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(MSNBC)   Tsunami strikes are imminent.   ( divider line
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2002-03-02 06:13:52 PM  
Japan also surrenders.

I'm personally waiting for the imminent Godzilla attacks.
2002-03-02 10:15:11 PM  
However, living in the middle of the country, I don't care.
2002-03-02 10:17:43 PM  
Charlie don't surf
2002-03-02 10:20:25 PM  
Godzilla vs. Tsunami
2002-03-02 10:20:58 PM  
good ol' alarmist media.
2002-03-02 10:21:42 PM  
We could offer Harmonia as a (semi) human sacrifice to please the gods and prevent the Big Kahuna.
2002-03-02 10:23:03 PM  
i got my inner tube and my rubber ducky
2002-03-02 10:25:07 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-02 10:27:35 PM  
this is the exact same story from a few days ago...
2002-03-02 10:27:38 PM  
Just one more thing I plan on not worrying about.
2002-03-02 10:28:37 PM  
US uses new bomb in afganistan. tsunami surrenders.
2002-03-02 10:30:16 PM  
In other recent news, the Titanic sunk when it hit an iceberg.
2002-03-02 10:39:11 PM  
And next up on MSNBC how "Keybords can kill"
2002-03-02 10:47:06 PM  
I actually saw the documentary of this on MSNBC. It was very interesting, check MSNBC every once in a while and sit through the 15-20 will be a better Farker after doing so.
2002-03-02 10:59:39 PM  
It's fearmongering like this that made me stop watching "20/20," "48 Hours," and "60 Minutes" years ago. Because I kinda like being able to sleep at night.
2002-03-02 11:03:36 PM  
Point Break starring Neo and Dalton.
2002-03-02 11:06:04 PM  
If you don't want to die a horrible death, buy my book!

Does anyone remember an SNL parody commercial, in which a man is selling killer robot insurance to seniors?

"Killer robots are the leading cause of death for people over 60. When the metal ones come for you, will your family be left in the cold?"
2002-03-02 11:16:58 PM  
I have long suspected that tidal waves come much farther inland than most would like to believe. I live 150ft above sea level and almost 200 miles from the ocean. There was an article a couple weeks ago that said that there was evidence that a tidal wave had hit the foot of the appalachian mountians long ago. When driving to WVa up Fancy Gap it is not hard to imagine an immense wall of water crashing against the mountain. I would love to be there and watch it happen. My luck I will be at the beach wondering where all the water went when it hits.
2002-03-02 11:23:53 PM  
i don't know about anybody else, but the landside theory sure sounds convincing... it deserved the *scary*
2002-03-02 11:26:58 PM  
We're all doomed.
2002-03-02 11:30:47 PM  
Does this mean we won't have any problems with elections in Florida anymore, if this happens?
2002-03-02 11:35:39 PM  
I fear that this could only be caused by an atom bomb, which will also awaken the creatures who live on Monster Island!
2002-03-02 11:40:42 PM  
we should light forest fires as a premptive manouver.
2002-03-02 11:41:45 PM  
Yeah, Uefigs139, this is a repeat from sometime in the last week or 2. Why didn't they get a "bad kitty"?
2002-03-02 11:55:38 PM  
How come everytime I read anything about these tsunami things all that pops in my head is a really old commercial for tidal wave bubble gum. A big polynesian guy yells something in I'm thinkin' polynesian, and the there is a sub title that says "It's a tidal wave".

Does this make me a big tard or something?
2002-03-03 12:03:30 AM  
I loved this story the first two times it was posted this week.
2002-03-03 12:11:41 AM  
Somehow this will be blamed on terrorists.
2002-03-03 12:21:15 AM  
This might not be fearmongering---

"Massive chunk of volcano slides toward ocean
Last Updated Thu, 28 Feb 2002 18:15:02

STANFORD, CALIF. - A "silent earthquake" in Hawaii caused a 190-square-kilometre slab of the Kilauea Volcano to slip nearly 9 centimetres into the sea.
A mass of earth 19 by 10 kilometres in area, and eight kilometers thick, slid down the volcano about nine centimetres over a 36-hour period."

9 centimeters over 36 hours may not seem like much, but in a geologic timeframe it's the bloody Indianapolis 500.

The article is here:
2002-03-03 12:30:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-03 12:57:48 AM  
Hide the women and children
2002-03-03 05:00:03 AM  
Well, at least it will solve the problem of electricity leeches on the West Coast.
2002-03-03 11:18:27 AM  
A tsunami strike would do California some good -- the old hippies out there could use a bath.
2002-03-03 11:59:33 AM  
To me, "imminent" means sometime in the next half-hour or so. If it really were imminent, it would have already happened by the time I read the article. "will probably happen in the future" would be a better way to put it. Alarmists.
2002-03-03 12:07:13 PM  
"wipe out the beaches of California "
We can only hope LA goes with it.
2002-03-03 11:11:55 PM  
Uhhmmm........ I think I'm safe in Nebraska.
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