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(eBay)   Actual water Elvis drank from onstage, 2/21/1977   ( divider line
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21882 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2004 at 3:34 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-20 11:51:02 AM  
Actual water he drank? So... that would be what, urine?
2004-12-20 11:53:16 AM  
Damn, beat me to it
2004-12-20 11:58:24 AM  
Maybe backwash?
2004-12-20 12:00:30 PM  
Holy water for Elvis-o-philes....methinks I may have to follow this auction for a couple of days, see what the bidding madness looks like....
2004-12-20 12:01:06 PM  
One word:

Isn't Elvis looking a little thin in that picture,
she says her Elvis cup is in.
Elvis died August 16, 1977 and he was over weight.
I know this because it was on the internets.
2004-12-20 12:02:27 PM  

He looks a little hefty in the pictures. Not huge though.
2004-12-20 12:02:55 PM  
i have a styrofoam cup that i drank water out of this morning how much do you think i'll get??
2004-12-20 12:03:21 PM  
Fat Elvis era or thin elvis era?
2004-12-20 12:03:29 PM  
I live not to far from Belmont, I'll have to go check that out...
2004-12-20 12:04:34 PM  
My prediction: In 2000 years this will be the Holy Grail of the Church of Elvis.
2004-12-20 12:05:25 PM  
No in the main picture he looks "alot" thinner than the others.

I'm calling shenanigans.
2004-12-20 12:06:18 PM  
If it's on eBay, it must be true!
2004-12-20 12:09:25 PM  
A hundred bucks? That's almost a whole payment on the double-wide.
2004-12-20 12:23:00 PM  
I have a wad of gum that Elvis chewed and then gave to Britney Spears who also chewed it.
2004-12-20 12:24:03 PM  
I don't think the call of shenanigans is valid. Elvis would do a bunch of amphetamines to lose weight for touring, and he also wore a girdle. His weight fluctuated a good bit.
2004-12-20 12:26:01 PM  
Elvis sweat. He was in full production mode late in his career.
2004-12-20 12:31:41 PM  
Common sense has left the building.
2004-12-20 12:33:04 PM  
Ummm, it's the water that Elvis didn't drink.
Believeable story though.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to attend to the monkeys flying out of my ass.
2004-12-20 03:37:02 PM  
20-some-odd posts and no pics of cameltoe Elvis yet?

2004-12-20 03:37:15 PM  
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to attend to the monkeys flying out of my ass."

How much for two?
2004-12-20 03:38:31 PM  
Was the water in his pelvis?
2004-12-20 03:38:37 PM  
What? No image of the virgin mary in it?

/Not interested unless she's making an appearance.
2004-12-20 03:39:58 PM  
No, you guys, this operates on the same principle as homeopathy.

You know, gullible people buy worthless water.
2004-12-20 03:40:35 PM  
Meh. You'll see this go up to $10,000.00 sometime this week...and then all the bids will be cancelled accept for 1 or 2 and it'll sell for $10 to $20

I'll put this cup of water on the shelf next to my "ORIGINAL TITANIC OCEAN LINER STATEROOM PLATE AUTHENTIC".

2004-12-20 03:40:50 PM  
We can't go bidding on EBay, with suspicious water,
And we can't fill our dreams, by bidding on suspicious waaaaaaaa-ter ...

[image from too old to be available]

2004-12-20 03:41:39 PM  
I wouldn't touch it unless it had a burnt-toast jesus imprint on it...
2004-12-20 03:42:22 PM  
i wonder if he would do better by selling it in teaspoon-sized vials...
2004-12-20 03:42:30 PM  
ssssssoooooooo, can we clone hefty elvis from this spit bucket then? that might be worth a laughand a half.
2004-12-20 03:42:47 PM  
I put some Saran Wrap over the cup...put a rubber band around it..and placed it in the door of our deep freezer..

That, my friends, is simply brilliant.
2004-12-20 03:43:03 PM  
just a quick thought.

If it's water from '77 (considering that's close to 30 years ago) how the hell did he keep it from evaporating. Even in a fridge it would have all gone by now wouldn't it?
2004-12-20 03:43:43 PM  
Great, another stupid ebay acution that the news media will hype. The only end result we'll see is buying the cup for an obscene amount of money.
2004-12-20 03:43:53 PM  
I'd buy, maybe thereis some of that Elvis DNA.
2004-12-20 03:44:00 PM  
A-buay-by let me be,
Your little pee-pee bear;
Put a styrofoam cup in front of my wang,
And I'll fill it anywhere;
Oh let me be (oh let me be)
You pee-pee bear !
2004-12-20 03:44:12 PM  
$255 for about 2 ounces of water, a styrofoam cup, and a picture of elvis. Sounds like a bargain to me.
2004-12-20 03:44:40 PM  
Almost as creepy as that woman who rung Flea's undapants for sweat and drank it. Almost.
2004-12-20 03:45:37 PM  
My thoughts exactly! that water would've evaporated by now, and something tells me that this guy is blowing smoke up somebodies you know where!
2004-12-20 03:45:56 PM  
Holy christ I can't believe the crap some people will invent to sell on eBay.
Holy christ I can't believe the crap some people will bid on at eBay.
2004-12-20 03:46:03 PM  
I think I'm going to find some old crap from a thrift shop, put it on Ebay and say it's from someone famous.

This is the Star Trek III promotional cup from Burger King that Orson Wells drank out of one night. I fished it out of the trash can, and now it's for you to buy.
2004-12-20 03:47:00 PM  
I riddle you this.

I dip a styrofoam cup in the Atlantic Ocean.

I put some Saran Wrap over the cup and put a rubber band around it.

Can I legally sell this as the last water JFK Jr. drank?

Will is pass as Titanic Water?

More importantly, what is this worth?
2004-12-20 03:47:50 PM  
Water from the commode where Elvis spent his final minutes, now that would be worth something.
2004-12-20 03:48:07 PM  
I'm selling one of Elvis's pubic hairs if anyone is interested...
2004-12-20 03:48:35 PM  
Elvis... the other white meat.
2004-12-20 03:49:21 PM  
I'm 26 and a HUGE elvis fan but even I find that kind of creepy.
2004-12-20 03:50:39 PM  
I'd buy it!

2004-12-20 03:50:54 PM  
My advice to EBayer who buys this:

"Return to sender....address such such zone...."
2004-12-20 03:51:00 PM  

If it's water from '77 (considering that's close to 30 years ago) how the hell did he keep it from evaporating. Even in a fridge it would have all gone by now wouldn't it?

Just clicking through the photos at the bottom of the listing, the water appears to be in a sealed glass bottle, so I guess it's possible that could last 27 years. But there also appears to be a styrofoam cup included, I don't know what the hell that's all about.

/Didn't bother to read the whole listing because it's farking stupid.
2004-12-20 03:51:05 PM  
I heard he had a white turd hanging did someone get a hold of that?
2004-12-20 03:52:26 PM  
"If it's water from '77 (considering that's close to 30 years ago) how the hell did he keep it from evaporating. Even in a fridge it would have all gone by now wouldn't it?"

Good lord, someone was not paying attention in physics class...

/look up "sublimation" and get back to us later with a two page report
2004-12-20 03:53:09 PM  
but if the elvis dna gets into the wrong hands....
2004-12-20 03:53:15 PM  
My God how truly, truly disgusting that is. American celebrity idolatry makes me ill. Elvis was just a fat guy who sang gospel/rock, he was not a deity and should not be remembered as such.
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