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(Washington Post)   US shadow government in full operation   ( divider line
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5265 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Mar 2002 at 9:11 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-01 09:13:54 AM  
2002-03-01 09:13:57 AM  
Well, DUH!

One of the underground bunkers is in West Virginia, by the way; just off the Appalachian Trail.

Did I spell Appalachian right?
2002-03-01 09:14:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I've known about this since they made me the shadow minister of KICKING ASS!!!

You tell 'em, Joe Don.
2002-03-01 09:14:54 AM  
It's not in "full operation", they're not even using it. It's just there incase "BOOM".
2002-03-01 09:16:00 AM  
The shadow government has sent home most of the first wave of deployed personnel

Sounds like a bad Space Station based Sci-fi show...
2002-03-01 09:16:33 AM  
Geez, isn't anything secret anymore these days?
2002-03-01 09:16:35 AM  
hopefully people we will never need
2002-03-01 09:16:47 AM  
I'm waiting to see how many people shreik about how evil this is without realizing this just rotates people who already have those positions to a secret location where they do their jobs for a while so that there will be some high ranking officials safely stowed away in case catastrophe strikes.
2002-03-01 09:18:11 AM  
liz - looks ok

I'm confused - the article said Cheney would be holed up in one of these secure areas - it also says that the White House would be represented by a senior member, someone below a cabinet level position.

So which is it?
2002-03-01 09:18:53 AM  
...or it just allows these guys to make unpopular or selfish decisions that affect the REST of us, and when they're called to account, they can't be brought into the public spotlight "for security reasons." Bah.
2002-03-01 09:19:52 AM  
Shadow, puppet, what's the difference?
2002-03-01 09:21:10 AM  
Didn't take long at all.
2002-03-01 09:21:38 AM  
Peter Pan's shadow handles Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity issues.
2002-03-01 09:21:51 AM  
Nabb1, I just wanna know why Bush felt it was necessary, this is the first time since the plan was devised that it's ever been activated. Kennedy didn't even use it during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


I like my heading better: Bush established "shadow government" on 9/11. Time to stock up on guns, ammo and tin-foil hats.
2002-03-01 09:22:36 AM  
What a shock, Cheney in an undisclosed location. Hasn't he been in the closet since 9/11?
2002-03-01 09:23:24 AM  
It's nice to see we're not sending our boys in anymore. Those farking towelheads can't harm a shadow.
2002-03-01 09:23:37 AM  
I beleive this is the first time its ever been utilized though, is that correct?
2002-03-01 09:23:46 AM  
i think some folks didnt read the article
2002-03-01 09:24:11 AM  
nabb1 - only 2 minutes, 6 seconds

you are a genius, my man (or woman - not really sure)
2002-03-01 09:24:42 AM  
Did anyone see Ashcroft sing?
(A song he wrote all by himself?)
Yahoo removed the link.
Funniest thing I've ever seen.

An appointed government with no checks?
Don't we already have that?
2002-03-01 09:24:56 AM  
I bet those Militia guys freak about this.

Do you think they have Black helicopters?
2002-03-01 09:25:21 AM  
oh well, whatever... as long as the spooks don't knock on my door and take away my tinfoil hat...
2002-03-01 09:25:25 AM  
Hahaha, its becoming like slashdot in here. Morons post before reading. I wonder if the "seniors" representing the government are actually seniors. In times of great need, I don't know if I'd like 75 old farts making dire decisions. Anyone else?
2002-03-01 09:25:31 AM  
I don't know, maybe it was that airliner that hit the Pentagon that shook everybody up in D.C. Reports coming out that bin Ladnen may have obtained nukes (he told this to a Pakistani journalist about a year ago, and said he planned to use it). Nobody had ever actually hit D.C. before. Also, during the missile crisis, those nukes in Cuba weren't capable of hitting targets as far away as D.C., so if the fit hit the shan, I imagine they would've had time to put it in effect.
2002-03-01 09:25:37 AM  
Correct Loki.

