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(NewsMax)   Gennifer Flowers says that Hillary is becoming 'Hitler-esque', at fault for Flowers' failure to get acting jobs   ( divider line
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2002-03-01 11:32:18 AM  
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is almost as lame as women's ice hockey.
2002-03-01 11:34:16 AM  
Maybe it's because she sucks.
2002-03-01 11:34:22 AM  
Gennifer is STILL not over the fact that Bill chose Hillary over her. GET A GRIP, girlfriend!
2002-03-01 11:34:42 AM  
NewsMax : ever the reliable news source.
2002-03-01 11:34:53 AM  
They really got the scoop here. Man, everyone's trying to get an interview with Gennifer Flowers! She isn't old news at all. People want to know what it was like to meet Bob Guccione and star in 0 movies.

2002-03-01 11:35:14 AM  
I may not be a crazy hillary supporter, but maybe Jen could get more jobs if she looked less like roadkill.
2002-03-01 11:35:52 AM  
What a bunch of BS propaganda.

HOW is she "Hitler-esque"? Well gee, not too much there, since the story rather rant on and on about that guy got his show cancelled because he was an idiot.
2002-03-01 11:36:31 AM  
Hitler is already in the white house.
2002-03-01 11:37:08 AM  
While Hillary is the vindictive biatch, I doubt she has a lot to do with Gennifer Flowers not being able to get a job. The Hollywood establishment was pissed off at her enough that they didn't need Hillary's urging to can Flowers. Maybe if she tried to go back to being a "nobody" in some place in rural America, she'd get a job. I don't feel sorry for her.
2002-03-01 11:39:18 AM  
Riiiiight....And Linda Tripp can't get a job on the hill because of a conspiracy, as she claims.

Flowers: You're ugly and the only reason any even knows who you are is because your a star-farker.

Tripp: No one will give you a job because you're a she-male with a big mouth that no one will trust.
2002-03-01 11:42:19 AM  
It's not's!
2002-03-01 11:43:04 AM  
Wreow. Yummy cougar.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-01 11:43:13 AM  
Who is this "Flowers"?
2002-03-01 11:43:53 AM  
Newsmax being so right wing "Hitleresque" might well be a compliment

2002-03-01 11:44:00 AM  
NEWSMAX: Keeping Bozos In The News So You Don't Have To!
2002-03-01 11:44:28 AM  
Who the fark is "highly rated" "famed talk host" Richard Bey? I know nothing of this person...
2002-03-01 11:44:42 AM  
03-01-02 11:34:16 AM Mindwolf
Maybe it's because she sucks.

Or maybe it's because she won't suck.
2002-03-01 11:47:27 AM  
Please, won't some rich redneck open a "Trailer Trash World" theme park. We need to get these losers out of the news and into some gainful employment.
2002-03-01 11:47:57 AM  
Of all the women he had, that we know of, Flowers was the best. I haven't seen a picture lately, but she wasn't bad in 92-93. Monica? Oink.

Can't get a job? It wouldn't be because people are not interested in you anymore, would it. Unless you were one of "those" entertainers.
2002-03-01 11:49:07 AM  
"Newsmax being so right wing "Hitleresque" might well be a compliment"

Nazism stemmed from the left. "National Socialist Workers Party of Germany." That sound right wing to you?
2002-03-01 11:52:26 AM  
Pretnar: Insofar as communism and fascism were ideologically diametrically opposed
2002-03-01 11:53:27 AM  
I would still vote for her. She could not do any worse then the other people.
2002-03-01 11:53:57 AM  
WOW, Richard Bey from Seacaucus NJ (via Phila PA) I thought that guy was dead ....

His show was canceled 'cause it made Jerry Springer blush is was so innae, so they paid him the $2 left in his contract.

No where in this articale does it tell us how Hillary is like Hitler, it doesn't mention anyone who heard from the Clintons telling them not to hire her or fire Bey nor do they state one person that had interaction with person(s) defaming Jen.

And, as far as her carreer, no one wants to hire a ugly biatch who has a history of sueing the president of the US, it's just not good business.
2002-03-01 11:54:05 AM  
"Who the fark is "highly rated" "famed talk host" Richard Bey? I know nothing of this person..."

I hear him out here on 770 AM out of New York from 6pm to whenever a hockey or basketball or baseball game comes on (although the Yankees moved this year to 880 AM, so they won't be interrupting his program anymore.)
The show is called "The Buzz," with him. . . and I think the other guy's name is Steve Malzberg or something. They do a pretty decent show, and did just win some major broadcasting award a few weeks ago. They piss me off though because their voices sound so much alike. Not a huge problem though because one of them is radically left, and the other is radically right, so it only takes a few words out of either one to figure it out.
But now I'm rambling. Anyway, that's who he is. "Highly rated" or "famed talk show host" though? You could definitely debate that.
2002-03-01 11:54:12 AM  
The NASDAP sprang from the Freicorps who were a unit of ex-military men who were used to kill left wingers in 1919-1921.

The name was chosen to appeal to workers but there was no connection with any left wing org.

Who is the dumbass now?
2002-03-01 11:55:12 AM  
Oh, yeah, Pretnar, those were a lot of leftwingers that thought the Nazis were just swell.... riiiiiiighttt...
2002-03-01 11:55:24 AM  
Sorry the NSDAP.

2002-03-01 11:56:34 AM  

Hey, buddy, your brain is showing....

