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(CBC)   Since all over forms of racial discrimination have been dealt with, Nova Scotia's human rights board asks Supreme Court to decide if "Kemosabe" is a racist term. Lone Ranger surrenders   ( divider line
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2004-12-22 05:57:49 PM  
Does this mean the Loan Ranger can now sue Tonto?
2004-12-22 05:59:01 PM  
I mean "Lone"
2004-12-22 06:03:06 PM  
A result of the mass northward exodus of liberals?
2004-12-22 06:03:39 PM  
Is kemosabe racist? And how!

Political correctness has damn near out-lived any good it may have done including it's absurd and no doubt unintentional humor factor.
2004-12-22 06:12:38 PM  
Tonto is loosely translated to mean "fool"

Kemosabe is loosely translated as "How do you know"
2004-12-22 06:14:39 PM  
Tonto and the Lone Ranger are are on a butte overlooking a valley.

Tonto says, "I believe I hear several horses approaching, Kemosabe."

Tonto looks into the valley and sees a massive horde of Native Americans swiftly approaching on horseback.

The Lone Ranger says, "What shall we do, Tonto?"

Tonto says, "What's this 'we' shiat Paleface?"
2004-12-22 06:20:10 PM  
Dancin_In_Anson: A result of the mass northward exodus of liberals?

Nah, they've all got a 6 month waiting period. I think Canada is capable of silliness without our help.
2004-12-22 06:30:34 PM  
This reminds me of the Far Side where an old Lone Ranger discovers the true meaning of Kemosabe in a dictionary.
2004-12-22 06:30:49 PM  
Guy is sitting next to a beautiful woman on an airliner. The woman is very engrossed in a magazine article and it captures the man's attention.

"Pardon me, but I must ask what it is that you find so interesting."

"Well", she replies, "it is a survey of the different sizes of penis' by ethninticity. It seems that the American Indian has the longest while people of Jewish descent have thicker ones."

She then goes back to her magazine and finishes the article. Once she is done, she puts it away and turns to the man. "I shouldn't be so rude. My name is Susan" she says, extending her hand.

"Very pleased to meet you", the man responds, shaking her hand warmly, " My name is Tonto Cohen".*

*That joke was first told by Moses himself...
2004-12-22 10:53:52 PM  
I always heard that 'kemo sabe' meant 'wet bush.'
2004-12-22 10:55:10 PM  
Can't... resist... urge...

Pete and Repeat were on a boat...
/hangs head in shame
2004-12-22 10:58:06 PM  
Of course...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-22 11:03:35 PM  
When has anyone ever heard the word kemosabe used as an insult? Anyone? At all? I rememeber watching the Lone Ranger (reruns obviously) and I always took it as a term of affection.
2004-12-22 11:04:52 PM  
2004-12-22 11:10:51 PM  
I heard it was a term for Cancer therapy. Which doesn't make sense in the context of the show, but who knows?
2004-12-22 11:10:52 PM  
The creator of the Lone Ranger admitted that he made up the phrase Kemosabe. It doesn't mean anything.
2004-12-22 11:10:52 PM  
Cool, Fark headlines come in Chav accents now.

"We dislike doze over forms a' fahking feeves, an' now we sen'em down'a 'Efrow airport, innit? Izzat Burberry, then? Oi!"

/once I called a bald guy the "Kemosabe of Chemo Therapy." He didn't really laugh.
2004-12-22 11:11:41 PM  
I heard some people on the Discovery channel talking about 'kemo therapy' this one time, so the Lone Ranger isn't the only racist pig around.
2004-12-22 11:12:26 PM  
So we really do own teh Canada? It's going to our Surpreme Court?
2004-12-22 11:12:32 PM  
I read this in the paper months ago.
2004-12-22 11:12:48 PM  
Would have been a better headline (and made more sense) if the word "over" had been "other" instead.

/But that's just me.
2004-12-22 11:14:27 PM  
Five Inch Taint: Yeah, but if you say it out loud it's way more fun that way. Try to emulate select accents from "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels."
2004-12-22 11:17:56 PM  
Natives being sued for calling Tarzan bwana.
2004-12-22 11:22:28 PM  
seriously, what a bunch of motherfarking kemosabes
2004-12-22 11:23:35 PM  
I don't know about racist, but it anagrams funny.


It's funnier if you say it like Jar Jar Binks...
2004-12-22 11:25:52 PM  
InternetSecurityGuard: It's funnier if you say it like Jar Jar Binks...

