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(B3ta)   The folks over at B3ta spoof the new Band Aid cover   ( divider line
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22883 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Dec 2004 at 9:08 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-23 09:13:02 AM  
Aaaand farked. That didn't take much.
2004-12-23 09:14:12 AM  
Vocal Immodium AD needed....
2004-12-23 09:14:27 AM  
Heeelarious !!!
2004-12-23 09:15:13 AM  
2004-12-23 09:17:05 AM  

Cynicism during the festive season?
2004-12-23 09:17:56 AM  
2004-12-23 09:19:46 AM  
farked at 502 hits.......that's lame
2004-12-23 09:20:04 AM  
Well duuh, he's a Republican!!!
2004-12-23 09:20:17 AM's working.

Yipppiee for not-so-safe-for-work-goodness.

/bringing back the googly eyes one step at a time...
2004-12-23 09:20:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-23 09:20:43 AM  
2004-12-23 09:20:48 AM  
Site came up after a while. Had to close it halfway through, and not because the site was slow.
2004-12-23 09:22:40 AM  
Not farked..
Wish it was though.
2004-12-23 09:25:46 AM  
i want my 3 minutes back
2004-12-23 09:26:04 AM  
Yeah, that was umm, bad.
2004-12-23 09:26:46 AM  
If this isn't high art I don't know what is.
2004-12-23 09:28:10 AM  
2004-12-23 09:29:02 AM  
Oh god, that was awful, and I only saw the first 10 seconds of it.
2004-12-23 09:29:36 AM  
Hydrostatic_Equilibrium: Oh god, that was awful, and I only saw the first 10 seconds of it.

Lucky bastard!
2004-12-23 09:30:51 AM  
B3ta's the English version of Fark, for all those that were wondering. It's fairly good; I'm a B3tan myself. They only release their newsletter weekly, however. Even still, it's got things that Fark never does, mainly because they're based out of Europe, and thusly are able to find things we can't.
2004-12-23 09:32:50 AM  
2004-12-23 09:33:36 AM  
Oh god, that was awful, and I only saw the first 10 seconds of it.

Agreed. Bad animation + Bad vocals + Long loading times = LOSER.

As tempted as I am to agree with gdgrabey, I'll just hope that this was submitted by a European Farker...and that someone - anyone - can enjoy that piece of rubbish.
2004-12-23 09:34:53 AM
2004-12-23 09:35:18 AM  
It's entirely too British for my taste.
2004-12-23 09:37:15 AM  
I didn't recognize a single celebrity they were spoofing. The animation could have been from an alternate universe. Did recognize the Sun spoof.

Eh, wasn't that entertaining.
2004-12-23 09:37:57 AM  
OK, I found this absolutely hilarious... The crappy animation is part of the joke. Maybe this shows a cultural/humour gap between the US and Old Europe.
2004-12-23 09:38:22 AM  
That was ... just bad.
2004-12-23 09:38:30 AM  
Now if they'd only added a cocaine reference or two, THAT would be funny!
2004-12-23 09:39:28 AM  
wtFARK is this crap? Gonna go shoot me a bloke now.
2004-12-23 09:40:38 AM  
Um, hey admins, are animated waving penises considered SFW?

I'm guessing not where I work.
2004-12-23 09:41:30 AM  

thats a new one
2004-12-23 09:41:31 AM  
I didn't recognize a single celebrity they were spoofing.

Nor did I (I'm British). The only people who can recognise those sort of Z-list "celebs" are the people who bought the record.

Rob Manuel is about a millionth as funny as he obviously thinks he is. But the video wasn't bad.
2004-12-23 09:44:04 AM  
Don't waste your time. It's lame.
2004-12-23 09:45:12 AM  
that will be $40k+ per year plus benefits you non-NSFW tagging asshat submitter
2004-12-23 09:46:59 AM  
On another note, watch as I sell five copies of The Three EPS by the Beta Band.
2004-12-23 09:48:11 AM  
That was only marginally more scary and pointless than the real bag of crap chrimbo cover.
2004-12-23 09:49:00 AM  
How 'bout a NSFW tag ? Kinda scary when the first few line sung (and which is also shown on-screen) involve the word c.nts.
2004-12-23 09:49:08 AM  

Um, hey admins, are animated waving penises considered SFW?

I'm guessing not where I work.

What the heck are you doing at work? It's snowing like mad out there and it's not safe to be on the roads. They closed our work because of the snow and ice storms. The world is insane, it's like something out of The Day After Tomorrow!!! Do you guys in California have any freak tornados?

/My world-view is limited to Ohio.

2004-12-23 09:49:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

BandAid 2004 = worst song ever
2004-12-23 09:50:35 AM  
See this is another reason I like FARK...I would NEVER have gotten exposed to this otherwise. I may not like it as much as others, but at least I was able to see and decide for myself.
2004-12-23 09:51:30 AM  
2004-12-23 09:51:59 AM  
I didn't run the audio, but thought it very much in the tradition of the Viking kittens on
2004-12-23 09:52:37 AM  
drsoran, I'm in Georgia, and they shut down the state when it MIGHT snow
2004-12-23 09:52:54 AM  
Meh.. Weebl is funnier.

"Cockfosters! Fetch me some more brandy!"

/that one touched cloth when I first saw it
//mentally challenged props to weebl
2004-12-23 09:53:08 AM  
Q. Steltanus: If this isn't high art I don't know what is.

So, I needed to be high to enjoy it? Noted.

2004-12-23 10:01:34 AM  
I didn't even know there was a BandAid 2004. Hmmh...

the Fred Durst guitar solo at m90 was waay funnier. Are people still giving him money? Cripes he had one semi-good song about 5 years ago... kinda says something about how culture-starved we are these days.
2004-12-23 10:13:49 AM  

That is number 3 on my top five favorite John Cusack movie references.

/You can never go home again, Oatman ... But you can shop there.
2004-12-23 10:17:34 AM  
well, that did stink up my computer good and proper, but i got a laugh out of "fark the proles!"

largely because i share that sentiment.

/hoping this comment doesn't appear three times
//why is the "submit" button taking me to "preview"?
2004-12-23 10:20:06 AM  
I think b3ta should have sent this over to the folks at TBS to find out if it was funny or not before they released it.

"Gee we should spoof this song"
"But none of us can sing or do impressions"
"We also lack any creativity but that's ok, we'll release it on the web"
2004-12-23 10:25:17 AM  
I don't speak British.
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