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(Iwon)   Dolphins upset Patriots. Duke sucks   ( divider line
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6794 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2004 at 9:31 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-21 08:42:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 09:20:10 AM  

Am I to believe that after last night, every knows how to beat the pats now?

Because that's what you said when the redskins almost beat the birds.
2004-12-21 09:28:37 AM  
The Bengals showed 'em howtadoit! ;)
2004-12-21 09:36:08 AM  
Uh oh. The BF's going to be pissed - HUGE Patriots fan.

Of course, he has much less to cry about than I do, as I am an Eagles fan :(
2004-12-21 09:36:10 AM  
Crap - I went to bed at the beginning of the fourth. I always miss the big upsets.
2004-12-21 09:36:32 AM  
iWon is still around?
2004-12-21 09:37:14 AM  
Screw Boston and that nasty sounding accent. Whenever I hear a Bostonian speak it makes me cringe.

/like fingernails running down the chalkboard. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
2004-12-21 09:38:23 AM  

Screw Boston and that nasty sounding accent. Whenever I hear a Bostonian speak it makes me cringe.

try pittsurgh. it's like boston, but uneducated.
2004-12-21 09:39:07 AM  
Terminal Frost
The redskins do have on of the top rated D's in the NFL. They have held all there opponents to low a scoreing game, now if they could just put points on the board.
2004-12-21 09:39:18 AM  
Duke sucks, Steelers rock. Deal with it!
2004-12-21 09:40:04 AM  
Looks like Brady is believing his own myth. If he wants to be Favre, he should remember that Favre throws a bunch of dumb picks too. Actually, I'm sure they'll be fine. They've made the super bowl by being the 1 seed, and also by making it through Pittsburgh.

Also, if a quarterback can't be touched if he slides voluntarily, shouldn't he be whistled down if he ends up on his ass involuntarily? It only seems fair.
2004-12-21 09:40:15 AM  
Was Martz coaching the Pats last night or something?
2004-12-21 09:40:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 09:40:41 AM  

I empatize with you...Eagles fan here also...gonna be a hard road ahead unless Billy McMullin can step up. Hate having to rely on Pinkston
2004-12-21 09:41:14 AM  
Here we go Steelers, here we go!
2004-12-21 09:41:51 AM  
It's not going to be a very Brady Christmas.
2004-12-21 09:42:32 AM  
Pinkston is a complete pu$sy.

Redskins fan here.
2004-12-21 09:42:39 AM  

/steelers fan since '79
2004-12-21 09:42:46 AM  
You can't always win, but you can't lose forever.
2004-12-21 09:43:33 AM  
Hell of a game. Ya gotta watch those interception turnovers, even with a crap team like the Dolphins. Their defense is not to be taken lightly.

Pats are good for the final push, though. Jets suck.
2004-12-21 09:43:51 AM  
This really sucks. I was hoping the Pats would go to the superbowl again. Especially since my Chicago Bears can't seem to do anything decent (talk about a team that sucks worse than Miami right now). Oh well, at least Duke still sucks. :-)
2004-12-21 09:44:30 AM  
This bodes well for us Stillers fans...
2004-12-21 09:44:40 AM  

How's that Minneappolis accent?

I'll take my Boston anyday over the hayseed town you live in.

2004-12-21 09:44:53 AM  
Dang it, Jimmy the Scumbag, I live with a diehard Steelers fan. The last thing I need is for him to spend the rest of the day saying "It's the one for the thumb, man!"

/they are going to go deep into the playoffs
2004-12-21 09:45:09 AM  

Agree..the only reason he was moderately successful is because TO was drawing double coverage..
2004-12-21 09:45:13 AM  
Here have a handful of cliches:

On any given Sunday( or Monday Night ).
That's why they play the game.
They just wanted it more.
They were playing for pride.
2004-12-21 09:45:44 AM  
Pats pass defense has been pathetic for the last few weeks. Teams have finally figured out how to exploit the weak DB's we've had to play due to injuries. On the 4th down winning TD how the hell did they end up with BOTH Troy Brown and EarthWindgetTorched Moreland playing single coverage?

The drive before that was even worse. Gave up 70 yards in about a minute. To one of the worst offenses in the league.

Brady gets most of the ink, but defense has been the main reason for the Pats success. Unless they step it up I don't see how they're even going to get by the first round.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2004-12-21 09:45:55 AM  
I turned the TV off after the punt return to the 2 yard line followed by a touchdown. I knew the Patriots were doomed and I needed sleep.

I didn't care for the pregame "fish are doomed" skit. Even the home town media aren't that optimistic for the Patriots.
2004-12-21 09:46:04 AM  
big deal. brady had a bad game. the pats are still going to the playoffs. the dolphins are not.
speaking of accents, have you heard da one out minnesota way? it's pretty good dere yah?
2004-12-21 09:46:17 AM  
Here we go Steelers, indeed.

It's never been a finer time to be a born and bred Steelers fan.

Oh, and the Pats suck. We could have told you that.

