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(Some shocked guy)   For some reason, Styx decided it would be a good idea to release a cover of "I Am the Walrus" in 2004. Amazingly, it doesn't suck   ( divider line
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18736 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2004 at 6:23 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-20 10:50:57 AM  
Ever hear this song and envision Spock doing a mind meld to it? "I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together..."
2004-12-20 10:59:18 AM  
Decent cover of a difficult song, though not particularly imaginative. Sucky video though.

/Yank who knows who Gowan is
/Criminal Mind
2004-12-20 10:59:46 AM  
At least they got the "goo goo ga joob" part right

//sick of morans who say "koo koo ka choo"
2004-12-20 11:06:06 AM  
chtorran asked.."How many members have to change before the band can't keep using the same name?"

Well I agree with you, but if you actually read the bio's ( believe it or not I did ) Chuck says because of his AIDS and Prostate cancer he isn't really part of the band anymore, just the occasional guest spot. So in essence there is only one original member with the band anymore.

Which begs the question, how many bands have NO original members in it anymore.
2004-12-20 11:14:04 AM  
This could have just as easily been streamed from WTP Public Access Channel 8. Awful cover (amounts to karaoke, nothing original added), accompanied by an awful video done on a My First Sony MovieMaker.

Not to mention that "I Am The Walrus" rates as one of the most over-covered songs in history. Even Jim Carey did a version, and it was better than this.
2004-12-20 11:14:17 AM  
doesn't suck?

It can't help but suck, given it's from the Beatles.

Most overhyped sack of crap band evah...
2004-12-20 11:15:45 AM  
i like the graphic of the eye crying to the lyric "i'm cryin'"

"Your lyrics lack subtlety! You can't just have your characters announce how they feel! This makes me feel angry!"
2004-12-20 11:17:33 AM  
Most over trolled thread ever
Ant [TotalFark]
2004-12-20 11:18:07 AM  

Ant: Or just a different personal preference? I don't like the Beatles but I tolerate them because so many other people apparently think they are worthwhile.

Nope. There's definitely something wrong with you. I'd have that looked at right away... Could be serious you know...
2004-12-20 11:18:35 AM  

And if you want a good Beatles cover, I give you: Joe Cocker - With a little help from my friends

Agree - and I'll add

Stevie Wonder: We Can Work It Out
U2: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Cornershop: Norwegian Wood
Michael Jackson: Come Together (surprisingly good)
Ray Charles: Eleanor Rigby
Phil Collins: Tomorrow Never Knows (another surprise)
2004-12-20 11:22:44 AM  
Who's heard Zappa's infamous 1988 band perform IAtW? Pretty farking cool.
2004-12-20 11:23:32 AM  
STYX IS THE GREATEST ROCK BAND EVER. Nobody can dispute that, and if you try, the God of Rock will smite you with a Styx riff from "Crystal Ball". Bam.
"I thought that they were angels, but much to my suprise, they climbed aboard their Starship and headed for the sky!"
Come on, the guy thinks he sees angels and then they turn out to be aliens!! Come on, that is the greatest idea for a song EVER!
2004-12-20 11:27:07 AM  
Apparently A Perfect Circle did a cover of "Imagine." Does anyone know how that sounds?

//Sorry for the threadjack. I'm done.
2004-12-20 11:28:23 AM  

Apparently A Perfect Circle did a cover of "Imagine." Does anyone know how that sounds?

It sucks ass.
2004-12-20 11:30:43 AM  
For the record, stating one's opinion does not constitute trolling simply because you don't agree with it.

In response to above comments:
After 25 years of studying music theory and direct experience my opinion of the Beatles is that musically they sucked ass, with the aforementioned exception of George Harrison who was at least creative and original in his work eventually.

It is unAmerican to not like the Beatles? They were prissy Brits for Chrissake! They were exactly what Styx was 20 years ago, what New Kids on the Block were 10 years ago, and what Britney is today. Bubblegum shlock designed to keep the average American stupid and poor. Wake TF up.
2004-12-20 11:37:19 AM  
BillDarryl: It sucks ass.

I figured as much, because while I enjoy quite a few songs on The Thirteenth Step, I just didn't see them covering Imagine.
2004-12-20 11:46:05 AM  
Good covers:

Faith No More - War Pigs (this cover got Michael Bordin the drumming gig when Sabbath reunited, before Bill Ward came back)

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Electric Hellfire Club - their Halloween album is full of good covers, notably "Highway to Hell," "Black no 1," and the theme from "Halloween."

