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5494 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Dec 2004 at 4:37 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-25 01:05:58 PM  
Lower-end DVD player (JVC from Costco).
2004-12-25 01:06:19 PM  
Hubby got me a remote starter for my SUV...WOOT! YAY!
2004-12-25 01:07:03 PM  
another best: a small tabla.

Worst: a black sweater.
2004-12-25 01:08:20 PM  
Best: An RCA Lyra MP3 player

Worst: (if I had to pick) a new wallet. It's nice, leather, lotsa pockets, probably cost a good 20-30 USD, but I already had a nice wallet. But whotthehell, I'll use it anyway.
2004-12-25 01:10:26 PM  
I got a Fark t-shirt this morning. :)
2004-12-25 01:12:23 PM  
My sons just called and are coming over. That is a gracious plenty for me.
2004-12-25 01:14:17 PM  

/I wish
//said it in another thread as well
///why are you still reading this?
2004-12-25 01:16:32 PM  
30 GB Nomad Jukebox Zen XTRA.
2004-12-25 01:17:19 PM  
best = a new digital camera. My old one was toast.
worst = a used purse as a gag gift from a co-worker
2004-12-25 01:18:38 PM  
Hogwarts Express (motorized) LEGO trainset w00t!
2004-12-25 01:24:00 PM  
2004-12-25 01:25:31 PM  
My sister bought one of those "Sisters" books that have illustrations and little sayings...but she painstakingly went through and put in pictures of US growing up throughout the entire book.

I thought I was going to cry. So thoughtful:)
2004-12-25 01:25:32 PM  
Best: Gift basket from a friend - all wine themed, all hand picked over a couple of months. The thought alone that went into that just brings on the warm fuzzies.

Worst: Hand cream. Uh, thanks mom! Scary thing is? Two people gave me handcream. My mom and my boss. *Sigh* I NEVER use hand cream.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2004-12-25 01:27:03 PM  
Best: a coat
Worst: another squirrel cake (I already have enough)
2004-12-25 01:31:43 PM  
My mom found a bunch (a BUNCH!)of unprocessed rolls of film in my desk (some up to 4 years old), got them all processed, double prints, and put them in a box for me. Awesome! I only wish I could remember where I was in some of these pictures.
2004-12-25 01:32:02 PM  
Best - it's a toss-up between the stick blender and the high speed moto-tool. Okay, stick blender since that's something I'll use way more.

Worst - sorry parents, but the computer vacuum sort of...well does something that a vacuum does. Okay maybe not, I'll have to try it out later.
2004-12-25 01:32:24 PM  
Best: Nothing
Worst: Nothing

God bless us, everyone!
2004-12-25 01:44:50 PM  
Best: A Lay-z-boy recliner (top of the line)

Worst: Some sort of change holder.
2004-12-25 01:50:10 PM  
Best: i-farking-Pod

Worst: Socks (my grandmother is always good for a ten-pack of socks)
2004-12-25 02:03:20 PM  
A Chia-Shreck. Best or Worst is up to you.
2004-12-25 02:36:46 PM  
A year of Total Fark from my kids.

2004-12-25 04:00:36 PM  
best: My car registration paid for (birthday Jan 2). Yay.
worst: A toy reindeer that craps little balls of chocolate. (or was that the best...)
2004-12-25 04:09:16 PM  
best: some boots
worst: i asked for a juicer (you know, the kind that jack lalanne hocks on infomercials); my mother took that to mean one of those little metal things that you squeeze an orange over. brilliant!
2004-12-25 04:34:18 PM  
best: nuthin'
worst: nuthin'

/going to kick someone in the box and shove them
2004-12-25 04:37:49 PM  
Best: Silent Hill 4, a Led Zeppelin wall tapestry, and a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream.

Worst: Being over 2000 miles from home. Compared to our troops I can't complain though.

/Merry Christmas to you all - and if you're with family, appreciate the moment
2004-12-25 04:39:49 PM  
Best - Package containing a Creative Zen Touch 20GB Mp3 Player, remote with FM tuner and voice recorder, and sweet Sony earbuds for it.