/since 83
2004-12-21 09:47:42 AM  
Even the home town media aren't that optimistic for the Patriots.

Have they ever been? Boston sports media sucks canal water. The Pats are dissed when they're up, dissed when they're down.
2004-12-21 09:48:00 AM  
Just wait till we trounce them next week!

2004-12-21 09:48:17 AM  
I think of this loss as a good thing for the Pats. After having such a tremendous season, a team like this needs a slap in the face in order to perform their best in the playoffs. Otherwise, the Pats might have gone into the playoffs feeling a little TOO invincible.

This loss doesn't have much of an impact on their overall regular season record. They're still division leaders, and they're still guranteed a strong chance in the play offs. But with this loss, at least they can feel the they play even harder to avoid such a loss in a more meaningful game.
2004-12-21 09:48:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I likey this Pats loss.. here we go Steelers, here we go!
2004-12-21 09:49:43 AM  
Now let's hope that Chad Pennington can take off his skirt and beat a big-time opponent for once. Of course, the OC Paul Hackett has to grow some 'nads and call plays that attack the defense, instead of going into wussy mode as he does against teams with winning records.

/bite me, Clarence
2004-12-21 09:49:58 AM  
It's good to see A.J. Feeley kicking butt out there.

So, Steelers and Eagles are at the top of the charts now, eh? W00t!
2004-12-21 09:50:01 AM  
Steelers are going to get chumped by the Pats in the playoffs, like the times before.
2004-12-21 09:50:14 AM  
YEE-HAAAAW! the new england pats have been nearly perfect for 2 years now, all credit where due.

stillers have been squeaking by lately, i've been waiting for the trap game now for 4 weeks, hasn't come yet. it just shows to go ya', the difficulty in staying up-up-up every week makes every game a possible upset.

and if you think pittsburghese is goofy, we have sub-dialects here that are completely unintelligible. these sub-dialects are generally found in the "red" counties.

/here we go ...
2004-12-21 09:51:17 AM  
Duke sucks??? HA! the Fins are the suckiest of suck.

Minor and Morris combined for a whopping 54 yards rushing. AJ Feely is the absolute worst QB since Sean Salisbury. Even when, by some miracle of fate, his receivers got open... lofted passes, one-hoppers, he could not hit water if he fell out of the boat.

They need to jettison the entire team and start from scratch. the only people they need to keep around are the punting unit. They get more playing time than anyone and they are successful in limiting return yardage.
2004-12-21 09:51:37 AM  
It was as if Tom Brady took a page from Brett Favre school of quarterbacking, following up brilliant play inexplicably bad decisions.

Speaking of the Packers... Attention Mike Sherman! Green Bay has the best offensive line and arguably one of the best running corps in the NFL. Feel free to actually utilize it once in a while.

-Disgruntled Packer Fan
2004-12-21 09:52:36 AM  
2004-12-21 09:55:34 AM  
Having not seen the score this morning, I thought this article was a joke. Funny.

Go Steelers.

/just wants to protect the Cowboys' amazing run of three Super Bowl victories in four years
//should have been 4 out of 4
///friggin' Jerry Jones firing Jimmy Johnson
2004-12-21 09:56:08 AM  
I don't get it. Why would 121 national heros be angry at 211 aquatic mammels?
2004-12-21 09:56:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Think Brady's crying today? Wait til next week, poontang.
2004-12-21 09:57:50 AM  
Eagles fans

relax as I have but one thing to say to you

Healthy Brian Westbrook = NFL PWNED

This is great, while all the teams focus on how this changes the eagles passing game, Westbrook will blow up and run all over the place.
2004-12-21 09:58:09 AM  

Do you think Green can keep his hands on the ball until he hits the ground each time? I'm not so sure.
2004-12-21 09:58:29 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

This year it will be different, my friend.
2004-12-21 09:59:44 AM  
Duke sucks..? Hmm.. Duke sucks.. Oh! I get it! LOL!
Bwahahaha!!!!!11 That's just comedy gold I tell you! LOL!!!
2004-12-21 09:59:56 AM  
I can't believe my Bills are still in contention for a playoff spot, after starting 0-4. Good race in the AFC - of the Jets, Jags, Ravens, Broncos, and Bills - two will advance. And I would say that the Bills are the hottest team in that group, having won five straight, but they'll need some help.

All in all, I still miss hockey.
2004-12-21 10:01:39 AM  

As if.
2004-12-21 10:02:30 AM  

/go on, talk some shiat. see what happens.
2004-12-21 10:02:48 AM  
Doc Daneeka AND, if the Steelers win Sunday, they will probably sit some starters when they travel to Buffalo. Not that the Buffalo couldn't beat them anyway, the way the Bills have been playing.
2004-12-21 10:02:55 AM  
Patriots suck, I hate the Patriots. I hate every team you like.
2004-12-21 10:04:05 AM  
Steelers = overrated. How many points did thy just give up to the suck-ass Giants? Steelers fans, shut up and go back to the hole you crawled out of this season.
2004-12-21 10:05:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 10:06:18 AM  
Hahaha I don't give a damn my Raiders suck.

