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(Yahoo)   St. Peter's Basilica opens coffee bar, offers Body of Christ double mocha latte   ( divider line
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3726 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2004 at 2:50 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-20 10:19:00 AM  
As a Catholic, let me say that this is a very funny headline. Nice job!
2004-12-20 10:37:02 AM  
"The half-caf goat-milk with a splash of vanilla cappuccino of life, the cup of salvation."
2004-12-20 10:58:36 AM  
Indulgent cafe with a twist
Of cinnamon eucharist
Pardon me Frere Clerk you gotta
Gingerbread man with stigmata?
The Church of Latte a Day Saints
Ain't for those whose faith is faint.
2004-12-20 11:01:46 AM  
The latte of Christ compels you!
2004-12-20 11:13:15 AM  
The latte of Christ compels you!

2004-12-20 11:18:15 AM  
Nabb1 wins.
2004-12-20 11:48:00 AM  
I was there a couple months ago. It was the cheapest coffee I had in Rome.

That said...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-20 12:14:18 PM  
As a Catholic, that should have been "Body of Christ Biscotti". Aside from that, kudos to the idea!
2004-12-20 12:18:34 PM  
I've been there. All I wanted was a regular black coffee, but they didn't have any. I ended up overturning their cash registers and telling them to get out of my Father's gift shop.
2004-12-20 02:00:32 PM  
Cake Hunter...

Excellent! Very, very funny. thanks for the laffs, you too Nabb1.
2004-12-20 02:54:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-20 02:55:36 PM  
you sir are going to H#LL. I am right behind you laughing all the way. Bravo on a good headline.
2004-12-20 02:56:50 PM  
I saw this in August. It wasnt so bad - no neon signs or anything. I don't think my "Barista" got mad at me for ordering a frappachino either....
2004-12-20 03:02:22 PM  
Jesus did not drink coffee, I don't think it was invented yet back then. He did eat wine and bread and fish, so those should be the only things served at the Vatican.

2004-12-20 03:03:44 PM  
Just wait, there'll be tea shops at Mecca any day now.
2004-12-20 03:03:59 PM  
Yet another reason to go to the Vatican... the only place in the world that I can utilize all this Latin that I've learned in university. Doncha just love wasted education?
2004-12-20 03:05:26 PM  
Can you buy adult magazines, there, too?
2004-12-20 03:06:10 PM  
Was there 2 months ago, worst espresso I had in all of Italy. They also serve bad sandwiches too.
2004-12-20 03:06:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-20 03:10:33 PM  
Start your day off the holy way. Christ Chex!

/Thank you, Dane Cook
2004-12-20 03:16:36 PM  
Coincidentally, I had just read a diferent article on the trend of churches expanding their gift shop to raise money.

Apparently, the black panties inscribed with Yiddish sayings located next to the prayer shawls caused a bit of a stir at the Temple Beth Isreal's Hannukah bazaar in Fresno.
2004-12-20 03:19:17 PM  

Mega Mecca Mocha?
2004-12-20 03:25:58 PM  
Fluid, very nice.

It should also be located on Baca Laca Daca street.
2004-12-20 03:27:42 PM  
I bet they did it so nobody would fall asleep after communion again.
2004-12-20 03:34:58 PM  
Does the Cup of Salvation come in tall, grande or venti?
2004-12-20 03:37:46 PM  
The Catholic church's favorite radio show.....

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-20 03:44:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Moving in next door?
2004-12-20 03:46:22 PM  

Did the article mention that they sell the Da Vinci Code in the gift shop at the Last Supper museum/church? Was shocked to see that.
2004-12-20 04:00:58 PM  
What Would Jesus Drink?
2004-12-20 04:03:27 PM  
I thought Chock-Full-O-Nuts was the Heavenly coffee?
2004-12-20 04:04:19 PM  
2004-12-20 03:06:10 PM Green17

Was there 2 months ago, worst espresso I had in all of Italy. They also serve bad sandwiches too.

If you'd been paying attention, you'd realise that you weren't meant to eat the sandwich, you were meant to sell it on eBay. Did you not notice the face or something?
2004-12-20 04:06:32 PM  
Shouldn't it be Blood of Christ double mocha latte?

Unless it's like that crappy orbitz drink which sucked.
2004-12-20 04:07:09 PM  
No booze? Doesn't that make it wholly spirit-less?

/window, please
2004-12-20 04:08:03 PM  
Take this cappucino and drink from it...
2004-12-20 04:11:12 PM  
Mmmmmm.... holy coffee.
2004-12-20 04:12:05 PM  
2004-12-20 04:13:20 PM  
I'll have a venti, low-foam Popacchino, please.
2004-12-20 04:15:26 PM  
perhaps they could turn the Pope-mobile into a corner coffee cart?
2004-12-20 04:23:15 PM  
I always wondered why a so-called civilized religion practices ritual cannibalism on a weekly basis.

Eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their god? Sounds pretty weird to me. At least the santeria cult isn't pretending its another human they're eating.
2004-12-20 04:29:42 PM  
Green17: They also serve bad sandwiches too.

When the bread is made of communion wafers, the sandwich has gotta be bad. Relatively low carb, though.
2004-12-20 04:33:16 PM  
Very newsworthy
2004-12-20 04:37:21 PM  
I would have called it "Holy Grounds"

I guess this post is better Latte than never....

...all this week moses the barista will be turning his steam wand into a snake.
2004-12-20 04:59:28 PM  
Moooooney chaaaaanging! Come get your money changed! Right here in the Temple! It's so convenient it must be sinful!
2004-12-20 05:00:51 PM  

As a Catholic, that should have been "Body of Christ Biscotti". Aside from that, kudos to the idea!

I was thinking more along the lines of "Biscotti of Christ"....
2004-12-20 05:25:07 PM  
Was it in 3D?

2004-12-20 05:40:03 PM  
How about a Lazarus triple expresso for a pick-me-up?
2004-12-20 06:06:38 PM  
The blood of Christ is the latte, the body of Christ is the scone!
2004-12-20 06:17:16 PM  
Pope: this racket just isnt paying like it used to. what do we do?

Cardinals: starbucks!

Pope: you assholes! we cant call it starbucks! good idea though.
2004-12-20 06:38:31 PM  
they can't serve the blood of christ until they get their liquor license. I think they wanted to do beer & wine by the glass, with daily specials on the BoC margaritas.
2004-12-20 10:54:59 PM  
ha! Excellent M-G!

/where are all the Catholic bashers?

//mmmm... consecrated latte
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