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2004-12-28 06:33:46 PM  
2004-12-28 08:27:32 PM  

/animated goodness
2004-12-28 09:20:56 PM  

2004-12-28 09:54:23 PM  
2004-12-29 02:19:13 AM  
2004-12-29 02:20:42 AM  
Here's the blank that took forever, I hope someone finds it useful.
2004-12-29 03:25:09 AM  

My entire arm fell asleep.
2004-12-29 03:27:00 AM  
Yeep. Sorry, Spiffitz. Didn't mean to step on your toes there. That was my first blank, and I'm damn tired to boot :)
2004-12-29 03:51:39 AM  
2004-12-29 03:54:51 AM  
Gorgeous, MrCynical. Very fine blank indeed.
2004-12-29 04:08:31 AM  
not to be cynical, but um, Cynical you left in a shadow over on the right side. a fine jeorb drawing in the missing corners of the chairs. easy to correct, no?

/couldn't photoshop me finding my way out of a paper bag. or anything else for that matter.
2004-12-29 08:11:11 AM  

Muchos Muchos Gracias to Cynical for the blank...
2004-12-29 09:59:32 AM  

Memoirs of a roadie.
2004-12-29 12:31:57 PM  
This one's for monitorman (if it works this time):

/30-year audio tech
2004-12-29 12:35:39 PM  

Yeep. Sorry, Spiffitz. Didn't mean to step on your toes there. That was my first blank, and I'm damn tired to boot :)

No sweat, I guess my arm fell asleep before yours!
2004-12-29 01:27:07 PM  
2004-12-29 01:38:24 PM  
This one's for monitorman (if it works this time):
Awesome! :)

Scream! Scream for your lives!
2004-12-29 02:40:50 PM  
Thanks, El Pez! I guess I was *really* tired, and had my gamma set too low to see it :) It's done been fixed up, yknow! The benefits of self-hosting in action!
2004-12-29 04:03:37 PM  
dangit, Hipchewy1 is first on the block.
the directory was pretty boring anyway. good job.
2004-12-29 05:04:01 PM  
2004-12-29 05:35:02 PM  
2004-12-29 06:47:12 PM  
2004-12-29 08:27:41 PM  
2004-12-29 09:25:56 PM  
2004-12-29 10:04:03 PM  
2004-12-29 10:33:28 PM  
2004-12-29 10:36:15 PM  

I'm not quite sure why I thought of this.

/shameless theft of an old PS by Octafrye; thus no voting
//props to spiffitz for his blank
2004-12-30 12:52:21 AM  
excellent unmoderated. I wasted many a quarter on that fuzzy little bastard.
2004-12-30 02:06:01 AM  
Yammering_Splat_Vector - is that Vincent Price?
2004-12-30 02:07:55 AM  
Big kudos to rflood1 for recreating the nitemare I've had to endure every time I've hopped on stage and some drunk bastard thinks a telecaster automatically means skynyrd.
2004-12-30 03:47:55 AM  
Y'know what, StretchCannon, why? Seriously, why? Why Freebird? What the hell is it about Freebird? I've never understood that. Is it a Lynyrd Skynyrd thing that I've never understood because I've never been into Skynyrd? That's what I thought at first, but college kids today STILL yell "Freebird" for encores, and I KNOW I know more about classic rock type stuff than they do. So what gives?

(If this disappears before go time, my email's in my profile - I JUST WANT TO GET IT...)
2004-12-30 10:18:41 AM  
CheekyMunky: Y'know what, StretchCannon, why? Seriously, why?


To be honest I think it's more like, freebird is their equivalent of ackbar.
2004-12-30 03:07:34 PM  

Take it off! Take it ALL off!

/thanks, MrCynical, for the blank
2004-12-30 03:11:31 PM  
ysv, The Tingler!! Yay!!

the Freebird! thing comes from the live version of Freebird when Ronnie VanZant yells out "What song is it you'd like to hear?" and the crowd responds FREEBIRD!!

I was a teenager in the seventies, I had to suffer through that song way too often.
2004-12-30 03:30:58 PM  
X tra Large 'O' here (pops)
2004-12-30 04:09:37 PM  

Anyone notice that the milk crate is labeled


2004-12-30 06:04:04 PM  
Alchemist93, giving credit's always appreciated around here, but if you're meaning this contest, I did participate but can't take credit for upgrading Mr. Seal's armor. That would be mjz and chakalakasp. Still, I applaud your sense of absurd.
2004-12-30 06:52:50 PM  
2004-12-30 07:09:03 PM  
2004-12-30 08:34:31 PM  
Octafrye: Shiat. Props to mjz and chakalakasp, in that case. Yours was the one I saved from that PS and subsequently used above. Just about everything was coming up as red-x's for me that day, so I couldn't tell who started it with the armor plus Gatling plus legs plus glow-sword. (Glow-sword was deleted since I didn't feel like being careful with the crappy cut and paste). Glad you enjoy my sense of the absurd, though.

/got Monty Python's Flying Circus complete series and a Frank Zappa CD for X-Mas
2004-12-30 10:42:27 PM  
2004-12-31 05:06:55 AM  

Why is it that every club smaller bands play (like mine) play, some drunk fool wants to hear freebird?
2004-12-31 11:11:05 AM  

/take a chance, take a chance, take a take a chance chance
2004-12-31 03:48:04 PM  
2005-01-01 12:26:08 AM  

Not careful enough!
2005-01-01 03:35:33 AM  
2005-01-01 03:50:09 AM  

Not careful enough!

/Now with voting goodness
//Mods, please delete previous entry
2005-01-01 04:09:02 AM  
2005-01-01 09:05:03 AM  
2005-01-01 11:13:19 AM  
Very funny, Oddballgeek!
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