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(Boston Herald)   Disney won't let Lindsey Lohan get naked   ( divider line
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2004-12-15 12:29:55 PM  
Even if she would pose for's not like they won't airbrush it to hell and back anyway. Hell...I saw the issue that featured 'Chyna' from the WWE. And she didn't look like a man!

Hugh & Co. work miracles over there I tells ya. Miracles!
2004-12-15 12:30:08 PM  
Hey Eisner;

Next time you sign one of these hotties, how about a "Shut the fark up, and stand there looking good in that bikini or out of it, 'cause no one really gives a flying fark about your personal life, we just wanna see the goods" clauses?
2004-12-15 12:30:44 PM  
And for the record...I'd rather see Jessica Alba pose.

/but thats just me
2004-12-15 12:32:38 PM  

I am with ya. I have loved JLH and her monster cans for years. That girl is gorgeous. She is so hot, she almost makes me want to see that Garfield movie.

My nephew loved it so I can pick it up and claim it for us to watch when I babysit.
2004-12-15 12:33:55 PM  
So, after this

[image from too old to be available]

we get this

[image from too old to be available]

but without all the annoying clothing.
2004-12-15 12:34:05 PM  
I think Di's got class.

Yes but I think she'll be late....
2004-12-15 12:34:23 PM  

No man is looking for an intelligent, beautiful, funny, down to earth girl to share the great moments in life (and in the sack) with?

I am. And I doubt I'm alone.

/just sayin'
2004-12-15 12:34:34 PM  

Wizzywig: She is so hot, she almost makes me want to see that Garfield movie.

Good God man! Don't do it!

Wasn't she in The Tuxedo? I'd see that instead

Heartbreakers is actually a pretty good movie. Granted, I'm a fan of con movies to begin with and Ray Liotta is a great actor.
2004-12-15 12:36:29 PM  
2004-12-15 12:04:22 PM BrotherAlpha
Huh? Her first movie was way back in '98 and she had hits in in summer 2003 and spring 2004. Since she's turned 18, on the other hand, she's been known more for who she hangs out with, and other aspects of her personal life than for any work she's done.

Maybe you caught Freaky Friday when it came out in theatres; I think I missed that one. She started existing right around the time her loveliness fell out of her top in that series of pictures that went around. But you're right about one thing, it was a lot earlier than I thought; sometime this past spring at the latest, when it happened.

At any rate, she's hot, but she needs to lay off the partying a little; I've got visions of her looking like Yasmine Bleeth in 3 years:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-15 12:36:47 PM  

No man is looking for an intelligent, beautiful, funny, down to earth girl to share the great moments in life (and in the sack) with?

I am. And I doubt I'm alone.

Samer here, but this is the internet and if you don't act like an ass when your are online you're not using the internet to its full potential.
2004-12-15 12:39:41 PM  

He is dead, his corpse is just on ice and stored some where in the castle in Disney Land.

Disney WORLD, man. Disney World.

I'm not sayin' how I know. I just know, ok?
2004-12-15 12:40:14 PM  
And then there was the hospital stay for `exhaustion.'

Sorry about that. I gave her a pretty good workout one weekend.

She can run really fast for a top-heavy gal.
2004-12-15 12:42:09 PM  
That was sarcasm, guys. God is a Taco's post was like that of a 13-year old ball of horniness.
2004-12-15 12:45:19 PM  
Lindsey Lohan = eh.

She's certainly not ugly, but there are a lot of prettier girls out there. The frekles don't do it for me at all, and she seems like a complete attention whore.

That's all fine in it's own right, but it's not enough for me to care whether she gets into Playboy.

Anyway, this is so stupid. Disney owns ABC... like ABC has any standards (other than what the FCC imposes on them). Disney owns crap.