/also went to bed before 4th quarter ended
2004-12-21 10:06:24 AM  
Man, I can't believe that there are some Jets fans in the thread!
2004-12-21 10:07:31 AM  
Isn't it about time for Cowher and the Steelers to start making those reservations for Jacksonville?
2004-12-21 10:09:03 AM  
That's too bad.

Signed, Steeler Fan

I feel a lot better now about the money I just sent to Pittsburgh for the playoff and championship game tickets. It's going to be cold but fun.
2004-12-21 10:09:44 AM  

Steelers = overrated. How many points did thy just give up to the suck-ass Giants? Steelers fans, shut up and go back to the hole you crawled out of this season.

I notice you don't mention what team YOU are a fan of. Did they get smoked by the Steelers? Or are they just Teh Suck and won't make the playoffs? Yeah. Thanks for coming out.
2004-12-21 10:11:06 AM  
As a colts fan commenting on the upcoming playoffs - HA HA.
2004-12-21 10:12:04 AM  
Redskins are gonna go all the way!!!
(Yes I am delusional, thanks for asking)
2004-12-21 10:13:05 AM  
Does anyone else think of I.P. Freeley when they see the Dolphins QBs name?

I hope the Steelers beat the Ravens, Tennessee over Denver, Houston over Jacksonville.

/Bills Fan hanging on
2004-12-21 10:13:26 AM  
"Nobody gave us a chance," Taylor said. "I hope they lost a lot of money with their 10-point spread."

Meaningless game. Lots of money on the table. No possiblity of shenanigans here. How about a money-hungry Pat just happens to give an explicit pass route to a grateful Steeler in return for a cash payment from a guy named Nate in Las Vegas. No that could never happen. Sheep.
2004-12-21 10:14:26 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 10:14:40 AM  

G.W. hoisting the Lombardi trophy? If I have to see that come early February, I'll suffer heartache not felt since Neil O' Donnell threw two picks to the 'Boys in Super Bowl XXX.
2004-12-21 10:20:00 AM  
Can I just say "WTF?"

When the Pats scored with 3 minutes left, I said "Too bad. The Dolphins played a great game, but they lost." Then I went to bed. I thought the Dolphins had a good chance; they were playing great, especially on defense; but I never thought they could win it down 11.

Me == flabbergasted.
2004-12-21 10:21:35 AM  
I live outside Philly, so yeah, you guys creamed us. It was embarrassing, but it means nothing. I remember when the Eagles beat the 49ers one time not too long ago, 40-8, absolutely dominated them. Who won the Super Bowl that year? San Francisco. One game does not a season make. I'm not saying Philly will win the Super Bowl. They'll make it, but won't win it. My bet is still on New England.

The lack of knowledge of the game on Fark is laughable sometimes.
2004-12-21 10:22:26 AM  
you mean there are two of us.
2004-12-21 10:22:55 AM  

That would be Robert Kraft in the pic, the best thing to happen to New England football since Shaefer/Foxboro/Gillette Stadium.
2004-12-21 10:25:24 AM  

My sincere apologies. I took a meager glance at the pic and stand corrected.
2004-12-21 10:26:04 AM  

Of course Philly will make the SB, almost by default. I guess the NFC has to send someone this year, and the Eagles are the only good team in the entire conference.

Seriously, the AFC has something like a 37-17 record in interconference games this year, and it's looking like a real possibility that the NFC may send a team with a losing record to the playoffs. Imagine that!
2004-12-21 10:27:18 AM  
I don't see why the Pats fans are talking smack to steelers fans. You clowns got pwned when you played them earlier this year. The Eagles did too. STFU until you get a win against the steelers this year.
/not a steelers fan
//geaux saints
2004-12-21 10:27:22 AM  
Make that the 12-2 Pats and the 3-11 'phins thank you very much!

I'm just so proud of my boys (sniff, sniff).

/sad, sad 'phins fan with an Eagles fan husband.
//All I want for Christmas is a good coach, quarterback, offensive line, defensive line, receivers and runners. is that too much to ask Santa?
2004-12-21 10:29:15 AM  
People crack me up with the..

/fan since 1885!!

Are you reassuring yourself you're not on the bandwagon or something?

Weird ass people.
2004-12-21 10:29:51 AM  
Delay: you're an idiot. A "money-hungry Pat"? Shut up. Just please, shut up. I hate people like you.
2004-12-21 10:30:53 AM  
The fact that Pittsburgh beat the living hell out of the Eagles and the Patriots doesn't mean much, football-wise, except that the Steelers were well prepared and were able to beat talented, well-coached teams. It is an indicator of playoff success, but certainly not a guarantor. What it means, fan-wise, is that it give us Steeler fans a reason to boast, and it makes Philadelphia fans look like stupid douches when they still won't shut up even after their team was demoralized.
2004-12-21 10:33:09 AM  
I've been saying the Steelers are the team to beat since the beginnning of the season. Steelers are a very well run franchise and have a powerhouse offense. Jets still suck.
2004-12-21 10:34:03 AM  
T.O. is out for the season. AHAHahaha! Enjoy the Todd Pinkston short arm extravaganza. Atlanta is going to eat your lunch Have a nice day.
2004-12-21 10:34:41 AM  
This is NFL news, not college basketball.

