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(Omaha World Herald)   Man kills himself with chain saw during arrest   ( divider line
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2004-12-22 06:17:01 PM  

Ooh, what an honor! Btw...

1. Here's a capital L for you: L

2. You connect two independant clauses with a semicolon, not a comma

3. Your = belonging to you
You're = you are

4. ",,,," -- what's this? Do you mean "..."?

All in just one line of text! You get the prize.
2004-12-22 06:17:02 PM  
The guy was sawed himself because the cops kept mispronouncing "Poulan".
2004-12-22 06:17:46 PM  
Did anyone else laugh at the headline?
2004-12-22 06:17:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-22 06:18:16 PM  
take out the word was
2004-12-22 06:18:27 PM  
The last thing they heard him say: "Don't laugh, you're next!"
2004-12-22 06:20:21 PM  
Maddox needs to add that to his "How to Kill Yourself Like a Man" essay.
2004-12-22 06:21:29 PM  
The man was holding a running chainsaw and they shot him with a high-velocity beanbag gun designed to drop people. Obviously the man committed suicide and it wasn't police stupidity. Hooray.
2004-12-22 06:22:32 PM  
Kill Yourself With a Chainsaw

Manliness: 9
Style: 2
Awesomeness: 10
Mess: 10

Result: Pirate through and through
2004-12-22 06:22:44 PM  
Fark It: Did anyone else laugh at the headline?

I'm sure someone did.

/testing the "farkit" extension.
2004-12-22 06:22:44 PM  
I have a question.... it says in the article that he got hit by the beanbag and then lowered his neck onto the chainsaw. So did he lower his neck because he thought "well fark this for a laugh" or because the beanbag hit his head so it forced him onto the chainsaw.

Am I making sense?

\not probably
2004-12-22 06:22:56 PM  
One less hick.
/does it matter how you go anymore? The Grim Reaper is so busy these days, Ive seen some photos of Iraqi kids that put this death in the pleasant catagory.
2004-12-22 06:23:03 PM  
What happened to the firearm man, a lot easier and quicker.

I wonder if the cops told him, "Hey man, don't lose your head over this."
2004-12-22 06:24:11 PM  
He be headed for some trouble.... Fo sho..
2004-12-22 06:24:37 PM  
I lived in Grand Island from May-November for my internship. Definitely a strange place. I guarantee more than half the population is Mexican. I have no idea why they are there but they are and they are numerous.

/not sayin there's anything wrong with Mexicans, I'm just sayin....
2004-12-22 06:25:18 PM  
johnathanjo: its clear you can read what i wrote so since i didnt write it in complete english your i.q. must be about 210. now if you could just count my balls and get the same number twice it will be confirmed that you can sit next to albert einstein.
2004-12-22 06:25:18 PM  
Haha. That reminds me of this Live Journal I saw from SA.
2004-12-22 06:25:26 PM  
In death he became more of a redneck than ever before.

/best I could do
2004-12-22 06:25:28 PM  

Damn english teacher. ITS CHRISTMAS BREAK, TAKE A BREAK.

The internet, allowing and excepting typos since 1973.
2004-12-22 06:25:33 PM  
When he refused, an officer fired a nonlethal "beanbag" round at Smidt

I'll bet he never SAW that coming!
2004-12-22 06:25:46 PM  
I did that exact same thing with my vibrating Mach 3 once.

Well, without the cops showing up, barricading myself in the bathroom, being shot by a beanbag gun, and the part where you die.

Other than that, exact same thing.

/got nuttin' else
2004-12-22 06:26:21 PM  
Some people will do anything to avoid going to jail. has a video of a guy who shoots himself in the head while awaiting questioning in the precinct's interrogation room. Cop was lucky he didn't decide to go all postal on his arse first. Dummy should've searched him better. After all he was arrested for shooting a cop.
2004-12-22 06:26:56 PM  

They are called "laborers." They are the ones who harvest all the food that we eat, at wages lower than most Americans would deign to give their children as an allowance.
2004-12-22 06:26:58 PM  
Thread is useless without pics?
2004-12-22 06:27:35 PM  
I dunno if I got shot in the beanbags I might want to cut my head off.

2004-12-22 06:29:31 PM  
That's almost as bad as they guy that got his head stuck in the elephant's ass.
2004-12-22 06:30:57 PM  
People will do anything to avoid going to jail? I want to see some statistics.

People that will do anything to avoid going to jail: 30%
People that will do anything to get out of jail: 70%
People that will do anything to get good sex: ??

