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(Cleveland Plain Dealer)   Sam Adams creates chocolate beer   ( divider line
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15287 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2004 at 11:56 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-29 09:17:41 AM  
So when the cop pulls you over your breath smells like a candybar???
2004-12-29 09:24:21 AM  
For $15 a bottle? No thanks, I'll take a Young's or Sam Smith Chocolate Stout. Those are tasty, tasty beverages.
2004-12-29 09:27:29 AM  
Saw the Chocolate Bock in the store the other day. Unfortunately, Santa didn't put one in my stocking.

I need a good chocolate porter right about now...
2004-12-29 09:32:08 AM  
I will speak for all Women and most men I know
why no hero tag?
2004-12-29 09:33:20 AM  
Because it's gross. I've only once had chocolate beer and I'd pay more than 15 bucks to not have to repeat the experience.
2004-12-29 09:40:51 AM  
Speaking of weird Sam Adams beer, how do y'all feel about their Cream Stout? I like it, but nobody else I know can stand it.
2004-12-29 09:44:40 AM  
I've had the Sam Adams Chocolate Bock - not bad, but it doesn't really taste like chocolate. I'd never pay $15 for it.

I don't like most Sam Adams brews, but I do really wish they'd bring back the Honey Porter. That was really good.
2004-12-29 09:45:15 AM  
I love their Cream Stout, kurt-roges.

But not as much as Rogue's Chocolate Stout.
2004-12-29 09:47:33 AM  
Sounds good to me. Dark beer good food.
2004-12-29 09:48:43 AM  
Um, why is this good? Why can't we just enjoy regular beer rather than foppishly praising chocolate flavors and raspberry-wheat blends?

I drink beer.
2004-12-29 09:49:06 AM  
Mmm. Chocolate Beer.
2004-12-29 09:49:18 AM  

I love their Cream Stout, too.

The only bad experience I had with them, though, was when I tried a bottle of Triple Bock. $100 a case, looks like tobacco spit, and tastes like bacony vomit.
2004-12-29 09:53:36 AM  
I, too, am a big fan of their Cream Stout, kurt-roges. I can't find it in enough places though.

Ebenator, by the same token, you can say, Why is this good? Why can't we just enjoy regular beef rather than foppishly praising filet mignon and london broil cuts? :)

Variety is good. It's different styles of the same general category. I like beer too, as an all-encompassing term. More broadly, I like ales, porters, sthouts, lagers, wiezens, etc.
2004-12-29 09:54:46 AM  
... I'm in deep shiat now. The two things I love the most.

/Oh, the humanity
2004-12-29 10:01:11 AM  
My problem, Flan, is that I'm a narrow minded SOB and I don't like new things. I get your point though. I'll give the beer a try sometime...if not for myself, then for Fark.
2004-12-29 10:02:15 AM  
Excellent. I will have to purchase one post-haste.

Note: Chocolate malt does not taste like chocolate. Do not attempt to eat it.


Why can't we just enjoy regular beer rather than foppishly praising chocolate flavors and raspberry-wheat blends

Because innovation is a good thing. These are not meant to be mass-produced commercial varieties. They are brewed, basically, for fun and to satisfy a niche market. Don't you ever have a craving for a different type of food every now and then? Same thing here. Variety is the spice of life.
2004-12-29 10:04:25 AM  
I don't think it is that is different. Their holiday beers are good too...the have them in a 12 pack in bad chocolate isn't included in that mix.
2004-12-29 10:06:33 AM  

Left Hand Brewery makes a Milk Stout that will bring you to tears it's so damn good. Makes Sam Adams', which I also enjoy, look like Budweiser in comparison.

On a side note, has anyone else tried Sam Adams' Triple Bock? Ugh. I don't recommend it, but if you like drinking maple syrup with a thicker consistency, be my guest.
2004-12-29 10:08:15 AM  

Why can't we just enjoy regular beer rather than foppishly praising chocolate flavors and raspberry-wheat blends?

Why have hamburger when you can have steak?
2004-12-29 10:09:25 AM  
I really hate to say this, because I like the original Sam, but Sam Adams is quickly becoming the Alanis Morissette of beers.

Yeah, I said it. They do have one or two specialty brews that pass the test, but I've had too many clunkers to continue experimenting. Cherry Wheat sucked. Winter Warmer was oh so so-so. I'll stay with the Boston Lager or the Sam Light and screw the rest.
2004-12-29 10:10:46 AM  
mmm, when I think of chocolate in beer all I can think of is:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-29 10:14:55 AM  
I don't really like sweet alcoholic beverages, so I'll pass.
2004-12-29 10:15:09 AM  
LOL @ Ebenator.