Anthrax - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Megadeth - Anarchy in the U.K.

I honestly can't think of one Beatles' cover that I really like.

Except you-know-who doing Lucy in the sky...
2004-12-20 11:47:18 AM  
For sheer cheese factor, that video's right up there with the best of Shatner and Hasslehoff. Badbadbadbad.....
2004-12-20 11:47:42 AM  
Oasis did it better five years ago.
2004-12-20 11:47:54 AM  
when i saw them live this year sometime they played that, along with jimi hendrix's manic depresion and a ray charles song. all the three covers rocked.
2004-12-20 11:50:19 AM  
That is the freakin best news I've heard in a long long time!
2004-12-20 11:50:59 AM  
Don't forget the Boingo version.

/nothing to comment here, just liked that version.
2004-12-20 11:55:11 AM  
Let's forget the Oasis version. In fact, let's forget Oasis ever happened. I did, until I read this thread. If there was ever a band to rival my hatred of Creed, it's them. I would rather listen to Dio singing while licking the arse of the gentleman pummeling my groin than listen to Oasis.
2004-12-20 12:00:33 PM  
Being from Chicago makes Styx not totally suck. Cover wasn't THAT bad, but I'm not running out to buy the album.

In related cover song news, I am partial to The Breeders' cover of "Happiness is a Warm Gun." Bang, bang, shoot, shoot.

This is not the best comment thread on FARK, this is only a tribute...
2004-12-20 12:06:56 PM  
BillDaryl & Atrus

It's APC. It's guaranteed to suck ass.

In other news... "shut the fook up, Donny, V.I. Lenin! Vladamir Ilyich Ulyanov!"
2004-12-20 12:12:47 PM  

chtorran asked.."How many members have to change before the band can't keep using the same name?"

I saw Styx last year, there were 2+ founding members playing(Tommy Shaw should really be three, hejoined before there success 30 years ago).

Which begs the question, how many bands have NO original members in it anymore.

The famous example is Pink Floyd; they have not had an original member for at least 20 years.
2004-12-20 12:15:40 PM  
For old dudes (ok not all of them are old) they can still put on a good show of music. Not noise, but music that can be enjoyed and a show that is entertaining.
2004-12-20 12:26:12 PM  
You can't cover crap and make it sound good.

/never liked the Beatles.
2004-12-20 12:27:10 PM  
Funny to watch a bunch of Farkers who were nohing but a gleam in their daddy's eye when the original was released talk about how bad this "cover" (what ever the fark that means) sucks.

And I was told yesterday that there aren't any hippies anymore.
2004-12-20 12:27:38 PM  
If you don't like the Beatles, there is something wrong with you.
2004-12-20 12:28:37 PM  
I agree 100% with marsilies about Fountains of Wayne's cover of Bay One More Time. Actually makes it sound like a good song. Well, I guess it is a good song. Britney made it craptacular.
2004-12-20 12:30:35 PM  
The Oasis cover is one of the best Beatle covers I have ever heard (other than Ryfas Wainright's Across the Universe.)
2004-12-20 12:31:44 PM  
I like the fact that one of 'em was wearing a "The Darkness" t-shirt...
2004-12-20 12:32:18 PM  
Jim Carrey did the song well, too.

/Digs the Oingo Boingo and Zappa versions better than this pap...
2004-12-20 12:33:46 PM  
Oasis did it MUCH better... and who are the Styx? I guess I should say who were the Styx?
2004-12-20 12:33:48 PM  
Suckage confirmed. it's like a Spinal Tap joke that went too far.
is it in dubly stereo?
2004-12-20 12:34:34 PM  
I simply like the fact that some old farks seem to have a minor hit on their hands. Is this the greatest song ever? No, but that's not my point.

Freakin' Asslee Simpson and Hillary Duff Beer and every other lip-syncing fourteen-year-old singing songs written by "The Matrix" and produced by teams of dozens of prefessionals- meh.

At least in the 80's, weird shiat would come out of your radio once in a while by bands or artists everybody thought were dead. "That was then, this is now" by The Monkees. "On the Wings of a Nightingale" by the Everly Brothers. Tina Turner's career. Like 'em or not, at least once in a freaking while you'd actually be SURPRISED when a song was being intro'd by a DJ, "Hey, guess what! We've got a new song by...".

Now stations (especially in big cities) are too afraid to play anything not on their list of 50 songs Clear Channel's focus groups have tested and approved.

