picking a Canadian actor depicting an American stereotype of a European. Deep.
2004-12-30 03:34:25 PM  
The reason we should help out more is because If we want to police the world than we should "PROTECT AND SERVE"
2004-12-30 04:18:30 PM  
To everyone in this thread who is WHINING about how the world hates America - STFU!! You farking PATHETIC little attention whores!! THIS IS A MAJOR FARKING DISASTER, AND IF THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS WHINE ABOUT HOW UNDER-APPRECIATED YOU OR YOUR COUNTRY ARE, THEN YOU ARE A TOTAL LOSER!!!

DaShredda and fuh_q seem to be competing for the "arsehole of the thread" award, with radioactive_ape and HomerJaySimpson running neck-and-neck for 3rd and 4th...
2004-12-30 04:20:43 PM  
blogs are the internet equivalent of the pet rock.
2004-12-30 04:42:53 PM  
I'll wait for Cam-whores Without Confinements thank you very much
2004-12-30 04:57:59 PM  
Just say NO to blogs. Please.
2004-12-30 05:17:50 PM  
HomerJay, as with all people, there is the good and there is the bad. I for one (not American) think anyone who helps out deserves credit for it. And the donation size pissing matches don't really matter so long as people who need the help get it. I also think you screwed up with Iraq, but that's not you, that's your government. Some people appreciate the difference, ok ?

BlissKitchen, I am reliably informed that though some phone lines remained dead for days, most of the internet connectivity survived (microwave stuff, mostly) and ADSL still works. They're not half as primitive in Sri Lanka as you'd think.

2004-12-30 05:18:44 PM  
You know, its easy to make fun of other's efforts to help out. But really, at least he's doing something. He's helping get the money where it needs to be. So laugh all you wish, but blogs do make an impact. And also, bottom line is, people who wish to donate now have another avenue to look at.

2004-12-30 05:42:53 PM  
Yes, Ang6666 is right - at least the bloggers are trying to do something to help. The farkers on here who can't think of anything better to do than badmouth bloggers should really take a close look at themselves.

Fark has really pissed me off over the last four days - I've never in my life even dreamt of seeing such a pathetic bunch of whiny, self-centered losers. There are the exceptions who have shown genuine concern and compassion for the victims of this disaster, but sadly, they seem to be outnumbered by people who are far more concerned with either abusing the victims or whining about how ungrateful the world is to AMUHRICA. They make me sick. When 9/11 happened, the entire WORLD gave a huge outpouring of compassion and empathy - yet all these losers can remember is a small group of militants islamists in Palestine who celebrated (while 99% of the world's islamics mourned with us).

If you believe that all islamic people are your enemy, then you need to SERIOUSLY seek some counseling and some education. Quit watching Fox and start getting out into the world and experiencing real life. Get a clue.

This tragedy is going to be 100X worse than 9/11 - at least. Think about that. You people really need to wake up to yourselves.
2004-12-30 06:42:54 PM  
If the money being donated to the fashionable tsunami relief funds was instead donated to poverty relief and sustainable hunger solutions, we could save millions and millions of lives.By channeling our aid efforts toward the tsunami instead, we are making the decision to let a lot of people die.
2004-12-30 06:48:57 PM  
RealFarknMcCoy2 - loosen up the Birkenstocks and take a deep breath. I know you're still stressed over Kerry's loss, but chill out. If you disagree with what Farkers write, don't log on. If you come here expecting civilized discourse, you really need to wake up to yourself.
2004-12-30 06:49:57 PM  
if theres one thing that will help, its more blogging.
2004-12-30 07:25:46 PM  
Porkhandle - There are at least five million people now in danger from famine and disease because of the tsunami. How are they less "worthy" of being saved than any other five million people???
2004-12-30 07:27:41 PM  
Rodeodoc I'm not the pathetic LOSER who feels it necessary to bring up politics in a thread about the single most widespread natural disaster in my lifetime. WANKER.
2004-12-30 07:35:42 PM  
Oh great.. here we go with another stupid fad.

People, listen: if you want to help, don't waste more resources creating yet ANOTHER stupid fund. Just donate to one of the bigger more reputable ones. Quit trying to get your 15 minutes by exploiting a tragedy.
2004-12-30 07:55:56 PM  
loosen up the Birkenstocks and take a deep breath. I know you're still stressed over Kerry's loss, but chill out.

That was definitely one of the stupidest and most inappropriate things I've heard today.

Congrats, you sod.
2004-12-30 08:48:51 PM  

/see how stupid that is?
2004-12-30 10:12:57 PM  
the canadian government agreed to match any donations given to international relief organizations in the country. so come on, canucks, get to donatin'!

/already donated and happy 'cause i did
2004-12-30 11:54:00 PM  
I'm probably a little late to the game, but might interest those of you who are wary of donating for fear of waste and/or fraud.

Being an unemployed college student, I want to make sure what money me and my friends can scrounge up does the most good.

/too lazy for html, but is still going to donate!
2004-12-31 01:51:07 AM  
Donate by PayPal:

PayPal now has a link on their homepage for tsunami relief. At this website, you can donate to UNICEF via PayPal.

The website is

I've also contacted AmeriCares, and asked them to start taking PayPal. PayPal said that they will waive their commissions for charitable donations if the charity provides their 501(3)(c) information.
2004-12-31 04:16:59 AM  
Wow. Farkers complaining about the futility and childishness of blogging.

Coffee, meet kettle.
2004-12-31 06:53:47 AM  
I just don't understand how the US is so willing to send out millions of dollars to help out these people, but can't do the same for people here.
Why are people getting so worked up over this when everyday people in your own country are dying of hunger, of not having a place to live?
2004-12-31 10:07:54 AM  
pork thats b/s
thats why we have a des office
so that people don't starve to death
2004-12-31 02:44:10 PM  
badassredskin, what happy candy filled world are you living in?
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