Just because a party calls themselves "National Socialist Workers Party" does not mean they are left of center. As with most murderious regiems, the name means nothing. Take the Republicans, they are not for a republic but rather an oligarchy.
2002-03-01 11:56:55 AM  
It's the same old same old. Squawk about "personal responsibility" until it comes down to you being responsible--then it's the Evil Conspiracy keeping you down.
2002-03-01 11:57:04 AM  
thanks for the update on Bey, though. I really had never heard of him.
2002-03-01 11:58:04 AM  
What's so funny about Bey is that he ran for office in Philly 15-20 years ago as a DEMOCRAT!!
2002-03-01 11:58:17 AM  
"Gennifer Flowers" = "Fling n' Reefer Sow"

Coincidence? I think not!
2002-03-01 11:59:13 AM  
It's probably true that Flowers has been blackballed. If you don't think that the Clintons ruined the reputation of anyone who stood in their way or that had an affair with Bill you're brainwashed.
Ask Juanita Broderick (put some ice on it!) Ask Kathleen Wiley, Ask Paula Jones, Ask Ken Starr! Ask Newt Gingrich
The ends justify the means when you're saving mankind from those evil conservatives.
2002-03-01 11:59:20 AM  
Harmonia, maybe you should change your tag to "Harmonia®" or "Harmonia™" as there's been a bunch of pretenders skulking around lately...
2002-03-01 12:00:37 PM  
She used to be hot...
[image from too old to be available]

The the Clintons turned her into a hound....

[image from too old to be available]

Or is that just the conspiracy theorist inside me talking?

[image from too old to be available]

YOU decide.
2002-03-01 12:01:22 PM  
"The main plank in the National Socialist program is to abolish the liberalistic concept of the individual. . ."

"It is thus necessary that the individual should come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation; that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole. . . "

Both from Hitler. Clearly leftist.
Sorry, but you're still the dumbass.
2002-03-01 12:03:40 PM  
A phone call from Hillary to a friend in Hollywood "to do a small favour" is nothing really. The small favour, of course, being to get rid of Gennifer Flowers, who is some sort of D List actress.

While I don't know whether Hillary is, or was actively trying to prevent Gennifer Flowers from getting a job, I wouldn't put it past her.

The woman has moved to a state where has absolutely ZERO connection just so she can get a Senate seat.

Gennifer is a single person who quite nearly lost her husband the Democratic nomination, and hence nearly cost Hillary the coveted title of "co-President."

And let's face it, how many women are gracious and magnamimous to the other woman? If you had the power to really fark up the life of the woman (or the man) who has publicly humiliated you, wouldn't you do it?

My opinion: she probably did it, but I don't blame her one bit.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-03-01 12:03:43 PM  
"The ends justify the means when you're saving mankind from those evil conservatives."

Gcffx: While I think you're being more than a little bit hypocritical there, I will say that I would not want to be on Hillary's shiatlist. But there are plenty of people out there who's shiatlist I would just as soon avoid. At least Nixon and Hoover are dead, so we don't have to worry about them anymore... speaking of "ends justifying means" as we are.
2002-03-01 12:04:32 PM  
How is that Leftist, is it just because it's not what you believe or is it another atempt from the Right to label anthing that's not right of Newt as left.

and before you jump on my ass, I have NO PARTY AFFILATION. I vote the issues.
2002-03-01 12:04:56 PM  
Is it just me or do people use the term Nazi waaaaay too frequently?

Shawn Pickrell
2002-03-01 12:07:45 PM  
Is it me or do people that call themselves "Right" drag up the Clintons anytime they don't want you to look to hard at the Bushs?
2002-03-01 12:07:56 PM  
"How is that Leftist, is it just because it's not what you believe or is it another atempt from the Right to label anthing that's not right of Newt as left."

An ideology that rests on the foundation of putting the needs of society before the rights of the individual is leftist to me.
2002-03-01 12:08:46 PM  
And I'm a Libertarian, by the way.
2002-03-01 12:09:30 PM  
This just in: Newsmax runs story depicting Clintons negatively. More on this breaking story at ten.
2002-03-01 12:10:50 PM  
Pretnar, he shut down the unions, killed all teyh communists and imprisomed all the socialists in concentration camps.

Hitler was funded by big business in Germany, Krupps IG Farben, Mercedes etc.

He preached the unity of the family and the sacredness of the church.

He was a racist who belived the Ayryan peoples were a master race while blacks and jews were sub human.

He is remembered with affection by the KKK and the BNP over here.

So how exactly was he a left winger, and if he was shouldnt somone warn David Duke that he is peddling communism!

Do try and keep up, theres a good chap.
2002-03-01 12:10:59 PM  
Nazism stemmed from the left. "National Socialist Workers Party of Germany." That sound right wing to you?

Now that made me laugh. That's one of the best trolls I've ever seen, either that or.... Nah, they'd never let you near a computer at the 'special' school.
2002-03-01 12:12:41 PM  
This just in (too): Bill O'Riely bashes Clintons, invites guests that also don't like Clintons, a grant time had by all bashing Clintons.... what were we taling about ....tune in at 8:00
2002-03-01 12:13:25 PM  
Gennifer Flowers is a spiteful biatch, like Linda "Warthog" Tripp.
2002-03-01 12:15:34 PM  
Hmmmmm.... and all this time I thought she hadn't gotten any work because she's a no talent, slut. Who Knew!
2002-03-01 12:15:56 PM  
Hmmmmm.... and all this time I thought she hadn't gotten any work because she's a no talent, slut. Who Knew!
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