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7850 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Mar 2002 at 2:10 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-01 02:35:55 PM  
3rd link should read "Why Republicans have no sense of humor."
2002-03-01 02:37:35 PM  
*stretches fist out in front of himself and proceeds to point his thumb toward the sky*

I will let FunkyChuck live. He amuses me.

Hey mods, slow day eh?
2002-03-01 02:38:19 PM  
Well, I will give him credit for copping to the fact that the Kennedy election was won by voter fraud. Mayor Daly in Chicago got a few thousand corpses to vote Democrat. Swung the Illinois, and the election, to Kennedy. Of course, Nixon always said he would've gone through with the Bay of Pigs, and years later it turned out that Kruschev would've nuked the U.S. if the U.S. invaded Cuba.
2002-03-01 02:38:55 PM  
"He can't leave America because it's the only country that's free enough to allow him to attack it and not lock him up." - Wise words, Dickhead. Everyone else in the world has to grovel in the mud don't they?

Well thank god someone's said it. Any sympathy I felt for the USA after September 11th rapidly disappeared in the hysterical, flag-waving nationalism that followed which rapidly turned to xenophobia.
2002-03-01 02:38:58 PM  
Potbreath: Agreed, but damn this guy is saying that Bush is Stalin and that we are afraid to stop clapping...'cause then we got tossed in the gulag or worse we are killed!! Bah...

Not to mention the article is a little hard to follow with it lacking transitions and all...
2002-03-01 02:40:25 PM  
Bizkicka I am with you on that one.

Shuh America - bodycount: 10 million "Foreign Policy"
2002-03-01 02:40:25 PM  
Makes you wonder which of John Chuckman's uncles molested him when he was 4 while humming the star spangled banner.

Maybe his daddy didn't love him. Or his daddy loved him TOO much.

I would love to see a psychiatrist look into the history of extremists on all sides and see what event in their life triggered their fanaticism.

From Fallwell to Chuckman: What makes an extremist Extreme

And I want the *real* reasons. Not the "Oh I saw a cow slaughtered when I was 10 and said 'No America or Meat for me!'"
2002-03-01 02:40:49 PM  
Ok, poorly written? Sure. Inflammatory? Definitely. Still the point remains that when most non Americans read the editorial they'll be thinking to themselves that it certainly has a ring of truth about it. Most people in the world know the short comings of their country. And every country has stuff that keeps it from being perfect. Don't you think you get into to trouble when you overlook these defects? Think of why mighty empires in the past have fallen... it's because they let problems get beyond a point of no return, and the only way to do that is to harbour that sense of perfection or invincibility you can trick yourself into.
2002-03-01 02:40:50 PM  

He makes all his valid points go away by ranting instead of giving us reasoned analysis and supported facts.

I agree with some of what he has to say (esp. re: the increasingly jingoistic tone found on tv), but cripes buddy, think before you rant.

Has he never seen a State of the Union address? It's ALWAYS a clap-a-thon.

Besides, this guy is from Canada.
2002-03-01 02:41:04 PM  
how dare someone criticize the united states.
2002-03-01 02:42:20 PM  
The case of the Cuban boy Elian provided what may be the most remarkable example of this kind of obtuse and arrogant behavior. An ill-considered policy of granting automatic refugee status to all Cubans who made it in flimsy boats to American shores, part of an incessant campaign of hatred against Castro, lured the boy's mother to her death, as it had lured many others.

What? No mention of how poorly Communist Cuba treats it's own people to make them even *attempt* to leave in a flimsy boat?

That proves how one sided he is.
2002-03-01 02:43:18 PM  
"how dare someone criticize the united states.
Yeah... this nation needs more whiney biatches... that's what made us great!
2002-03-01 02:44:02 PM  
Want to clear up a point with people who do not bother to read for themselves but online repeat what they hear on TV/radio.

