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(CNN)   NASA pilot thanks the lord he racked up a million points on ASTEROIDS. Galileo dodges moon by only 63 miles.   ( divider line
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2002-03-02 12:16:38 PM  
Stewardess, how much is a tad?

In space terms that's half a million miles.

*chatter* that's so interesting *chatter*

Are you telling us absolutely everything?

No. We're also out of coffee.

*hilarity insues*
2002-03-02 12:20:16 PM  
wow. lol ouroborus. Boobies!
2002-03-02 12:20:35 PM  
I must need coffee. Because both the headline (and the comment that was posted in the position of first) both make NO FREAKING SENSE.
2002-03-02 12:21:49 PM  
Yes, when someone says "moon" the first thing that comes to mind is Earth's moon.
2002-03-02 12:22:20 PM  
All these worlds are yours, except Europa.
Attempt no landings there.
2002-03-02 12:24:55 PM  
My god, its full of stars!!!1
2002-03-02 12:28:42 PM  
I don't think that the people who control these spacecrafts are called "pilots".
2002-03-02 12:29:31 PM  
somebody find me the gif of Will Ferrell playing the know what Im talkin about...
2002-03-02 12:32:37 PM  
I'm pretty sure it suppose to say "closest," instead of closet. Anyway, $1.4 billion could provide a lot of broadband access for us farkers.
2002-03-02 12:33:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-02 12:37:38 PM  
It activated Safe Mode, the darn thing is running Windows !
2002-03-02 12:37:51 PM  
How interesting..
I want to eat your face....
2002-03-02 12:39:58 PM  
'tis them aliens i say! using them ultra-stealth observation sensor disruptors. yes them
2002-03-02 12:58:33 PM  
"The finale is expected in September 2003, when it will plunge into the crushing atmosphere of Jupiter. The suicide run is to ensure the probe does not strike and contaminate Europa, which scientists speculate could harbor microbial life."

We will, instead, contaminate Jupiter.
2002-03-02 01:08:21 PM  
The article is from January 18th, for christ sake...
2002-03-02 01:11:18 PM  
who's the dumb f-u-k who wrote that!! i want a name! NOW!
2002-03-02 01:17:49 PM  
"The year is 1987 and NASA launches the last of America's deep space probes. In a freak mishap Ranger 3 and its pilot Captain William 'Buck' Rogers are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Buck Rogers to Earth 500 years later..."

[image from too old to be available]

Twiki sez: "Dammit Buck, stop going into safe mode!"
2002-03-02 01:56:04 PM  
"The finale is expected in September 2003, when it will plunge into the crushing atmosphere of Jupiter."

So- the pilot will eject on Jupiter??
2002-03-02 02:03:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-02 03:43:56 PM  
I hate it when we violate the Prime Directive. NASA has no idea of how the Jovians will be affected by witnessing the upcoming crash.
2002-03-02 04:44:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-02 04:45:58 PM  
damn dang darn! That didn't work correctly.. *sigh.. I suck
2002-03-02 05:00:46 PM  
"The finale is expected in September 2003, when it will plunge into the crushing atmosphere of Jupiter."

So- the pilot will eject on Jupiter??

We're not sure. It's a 2 part episode and the firt part ends in a cliffhanger.
2002-03-02 05:01:49 PM  
take 2:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-02 05:10:37 PM  
What's a "jupiter"?
2002-03-02 05:14:46 PM  
article+heading=not related therefore nonesense
2002-03-02 05:19:17 PM  
the two parts of the heading should have been reversed
2002-03-02 06:03:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

portrait of the Gallileo mission pilot, Dave Bowman.
2002-03-02 07:44:11 PM  
Then they became bored; some wandered off, while others stood hesitantly around the unrecognizable corpse - the future of a world waiting upon their decision
2002-03-02 08:22:47 PM  
"the NASA probe has survived four years longer than expected, endured more than three times the radiation it was designed to withstand and has nearly exhausted its fuel supply"

To bad GM didn't design my Bonneville like that.
2002-03-02 09:00:03 PM  
I sure wish they'd send a probe to Europa... the article mentions that it might harbor microbial life, but a lot of scientists speculate that It may also harbor multicellular organisms... space seafood if you will. They think that deep under the water, there might be hot water vents like there are here on the Earth... vents that provide an ecosystem for a mass of different organisms.
2002-03-02 09:28:50 PM  
What I want to know is how they know it's a saltwater ocean.
2002-03-02 10:30:36 PM  
Got a quick question: How many people think that we will be on Mars in 15 years? I personally think not. NASA couldn't find their butts with a map right now, and we keep funding other countries satellites and space program.

Speaking of 2001, my gf just asked yesterday if it was a good movie. I bout lept across half of Blockbuster to rent the sucker.
2002-03-02 11:08:39 PM  

I personally don't see us going to Mars anytime soon. Unless on of our next presidents is a space freak, and decides to divert most of the budget towards the space program, we aren't going to go in the next 15 years. We need another guy like Kennedy. Right now, though, we're too busy on a wild goose chase hunting down terrorists and the like. Anyways...if I ran for president, I would promise to get us not only to mars but yeah...alot of other places...within like 10-20 years...would any of you vote for me then?
2002-03-03 12:55:12 AM  
yaknow nasa likes wasting billions of dollars by throwing chunks of metal at planets dont they?
why not try and do something interesting like land it on one of the other moons or bring it back and seel it in a NASA garage sale!
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