As we all know, my statistics are made up and do not matter but someone needs to find this stuff out, for real!
2004-12-22 06:31:40 PM  
Thats "Scarface" hardcore!
2004-12-22 06:32:46 PM  
That guy had one hell of a criminal rap sheet. Good riddence to bad rubbish, I just wish he didn't have to get the police involved. How the heck do you deal with something like that, mentally? How do you deal with watching someone cut his throat open with a chainsaw, intentionally? I feel sorry for the cops who had to witness that.
2004-12-22 06:36:07 PM  
"an officer fired a nonlethal "beanbag" round at Smidt, who then lowered his neck onto the chain saw, "

Yeah ok....i believe that...
2004-12-22 06:38:27 PM  
oh you could kill yourself with just about anything...I mean, if you really cared enough.
2004-12-22 06:39:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-22 06:40:10 PM  


They are called "laborers." They are the ones who harvest all the food that we eat, at wages lower than most Americans would deign to give their children as an allowance.

do you really think crops are harvested by hand? maybe those of the roadside vegetable stands but most crops are done by machines. you should see the size of the farms here in NE. and mostly corporate owned.

how very ignorant of you.

hispanics are amassing in the midwest due to the abundant meat packing plants. it seems these plants are everywhere in the midwest. the pay is good for this area($10-12+hr to start)but it's not uncommon to hear of a company being busted by the INS for illegals. They just get deported and come right back.

i believe this guys' death is supsicious to say the least.

i find it odd that i learn of this story on this website. i read the omaha world herald and didn't see this story or hear about it on TV.
2004-12-22 06:41:47 PM  
Traditional Irish Folk Song - Denis Leary

They come over here
And they take all our land
They chop off our heads
And they boil them in oil

Our children are leaving
And we have no heads
We drink and we sing
And we drink and we die

We have no heads
We have no heads

They come over here
And they chop off our legs
They cut off our hands
And put nails in our eyes

O'Grady is dead
And O'Hanrahan's gone
We drink and we die
And continue to drink

No O'Hanrahan

They buried O'Neill
Down in country Shillhame
The poor children crying
And fe dee din de
Hin fle di dinfle
Di din fle de din de
In hey bibble bibble
Hey bibble bibble
Hey fle bibble de

No O'Hanrahan

We drink and we sing
And we drink and we sing

We drink and we drive
And we puke and we drink

We drink and we fight
And we bleed and we cry

We puke and we smoke
And we drink and we die

/felt obligated
2004-12-22 06:42:13 PM  


Damn english teacher. ITS CHRISTMAS BREAK, TAKE A BREAK.

The internet, allowing and excepting typos since 1973.

The other guy flamed me, so I was just opening a can of smart aleck on his ass. Ignore at will.
2004-12-22 06:46:46 PM  
yeah marleymaniac give the idiot a break.....lmao j/k dude
2004-12-22 06:48:51 PM  
Well with that list of warrants this guy served himself justice. Nothing better than keeping the courts clean.
2004-12-22 06:49:37 PM  
2004-12-22 06:07:43 PM xJoe

Maddox approves

Thats the first thing I thought of too...
2004-12-22 06:53:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-22 06:53:19 PM  
See! In a world without guns no one gets hurt! Wait...

So he's wanted for possessing a firearm (etc.) and barracades himself up with a chainsaw?!
2004-12-22 06:54:47 PM  
multiple charges including burglary, first-degree false imprisonment, making terroristic threats, being a felon in possession of a firearm, violating a protection order and stalking

Out on Parole???

parole board: Are you remorseful?
con: Yes.
parole board: Well okay then.

/close enough
2004-12-22 06:54:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Soon to join in the annals of chainsaw history.
2004-12-22 06:54:49 PM  
except for the part with the grand jury being called by state law to look into situations where a suspect is killed in police custody or while being apprehended (which he was). So, no, he didn't really save the courts any time or taxpayers any money...

/just sayin...
2004-12-22 06:55:18 PM  

/wish more criminals would take their own lives
2004-12-22 06:56:02 PM  
I wonder what that kid was Shamoken. Can I get some over here?
2004-12-22 06:56:13 PM  
filthydigital wins
2004-12-22 06:57:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Best Weapon Ever.
2004-12-22 07:00:36 PM  
He didn't stumble or fall on the chainsaw....Riiiiiiight...You guys keep tellin yourselves that. ;)
2004-12-22 07:04:00 PM  
"Custodian to the washroom for a wet cleanup please...Custodian to the washroom please..."
2004-12-22 07:04:33 PM  
Ted Nugent was seen snickering.
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