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(M90) Boobies Vida Guerra, the first and last name in "bootiliciousness" (mostly safe for work)   ( divider line 243
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147375 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Dec 2004 at 11:41 AM (10 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-16 07:55:11 AM  
Can't click the link from work :(

Here's how the day has started off:

1. 6:15am - Wake up late as hell for work
2. 7:05am - show up late, customers standing at door
3. 7:30am - spill blazing hot coffee all over myself
4. 7:35am - bang knee really hard into my file cabinet
5. 7:40am - find out website has been blocked at work, preventing me from seeing Vida

I want to go home

"...someone has a case of the Muundays"
2004-12-16 08:12:19 AM  

It's Thursday, how can you have a case of the Mondays?
2004-12-16 08:21:56 AM  
Now those, my friends, are great buttocks.

Does anyone have any links to pics of her that are NSFW?
2004-12-16 08:22:25 AM  
Mmmmmmmm. Viiiiiiiiiiida.
2004-12-16 08:23:03 AM  
I've been asking myself that all morning. Burns on my hand, a big knot on my knee, and no Vida makes it feel like a Monday.
2004-12-16 08:24:11 AM  
She is one hell of a find for Maxim. That gal has a great ass. Nuff said.
2004-12-16 08:27:07 AM  
binnster... I would say A LOT of her pics are NSFW (depending on where you work), but I haven't seen any yet that show the rest of her goodies.
2004-12-16 08:29:03 AM  

I work outside of America, so it would probably need to show the rest of her goodies to be considered NSFW.
2004-12-16 08:33:18 AM  
Here's a quick video of her in a bikini. [1.5MB, wmv format, pops in new window, probably nsfw]
2004-12-16 08:37:19 AM  
quite the pooper...
2004-12-16 08:55:37 AM  
I refuse to believe that she defiles the beauty of that ass by shiatting through it. Henceforth she shall be know to me as 'she who doth not crap'.
2004-12-16 09:37:02 AM  
Two things:

1) On Spanish TV (as an avid watcher) Fat guys always get all the hottest tail. Always.

2) Vida has the best ass ever. No doubt about it. I would sleep on it every night.
2004-12-16 09:44:25 AM  
Thanks for the video, binary1. That is one lucky bubble-bathed fat farker.
2004-12-16 10:11:30 AM  
Damnit, where's the NSFW pics!?!?
2004-12-16 10:14:02 AM  
Couldn't understand a word except New Jersey and gracious, but who cars? The ass was hot, the fat was not....
2004-12-16 10:33:35 AM  
Vida, you've got competition...

Keyra has already won the Ass of 2004 award.
2004-12-16 10:55:01 AM  
Who is Keyra? I think you're making these people up.
2004-12-16 11:09:21 AM  
i can't click from work.. but i will say..
as someone who has seen the native Brazilian girls in their country- i think they all have ass for days...(waits for someone to finish that line..stares at Smooky)
2004-12-16 11:10:45 AM  
Vida's ass is way better than Keyra's ass. Vida has the ass-to-end-all-asses.
2004-12-16 11:11:41 AM  
Vida has the ass that launched a thousand dicks.
2004-12-16 11:11:48 AM  
Keyra is the winner this year since Vida won it last year. Crap... I mean Keyra and Vida are nice but my woman is ten times better. Hey hon, hows your day going? What, oh just checking some e-mails...
2004-12-16 11:44:09 AM  
Mmmmmm..lunch...and dinner and breakfast.
2004-12-16 11:44:11 AM  
these pictures are useless without nipples
2004-12-16 11:45:00 AM  
i hvae to say... that ass is too big.

nothing was launched over here.

Keyra is much better. And I'll pass on any more pics, NSFW or no.

/not keeding.
2004-12-16 11:45:41 AM  
I just did a GIS and every photo of her has her oiled up with her ass in the camera.
2004-12-16 11:47:22 AM  
Her ass is to big? You guys really do need to get out and see real women once in a while.
2004-12-16 11:48:35 AM  
I would crawl 10 miles across broken glass on my hands and knees to jerk off in her shadow
2004-12-16 11:49:48 AM  

Fappin' in the morning, fappin in the evening, fappin at suppertime!

When you look like Vida, I'll be fappin all the time!
2004-12-16 11:50:09 AM  
would hit, and hit, and hit....

/booty hooty yummy
2004-12-16 11:50:55 AM  
Too bad about the face.
2004-12-16 11:50:58 AM  
Weird bellybutton.
2004-12-16 11:53:17 AM  
I would eat a turd a mile long just to snip it off at her asshole.

I would also drag my balls across broken glass just to hear here fart into a walkie talkie.
2004-12-16 11:53:23 AM  
Want to touch the heiny...
2004-12-16 11:54:01 AM  
oh sweet peaches!
2004-12-16 11:54:15 AM  
Mostly Safe for Work is akin to saying Abbey Normal!
2004-12-16 11:54:21 AM  
Anyone with more of this series?
2004-12-16 11:56:02 AM  
2004-12-16 11:56:40 AM  
Keyra is DEFINITELY hotter.
2004-12-16 11:57:08 AM  
"ass that launched a thousand dicks" classic
2004-12-16 11:57:14 AM  
her name translated is a bit of an oxymoron, dont you think?
2004-12-16 11:57:20 AM  
i have to say... that ass is too big.
Too bad about the face.

Jesus tapdancing tittyfarking Christ, what the hell is wrong with you people? Have you ever even been with a woman? She is FINE. That ass is awesome. Her face is pretty. You people need to be killed.

I'm allright. Urge to kill waning.
2004-12-16 11:58:21 AM  
i would lick her stink star,
even if it was dirty,
thats how much i value the ass
2004-12-16 11:59:13 AM  

"I would also drag my balls across broken glass just to hear here fart into a walkie talkie."

1. New keyboard
3. Touche, I concede
2004-12-16 11:59:26 AM  
can not make accurate assessment with out more pictures, some of which show, shall we saw naughty bits.
2004-12-16 12:01:32 PM  
Can a brotha get some SFW pics!
2004-12-16 12:01:36 PM  
that video was so was like " here is a hot girl and we will show you her ass. when we do, everyone clap loud and whistle because its nice"

first of all, it is a nice ass and i would hit that, but we gotta see some nipples. i hate dinner plate nipples and if she has those i would probably just hit it from the back =)

second, i don't think she actually enjoyed doing that show. she was up there like she was a piece of meat. probalby got payed a $hit-ton to do it though.

finally, can someone please pull through in the 9th and get us some pics that are not safe for work!!
2004-12-16 12:02:22 PM  
I'm sorry, hot body but the face looks like a horse. Not hot.
2004-12-16 12:03:27 PM  
That pooper is a bit grande.
2004-12-16 12:04:23 PM  
She is a piece of meat.
2004-12-16 12:04:24 PM  
what's wrong with her face?
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