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(Yahoo)   Commit a capital crime in Sri Lanka and your hangman may be wearing a "trainee" badge   ( divider line
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2004-12-21 12:28:12 PM  
However, former judge Marzook has found his own way to deal with violent criminals, teaching them to paint, meditate and tame their rage with breathing exercises.

He has framed some of the art work on the walls outside his office. One drawing shows an arm raising a bloody knife above an aghast, bare-breasted woman. Another shows whiskey bottles, playing cards, guns and women's legs, spread-eagled.

Yeah, sounds like their rehabilitation is going real good.
2004-12-21 01:08:21 PM  
I find it ironic that the 'barbaric' practice of hanging was introduced under British colonial rule. You know, in an attempt to 'civilize' the place.
2004-12-21 01:44:40 PM  
Does anyone have a link to the Far Side comic where the hangee has fallen to the ground because the noose came untied and the one hangman says to the other "Ok one more time, the rabbit comes out of the hole and goes around the tree 7 or 8 times....
2004-12-21 06:08:23 PM  
Sri Lanka reactivated its dormant death penalty last month after a near 30-year-lull to combat a surge in grisly crimes and contract killings, which means it is now finally time for Suranimala to learn the ropes.

I LOVE gallows humor!
2004-12-21 06:16:44 PM  
"Excuse me, sir, can you quit squirming while I put this rope on? I'm trying to get the hang of this."

/god awful lame
//still necessary
2004-12-21 06:17:12 PM  
Curry, outsourcing, funny movies!
2004-12-21 06:18:44 PM  
"Oh, Lord loves a hangin', that's why he give us necks
It tightens up our vocal chords, & loosens up our pecs
So if you are a horse thief & guilty to the bone
Go ahead & blame a friend & you won't hang alone
It may be hard to swaller, but you'll be 3 feet taller
& find new ways to entertain your friends
You say you are a villain, but can't abide by killin'
Go ahead & steal yourself a horse

2, 3, 11, R, 5, 7, take it, boys
I'm a pickin' & I'm a swingin'
I'm ignorant, & I'm ugly
That you are, boys

Oh, Lord loves a hangin', & so do we by heck
So get yourself a lasso & decorate your neck
Oh we is awful ignorant & uglier than sin
so go ahead & cut us down... & hang us all again

Hangin' that is
Swing a spell

(ya'll bring the kids, now. Ya hear!)

/had to be done
2004-12-21 06:25:31 PM  
God, what humor.. just don't stick your neck out for this.
2004-12-21 06:31:44 PM  
"My girlfriend is not particularly pleased about the fact that I must hang people for a living, so she doesn't want anyone else to know about my profession," he said. His girlfriend's parents are still in the dark.

She: Did you have a hard day at work?

He: Well, it had it's ups and downs. The boss had me on the ropes. But that's a bit of a stretch. How about you?

She: Uh, nevermind, let's change the subject.
2004-12-21 06:34:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 06:35:37 PM  
Respect the guy for being willing to do an ugly deed because it's his duty. Most pathetic people in my beloved US of A wouldn't do their duty if their lives depended on it.
2004-12-21 06:43:49 PM  
"If you want my opinion on capital punishment, well, I think it's the need of the hour. Murderers and rapists deserve to hang," he said.

I'm not sure which is worse. Capital punishment or the fact that more money is spent on prisons than education. I think I could live with the idea of capital punishment exists if it meant less people in prison and more education.
2004-12-21 06:46:13 PM  

Completely agreed. The mentality is: "Whatever pays well is my duty".

2004-12-21 06:48:08 PM  
Amusing? Yeah, ok it's funny.
2004-12-21 07:08:50 PM  

Completely agreed. The mentality is: "Whatever pays well is my duty".

Hell, I'd do the job for free. I've always wanted to have some say in who lives and who dies.
2004-12-21 08:06:02 PM  
Props to submitter for a funny headline! and down with murderers and rapists!
2004-12-21 08:06:49 PM  
"I'm giving them training in art and according to their skills," said Marzook. "Prisoners cannot be kept idling. The idle mind is the devil's workshop."

It probably never occurred to this guy that the devil is already residing in the minds of these prisoners.

/Tom Clancy reference here somewhere
2004-12-21 09:23:03 PM  
It looks like the Republicans/conservatives in Sri Lanka finally got their way!

/thinks meditation and proper nutrition would keep more than 50% of people out of prison
2004-12-21 11:51:55 PM  
I feel terrible for that guy! It's [image from too old to be available] really.
2004-12-22 03:30:15 PM  
so you're going to be a judge?
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