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4251 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Mar 2002 at 3:35 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-03 03:35:47 PM  
2002-03-03 03:37:02 PM  
Higherlander MMORPG in development

Not much up yet though.
2002-03-03 03:37:15 PM  
is it me, r has every HighLander movie take place in its on timeline?...
2002-03-03 03:37:21 PM  
Fourth movie.
2002-03-03 03:39:04 PM  
LOL @ Mme.

Grivas chooses to believe that there was only one Highlander movie and denies existence of the planet Zeist.
2002-03-03 03:40:55 PM  
There was only one Highlander movie.

There was only one Highlander movie.

There was only one Highlander movie.

There was only one Highlander movie.

There was only one Highlander movie.

There was only one Highlander movie.

lalalalalala....I can't HEAR you....lalalala
2002-03-03 03:41:26 PM  
NOOOOOOO... God, what did I do to deserve it? The last one was sooooooo baddddd!!!!!!!
2002-03-03 03:42:15 PM  
And oh yeah -- HERO tag? -- more like farking ASININE. Is there a "Blatant greed" tag? Hope the movie bombs.
2002-03-03 03:42:55 PM  
oh god.. I'm already getting nauseous.
2002-03-03 03:43:52 PM  
There Can Be Only... Five?
2002-03-03 03:44:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-03 03:46:07 PM  
Sucked on UPN. Sucked in the movies.
Sucks now.

Highlander sucks.
2002-03-03 03:46:53 PM  
This is either some irrational fan-created fantasy or the best indication yet that someone just keeps trying to shake out the bottoms of fans' piggy banks for the last few pennies.
2002-03-03 03:55:20 PM  
The first one was a great movie the next one SUCKED.

How can one support a movie franchise that has Mario Van Peeples in one of the films?

Stick with the first (which has one of the best soundtracks ever)
2002-03-03 03:56:27 PM  
Haha, damn, Lambert has got to be one of the worst actors in recent memory. The one with Mario Van-Peebles was so bad I literally got depressed. This one has straight-to-TNT translation written all over it...

"There Can Be Only... Five?"

You mean the Hollywood Pentavaret of Doom? Lambert, Jean-Claude Van-Damme, Schwarzenegger, Depardieu, and Ricky Martin: only the simultaneous collaboration of all five of these dark energies is enough to realize Hollywood's true nadir...Keanu is just a false prophet.
2002-03-03 04:01:56 PM  
yet another case of someone not reading the damn article before posting it...the "rumor" that they signed on was well over a year old and has been denied muliple times by adrian paul..the person who posted this gets a dumbass tag
2002-03-03 04:03:21 PM  
They're making another?

Does anyone here NOT think that Highlander: End Game was one of the most lengthy, boring, monotonous, poorly acted, poorly written movies of all time? I had to stop 1/3 the way through because I was falling asleep.

I'm a big highlander fan, but only the first (and maybe second) movie.
2002-03-03 04:03:45 PM  
I think we need a "washed-up" tag.
2002-03-03 04:06:51 PM  
I got my first bj at Highlander III (in the theatre no less).

Ahhh the memories. Thank god the movie sucked, i didn't miss anything.
2002-03-03 04:09:54 PM  
>>Thank god the movie sucked, i didn't miss anything.

The movie sucked, and so did your sister.
2002-03-03 04:10:47 PM  
Basic summary of the article:

June, 2001: I haven't heard of a fifth Highlander movie in the works.

July, 2001: I haven't heard of a fifth Highlander movie in the works.

August, 2001: I haven't heard of a fifth Highlander movie in the works.

So on and so forth, until we get to November, 2001.

November, 2001: I haven't heard of a fifth Highlander movie in the works.

Naturally, when this was linked to Fark, someone assumed that lack of evidence was the same as evidence of existence.

The previous Highlander movie was really bad, by the way, but the woman who played Adrian Paul's character's former wife/sob story was hot. I found it worth the rental of the shiatty movie.
2002-03-03 04:12:08 PM  
I'll be sure to let my completely non existant sister know you appreciated it.
2002-03-03 04:19:08 PM  
Illucid: This is the one that made it worth the rental?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-03 04:21:42 PM  
I foolishly thought the pain would end with Highlander: The Endgame.
2002-03-03 04:23:26 PM  
I thought Endgame wasn't that bad. Of course, it only makes sense with the first movie, and that's it. The first movie was genius, the rest sucked. Endgame sucked less. Entertaining, but made no sense.
2002-03-03 04:25:36 PM  
So which wrestler will appear in this one?
2002-03-03 04:36:45 PM  
Well said, ScreamingInDigital.
2002-03-03 04:39:41 PM  
Parts of Endgame were okay. Right now, Highlander is suffering hideously from trying to merge the movie fans (by this I mean the first movie. There are no fans of the others) and the series fans (the series was quite good), as well as the storylines, and make them all work.

This is hell. I'm pretty sure they new Endgame was going to fark up bad, but killing off Connor means that they now only have 1 timeline to deal with! Only thing is, now Duncan's the one and it's no fun anymore...

But, Endgame had a few good parts scattered here and there... It only sucked as a whole. And I do have faith that if they just took one of the two threads (once again, ignoring the stupid movies in the middle) it could actually do well again.
2002-03-03 04:42:22 PM  
But, I must ask, why is there a hero tag here?

