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(Salon)   Bull's Ball Pie just like mother used to make.   ( divider line
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3240 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Mar 2002 at 12:56 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-04 12:57:28 AM  
mmmm... nutty.
2002-03-04 12:57:34 AM  
First.....O wait, that would be gay
2002-03-04 12:57:43 AM

2002-03-04 12:58:11 AM  
My mama don't deal wit no bull balls yo.
2002-03-04 01:00:40 AM  
I remember we once bought my dog Huckleberry a dried bull-penis from the local Petsmart as a chew toy... it was called a Bullwrinkle, and after about a day of chewing on it it wasn't dry anymore so we threw it out... just thought I'd let everyone know...
2002-03-04 01:03:38 AM  
I was in a romm with someone who was watching Glutton Bowl on Fox about a week ago. One of the things the contestants had to gorge themselves on was bull balls.
2002-03-04 01:06:33 AM  
What a crappy recipe!
2002-03-04 01:10:49 AM  
Hehe, so me and my friends are eating at a grandma max's, and somehow i asked them if i ate a fly, if they would give me a free shake. She said no, and then in the resturant, went on to tell how on ripplys, a guy was eating a bull cock. She deminstrated, motioning with her hands how the guy tried to eat it sideways like a corncob, but couldn't because of a tendon. Then she motioned with her hand how he stuck it in his mouth and ate it straight down.

On of the wierdest things i've ever seen a waitress do.
2002-03-04 01:14:15 AM  
Cock's testicles? Isnt that a little redundant?
2002-03-04 01:18:12 AM  
Depends on how you look at it.
2002-03-04 01:20:15 AM  
5%Nation: I think I speak for all of us when I say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
2002-03-04 01:21:16 AM  
I laughed so hard I sprayed bull urine all over my screen.
2002-03-04 01:27:58 AM  
So if you take it to school, is it a sack lunch?
2002-03-04 01:28:21 AM  
National Ad Campaign:
Bird swoops down from above and crunches down hard on nuts:
Camera 1
Pan to Bird:
Bird: "Where's the Cream Filling"
2002-03-04 01:38:44 AM  
Hey... Testiculus.. you must be my twin...
2002-03-04 01:39:56 AM  
You know, Rocky Mountain oysters are among our darling President Bush's favorite foods. Yum..
2002-03-04 01:46:10 AM  
Rebrane, like I've always said, that guy licks balls.
2002-03-04 01:46:57 AM  
New tag?

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2002-03-04 01:52:07 AM  
The only reason the article was posted was to gross us out and offend our sensibilities. And all the Farkers who posted to this thread are digusting as well. And so much for Dubya liking them only goes to show how twisted his tastes are.
2002-03-04 01:53:37 AM  
Ketchup can only drown out the taste of things to a certian extent.
2002-03-04 02:07:18 AM  
"...gents have traditionally consumed tiger testicles, crushed..."

Ahhh! This hurts just to read! And how come the ladies don't have to eat the testicles? (insert sick joke here...)
2002-03-04 02:13:06 AM  
place layers of sliced testicles alternated with mince of lamb's kidneys, ham, marjoram, cloves and thyme.

Kidneys! Gross!
2002-03-04 02:16:39 AM  
I think McDonald's should consider that recipe for the sake of irony. Their "fries" contain beef flavoring, so maybe their pie selections do too...(I am too paranoid!)
2002-03-04 03:50:39 AM  
Ouroborus-I didn't watch Glutton Bowl.Was it as awful as it looked in the commercials?
2002-03-04 04:03:14 AM  
CocknKidney pie next?
2002-03-04 05:13:43 AM  
How do you think the bull feel's about this crap??
2002-03-04 05:13:52 AM  
Quite obviously a slow news day.
2002-03-04 06:55:06 AM  
I need sleep. I used "squeamish" twice in the same horribly-structured sentence.
2002-03-04 07:47:05 AM  
That's not the way my mother used to make 'em.
2002-03-04 08:38:05 AM  
Fvck yeah! Eat those balls! I'll be out huntin' tonight and bring in some fresh ones - I love the ripe gonads while I rev uo the dildo-matic!
2002-03-04 09:01:13 AM  
I'm more shocked that Salon is still up.
Its like something that just won`t die no matter how many people have forgotten about it.
Just like the X-files, or King of the Hill.
2002-03-04 09:50:18 AM  
2002-03-04 10:04:22 AM  
No cream sauce?
2002-03-04 10:41:57 AM  

What you call revealing a bull's testicles:

2002-03-04 01:36:10 PM  
Turkey fries with Louisiana Hot Sauce- mmmmmm
2002-03-04 03:48:09 PM  
How long before this shows up on Fear Factor?
2002-03-04 04:32:01 PM  
Mmm... Prairie Oyster Pie...
2002-03-05 06:40:33 PM  
Trans? It already has... twice. Once was beef bull and the other was bison bull.

Come on folks. If you've never tried'em don't be so disgusted with the idea. Done right, they're tender and have a great taste. Beats the hell out of real oysters. Yuck. Now THOSE are really nasty.

Listen my children and you will see
That the bravest man in eternity
Was neither soldier of fortune
Nor justice of law
But the first to devour an oyster raw.
2002-03-11 05:15:49 AM  
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