[image from too old to be available]

Much overdue.

/Maryland student
//Still thinks Duke rules.
2004-12-21 10:35:13 AM  
Hey Porcelina...

You can have Vinny Testaverde. He's not bad...usually completes a high number of passes.

Whats that? Oh...he usually throws to the wrong team? My bad.

/Cowboys fan that is sick of the turnovers
2004-12-21 10:35:26 AM  
And the Bostonians reply in typical form:


Seriously, they'll start that chant on any occasion.

/it's wicked cold today
2004-12-21 10:36:19 AM  

It's not an indicator of playoff success. What is this whole thread even about? The Dolphins just beat a talented, well-coached team. What does that mean for the playoffs? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Can't wait to see your rookie in the playoffs.
2004-12-21 10:36:35 AM  

Man, I can't believe that there are some Jets fans in the thread!

I can't believe there are actually Pats fans in this thread!!

What a pathetic showing last night. Haha.
2004-12-21 10:36:40 AM  
We should make Pinkston a cliche
2004-12-21 10:38:43 AM  
the steelers beat a pats team that was without corey dillon and ty law (for most of the game). the steelers won, no doubt, but it was against a different team than the one they'll, hopefully, see in a playoff rematch. it'll be alot of fun.
2004-12-21 10:40:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 10:41:42 AM  
Steelers are a team to be respected, Jet are just lame.
2004-12-21 10:43:08 AM  
handsome pete The location of playoff games are determined by record. The team in each conference with the best record gets to play its playoff games at home. I figured you would know this. As such, the Patriot's loss puts the Steelers squarely in the driver's seat for home field advantage. Now, obviously this doesn't guarantee playoff success, but it is certainly an advantage. Hence, the term "Home Field advantage"

So that's why it's relevant in this thread.

Also, you'll have to wait a week to see Roethlisberger in the playoffs, since it's likely that the Steelers will earn a bye. We can't wait either!!! He hasn't really been that rattled, so we are all hoping he will be okay, especially since the starting running back and primary deep threat should be back by then.
2004-12-21 10:44:51 AM  
From a Colts fan:


[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 10:47:21 AM  

No thanks.. we've already suffered through one Dallas cast-off (damn Jimmy Johnson) and nearly had to suffer from another Florida university cast-off (damn Spurrier - thank you for going elsewhere). No need to damn us to complete hell it with a combination U Miami/Dallas cast-off.

We'll take Parcells though...
2004-12-21 10:49:17 AM  
The Redskins are going to pwn the Cowboys this coming week, mark my words. D###

2004-12-21 10:50:15 AM  
As a (long suffering) Jets fan, I never thought I'd say it, but, "Go Fins!"

Woke up the baby with my cheer when Brady was shown for what he really is - a medoicre QB behind a solid team, instead of the second coming as the sportscasters have been spouting.

Besides, the NFL has moved on. Rothlisburger is their new Golden Haired Boy.

Steel can bend, but it doesn't break. They're the team to beat this year. Dynasty, schmynasty.
2004-12-21 10:54:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Go Skyhawks! I had season tickets, best five comedy shows I ever attended
2004-12-21 10:56:12 AM  
2004-12-21 10:36:40 AM Northern_Pike

We should make Pinkston a cliche

Here in Eagles Country, he is already a cliche :)

Way to go Dolphins!
2004-12-21 10:57:35 AM  

After having the year that they've had...and seeing the expressions on his face this year...I think Parcells is thinking he'd rather be anywhere than where he is currently at.

So you may get what you want. Not likely...but anything is possible.
2004-12-21 10:58:07 AM  
Steelers will fold in the playoffs like always because of Bill Cowher's ineptness. Home field advantage? Three times the Steelers under Cowher have made it to the AFC title game. All three times have been at home. Lost ALL THREE. Almost as pathetic as those Iggles.

Bill Cowher is the Peyton Manning of coaches...great regular season numbers but lays down a big deuce come playoff time.
2004-12-21 11:02:23 AM  
2004-12-21 09:44:40 AM nothingyet



How's that Minneappolis accent?

I'll take my Boston anyday over the hayseed town you live in.

What Minneapolis accent do you speak of?? The people in this part of the country sound just like every major news anchor in the country. The Midwest dialect is accepted as the national standard for American English.

/Nobody sounds like the people in the movie Fargo
//Why dont you go and "pak your ca"
///Not flame...just the truth.
2004-12-21 11:05:52 AM  
All the talk about accents from different parts of the could be worse people.

You could be from WV.

I once had a guy from London tell me that it was ME who had the accent.