Stalinism != Communism
2002-03-01 02:44:11 PM  
It seemed like a fairly truthfull article to me. I don't think he was trying to say that we are exactly like Stalinistic Russia as someone earlier said, I think he is just saying we have a few things in common.
I don't get all you people who tell him to leave, or to go to some other communist country with the reds that he will love. I think it's pretty obvious he wants Americans to realize that we are turning our country in to a piss-hole and that we should stop. America IS slowly declining in all respects. The author is trying to get the point across that we could do better, and that is what we should strive towards. If the "Like it or leave it" people had there way America would be a totaly un-free country. "Like it or leave it" takes away our right to change what is wrong with our country. There is nothing wrong with not liking America in it's current state. I currently am not extremely fond of my own country. Of course, I like it better than most other countries, but that still does not empower "goodness" in America. What I fear is that the Author's style of writing is so obviously coercive that it will only re-enforce his ideals in people who follow his point of view, whilst alienating the opposing party members. Clearly, the author should find a way to motivate all viewers to support his belief. So, let's not bash this guy for being un-patriotic, stupid, or un-American. He is just one of the non-complacent Americans. He wants a better America. The truly stupid people are the ones who are complacent with a lackluster America.
2002-03-01 02:44:22 PM  
phix-it hahahah exactly. these wonderful leftists seem to believe that patriotism is a horrible, evil thing right now, but that's the only thing that keeps a socialist/communist country moving. it's definitely not the strive to succeed or live comfortably. i guess they have to pat each other on the back and do a bunch of patriotistic dick-sucking, saying "Boy, aren't we great?! These people with absolutely no skills are no less valuable than this neurosurgeon. They're completely interchangable!!!" It's just disgusting. I think that humans are generally equal pieces of shiat, but i do know that a good brain is much harder to find than a good hard laboring back. (but that's an evil-right-wing-conspiracy-capitalistic-white-man point of view) i know. i'm a heartless evil bastard. i've heard it before.
2002-03-01 02:45:24 PM  

It would be nice from time to time to hear someone actually say something nice about the US. Its always biatch, biatch, complain, complain. If you don't like the US, don't our tax dollars and please, please don't use any invention that was created in America. Otherwise, it sounds like a spoiled, little biatch.

Go Joe Don Baker! A real American hero!
2002-03-01 02:45:50 PM  
TV: It isn't that he is criticizing the US, it is the way he is doing it and the ranting way in which he presents himself...

The US political system has plenty of problems (campaign contributions anyone), but damn...this guy goes WAY off the deep end saying Bush == Stalin
2002-03-01 02:46:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

BOO HOO.... Jerk me a river, buddy.
2002-03-01 02:46:50 PM  
It's time for American political and military disengagement from foreign affairs. Bring our boys home, damnit.

No matter what we do, someone will complain. It's best to let sleeping dogs lie and improve the quality of life within the USA.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-03-01 02:47:00 PM  
How utterly juvenile.
2002-03-01 02:48:09 PM  
god bless america and how easy it is to get drugs here
not a day goes by i dont thank the good lord for america
2002-03-01 02:49:15 PM  
Downcaste: I would probably use the phrase confused rather than "heartless evil bastard". I'm sure you've ran this "communist country experiment" in your head several times. But I suspect that gathering real data would be difficult seeing as no true socialist form of communism has ever actually occurred in the modern world. What we witness in Russia, China and Cuba is more akin to Fascism than anything else. It's all academic anyhow as communism would have trouble actually existing on a large scale... humans are too greedy to pull it off.
2002-03-01 02:49:50 PM  
w00t right on bradbrad..

i don't think patriotism is evil, just a little blinding. most people just don't choose to see it that way... but, ahh, america and our freedome of choice.. =)
2002-03-01 02:51:12 PM  
I agree with spaZkid. Everyone who does not agree with us should not be allowed to live in this country. If you disagree with the politics of the current leaders you should not be allowed to live here. This so called freedom the founding fathers spoke of was all left wing hippy-dippy tree hugger bullshuck anyhow.

I've said it before and it sort of applies here
"Those who give up Liberty for the sake of Security deserve neither Liberty or Security"
2002-03-01 02:51:32 PM  
I think this article is one of the most accurate written about the USA. I'd also like to add that part of the problem is the lack of political sophistication in the working class ranks.
But the USA is a relatively young country, perhaps in another 100 years it will mature like a good wine.
2002-03-01 02:51:33 PM  
Who the hell cares what this cry baby thinks, the world is farked up, the only difference is that Canada will do nothing about it except complain and point fingers, it takes courage to try somethings, even if the result is horrific, atleast there was an attempt. Here is something that is a sure bet...

Don't try and you will FAIL 100% of the time; Guaranteed!

So, until i see some folks in Canada offering suggestions and actions to fix the world, he can take that pacafist a$$ back up into the hills and have hamster s3x with Brian Adams!
2002-03-01 02:51:36 PM  
I think this guy needs:
2002-03-01 02:52:29 PM  
I used to believe in Isolationism. It always seems like a good idea.

The U.S. was isolationist just before WWI.

The U.S. was isolationist just before WWII.

Sept 10th I was also a Democrat.
2002-03-01 02:53:12 PM  
I am just curious about how many of you constant complainers actually get out to the voting polls. Remember, this is the United States: For The People, By The People. You have the power, but do you exercise it?
2002-03-01 02:53:24 PM  
everybody is entitled to their opinion.

if he feels that strongly about it, though, he should do more than just biatch. He did have some reasonable points, though. He must live in a perfect country.