Nothing's funnier when you say it like Jar Jar Binks.
2004-12-22 11:27:08 PM  
I submitted this with a shorter headline.
2004-12-22 11:31:00 PM  
kemosabe, jump on it, jump on it.
2004-12-22 11:36:05 PM  
The two worst, most unfunny fark headline cliches - together at last...with an added spelling mistake.
2004-12-22 11:43:21 PM  
I submitted a story about a Nova Scotian getting a medal for rescuing a girl from a burning house... and he had a broken leg. THIS is the NS story you go with?? Ugh...

/Tryin to get my home province some respect
2004-12-22 11:46:41 PM  
This story is a repeat from quite a while ago.
2004-12-23 12:03:37 AM  

entropyblues [TotalFark]

Dancin_In_Anson: A result of the mass northward exodus of liberals?

Nah, they've all got a 6 month waiting period. I think Canada is capable of silliness without our help.

All these folks supposedly ready to leave the US for greener grass haven't quite realized that there are a shiatload of people from the third world ahead of them. And maybe 10,000 foreigners who would walk over cut glass to get your vacant spot in the US. Go down to your local US Immigration office and check out the lines. Americans emigrating is a big joke.
2004-12-23 12:03:50 AM  
Albertan: Does this mean the Loan Ranger can now sue Tonto?

Not much of a sniper, but geez, you're the b00bies'er.

I see an elderly ex-baseball personality, galloping at me across late night TV, urging me to throw caution to the wind. Greenspan is the devil, borrow more today because you needed it yesterday!

Then the Loan Ranger gallops off into the sunset, leaving a trail of low interest rates behind. But for how long?

[female voice] Who was that cash man?
2004-12-23 12:07:40 AM  
There is a used car rental place about 15minutes from me named "Kemosabe" and they have a huge Indian Chief symbol.
2004-12-23 12:09:41 AM  
This is an old story; the Human Rights Commission spent a whole week watching every single episode of The Lone Ranger, and came to the conclusion that "kemosabe" is not racist, since he is portrayed as the Lone Ranger's companion and friend.
2004-12-23 12:13:02 AM  
2004-12-22 06:03:06 PM Dancin_In_Anson
A result of the mass northward exodus of liberals?

A "mass exodus"?? WTF?? I take it you believe the original "exodus" was only a small thing then?
2004-12-23 12:16:02 AM  
It all depends on the context. The story makes no attempt to understand if the woman was being centered out and called this name because of her native heritage, or if this is just what the boss called everyone. shiatty reporting if you ask me.
2004-12-23 12:22:56 AM  
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...The Lone Ranger, not knowing Tonto was disguised as a wall, plastered his crack.

/yeah, it sucks.
2004-12-23 12:23:58 AM  
I'm Nova Scotian... and I have just heard of this now. Hahaha. This is retarded.... hahahaha.
Good thing us Canadians can laugh at ourselves.
2004-12-23 12:26:45 AM  
Old Joke:

Lone Ranger: "Was Bill Mad?"

Tonto: "Yes Kemosabe, William Shakespear!"

What next?
2004-12-23 12:29:48 AM  
I've read a few articles here and there about Canada's hate crime policies, and its legislation regarding discrimination. They've gotten out of hand with it, for sure. People think PC is bad here, get a load of the Great White North*.

*Oh sorry Canucks, I meant to say, "Exceptionally Sized Caucasian Northern British Commonwealth."
2004-12-23 12:33:36 AM  
Where does the lone ranger take his trash?

To the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump.
2004-12-23 12:56:09 AM  
Tharsis - the original complaint is old... the submission to the Supreme Court is new...
2004-12-23 01:00:37 AM  
I thought they had already decided that it was not a hate word like last year. Maybe that was a different province.
2004-12-23 01:01:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

re: This being a repeat

Technically it isn't. The old link was to a story about this being considered by a court of appeal, whereas this link is to a new story about it being considered by the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. Still a follow-up tag or something might have been nice.
2004-12-23 01:05:09 AM  
Maybe this should have been a follow up story then :)

thx to everyone who proved me wrong ;)
2004-12-23 01:06:54 AM  
Also, why is this considered stupid? If you were a native person, wouldn't you be offended if someone kept calling you Kemosabe? How is that different from, say, calling an Irish person Paddy, or a Jewish person Shylock, or a black person Uncle Tom ?
2004-12-23 01:07:08 AM  
ScreamingInDigital: Of course...

Beat me to it. Look for your invitation for a fight to the death.
2004-12-23 01:30:23 AM  
marmadane, Shylock and Uncle Tom are both racial slurs, whilst Kemosabe is a made up word that means nothing.

Besides, who the hell calls American Indians they meet Kemosabe? That was what friggin Tonto called the Lone Ranger, not the other way around.
2004-12-23 01:37:01 AM  
It's Indians not savages. I'm referring to the Scots.
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