And I'm from the Eastern Panhandle. I can only imagine if I were from the southern part. Sweet Jebus...that'd be horrible.
2004-12-21 11:06:19 AM  
Screw all of you - HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!!! Wooooooooooohoooooo

/anyone want to trade a kicker for Jerry Jones? He can even be the third string kicker we will do it!
2004-12-21 11:08:43 AM  
Great win. Congrats, Dolphins fans.
2004-12-21 11:09:34 AM  
/anyone want to trade a kicker for Jerry Jones?

Yeah, but Just_Dan, he was sooooo proud about his stadium proposal winning on election day. He won't leave now.

Glad to be back in NYC metro and away from Crazy Jerry and his Wild Ride of Football.
2004-12-21 11:11:19 AM  

Correct you are. Although I still think the Pittsburgh accent is more hideous.

/Steeler fan from North Central WV
2004-12-21 11:12:37 AM  
As a Steelers fan, I've got two words for all you Patriots Fans...

Extreme Shrinkage

I know if my team was one of the favorites to make it to the AFC Championship Game (AKA: Super Bowl XXXIX) and I just lost to the now 3-11 Dolphins in a nationally televised game with big playoff seeding implications, I would be experiencing the above noted condition as well.

Go Steelers! Duke sucks. Patriots suck, but hell, how can you not love the Red Sox?
2004-12-21 11:16:43 AM  
I feel sorry for the Chargers. They put up a good fight during the season and will lose during the first game of the playoffs.

/still remembers marty ball
2004-12-21 11:18:22 AM  
As a Rams fan still upset about SuperBowl Whateveritwas, I really hope the Pats choke.

I'm pulling for Pittsburgh.

Because I respect the Pirates as worthwhile NLC adversaries.
2004-12-21 11:19:53 AM  
Wow, first the Chiefs hand Denver their arses on a platter, and now this. What a screwy weekend of football.
2004-12-21 11:20:09 AM  
I'm a Patriots fan, but I have to say, watch out for the Colts, Steelers fans. The Patriots have the utmost respect for the Colts offense, but I think the Steelers, may not know what they are getting into. The Colts offense is dangerous and if they start a shootout against Pittsburgh, Manning will show that rookie QB how to play.
2004-12-21 11:20:57 AM  
I agree AcornMan. And Dallas lost to Philly.

Wait a minute...that was expected, wasn't it?

Ah well...
2004-12-21 11:21:41 AM  
Flan oh, that's right, the new stadium! I dont think anyone told him it was for football though because he keeps hiring baseball players. WTF?!
2004-12-21 11:25:21 AM  


1995 AFC Championship Game

Pittsburgh 20 Indianapolis Pittsburgh

You may remember that they played Dallas in the Super Bowl. Neil O'Donnell was the Cowboy's MVP, hitting a wide open Larry Brown twice for interceptions.

/yes, still bitter
//Go Steelers
2004-12-21 11:30:33 AM  
As a Pats fan I have to say that display last night was pathetic. Harrison made 2 big penalties on the defense. Most of Brady's intercepts were caused by bad decisions. He should have thrown at least 3 of those balls away rather than trying to force the play. The offensive play calling sucked. Thier running game was working great but they kept throwing the ball even in running situations. A really good team would have blown them out last night.
2004-12-21 11:31:42 AM  
Go Steelers!

Think the offensive coordinator for the Pats spent too much time in South Bend last week?
2004-12-21 11:33:54 AM  
Jets will win.
2004-12-21 11:34:05 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

We still have a chance. Started 1-7 and we still have a chance. Damn the NFC is bac.
2004-12-21 11:34:44 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 11:53:22 AM  
Did the Colts, in 1995, have the league's best QB(Yards, YPA, TDs, QB Rating), the league's best RB (Yards), the league's best receivers (All three will have 1000 yards and 10 TDs a piece), the best Defensive End (15 sacks), the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL History, as an offense score more points than any other team this season, and as a team lead the league in takeaways (+20 spread on takeaways, giveaways)?

No... but you guys have Big Ben! The Colts have a great enough offense to make the Steelers defense look like a JV team, and a good enough defense (finally) to make Big Ben look like Eli. Let the Bus run. The Colts showed the Ravens last week what happens when you let your running back get 100 yards... you don't score any points. And I seriously doubt the Steelers D is as good as the Ravens.
2004-12-21 11:54:49 AM  
Even after a couple of super bowl wins, I still cannot take seriously a team with such a stupid looking helmet logo.
2004-12-21 11:57:43 AM  
The Colts are the Eagles of the AFC... they always choke. I'd pick the Chargers over those guys.
2004-12-21 11:58:39 AM  


2004-12-21 12:00:57 PM  
The funny thing about the Colts choking is that it's never pressure from the local press. Where as I hear Philly press always is so critical of them and blasts them all the time, local press here always supports the Colts. All the pressure the Colts seem to be getting about choking in the playoffs is coming from outside the state, which is why you really never hear Indy fans talking about it. We never really hear the term "Colts" and "choking" in the same sentence.
2004-12-21 12:04:15 PM  

"/Nobody sounds like the people in the movie Fargo
//Why dont you go and "pak your ca"
///Not flame...just the truth."