Oh wait, he lives in Canada: oppressors of french canadians.

I stand by my opinion that a country whose poor people die of obesity is ok by me.
2002-03-01 02:54:00 PM  
I am just curious about how many of you constant complainers actually get out and vote. Remember, this is the United States: For The People, By The People. You have the power, but do you exercise it?
2002-03-01 02:54:20 PM  
If anyone actually believes the repugnant crap coming from that Canadians' mouth they should have their head examined. Canadians should be embarassed (more than they already are) by the trash this jackass spews. Fark them...Fark them all!! Yellow times...ain't it the truth!!
2002-03-01 02:54:33 PM  
I now draw your attention to this Calvin and Hobbes comic strip and please notice the last frame. Brilliant words from Calvin.

[image from too old to be available]

Also, this amused me:

[image from too old to be available]

Lookie me! I can use neato Photoshop Filters!
2002-03-01 02:55:16 PM  
Well, if America *isn't* going out there to other parts of the world and trying to be a good neighbor (generating oil revenues, trading, doing peacekeeping/DMZ-enforcement missions, among other things), wouldn't we just become isolationist again? I mean, we did that once, after World War I. And it took an ass-whoopin' on Pearl Harbor to break us out of that "we don't ever have to deal with the rest of the world" illusion. I think this guy might want to make some *suggestions,* rather than just rants.
2002-03-01 02:55:18 PM  

Surprisingly a lot of countries wouldn't mind that approach. But I'm afraid the US won't actually do that until they're totally self sufficient for all raw materials and manufacturing within their own borders or those of trading partners in which they have confidence of continued stability.
2002-03-01 02:55:19 PM  
Well, I'm going to go back and look at the comments, now. I wonder what Harmonia/Goatman264 said? I'm sure I will have to be scraped up off the floor in surprise whenever I read whatever it is he/they said.
2002-03-01 02:56:58 PM  

Couldn't be more true.
2002-03-01 02:57:29 PM  
WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? Nothing!!! =(
2002-03-01 02:57:44 PM  
anyone care to outline the difference between patriotism and bigotry?
2002-03-01 02:58:29 PM  
Last vote here in NM only 6%!!! of the voting population turned up...pitiful.
2002-03-01 02:59:09 PM  
This is probably a stupid question, but is named that because of the term "yellow journalism" used to describe propaganda during the days of Teddy Roosevelt?
2002-03-01 02:59:15 PM  
If Canada keeps this up, we'll just have to stop exporting our pollution to you.

Why does the 51st state hate us so much? ;)
2002-03-01 03:00:20 PM  
I wonder what Harmonia/Goatman264 said?

harmonia... now there's someone who can get flamed to all hell without going anywhere near a thread. it's kind of sad actually... almost like he's got anti-groupies.
2002-03-01 03:00:31 PM  

Maybe you'd like to explain the similairities instead of posting obvious trollage.
2002-03-01 03:02:13 PM  
No, we were most assuredly not isolationist before World War II.

Otherwise, why did we make the Destroyer Deal, Lend-Lease as well as slap an embargo on Japan?

FDR wanted war. He got it.

Keeping America first,
Shawn Pickrell
2002-03-01 03:02:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available] is appropriately named.
Yellow, as in "cowardly." Yellow, as in yellow journalism. Yellow, as in the same color as urine.
2002-03-01 03:02:37 PM  
Oh wait, he lives in Canada: oppressors of french canadians.

Listen you child, we opress French Canadians? thats why our Prime Minister is French Canadian.

Your a prime example of the accuracy of this article.
2002-03-01 03:03:00 PM  

Yes, one of the things that troubles me is the way we've deal with the French Canadians in the past. However things are looking better. The election of the Bloc Quebecois to parliament (originally as the official opposition no less) served as yet another wake up call to Canadians. I haven't heard much in the way of anti-Quecec ramblings that I can recall recently. And just after the Olympics, the Bloc, which usually will only congratulate French Canadian athletes, congratulated all Canadian atheletes on their winter Olympics performance. I think it's getting better. I think the dumbasses we had to educate about Lower Canada's role in creating this country are either starting to get it or lose interest. So my country is still evolving... and that gives me hope for the future.
2002-03-01 03:03:07 PM  
Maybe you'd like to explain the similairities instead of posting obvious trollage.

there is nothing to explain. i think they're the same thing. i would like to know if there is any real difference.
2002-03-01 03:04:20 PM  
Oh? What negative comment did I make about Harmonia, IFeelNothing?
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