Even if one wants another movie, doesn't the fact that an actor playing a now dead character is signing for the movie kind of deserve a not-so-heroic tag?
2002-03-03 04:54:12 PM  
Highlander I is one TV at the moment here, and I have to admit that I watched Endgame a short while ago.

The main thing I notice is that Lamberts "Scottish" accent is worse in Endgame than the first movie. Impressive.
2002-03-03 04:56:28 PM  
The first Highlander was fantastic, but apparently they should have be-headed the writers/director afterwards to save the rest of us the pain of the sequels.
2002-03-03 05:13:35 PM  
Does the new movie take place...lets see....on Ninja World?

That whole series would have been soo much beter if they had just stuck to prequles.
2002-03-03 05:23:09 PM  
Highlander: There should have been only one.
2002-03-03 05:25:44 PM  
But the question is, can they bring Sean Connery back from the dead to reprise his role as that greasy mexicali with the pony tail?
2002-03-03 05:26:23 PM  
Was at a media screening of the second or third one, who the hell can tell. We all walked out, leaving the PR folks freaking. Next day, on the radio, was wall-to-wall Lambert trashing. The only redeeming quality he had (at the time, we all agreed), was his wife. And just like the Scots accent, he couldn't hang on to her either.
2002-03-03 05:33:08 PM  
man, no. 2 sure sucked.. havent seen one since...
2002-03-03 05:45:30 PM  
I loved Highlander: Endcareer as well as Highlander 2: the Quickie Mart

Some other excting H'wood developments:

Ishtar 2: the Apology

Greystoke 2: Tarz in the Hood.

Independence Day 2: Independence Night

Honey, I Shrunk the Moviegoing Audience

Weservior Dogs 2: Meet Mr. Fudd

Rhinestone 2: Yo.

Stand by Me 2: "It should have been you, Wheaton."

Star Trek 11: Convention

Look Who's Talking 4: Smartassed Talking Drapes

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets Snoodling Barney

Cinderella 3: Back That A$$ Up
2002-03-03 05:47:25 PM  
number 2 has forever been redubbed "the Sickening"

oh, and the series sucked ass!
2002-03-03 06:00:20 PM  
Harumph. I just sat through all of the first highlander movie. Unless I missed something it ends with Lambert becoming the last remaining immortal and getting the neat powers that come along with it. Could have saved us all a world of pain by calling it Highlander: Endgame.
2002-03-03 06:07:56 PM  
The series was good. My opinion is that Highlander: The Series, was the crowning acheivement of all Highlander. That and the first movie are the only things worth watching that has been produced under the Highlander license.

Merging them didn't work (obvious from Endgame), and I therefore believe a movie based on just the series, in a similar style, would work out well.
2002-03-03 06:15:33 PM  
I would love to see Adrian Paul working again.

/long haired pretty boy fan

Some things are better left alone. Endgame was pretty bad. I would hate to see how they would attempt to fill in the holes in the plot, and explain how Lambert's character is still alive.

If they were to actually do it, they would be better off releasing it straight to video, I would think. That way hard core fans could get their fix, and spare the studio the humiliation of no one buying tickets.
2002-03-03 06:19:47 PM  
The world rejoyses!
2002-03-03 06:20:11 PM  
the directors cut of 2 does all it cn to remove any hint that they are from another planet. Except for ne small sceme with a handgun in the background, it almost works.

I say go back in time and make movies about various highlanders in past eras. Fantasy has done so well, make a fantasy twist to it. A Mandarin chineese highlander studying kung fu for 200+ years has great potential. but again, the basic flaw is they are not all called highlanders. so the series woudl have to be named!

[image from too old to be available]

I M M O R T A L S ! !

Hehe, couldn't resist.

I guess i just look forward to Highlander 8: the Retirement!

I hear there is a mean shuffleboard beheading planned. and no amount of polydent can help that!
2002-03-03 06:48:30 PM  
Mme.Mersault: LOL!

Anyways, screw Highlander! I want Beowulf 2! :D
2002-03-03 07:26:42 PM  
I think what we're forgetting is that Chris Lambert is IMMORTAL. He's going to be making Highlander movies long after the rest of us have crumbled to dust. This is only the beginning of his universe-spanning empire.
2002-03-03 07:34:09 PM  
Wow, a major movie studio signs a contract for making another sequel in a still successful franchise, quell suprise. their decision making process was probably kinda like this:
"well bob, we can either LEAVE this big sack of cash on the table, or we can take it and be THAT MUCH RICHER"
I doubt scruples ever entered the picture. And yeah, beowulf 2 would kick ass =)
2002-03-03 07:45:27 PM  
Didn't he become mortal in the last movie?
2002-03-03 07:51:14 PM  
The_swede he was beheaded in the last movie.

Or so I *cough* hear.
2002-03-03 08:04:06 PM  
AHAHAHAHAHAHA thank-you Sir Chevron Food Mart, that was the best laugh all day on a shiatty sunday at work.....
2002-03-03 08:21:49 PM  
I hear they're bringing back the whole planet Ziest storyline in #5...

(God, I just love stirring the fanboy pot!)

Actually, I did enjoy the TV series...Adrian Paul was a pretty good actor as far as TV actors in syndicated series go, and hey, they even made the dude from Fine Young Cannibals scary for a couple episodes there...
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