Shlabotnik, no sense is making people wait for it.
2002-03-01 09:26:38 AM  
I bet they had, oh...Blue helicopters, but have since painted 'em black, and proabably fly around Montana all day just to freak out the militias.
2002-03-01 09:26:39 AM  
Shlabotnik: I'm a man, thanks. Last I checked.
2002-03-01 09:27:03 AM  
Liz, do you know if that is at Frost, WV? There is some sort of federal high-security installation there, with "shoot-to-kill" security authorized. No shiat.
2002-03-01 09:28:24 AM  
America already has a shadow government. It's called George Herbert Walker Bush and his team of former Nixon aides. Then there was also the shadow government known as ENRON (that one didn't do too well...).
At least these ones will stay buried in the hills. If only we could find the entrance, we could lock them in...
2002-03-01 09:28:59 AM  
If Clinton was still Pres would he have a Shadow Monica Lewinsky? A Bizarro Monica hidden somewhere deep underground?
2002-03-01 09:31:03 AM  
I know its off topic, but you have got to see the video:

Ashcroft sings, France surrenders:
2002-03-01 09:32:56 AM  
What's the purpose of making this public knowledge, I wonder?
2002-03-01 09:34:14 AM  
I think the POST leaked.
(Or maybe there are more shadow governments)
2002-03-01 09:34:31 AM  
Nabbl "Nobody had ever actually hit D.C. before."

Except, of course, for that time it was burned to the ground.
2002-03-01 09:35:46 AM  
Bf+: That's scary!!!
2002-03-01 09:36:42 AM  
TV's_Frank: Never happened, man. Just propaganda by the Madison Administration.
2002-03-01 09:37:07 AM  
Lintmagnet:Then there was also the shadow government known as ENRON (that one didn't do too well...).

I thought it was the Clinton Administration that gave Enron $1 billion dollars in easy loans for $2 million in campaign donations. Enron gave George Bush $100,000 and got....drum roll please...bankruptcy! That's right nothing, bupkiss, nada! Its amazing how STUPID Democrats are, can't vote right and don't understand that bankruptcy is the opposite of helping someone out. Go figure...

But then again, Democrats call this guy, "The First Black President"
2002-03-01 09:37:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Doh! I must be a democrat too...
2002-03-01 09:40:24 AM  
He can actually sing.
2002-03-01 09:40:49 AM  
This is like a cout in waiting that we are funding with our tax dollars. Does anyone think that with this VP at the wheel our fair land wont become a police state complete with Marshall Law, shoot on sight curfews and racial profiling that will make the Rodney King thing look like a trip around the may pole?
By the way, if they are rotating people through these secure locations, I want my turn.
2002-03-01 09:41:19 AM  
Not West Virginia, Virginia. Take Rt. 50 west from D.C. towards Winchester. When you get to the first mountain, turn left on Mt. Weather road. Go about a mile. Wave to the D.O.E. guards with automatic weapons.
2002-03-01 09:41:49 AM  
Yeah, Why go public with this? We had bunkers in the foothills of West Virginia for years, then when they were not needed any more we still keep it hush hush for 20 years after that. Now they made it part of a resort. I don't think you can go "everywhere" within the resort still.

Damn PC's. Lets tell everyone everything. That should stop the assheads.
2002-03-01 09:43:37 AM  
FUNNIEST THING EVER! I'm killing myself laughing...
That guy is america's top cop, and look at him, he wants to be elton john...bwahhhaahaaahaa!
oh wait, the FBI monitor these boards don't they?
ahem...I think he has a beautiful singing voice, and a burning passion in his heart. Just lovely. When is his album out...
2002-03-01 09:43:44 AM  
Ike was the Prez who initiated teh shadow govt. at the start of the chilly cold war, although he never used it. What I don't understand is why the Secret Service never left a document at a McDonalds while picking up a Big Mac for Clinton, or why they have not farked up and leftthe details of the shadow government at either a jail while picking up one of Bush's daughters, or at Ken Lay's house while Cheney was sitting around discussing stock sell offs....
2002-03-01 09:44:28 AM
2002-03-01 09:45:03 AM  
Press leaked it because they're jealous. They want a "shadow Washington press corps" to get to tag along and play in the bunkers, too. Right now the editors of the Washington Post are building a big couch cushion fort in somebody's office so they can play Top Secret Super Bunker.
2002-03-01 09:45:49 AM  
smoothvirus... careful with that shiat man... those guys don't fark around...
2002-03-01 09:46:18 AM  
At least we can rest easy knowing that Bushie and his fellow Christians will be running the secret government. Hopefully it will be as effective as other shadow governments in the past, like Stalin's NKVD and the Inquisition.
2002-03-01 09:50:18 AM  
Joe Don Baker is a god.
2002-03-01 09:50:56 AM  
I'm so relieved to know that George, Laura, Jenna, Dick, and Lynne will be safe while the rest of us on the East Coast can fry, or die slowly from radiation poisoning.
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