Worst - Chap stick

/suck it iPod
2004-12-25 04:40:54 PM  
Best: computer printer; Swarovski figures for my collection

Worst: jury duty summons
2004-12-25 04:42:30 PM  
worst...van helsing dvd...oh the humanity
2004-12-25 04:42:39 PM  
"Land of the Lost" DVD set. ...Marshall, Will and Holly....on a routine expedition....
2004-12-25 04:43:03 PM  
Best: Nintendo DS, Mario DS

Worst: Didn't really have a worst this year.
2004-12-25 04:43:09 PM  
Best- A very nice leather jacket

Worst- well, its not necessarily all bad, but I got 3 copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 for PS2
2004-12-25 04:43:33 PM  
best: tie for 40 lbs of meat and $290 in cash
worst: a pen with a built-in Scrabble game that was missing every letter :(
2004-12-25 04:43:39 PM  
Best: Optimus Prime 20th anniversary edition model & Star Trek TNG: Jean-Luc Picard Collection DVD, various books from Amazon
Worst: none
2004-12-25 04:44:40 PM  
Best: Cash.
Worst: gum
2004-12-25 04:44:43 PM  
Custom cookbook, made for me by my sister, a professional sous chef. The cookbook has directions in it like, "you should stay in the kitchen for this part" & "use the brownie machine for this". The whole cookbook is written this way.

You must understand I am a really, really bad cook. I have started 3 kitchens on fire, I have had pans fall off handles, and the bottom half of a one piece glass fall off twice. I have had cooking utensils break at my slightest touch and even once had an oven explode (failed safety valve). I am a really bad cook.
2004-12-25 04:45:08 PM  
An email from my son,somewhere out in the pacific, steaming for Iraq.
2004-12-25 04:45:34 PM  
Best: bottle of 15 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Longmorn)

Also, my 4 year old son got me a beer stein.

Happy happy, joy joy
2004-12-25 04:45:45 PM  
Best - Strum strum strum an accoustic Guitar!

Worst - Any of five selection boxes.
2004-12-25 04:47:35 PM  
Best: World of Warcraft.
Worst: World of Warcraft. (the cds are damaged. an apparently common condition according to their website)
2004-12-25 04:48:04 PM  
Best: Huge bottle of Green Tree Absinthe + Evian Water + Slotted Spoon
Worst: If I had to choose, the neon green clunky-ass electric toothbrush is kinda suspect. Especially coming from the cat.
2004-12-25 04:48:11 PM  
worst: having to come in to work
best: vicodin (b/c of recent knee surgery)

work is not too bad today...hmmm, wonder why...
2004-12-25 04:48:18 PM  
Best: My grandparents paid for driving school.
Worst: Flashlight/radio. All in one. I won't be using it...ever.
2004-12-25 04:48:27 PM  
Best: A kiss from my girlfriend

Worst: My farking car won't start. Anyone know what would cause a car to start up but not go into gear? It's a 98 pathfinder. Help!
2004-12-25 04:48:29 PM  
I got tools.

And porn.
2004-12-25 04:48:32 PM  
Best: New Tower w/ MSI K7 Mainboard w/ AMD Athlon 1.5 GHZ Processor, 1GB Ram, 160G Hard Drive + DVD Burner + Winfast 2000 TV Card...

Worst: Still an American
2004-12-25 04:48:43 PM  
I NEVER use hand cream.

Maybe they're trying to tell you something...
2004-12-25 04:49:25 PM  
The Best: A coffee maker
The Worst: Volume 6 in a series of books of which I have read volumes 1-4.... AAAAARRRRGHH!

/also signed up for a Fark login
//first time commenter
2004-12-25 04:49:45 PM  
- 4 megapixel digital camera
- 256 MB SD memory card
- Battery pack charger for camera
- All-in-one printer-scanner-copier unit
- Photo paper

Award for "off topic gift":
- a blanket I got.

The camera gets "best" gift, but I can't pick out a "worst".
2004-12-25 04:49:49 PM  
Best - Napoleon Dynamite DVD
Worst - Live Aid 1985 DVD (wtf dad?)
2004-12-25 04:49:54 PM  
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