Nobody? So did the Cohen Brothers just make that up?
...and not everyone in these parts sounds like the people in the movie Good Will Hunting either. Some do, sure. But most of us don't.
2004-12-21 12:05:30 PM  
The Colts offense is really impressive. But that offense has compiled a lot of good stats against a lot of teams that can't stop the pass. And they haven't played a lot of games outdoors on grass in bad weather. They will probably have to win in Foxboro and Pittsburgh in January to get to the Super Bowl this year- no small feat. I think the Colts give the Steelers serious matchup problems, especially with Pittsburgh's defensive injuries, but the Steelers have beaten some good freaking teams this year. I would be surprised if it was a blowout either way.
2004-12-21 12:08:18 PM  
"Pressure, meet Mr. Brady; Mr. Brady, Pressure."

Brady is second rate when these two meet.

T.O. is down and the Pats have lost homefield...
Merry XMas to me!
2004-12-21 12:11:03 PM  
Atlanta vs Jets in the Superbowl!
2004-12-21 12:12:40 PM  
The Midwest dialect is accepted as the national standard for American English.

I believe that the Midwest, along with much of the nation, has accepted the standard Mid-Atlantic accent. We've been speaking English around here a hell of a lot longer than you.
2004-12-21 12:15:48 PM  
Pavia, bad there. I thought that game was in Indy.

That'd be a fun rematch to watch this year. The Unstoppable Force vs. The Immovable Object.

Looking at the games, all the "elite" teams posted a mulligan this past weekend. Pittsburgh almost beaten by Eli? Philly only 12 points against the Cowboys? Brady throwing 4 picks and the Pats D giving up a a couple long TD drives to AJ Feeley?

/That's more mulligans than my normal round of golf
2004-12-21 12:16:34 PM  

Nobody? So did the Cohen Brothers just make that up?
...and not everyone in these parts sounds like the people in the movie Good Will Hunting either. Some do, sure. But most of us don't.

I will retract the Nobody comment. There are a few small areas up in extreme northern Minnesota and parts of Canada where people talk like that.

Also good to know that you don't all sound like Ted Kennedy clones.
2004-12-21 12:18:25 PM  
kasarul: Brady is second rate when these two meet.

soo... the man wins two Super Bowl MVP awards (in two of the best, most competitive Super Bowls in history), and you claim that he can't handle the pressure when the busted secondary is what lost the game for New England?
2004-12-21 12:26:34 PM  

Ahh you broken record you. I seem to recall the Pats beating the J-E-T-SJETSJETSJETS earlier this season. Right around the same time Tom Gordon decided he didn't want to be a major league pitcher anymore:D
2004-12-21 12:27:40 PM  
And I seriously doubt the Steelers D is as good as the Ravens.

Uhhh... Steelers D is #1 in the NFL, ask anybody. What was that again? Right.
2004-12-21 12:32:44 PM  
why the steelers will beat the patriots, if the patriots don't get knocked out first:

power running game.

NE is weak against it, and I've heard PIT is ok at it somewhere.

SD and IND are worse matchups for PIT than NE is. easily.
2004-12-21 12:32:54 PM  

You should remember that the Pats barely won that game and should note they are coming off of a short week after a loss to the freakin dolphins and, of course, the Jets have not lost a homegame this year with Chad at QB while NE has lost both its games on the road.

You should also have respect for the run-on sentence and a defense that has held 7 shutouts in the second half and the brilliant goalline stance against the Seahawks.
2004-12-21 12:34:21 PM  
People sure make a lot of assumptions after one game.

Go Pats!!!
2004-12-21 12:38:12 PM  
Yeah! What JimmyThrash said!

Plus, out of the Jets four losses, two were against division leaders, and the other two were against wild card contenders.
2004-12-21 12:38:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Pro football teams from Florida with orange jerseys r teh sux.
2004-12-21 12:38:46 PM  
aren't stereotypes a beautiful thing? yah. fer sher.
FYI - nobody sounds like the Kennedys except the Kennedys. it's a gene you have to be born with. they have there own dialect down theyah in hyannispawt.

go pats!
2004-12-21 12:40:10 PM  
That's because only 2 other teams have been beaten by the Dolphins.

Steelers will roll over the Pats just like they did in the first game, regardless of who is present on the Patriots team.
2004-12-21 12:48:45 PM  
"kasarul: Brady is second rate when these two meet.

soo... the man wins two Super Bowl MVP awards (in two of the best, most competitive Super Bowls in history), and you claim that he can't handle the pressure when the busted secondary is what lost the game for New England?"

Quarterback pressure, not life pressure. As in, he folds under a consistant pass rush which was proven yet again last night...
Also, the Pats secondary can't hold it's way to another Superbowl win as this time, the Refs will be watching.
2004-12-21 12:55:06 PM  
Multiple Man

Don't make me hurt you. Some of us folks that have lived in San Diego our whole lives (who ELSE would be a Charger fan) are hoping our days in the sun will atleast go past the first Wild Card game.

