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(InterFax)   Russia says it solved 1,500 terror-related crimes in only 11 months, calls Matlock a pansy   ( divider line
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3144 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2004 at 7:22 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-28 11:05:57 AM  
I think Stalin would have just killed them, rather than incarcerating them indefinitely with no charges and sodomizing them with glo-sticks.

----True, sodomy with glo sticks is so Khruschev!
2004-12-28 11:12:42 AM  

while I'm here I'll point out the lack of "terror-related" or "crime" in either of my posts, much less The American Heritage Dictionary's definition

The Boobies of this thread (yours) has a footnote defining terrorism according to "The American Heritage Dictionary".

The "terror related" and "crime" parts referred to the submitter's headline; a mere hand's width above.

I'm [Basil Fawlty voice] sorry [/Basil Fawlty voice] if it caused you any untoward grief.
2004-12-28 11:15:31 AM  
Boobies = (of course) primary statement.

Filter fun for all.
2004-12-28 11:29:46 AM  
Pro Zack "The immensely rich bin Laden family, intimately connected with the innermost circles of the Saudi royal family were thrown into unexpected prominence through the public actions of Osama bin Laden. The family's internal policies are generally extremely secretive, like those of all multi-billionaire dynasties."-Wikipedia.

You can try to learn the material, or just keep throwing out guesses. I'll give you a hint on your next response:'"The bin Laden family publicly disowned Osama bin Laden in 1994"-Wikipedia' to which I point out: 'But that's just publicly not to mention 6 years of Al-Qaeda with full funding even if it were true...'

While I'm here-It is odd to compare a military operation where civilians are not the target to the WTC attacks (where civilians were the target) but go right ahead.

The military precision of 9/11 resulted in 3000 civilian deaths, wrecked a few buildings and displaced no one. The military precision of the coalition in Iraq has resulted in between 15000-17000 civilian deaths, rendered entire cities uninhabitable and displaced hundreds of thousands. Seems a bunch of boxcutter wielding baddies were much more selective.

/ seems hokey but the Reuters AlertNet page doesn't support links either :(
//Cosmic_Music, that last comment perhaps cheapens the experience of those who have actually suffered terrorism by using it as a reference to military incompetance, but another set the baseline.
2004-12-28 11:41:46 AM  
But that's just publicly not to mention 6 years of Al-Qaeda with full funding even if it were true
Last credible source I read stated that he was publically disowned - but had millions of that multi-billion family jackpot in his own accounts before being disowned.

That's his source of funding, not an ongoing feed from the family. The rest of his family, by all accounts, is quite respectable - Osama is basically their black sheep, the pedophile that nobody wants to invite to family reunions, etc.
2004-12-28 11:45:11 AM  
My mistake. I misread your sentence as referring to the definition, not the headline, as you mentioned. Apologies. As for the FARK filter, I agree it maybe wound a little too tight-I was likewise boobies-fied just yesterday.
2004-12-28 11:53:12 AM  
A nice pair of primary statements:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-28 12:23:38 PM  
It's pretty easy to solve that many crimes though when expressing yourself, being part of the press or political opposition, or being Chechen are all considered terrorist acts.

(Yes, I know there are Chechen terrorists. Just saying the Russians have approached it with the pinpoint precision of blasting three-story holes in any building that they think could potentially have a guy with a gun in it.)
2004-12-28 12:24:44 PM  
Probably because once the Russian cops decide a person is a criminal, they just go in, kick a$$, ignore petty things like proof and civil rights, throw them in a dungeon-like jail and, if they've made an error, cover it up with paperwork and beat a confession out of the defendant.

The end result? The hard core criminals, tired of having their skulls cracked, move to the US, where the cops all but serve them tea when arresting them and poke them in a jail that, in comparison to those in Russia, resembles a motel. Not to mention that various lawyers and organizations are right there, closely watching for civil rights violations.

Plus, that baloney sandwich and Tang served for lunch is pretty good in comparison to the slop handed out in Russian jails.
2004-12-28 12:25:39 PM  
did that include all those mp3 filesharing terrorists??
2004-12-28 12:30:38 PM  
I'm just opportunistically using 'black & white infallibility' to bolster a none-to-sturdy arguement (1a. A discussion in which disagreement is expressed; a debate-The American Heritage ® Dictionary. Note: Just because the word 'opportunistically' isn't in the aforementioned reference makes it no less a word. I prefer Merriam-Webster for serious work, but prefer The American Heritage ® Dictionary to bait Americans. After all, anything earmarked American must be unequivocally true, mustn't it?)

LOL I just read the whole thing through. ...logical fallacy in appealing to the authority of Wikipedia. Perfect! Absolutely perfect! Wikipedia is hardly the best information source out there. (Black & White Infallibility indeed!) On the otherhand, as I spew out my discourse having a free online reference ready-at-hand is, well, handy. That the person I might be talking with just 'wings it' makes me a relative genius. On the balance though, I usually pick up a few tidbits for future endeavours. i.e. I'm contentless verbiage (or verbage if you're cruel). What you perceive as erudite is a mix of IQ and Internet. Sorry.