I never tried the Sam Adam's Triple Bock, but I used to have a review of it, from the site (nothing to do with Star Wars, mind you) which basically called it liquid death. The review actually brought tears of laughter to my eyes, he was so vivid in his description of the pain.

On Wednesdays, The Houlhan's near me has SA Winter Lager for $2 a pint. I happily found that out while stopping in there last week to bring home some potato soup for my wife.

Unfortunately, I don't get paid until Friday, so I won't get to indulge this week, but I always like Sam's seasonal brews. Oktoberfest is my favorite, by far, but the Winter is very, very good.
2004-12-29 10:15:28 AM  

Yeah, the Aventius kicks ass over the Sam's.
2004-12-29 10:20:37 AM  
Zulu_as_Kono: Yeah, the Aventius kicks ass over the Sam's.

And the price is alot better too!

Thera, they're not sweet it's just different stuff for the happy little yeasts to eat...
2004-12-29 10:27:47 AM  
So Fackin What? Magic Hat's been brewing this for years with their Revell brand.
2004-12-29 10:39:02 AM  

My friend, you haven't lived until you've had Anchor Brewery's Christmas Ale. It's a different recipe every year, and is sold only between November and January. I haven't had this year's yet, but last year's was spectacular, as has been every vintage I've tried. It's simply the standard by which all American winter ales are measured.

I recommend you find some come hell or high water. You won't be disappointed.
2004-12-29 10:44:12 AM  
i've tried chocolate beers before and they usually taste like ass. i doubt this will be any different. but i'll probably try it anyway.
2004-12-29 10:51:14 AM  
I'll keep my eyes open, AspiringPhilosopher. Before we left Texas, my wife filled a cooler with the different styles of Shiner Bock. I really like their Shiner Winter Brew, but I only have one left, and unfortunately, I'm about 1800 miles away from refilling my supply.

I can't wait till some paychecks start rolling in and I can buy good beer again...
2004-12-29 10:57:55 AM  
Praise Jebus!

2004-12-29 11:26:31 AM  
Don't they have a chocolate beer for the holiday season every year?
2004-12-29 12:00:50 PM  
How is that obvious? I wouldn't think chocolate and beer went together.
2004-12-29 12:01:23 PM  
This is nothing new.. Sam Adams has had it for years.. it is a 750ml bottle, and it is a sipping beer more than a chugging beer..

It's ok.
2004-12-29 12:02:15 PM  
"I drink cool beer, and this beer is not cool"

/nip the flamewar in the bud

Actually, yes, I do like Sam Adams beer, and you can go suck my socks.
2004-12-29 12:02:31 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-29 12:02:50 PM  
2004-12-29 12:02:59 PM  
Hey, You got chocolate in my beer!

No, You got beer in my chocolate!

Two great tastes that taste like shiat together!
2004-12-29 12:03:07 PM  
Don't the thoughts of chocolate and beer just seem like )*( flavor instead? Fruits ok in beer or lambic but damn man chocolate? Whats next bubblegum?
2004-12-29 12:03:49 PM  
Sounds great for gay bars

anyone have some Wild Irish Rose?
2004-12-29 12:03:55 PM  
I expected some pictures of Homer Simpson by now...
2004-12-29 12:04:04 PM  
Q: Will drinking all this chocolate beer make my thighs look fat ?

A: No, your thighs make your thighs look fat.

2004-12-29 12:04:22 PM  
Hmmm, I have had a few chocolate beers in my beer-drinking career. Not too bad, but I wasn't incredibly impressed with any of them. I will try this one, and if I like it, I will toss a little in with the next batch of stout I brew, just to see how it turns out.
2004-12-29 12:05:07 PM  
Barley malt, hops, yeast, water. Anything else is blasphemy!
2004-12-29 12:05:08 PM  
Chocolate beer is cool and all, but where's the Skittlebrau?
2004-12-29 12:05:31 PM  
Sam Adams is terrible. Not quite as bad a Fat Tire or any of the majors, but very, very bad.

Saint Arnold's is the Best. Beer. Ever.
2004-12-29 12:06:31 PM  
also want to give a shout out to ChairmanKaga for a funny post...
2004-12-29 12:07:06 PM  

Q: Will drinking all this chocolate beer make my thighs look fat ?

A: No, it is the FAT that makes your thighs look fat. I'll go get my blanket. If you need me, I will be on the couch.
2004-12-29 12:07:08 PM  
Damn you all, too early in the day.

/now I am thursty
2004-12-29 12:07:47 PM  

you're making me thirsty....

\already on my fourth holiday 12 pack
\\drank the caramel porter already
2004-12-29 12:07:53 PM  
Sam Adams' beer is bad enought to begin with.

This sounds like rewarmed puke.
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