Think my teams got a chance....partly because NOBODY on national TV is talking about them...I'm really curious to see how we match up against Indy this weekend...

This just in....a Charger win and a Jets win gives us a good shot at a first round bye....

//it's good to have dreams
2004-12-21 01:02:46 PM  

hows this for a dream?: a Jets win this week and a win against the Rams and a Pats loss against the 49ers (this is were the dreaming comes in) might give the Jets the AFC East.

(it would come down to strength of victory, and I'm not sure how that shakes out)
2004-12-21 01:03:40 PM  
Great ballgame last night. As soon as the second half started and that Dolphin's turnover on the reverse, I just had this feeling that Mee-ami would pull this out.
You gotta love MNF, all records are moot. Three cheers for parity!

/go Vikings
//don't collapse again
2004-12-21 01:05:18 PM  
You biatchez need to know- Pats all the way... AGAIN.
and again...
and again...

Us New Englanders crap out championship trophies for poo.
2004-12-21 01:07:26 PM  
2004-12-21 12:26:34 PM strangeffect


Ahh you broken record you. I seem to recall the Pats beating the J-E-T-SJETSJETSJETS earlier this season. Right around the same time Tom Gordon decided he didn't want to be a major league pitcher anymore:D

And this is why Boston fans are the most annoying. The topic could be about groceries, and yet they find a way to incorporate the Yankees into a conversation. You guys have middle child syndrome.

You won once. Hooray?
2004-12-21 01:09:12 PM  

I like your dream because it doesn't interfere with mine.

Hey, aren't we slated to play you guys in the first Wild Card game the way it stands right now?

Maybe we can carry over the momentum we started to gain in the fourth quarter of our last meeting...that game was feeble.
2004-12-21 01:10:34 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 01:10:48 PM  
If the Jets win out, and the Pats lose the rest, I think they still win the AFC east due to their record against common opponents or something like that.

I was wondering that myself last night, but has already given them the division.

2004-12-21 01:11:04 PM  
Jimmy and Flan

Regardless of what happens, I'm still not even halfway through my post-superbowl grace period. It's just great watching Smooky get excited.

and much love for the runon sentence
2004-12-21 01:13:20 PM  

Steelers will fold in the playoffs like always because of Bill Cowher's ineptness. Home field advantage? Three times the Steelers under Cowher have made it to the AFC title game. All three times have been at home. Lost ALL THREE. Almost as pathetic as those Iggles.

Bill Cowher is the Peyton Manning of coaches...great regular season numbers but lays down a big deuce come playoff time.

Odd. I seem to remember one time when we went to the Super Bowl, played the Cowboys, were expected to lose hard, and only did because our QB threw some HORRID interceptions.

The thing that ever person talking smack needs to remember is this:


Can the Steelers at their best beat the Patriots at their worst this year? Sure. We've seen that. Can the Patriots at their best beat the Steelers at their worst? Not a doubt in my mind.

We'll see you in the championship at Hienz Field, guys. It's been a fun season.
2004-12-21 01:16:39 PM  

Third best game Ive watched all year (First two were steelers beating the pats and then the eagles).

As soon as they lost I told my friends that all yall patriot fans would whine instead of being able to take it like men. Just like when you lost to pittsburgh and did nothing more than whine about injuries. Its a team game, one man shouldnt make a difference! (Unless its a QB, but ya know, we had our first 2 QBs sidelined because of injuries).
2004-12-21 01:20:59 PM  
You know UncleFriendly, I'm pretty sure it IS the Midwest accent that is used in the "announcer voice." Most newspeople today copy David Brinkley's style, and even though he was from the South (one of the Carolinas, maybe?), I remember distinctly reading an obituary about him that said that as a young reporter, network execs made him lose the twang and adopt a Midwest accent.

And I can't believe people are seriously considering the Saints for a playoff berth. They wanted Haslett's and Brooks' heads on a pike a couple of weeks ago, the OWNER called the team a disgrace, and now they have a legitimate shot. Gotta love the wild ride, but I hate parity.
2004-12-21 01:35:45 PM  

I wonder how that works out. IF (and odds are entirely against it) the Jets win out the next 2 and the Pats lose, they will have the same overall record, the same division record and the same record against common opponents. The Jets with loses to the Ravens and Bills whom the Pats swept and the Pats with loses to the 49ers and Phins whom the Jets swept. It must come down to strength of victory, but for this pipe dream to happen the pats would have beaten more teams with winning records and lost to the more teams with terrible records. I guess the Jets played the 3 other last place teams in the AFC from 2003 while the Pats played the top 3.
2004-12-21 01:38:07 PM  
farkers cost me $750... I hate miami.
2004-12-21 01:48:53 PM  

I thought Yankee fans were Giants fans, not Jets fans. Except when the Giants suck. Just like Yankee fans are Yankee fans, except when the Yankees suck, in which case they leave the game early because they have to go home to remove sand from their vaginas. Like Smooky has to right now.

