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(   University professor objects to mountaineers having sex on Mount Everest. Doesn't believe they should go past first base camp   ( divider line
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19454 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2004 at 7:01 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-25 08:54:37 PM  
Hey, they just wanted to join the 4-mile-high club.
2004-12-25 08:56:11 PM  
Cool idea-

*adds "top of mt everest" to my list*
2004-12-25 08:59:42 PM  
sounds kinky.

/note to self, if I ever climb everst, bring nyterayn with me
2004-12-25 09:03:32 PM  
I wonder what the sherpas who discard air tanks and food trash think of it.

noted that at 1700 feet, every movement was a challenge.

is this Canadian metric feet?
2004-12-25 09:04:10 PM  
bantam700: if I ever climb everst, bring nyterayn with me

You might have to carry me on your back. That mother is HIGH. :)
2004-12-25 11:32:04 PM  
Krakauer wrote about a couple who had sex on Everest, much to the chagrin of one of the Sherpas who felt it was disrespectful.
A storm fell, and several people on the expedition died as a result.

Coincidence? You be the judge.
2004-12-25 11:33:19 PM  
Everest is on my list of dreams, Nyte. If you can tell your ass from a set of crampons, want to join? :)
2004-12-26 12:13:32 AM  
There should have been a mountin' joke in there somewhere.
2004-12-26 07:08:53 AM  
On top of Mt. Everest
All covered with cheese
I lost my poor meatballs
When they started to freeze...
2004-12-26 07:09:28 AM  

noted that at 1700 feet, every movement was a challenge.

I think most of Nepal is above 1700 feet so where would the little Nepalese come from if farking wasn't possible?
2004-12-26 07:13:45 AM  
I'm thinking Eileen Thwaites meant 17,000 feet.

I have heard of lots of nookie going on at the camps though, complete with people walking backward between tents to make their footprints throw anybody off the track.
2004-12-26 07:15:49 AM  
He said having sex - known as "making sauce"

2004-12-26 07:16:05 AM  
i need a *rimshot* after a headline like that
2004-12-26 07:16:24 AM  
Oooo. Sex on Mount Everest sounds good to me.
2004-12-26 07:31:57 AM  
Fark Him
2004-12-26 07:54:33 AM  
sex is disrespectful and bad luck? I didn't know that many sherpas were catholic
(just a bad joke,... please don't make it a flamewar)
2004-12-26 07:55:28 AM  
submitter wins
2004-12-26 08:05:47 AM  
No mountin' on the mountain. Got it.

/likes doing it yeti-style
2004-12-26 08:13:08 AM  
Clearly these Sherpas are culturally insensitive. It is part of our western culture to fark who we want, to fark when we want, and to fark where we want. I will start website to educate the Sherpas-- donatations are welcome.
2004-12-26 08:13:30 AM  
Note to Farkers:
Sherpas are not Christians. Therefore, their religious beliefs should be treated with sensitivity and respect. Please reserve your hatred and contempt for Christianity, please.
2004-12-26 08:22:17 AM  
That's a long way to go for a piece.
2004-12-26 08:29:17 AM  
sherpas get my hatred. why? because im American and I dont understand Sherpism and it confuses me, therefore it must be dangerous, or terrorist in nature.

icicles of mass destruction?
2004-12-26 08:33:16 AM  
When eight people were killed in an Everest blizzard in 1996, Sherpas claimed the sexual activities of a New York socialite before the climb had brought bad luck to the climbers.

Wow, Paris was a slut even at 15.
2004-12-26 09:14:45 AM  
I didn't RTFA, but I can say that sex on the mountain is bad luck. I remember when I was part of a team trying the first new route winter ascent of Vinson Massif without oxygen when this idiot that Stuart Smith had brought along starting having sex with his donkey, I mean girlfriend, at about CL53. The girl developed pulmonary edema the next day, so we sent her down. They were last seen by support at about CL40. I suspect that someone will find them in the next couple of hundred years, as the ice melts and they will be found floating off the coast by some science vessel.
2004-12-26 09:15:59 AM  
If they are so damn sensitive then maybe they should close the mountain altogether. But no, at $50,000 a head all they can do is stamp their feet and complain.
2004-12-26 09:19:00 AM  
Hey, if the people wanna boink, let'em boink. Screw their wacky sherpa gods.
Also, who knew that god(s) were such perverts? I'm not just saying that about Christian god, but just about all of them. For all of the "evil" things that people do why do people think that their gods care so much about what they do with their genitalia?
I also now want to add the top of Mount Everest to my list of places did it just to piss off this guys and possibly the sherpas.
2004-12-26 09:24:57 AM  
I say let's mount some cameras at the base camp!!!
2004-12-26 09:41:58 AM  
Making sauce ?
2004-12-26 10:02:25 AM  
There once was a man from china
He wasn't a very good climber
Slipped on a rock
Cut off his c@#k
And now he's got a vagina

