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(Some Guy)   MIT student pranks over the years   ( divider line
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55679 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2004 at 12:56 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-30 09:46:25 AM  
good stuff.
2004-12-30 09:53:47 AM  
You know, back before they started drilling holes in the 50 gallon trash drums on campus, I used to know some people that got a "tidal wave"
2004-12-30 10:06:22 AM  
Some of those are pretty funny but some of them made think:

"Sheesh, if you are going to do it, do it right."

The MIT ball @ the rosebowl is better than all of the ones since, combined, IMHO.
2004-12-30 12:47:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Caltech pwns MIT!
2004-12-30 01:03:19 PM  
link is farked ! is this a prank too ?

2004-12-30 01:04:52 PM  
Eggheads suck.
I remember when me and my buddies kidnapped some old guy and beat him 'til he was brain damaged. Then we swiped his pants.

Now THAT'S a prank!
2004-12-30 01:05:04 PM  
Thanks, I forgot how lame nerds are.
2004-12-30 01:05:04 PM  

When I worked at Out of Town News, you would not believe the number of Wellesley College girls going to MIT weekend parties (we sold the bus tickets that you needed to ride the Wellesley College bus back and forth). And these girls were hot. That's more than enough to make me give these MIT geeks their props.

Although the cop car on the Dome was one of their better hacks.

2004-12-30 01:06:45 PM  
That's the best those dorks can manage?
2004-12-30 01:07:08 PM  
Behold the power of Fark. I work at MIT and I can't get to the stinkin' website.
2004-12-30 01:07:28 PM  
Before Scott Krueger died, MIT ran the Boston social scene for college students. There were students from all the major Boston schools at the 2-3 big parties every weekend.
2004-12-30 01:07:44 PM  
2004-12-30 01:07:56 PM  
2004-12-30 01:09:19 PM  
Damn kids on drugs.
2004-12-30 01:09:41 PM  
ha ha nerds are funny
2004-12-30 01:12:56 PM  
bostonchris--was that the fiji kid who drank himself to death about 6 years ago?
2004-12-30 01:13:12 PM  
What, farked already?

/I hate the Fark policy
2004-12-30 01:13:14 PM  
During high school I visited some friends at MIT. One night I got drunk and evidently took a crap in a dorm hallway. Later MIT rejected my application. That didn't stop me from crapping in their halls.
2004-12-30 01:13:18 PM  
my friend goes to wellesley; i'd chalk it up more to desperation and proximity than the actual MIT guys.
2004-12-30 01:14:38 PM  
How many Smoots does it take to cross the Mass. Ave Bridge?
2004-12-30 01:17:10 PM  
I wish I could have gone to MIT.
2004-12-30 01:17:52 PM  
Boston in general and MIT in particular are strange places. Boston is a really, really nice city. I swear the last time I was there I saw graffiti on one of the bridges that said 'MIT crew' or something like that.

Most graffiti around me says 'West Side Killaz' or 'Deez nutz'
2004-12-30 01:17:54 PM  
ha ha nerds are funny

Nerds make it possible for idiots and assholes to post on Fark.

Go nerds!
2004-12-30 01:18:42 PM  
Yes, stubblyhead, Scott Kreuger was the Fiji kid who drank himself to death.
2004-12-30 01:18:53 PM  
Christopher Walken as "Larry Hobson" on SNL's Pranksters skit:

I jumped out and pranked him! To death with a tire iron!

He was a Stiffly Stifferson.. so I stuck it to 'im! Whammy!! Whammy, wowee, zowee! You just been.. pranked!

I hate Stiffly Stiffersons. I wanna prank them for hours.. in my basement.
2004-12-30 01:19:11 PM  
Nope, it's not farked, just slow.

IHTFP Hack Gallery: 6.001 Spellbook

Cause Light Wounds

I call upon chaos to cause unbalanced parentheses.

I summon the darkness of night to hide all free machines.

Cause Wounds
I call upon the forces of chaos to crash your server.

Call Undead
I call all environment pointers to this very spot.

Cause Disease
I call upon the powers of chaos to mutate your pointers.

I call upon chaos to make your debugger lie.

Cause Serious Wounds
I call upon the powers of chaos to cause recursive bugs.

Control Undead
By death's dark mantle and the powers of chaos, I control environment
pointers to do my bid.

By the powers of chaos, I unbind all variables.

I call upon chaos, decay, and rot to panic your process.

Cause Critical Wounds
I call upon chaos itself to cause fatal errors.

Create Undead
By the powers of chaos, I create environment pointers.

I call upon the powers of darkness to wither your abstractions.

I curse your code to forever underflow the stack.

I call upon chaos to obfuscate your abstractions.

By the powers of darkness, I command you to waste your time optimizing useless abstractions.