That said, Pats choked last night, culminating in Brady throwing away the football for a turnover. Big whoop. They might not win the Super Bowl. Jets might win (less likely). Steelers might win (perfectly possible). Falcons might win, who knows.
2004-12-21 01:54:33 PM  
I'm a Pats fan, and i have to say, we really sucked last night. For some reason brady never plays well against miami, but we'll bounce back from this. Brady will know better to throw a pass like that again.
2004-12-21 02:20:16 PM  
This NFL season is so fascinating. Even the top teams are vulnerable--the crappiest teams play them down to the wire.

Brady pulled a Favre, indeed. I don't thik this will happen in the playoffs, though.
2004-12-21 02:25:58 PM  

You guys might basically go to the Super Bowl this year!
2004-12-21 02:27:55 PM  

Just wanted you to have a frame of reference for the last time you made a prediction;)
2004-12-21 02:44:21 PM  
The salary cap helped football immeasurably; now any team has a shot at the Superbowl with great coaching and a handful of key players.
2004-12-21 02:49:36 PM  
We Hate Sunderland!

/Oops, wrong bloody Football
2004-12-21 03:13:55 PM  

I am hoping the Jets face SD over the Colts. Im not so sure the Jets can keep up with the ridiculous scoring. While the Jets D is good, slowing down Payton in Indi is gonna be tough.
2004-12-21 04:32:19 PM  
Big deal. They lost a game. They played like shiat and they deserved to lose.

They're still going to the play-offs and they have a very good chance of bringing another Superbowl home to the greatest state in the union.

Some of you people need to get a grip.

Especially Smookyfufu, whiney little biatch that he is.

/Go Patriots.
2004-12-21 05:06:17 PM  

Go Jets!
2004-12-21 05:46:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 07:25:59 PM  

I'm just glad to see that somebody other than me remembers the ol' Raleigh/Durham Skyhawks. I loved the old World League. The football might have not been that great, but they had some awesome jerseys and helmetcam. How can you not love helmetcam?! Of course the Skyhawks ran off to become the Ohio Glory after that dismal first season but who can blame them?
2004-12-21 07:37:33 PM  
It's about time someone figured how to rip that patchwork secondary apart. It says something when one of your wide receivers leads the team in interceptions.

Brady is now 1-2 in stupid "throw from your ass" passes. Bledsoe heaved some stupid ones in his day, but last night's deserves its own "dumbass" tag.

Without Law & Dillon, Pats go nowhere.


Poor little popgun Chad's got sand in his vagina because the NY media is picking on him because he can't win the big one.

I didn't think I could hate Notre Dame more than I did before they selected their new head coach.

Definitely looking forward to a Steelers-Pats rematch. If it's at Heinz, so be it.
2004-12-21 09:48:03 PM  
The patriots got their asses whupped last night, but everyone is acting like they went from 12-2 to 2-12. Even the 98 *cheater* Broncos went 1-2 in the last 3 games after going 13-0, and it seems like they did pretty well in the SB.
2004-12-21 09:57:36 PM  
"2004-12-21 09:38:23 AM kcm


Screw Boston and that nasty sounding accent. Whenever I hear a Bostonian speak it makes me cringe.

try pittsurgh. it's like boston, but uneducated."

I see no captialization and a misspelling in only seven words. Who's uneducated?

Go Steelers!
2004-12-21 10:07:32 PM  
Most people who live in, and around Boston do not have much of any accent. Anyone who thinks that everyone up here sounds like that is very ignant.

Um, reality check folks: The Pats have an incredible record this year. This loss will give them the slap in the face that will get them focused and back on track.

2004-12-21 10:13:13 PM  
As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I offer the following condolence to Patriots fans:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA the NFC, we'd still be in contention. But for now, my fellow fans, enjoy it. This was our Super Bowl and we won. Maybe next year...
2004-12-22 12:53:57 AM  
Tom Brady definitely took a whole chapter from The Brett Favre Li'l Junior Gunslinger Primer last night. Not an overall indication of his consistency, by any stretch. So, to Mr. Brady - we'll see you again back in Ketchup Park in a few weeks, and you should have enough time to get your shiznit together between now and then.

BTW, is anyone forgetting the fact that the Steelers have had HUGE injury problems all year? Might not seem that way on the surface, but think about it: OG Simmons, NT Hampton, RB Staley, WR Burress, CB Scott, LB Bell, and yes - even QB Maddox. I mean, what if Roethlisberger sucked or got hurt? It could be a Charlie Batch Christmas special. Scary. Roethlisberger's numbers will vastly improve with Plax back in the lineup (as much as I hate Burress' attitude).

Regardless, the Steelers are deeper than anyone going into the playoffs, save maybe the Pats. Your AFC title game will be more exciting than the Big One unless Janet Jackson dry-humps a retarded kid in a gorilla suit this year.

/double-yoi, Cope fans
//CHI TV sucks: no PIT-BAL game on cable this week
2004-12-22 09:38:01 AM  
I'd love to see Janet dry-hump a retarded kid in a gorilla suit. I'd pay to see that.
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