Friggin' Bangles had a new album out a couple years ago. Mostly crap, but one song was excellent. Heard it? No. 'Cuz they're old broads, and 15 year old boys would rather watch Avril Lagrange pretend to play guitar or pretend to be homeless. Did you hear the new Soft Cell cover of "The Night" last year? No, couldn't get past the new Jimmy Eat World album.

Friggin' kids nowadays. Meh, I say! Use the damn intranets to find some good damn music! Stop listening to shiat just because your friends do!

/off to TiVo "Bands Reunited" and yell at the neighborhood kids to get off my damn lawn
2004-12-20 12:36:07 PM  
There's this New Jersey cover band Yasgur's Farm that does an amazing job on this song, all the backward talking and stuff, comes off really well.
2004-12-20 12:41:40 PM  

/used to love Styx... when I was 10!
2004-12-20 12:41:52 PM  
Some personal favorite covers I haven't seen mentioned:

Marvin Gaye -- I heard it Through the Grapevine
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians -- A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
Elvis -- Blue Suede Shoes
Naked Eyes -- Always Something There to Remind Me

Good call on the Johnny Cash "Hurt", guys...
video ran a chill up my spine...creepy coolness!

/Styx Video irritated was barely tolerable. Still like "Renegade", "Babe", and "Show Me the Way" tho...

2004-12-20 12:42:07 PM  
Paul McCartney must be spinning in his grave
2004-12-20 12:45:00 PM  
What, no mention of Devo's (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction cover? They also did Are You Experienced?, which isn't bad. Best part is their changing "not necessarily stoned, but beautiful" to "not necessarily beautiful, but mutated." Ha.

I found FNM's War Pigs a little dull - not enough different than the original.

Trying to think fo some of the other covers I like but mostly coming up blank. Damn you, Monday morning! Opinions of cover songs are understandably even more subjective than for originals but here are a few folks may find interesting.

Husker Du - Eight Miles High
Foo Fighters - Down in the Park
Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Living Colour - Should I Stay or Should I Go
Love & Rockets - Ball of Confusion
Oingo Boingo - You Really Got Me
Butthole Surfers - American Woman
2004-12-20 12:45:55 PM  
I had the Mr Roboto tape when I was in 3rd grade, and in the inside cover it said "COMING SOON - MR ROBOTO: THE MOVIE!" There was a picture of a gold robot's head. I could hardly wait - I'd just seen The Black Hole with the scary floating red robot with spinning steel claws, not to mention The Empire Strikes Back, and here was a whole goddamned movie about robots coming out! Holy crap!

I'm still waiting, STYX.
2004-12-20 12:48:17 PM  
Got hundreds of Beatles covers, and never heard a particularly inventive cover of this, including Boingo or Oasis, because the original was too, well, original. Cool vid, though. But I see the lists and add five I like better:

Wilson Pickett (with Duane Allman) - Hey Jude
PM Dawn - Norwegian Wood
Eric Gales Band - I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Rod Stewart - Get Back (no, really)
Beastie Boys - I'm Down
2004-12-20 12:52:41 PM  
i like covers that dont sound exactly like the original!

take the Dead cover of anything by dylan

neil finn cover of billie jean (acoustic!)

I give this cover a 4 out of 10
2004-12-20 12:54:37 PM  
Whats with all you music hating bastards today. farking start your own band if you think this is so cheesy. Its farking work to do this shiat so shut the fark up.
2004-12-20 12:58:53 PM  
Surprisingly, Adam Sandler's cover of "Werewolves of London" on the Warren Zevon tribute CD ("Enjoy Every Sandwich") is pretty darn good. Too bad Steve Earle's take on "Reconsider Me" is so rotten.

my all time favorite covers:
Crazy, covered by Patsy Cline (Willie Nelson)
Respect, Aretha Franklin (Otis Redding)
Turn, Turn, Turn, The Byrds (Pete Seeger)
All Along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix (Bob Dylan)
2004-12-20 01:01:43 PM  
Anyone ever heard the Voivod cover of Pink Floyd's astronomy Domine? It kicks ass. Makes it hard rock but totally keeps the trippiness intact.
2004-12-20 01:01:49 PM  
The funny thing, bytesizesound, is one day. The twits putting down this cover will also be old. Their music will be old. Their style will be old.
All at the magical age of 30 ~

/looking forward to seeing Lindsay Lohan with her first face lift at 25.
2004-12-20 01:08:56 PM  
i don't know how well the bandwidth of this site will hold up, or if fark will let me link to it... but here's rick moranis' cover album for your geocities downloading enjoyment!
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