By the powers of chaos, I quest you on this problem set.

I grant you the gift of repeating 6.001.

/lightning bolt ligntning bolt lightning bolt
2004-12-30 01:20:02 PM  
I've got nothing against geeks - I'm a card-carrying member myself, but I think this link just proves that you can be smart or funny, but not both.
2004-12-30 01:20:31 PM  
b1t r0t, you appear to be trying to give normal MIT alumni and students a bad name with your ridiculous Course 6 humor.
2004-12-30 01:21:33 PM  

Pretty lame/geeky stunts.
2004-12-30 01:22:28 PM  
You think MIT would have the bandwidth to handle the fark load.

MIT hack/pranks are legendary in the nerd-universe. This shiat is awesome.
2004-12-30 01:22:29 PM  
2004-12-30 01:22:45 PM  
i laughed for about an hour when i saw that shrub room prank... when by 'laughed for about an hour' i mean 'got bored with the site.'
2004-12-30 01:23:02 PM  
The worst is when chemistry students get it in their heads to do a prank. They like to do permanent damage. There's a huge sculpture at Harvey Mud U that the students affectionately call "old Rusty" (or at least they used to). Apparently, the sculptor had boasted that this metal sculpture was impossible to rust. The chem students took that as a challenge. They rusted it about half an inch deep all over, just overnight. I'm sure that given the opportunity, they would've rusted it completely.
2004-12-30 01:23:43 PM  
gcalig: Christopher Walken as "Larry Hobson" on SNL's Pranksters skit:

[image from too old to be available]

Whammy!! Whammy, wowee, zowee!
2004-12-30 01:25:36 PM  
What do the initials IHTFP stand for? I'm pretty sure it isn't "Interesting Hacks To Fascinate People", as the site claims it to be.
2004-12-30 01:27:19 PM  
IHTFP-I Hate This farking Place
2004-12-30 01:27:58 PM  
IHTFP can stand for many things...originally I Hate This F*cking Place.
2004-12-30 01:28:06 PM  
bengal: I Hate This Farking Place

Ok, is it just me, or do these fools have WAAAAAY too much spare time?
2004-12-30 01:29:36 PM  
However, behind the door was a small and lit room that contained a shrubbery and some paintings. The most prominent of the paintings was of one of the "Knights to say 'Ni'!" from Monty Python's Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Some cliches die. Other cliches burst into flames, get hit by a dumptruck, have acid tossed on them, get cornholed to death by their prison cellmate, trampled by a stampede, and thrown screaming into a wood chipper, and still manage to be mistaken for "humorous".
2004-12-30 01:30:02 PM  
IHFTP also means "I hate the flag policy".

Or anything else with the right letters.
2004-12-30 01:31:04 PM  
Your bra-bomb better work nerdlinger
2004-12-30 01:31:24 PM  
They are trying to change the image of IHTFP to mean I Have Truly Found Paradise.

I liked when they put a model of the Wright Bros plane on the Dome last spring.

I love MIT - I would never have wanted to go here (loved art school) but it is an AWESOME place to work.
2004-12-30 01:32:14 PM  
according to
IHTFP I Hate This Freakin' Place (polite form)
IHTFP I Have the First Phrase
IHTFP I Have to Forever Pay
IHTFP I Have Truly Found Paradise
IHTFP I Help To Forward Packets
IHTFP I Help Tutor Freshman Physics
IHTFP I Hope to Find Peace
IHTFP I'm Here to Fly Airplanes (USAF Academy)
IHTFP Institute Has The Finest Professors (from MIT)
IHTFP Interesting Hacks to Fascinate People (MIT)
IHTFP It's Hard to Fondle Penguins (MIT)
2004-12-30 01:32:27 PM  
Oh I dunno. I kind of liked the "Nerds for a Better America" sign (with the little American flag that said "Nerd Pride") on the bottom.

2004-12-30 01:32:33 PM  
ahhhh those crazy college kids.
2004-12-30 01:32:56 PM  
My father-in-law went to MIT, so I've heard about some old hacks. My favorite is when this MIT student went to watch Harvard football practice every day for weeks, and sat in the stands and ate lunch. The players and such couldn't figure out what he was doing. Well, he was feeding the birds, at the same time every day. When game day came, the birds, expecting to be fed again, swarmed that area of the stands. Hilarity ensued.

Smoots are explained here:
Lambda Chi Alpha Smoot History
2004-12-30 01:33:39 PM  

Inside Her Tight Farking Pussy

I Have To Farking Piss

Imagine Having The Flaming Penis
2004-12-30 01:34:16 PM  
I had no idea MIT was such a lame place.
2004-12-30 01:34:41 PM  
All i have to say is thank god smart people don't run this country!!!!!!

/George W. Bush
2004-12-30 01:35:25 PM
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