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(NYPost)   Woman receives impromtu rat shower, nets $65k. Squirrel, kitten showers up next   ( divider line
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2004-12-21 11:13:33 AM  
That is farking disgusting.
2004-12-21 11:23:02 AM  
Maybe now with the money she'll at least move.
2004-12-21 02:16:24 PM  
GIS for clown shower:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 02:17:13 PM  
It's raining rats. Hallelujah.
2004-12-21 02:18:21 PM  
Living a 1/4 of my life in the Bx and born there; I mean...what can you expect of it? get real....

/never lived in shiatty apts in the bx
//neither should you
2004-12-21 02:18:25 PM  
I'll take a golden shower if you don't mind!
2004-12-21 02:18:38 PM  
"It could be worse; it could be raining.
"It is raining.
"It's not raining rats.

BTW, is this anything like a baby shower?
2004-12-21 02:18:40 PM  
is that a sign that the end is near?
2004-12-21 02:19:43 PM  
When life hands you dead rats, make dead ratade.
2004-12-21 02:20:48 PM  
SOunds a bit like that movie "The 4th Floor". Maybe someone WANTS her to move.
2004-12-21 02:21:09 PM  
Vreejack Baby showers in the bronx are more like roaches out of faucet.
2004-12-21 02:23:01 PM  
Dead rats keep falling on my head, but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red.......
2004-12-21 02:24:35 PM  
I'd be so down for a kitten shower.

2004-12-21 02:24:56 PM  

pics + divx plz!
2004-12-21 02:26:40 PM  
You know it's winter in the Bronx when the rats change color and start falling from the ceiling...
2004-12-21 02:26:59 PM  
so.. did that work out to $10,000 per rat and nother 5,000 for misc debree?

BTW, I bet she never gets anything fixed now.
2004-12-21 02:36:58 PM  
Screw the squirrels and kittens, I want a woman shower!

/I'm such a rat ;)
2004-12-21 02:37:12 PM  
"The north Bronx woman, who is in her late 30s and has two daughters, has asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation from her landlord."

If I was the landlord I would guess it was the woman with the giant hole in her cealing.
2004-12-21 02:41:59 PM  
what about the rats who died on impact when they hit the bathtub? shouldn't their families be allowed to sue?
2004-12-21 02:42:39 PM  
So why $65K? Was she hurt? (Other than "emotionally")

2004-12-21 02:43:07 PM  
My dead rats bring all the boys to the yard
And they're like, its betta than yours
2004-12-21 02:48:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

It beats a rat-hat.
2004-12-21 02:53:30 PM  
If this had happened in California, the landlord would have said it was good for your skin and turned it into a spa treatment by now.
2004-12-21 02:54:45 PM  
Lemmiwinks must have taken a wrong turn
2004-12-21 03:04:47 PM  
This sounds like the plot of a Danny Devito movie.
2004-12-21 03:13:25 PM  
But did the rats survive?
2004-12-21 03:19:53 PM  
I submitted this with impromptu spelled correctly
2004-12-21 03:30:57 PM  
Rats and double rats!
2004-12-21 03:45:44 PM  
Impromptu Rat Shower, incidentally, would make an excellent name for a heavy metal band.
2004-12-21 03:48:36 PM  
So why $65K? Was she hurt? (Other than "emotionally")

hey idiot, let is shower rats on you and see what you do, lol

/money well deserved
2004-12-21 03:49:03 PM  

I used to work in a restaurant, and one day the chef dropped his keys through a hole in the floor in the kichen. So he sent a dishwasher downstairs to the basement to lift a few ceiling tiles and retrieve his keys.

The poor dishwasher had his arm up to the shoulder in the ceiling, fishing for these keys when he pulled out a very large and very dead rat. He screamed, and threw the thing across the room. At this moment the chef had just reached the bottom of the stairs, having come down to see if his keys had been found. He was just opening his mouth to ask what the screaming was about when the dead rat bounced off the side of the his head, hit the wall and broke in half.
2004-12-21 03:55:48 PM  

that made me LOL

what is cryptoscribe?
2004-12-21 03:57:09 PM  
Why doesn't this kind of thing happen to me? I've always said I'd take a broken bone or two, or now, I'll take raining rats, in exchange for a huge sum of money.

Totally worth it.
2004-12-21 04:04:57 PM  
Beatle Matt

it's difficult for me to fathom there are people out there that enjoy that

i do, however, believe in aliens
2004-12-21 04:23:11 PM  
Ah for the good old days when I could shower all of my tenants with graywater and rats. Farking lawyers, sigh.
2004-12-21 04:25:41 PM  
i'm pretty good at dealing with gross things. I removed a terribly decomposed possum from my in-laws garage one time. the smell was awful, but otherwise not too bad. but this story gave me a shiver up my back
2004-12-21 04:44:10 PM  
I had a similar experience working in a restaurant. Guys came in to fix the ceiling, moved a tile, out fell a rain of dead stinky rats on the dining room floor - T-minus 15 minutes until opening. There were a couple of busboys who went wayyy above and beyond the call of duty cleaning that up before customers walked in the door.
2004-12-21 04:49:11 PM  
Now she can make rat cake...

Or rat sorbet or rat pudding...

Or a strawberry tart.
2004-12-21 05:37:35 PM  
rat cake or death

2004-12-21 06:06:15 PM  
It'd be one thing to be showered with rats while clothed, but this woman was bathing, i.e. unclothed.

I'd think the memories of rodent corpses caressing your naked flesh would probably lead to a few sleepless nights, at least.

On the other hand, her (shiatty) landlord is now out $65,000. That's a biatch.
2004-12-21 07:39:04 PM  

She deserved every penny.

That is farking NASTY.
2004-12-22 07:06:33 AM  
Stories gone, has different one about a teachers aide screwing the students.

/recycling pages
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