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(Excite) NewsFlash Package with toxic substances sent to Tony Blair, Scottish legislator.   ( ) divider line
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2788 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Mar 2002 at 6:24 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-01 06:27:12 PM  
Of course everyone will say it's Al Qaida and couldn't possibly be the IRA or anything.
2002-03-01 06:27:27 PM  
That also wasn't as bad as I thought. Why the News Flashes?
2002-03-01 06:28:33 PM  
BIG DEAL!!!!!!
2002-03-01 06:29:11 PM  
stop that stuff Harmonia!
2002-03-01 06:29:58 PM  
...Tony Blair AND a Scottich Legislator

jeebus, clarity factor increased ^25

IRA isn't in this at all. It's home grown freaks, not Al Qaida. IRA doesn't generally go after the Scots.
2002-03-01 06:30:55 PM  
Oh no!

do you mean that all this money they're wasting on extra security hasn't completely eliminated danger and evildoing in our world.

cause i thought that's what was supposed to happen
2002-03-01 06:31:24 PM  
the commonwealth heads of government meeting thing is about 30 minutes drive from my parents place

but they didn't do it. honest.
2002-03-01 06:31:45 PM  
Has Harmonia been at it again?!
2002-03-01 06:35:51 PM  
Thats lame and all, but it is Friday. We could use some boobies here. No one seem to appreciate my Briney pics showing it is again. They are there just camo-ed because the dress is also nipple color...​g
2002-03-01 06:44:56 PM  
Hartfrog, I think you're right; there seems to be a semblance of a nip there.
2002-03-01 06:51:09 PM  
Aw, come on guys I can't see the nip!!! :( Please help me someone for the love of Drew this cannot go on any longer!!!
2002-03-01 06:54:00 PM  

move slowly away from the monitor, take a look behind you - it's Friday night out there. Friday nights sometimes mean real boobies.
2002-03-01 07:01:23 PM  
couldn't possibly be the IRA or anything.

Well I suppose it could be....
All IRA members imprisoned for blowing people up have now been released in accordance with the Peace settlement of 1997.

You never can tell when you have over 450 convicted murderers and sworn enemy of the state on the loose.
No, you never can tell can you?
2002-03-01 07:01:27 PM  
I'm married Lilac...
Old and married...will be 29 in october. Plus Im here at work till 6 PST...
Can you be nice please.
2002-03-01 07:02:17 PM  
Heres all 5 pics​l
The right one (your left) seems to be the one to concentrate on
2002-03-01 07:02:58 PM  
Goddamnit! It mutated their faces!
2002-03-01 07:26:21 PM  
Scottish legislator? Oh, I see... the article mentioned Scotland Yard so that was a joke. or was it?
2002-03-01 07:34:14 PM  
Dang. That picture is ... disturbing.
2002-03-01 07:50:02 PM  
Are we sure the package wasn't just English food?
2002-03-01 08:09:31 PM  
You beat me to it, Even.
2002-03-01 08:12:25 PM  
03-01-02 07:01:27 PM Hartfrog

Oh alright then.
2002-03-01 08:18:25 PM  
For whatever reason, foreign terrorists seem to prefer the grand gesture, versus mailing used tampons and whatnot, which has time and again been shown to be the MO of domestic weirdoes. This is hardly a newsflash ... unless my junk mail starts spewing molecular acid at me. Jeez. Someone needs to moderate those Farking tags better.
2002-03-01 09:22:11 PM  
2002-03-01 09:33:29 PM  
Do some Brits have a beef with Australia? Blair was attending a summit there and was sent '"caustic substances" disguised as eucalyptus oil'.
2002-03-02 05:39:29 AM  
"Toxic substances"? What, did he get a free sample of Drano in the mail?
2002-03-02 10:29:53 AM  
CaptainFunk; essentially, yes. Some pissed-up sweaty sent sixteen packages of 'aromatherapy oil' to various no-mark politicians (and Tony Blair's wife) which actually contained drain cleaner.
2002-03-02 10:51:01 AM  
Dammit! That was meant for Harmonia, damn UK postal service!
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