Given slaver was once lawful in America, that Japanese-American interment was deemed lawful is not surprising to me-nor that American's are seriously considering Muslim-American interment (from which the thought to mention it in the original message sprang).
2004-12-28 12:32:19 PM  

Between this and Tom Ridge making America safe, terrorism is almost over.

/Saying it's done doesn't make it so.
//Mission accomplished.
2004-12-28 12:34:51 PM  

The problem is that once Putin's FSB thugs get hold of you, it is very difficult not to admit everything they ask you to (even signing some blank bits of paper just in case). I refer to these people as Putin's because he was a career officer of the KGB?FSB and even headed it for a while.

What has happened is that Putin and co have discovered that the west doesn't seem to mind 'shortcuts' in the justice system where terrorism is involved and seems to have indulged in a few of its own. Why bother about the niceities of proper investigation when all that is important are congfessions and convictions.

Someone foreign looking (dark skin) will get papers checked in Moscow. If they have an American passport, no problem. If they have a Chechnyan ID document (Chechnya is part of Putin's Soviet Union), they will probably be arrested and beaten up, unless they pay bribes.

Who is more likely to have Chechnyan ID papers? A terrorist or just a poor migrant worker? Who is going to have the cash to bribe inquisitive security officials? The problem is that many of the real terrorists continue to be free and nobody wants to solve the underlying political problem which is linked to the armed forces.

2004-12-28 12:46:30 PM  
The US military operation in Iraq has nothing to do with the terrorist attack on the US. Iraq was invaded because its leader lead an invasion of his neighbor and after being forrced out of that country he failed to honor an agreement to disarm and allow verification of same. Don't try to rewrite history to say we invaded Iraq as revenge for the attack on New York and Washington or for Oil or for Land. It simply is not true.
2004-12-28 01:35:36 PM  
Bet the house that one the day a bus full of soccer moms is detonated in the middle of Maple Street, USA that these same folks who ponder that the US is a terrorist state will be screaming for tanks in the streets.
2004-12-28 01:53:32 PM  
For serious work, I refer to the OED, even though the first edition was edited by a mad man.

Whatever gave you the idea I was American? (I'm not)

Don't answer that, I can imagine your response.

Slavery, indeed, was legal in several of the United State. As it was in most of Africa and several European countries. In fact most slaves were captured by their rival kinsmen and sold to the Portugese (who started the whole European model of enslavement) or whomever had the cash. Of the estimated 15 millions slaves transported to the Americas, 1 million died on the way, 1 million or more went to the US and the bulk to South America, mostly Brazil. My point is this: yes slavery was legal, but the US was not the worst offender in the slave trade, and most of Europe had its hands dirty too.

The US is often taken to task for its slave holding past, as it should be, but no-one takes the time to chastise Africa (where there is still a slave trade), Europe or South America.

And EO 9066 was deemeed lawful until the suspects were proven loyal US citizens/residents.

If I were a guest resident or immigrant (and I am) I believe I would have a duty to give up some of my rights in an emergency or difficult situation. I would be willing to give up certain liberties, or suffer some "reasonable" discomfort for a reasonable amount of time. In return, my country protects me, helps me if I fall on hard times, delivers my mail and makes necessary and proper laws for the general welfare of the country.
2004-12-28 01:55:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/Bring it on!
2004-12-28 02:03:56 PM  
Cosmic_Music: loquently argued, but clearly nonsense. Actions by governments are not terrorism.

Oh, bullshiat. It's true that not ALL governmental actions are terrorist, but plenty are. Would 9/11 be any less an act of terrorism if the Saudis had ordered it? It'd be an act of war, but the only crime war grants legitimacy is murder; and only of enemy soldiers. A soldier setting off a bomb does not make something less of an act of terrorism than a psycho doing the act. Terrorism is an act targeted at civilians meant to inspire fear and try to bring them in line with your will. Having the blessings and orders of a state does not elevate a terrorist attack to something more noble. It's still a terrorist attack.
2004-12-28 02:26:09 PM  
On Sept 11th there were 2 countries celebrating. Palestina and Russia. Enough said.
2004-12-28 02:59:26 PM  
I'm tired of Americans whining about Russia's policies. We've been dealing with those goddamn Chechens for decades. And suddenly, everybody started paying attention, and complaining.

Chechnya has been a part of Russia since 1858, it's stupid to ask for indepence after that long a time period. The only proper way to deal with Chechen terrorists is to line them up against a wall and shoot them.
2004-12-28 03:03:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Watch my hand, it's full of grease. This is my dinner. Would you like a piece of chicken?"

/Actual Columbo quote.
2004-12-28 04:24:58 PM  

On Sept 11th there were 2 countries celebrating. Palestina and Russia. Enough said.

Nice bait, asshat.
2004-12-28 07:17:55 PM  
From the Economist

... Heorhiy Kirpa, the transport minister, who was allegedly involved in the corrupt channelling of public money to Mr Yanukovichs campaign, was found dead at his home on December 27th.

Merry Christmas!
2004-12-28 07:23:44 PM  
Full art-tickle

2004-12-28 10:23:20 PM  
since this is coming from the state-run interfax news agency, it sounds like putin is trying to justify his 'changing of the rules of democracy'.
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