:) ahh primary school days
2004-12-26 10:10:50 AM  
The Sherpa gods don't count...we all know that Jesus is the one, true lord.
2004-12-26 10:14:10 AM  
Absolute comedy gold... this bears repeating:

"He said having sex - known as "making sauce" to Sherpas - was as much a desecration of the sacred mountain as rubbish and pollution."
2004-12-26 10:17:58 AM  
"making sauce"

I sense a new Farkism being born....

"Killing Kittens" = old and busted

"Making Sauce" = the new hotness
2004-12-26 10:25:42 AM  
It is unfortunate that the sherpas are upset.. but they must turn away the climbers money to protect the sanctity of their mountain... or keep the money and put up with it.

Sex in a sleeping bag is overrated anyways! No room to rumble.
2004-12-26 10:32:27 AM  
The sex is just a way of getting even for getting so many people killed on the mountain.

Having an orgasm disrespects a mountain.

Well, hey cousin, freezing someone into a popsickle isn't exactly the best way of saying "I love you" either.
2004-12-26 10:33:25 AM  
"Hey hot mama, how about you and I start making sauce? Hmmm?"

/overheard @ the sherpa cantina
2004-12-26 10:38:04 AM  
Great headline.

Hehe, TwistedIvory said "crampons".
2004-12-26 10:40:08 AM  
By this logic, the raising of hogs is "insensitive" because observant Jews and Muslims are forbidden to eat pork.
2004-12-26 10:42:36 AM  
>He said having sex - known as "making sauce" to Sherpas - was as much a desecration of the sacred mountain as rubbish and pollution.>>

I got your gravy.....right here.

2004-12-26 10:46:52 AM  
Maybe the Sherpas just find it hard to 'get in the mood' at that temp. After all, look at the horny Canadian snowbirds in Florida.
2004-12-26 11:05:43 AM  
I read this in Krakauer's book and was going to put this anecdote in the Asia chapter of my forthcoming book on travel sex between female travelers and foreign men. However, it was unclear from the passage in "Into Thin Air" whether the socialite had sex with a Sherpa or a Westerner, and I am focusing mainly on cross-cultural encounters.

In any event, there are many dalliances and subsequent marriages between Western women and Sherpa men, dating from the 1960s and 1970s. Nepal is noteworthy as a sex destination for women in that tropical and sub-tropical destinations (Caribbean, Africa, Southeast Asia) are more popular, yet sexual encounters now prevail even in non-resort areas.

That said, the professor's idea that the socialite's sleeping habits merit some sort of international protest seems ludicrous. If the socialiate in question is Sandy Pittman -- who if I recall correctly was short-roped (hauled bodily) up and down the mountains by Sherpas so she could say she "climbed" Everest -- it seems she is far more guilty of the sort of bogus "adventure travel" that P.J. O'Rourke mocked in "Holidays in Hell" -- bands of dentists floating down the Zambezi river, for example.
2004-12-26 11:08:47 AM  
Note to Farkers:
Sherpas are not Christians. Therefore, their religious beliefs should be treated with sensitivity and respect. Please reserve your hatred and contempt for Christianity, please.

Who exactly said that on this thread?

I have no patience for any backward collection of superstitions (including Christianity).
2004-12-26 11:12:51 AM  
I would just like to congratulate the submitter on a good tagline....
2004-12-26 11:35:16 AM  
Making Sauce - Sherpa style!
2004-12-26 11:41:14 AM  

"Killing Kittens" = old and busted

"Making Sauce" = the new hotness

Those are two different things. You need a partner to make sauce.
2004-12-26 11:46:24 AM  
He also plans to commission a haka for the event.

WTF is a haka?
2004-12-26 11:48:45 AM  
Ahh, I love a good pun.
2004-12-26 12:01:14 PM  
Disrespectful? Fark that. It's a friggin big rock. If you want to worship something real, how about an invisible man in the sky whose likelyhood of existance approaches 0?
2004-12-26 12:04:05 PM  
Tell it to the Yak!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-26 12:06:19 PM  
She'll be comin' on the mountain when she comes
(when she comes)

/let's not get started on the six white horses
//muy gracias
2004-12-26 12:11:27 PM  

"Killing Kittens" = old and busted

"Making Sauce" = the new hotness

Those are two different things. You need a partner to make sauce.

That's not been my experience......
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