/probably talking to a wall
2004-12-15 12:48:05 PM  
That's what happens when you sign your soul away to Disney.
2004-12-15 12:48:29 PM  

Samer here, but this is the internet and if you don't act like an ass when your are online you're not using the internet to its full potential.
Sure. It's just Lollipop was sounding scared there.

ok, back to thread... OMGLOL I WOULD HIT THAT W/ A W1FFL3B4LL B47!!1!
2004-12-15 12:50:53 PM  
i was watching malcolm in the middle one night and during a commercial i was flipping around and caught a glimpse of lohan on ET. then it hit me: she looks like frankie muniz. like, it's not a 100% match, but it's enough to be disturbing.
2004-12-15 12:52:09 PM  
OMG!!! U R so mean!!! LinZ is not fat, she is soooo beautyfull, I wanna B just lick her wen I M 18!!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-15 12:52:26 PM  
I for one find this wrong. Why did the Disney company have no problem when Buddy Hackett appeared bare assed in "Donkey Punch" magazine before the release of the first "Herbie the Love Bug?"
2004-12-15 12:53:12 PM  
Whatever she decides, she'd better do it quick. It looks like she's a carrier of the fat gene, so by 25 it might not be pretty. Could look like hail-damaged sheetmetal by then.

/*cough* Kirstie Alley *cough*
2004-12-15 12:53:20 PM  
Frankie Muniz is an ugly son of a gun, his face looks like hes 60 years old.

/makes more money than me but hes hideous
2004-12-15 12:53:22 PM  
OK, that was sarcasm. I'm an idiot. I'll go now.
2004-12-15 12:54:33 PM  
She needs to get out of the sun/tanning spray. The orange look just doesn't do it for me. Chances are she'll have skin cancer before she gets a chance to pose for Playboy.
2004-12-15 12:57:22 PM  
She was in the October Playboy with a nip slip.

/didn't read previous posts
2004-12-15 01:04:11 PM  
feet... so... big...
2004-12-15 01:04:17 PM  
" Doesn't she have the right to do with her body whatever she wants to do....."

Of course. But Disney has the right to fire her if she does so.

Her reason for not being able to pose is not a legal one, but a financial incentive.

This is pretty common. Heck, Pierce Brosnan's bond contract says he can't wear a tux in any other movies.
2004-12-15 01:09:13 PM  
red hair. huge rack.

think i prefer this

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-15 01:12:44 PM  
Just because she played a "role" of a lead guitar player in a rock band her agents must figured that qualified her to start singing?
[image from too old to be available]
In September, 2002, Lindsay appeared poised to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a singer when one of the biggest names in music, Emilio Estefan, Jr., took Lindsay under his professional wing. Estefan Enterprises announced a five-album production deal and the promise of an aggressive effort to "sell" her pop style "with a rock edge" to a major record label.
/wonder where they got the "rock edge" idea? I don't know maybe from that movie she did as a rock star? Emilio sees those Disney lovin kids buyin her albums up like hot cakes and he's cashin in. Don't mind how it sounds, it's Lindsay Lohan...
2004-12-15 01:14:54 PM  
The Saint of Killers

"Uncle Walt would never stand for this. He must be rolling around in his grave."

You mean, he must be rolling around in his cryogenic tube.
2004-12-15 01:15:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-15 01:15:33 PM  
tender branson
so you prefer bottle red?
2004-12-15 01:16:14 PM  
I dont care to see any of her nasty red haired pasty white skin fatness anytime soon.
2004-12-15 01:18:28 PM  
2004-12-15 01:22:26 PM  
You guys are dropping the ball. This thread has over 200 comments and only 5 pictures! No good.
2004-12-15 01:25:33 PM  
No fair! The tag for Asinine looks too much like the tag for Boobies at first glance!!!!!

/(crying a little)
2004-12-15 01:28:19 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

Search your feelings ... you know it to be true!
2004-12-15 01:28:35 PM  
that's a crime...
2004-12-15 01:30:38 PM  
Damn you, Marshall Banana! 10 minutes too fast!
2004-12-15 01:34:07 PM  
tender branson........

that "chick" looks like a man.
2004-12-15 01:36:47 PM  

"Troll" as it is used in the forums is both a noun and a verb. One can be a troll, e.g. Weaver95, or one can troll a forum, e.g. go "trolling".

Thanks for the insight. So Ant was wrong when he said I attempted a troll. He could have said I was being a troll, or that I was trolling.

We are in complete agreement that likwidream is in serious need of heavy hypnotherapy to bring out whatever repressed memories lead him to sound like a serial rapist.

Now, can someone tell me why the fark farkers look down on "trolls" and "trolling" when that is what the farkin site is farkin for, farkers!
2004-12-15 01:37:28 PM  
Lindsay Lohan was found out on "Good Morning America" when she messed up "singing" her tunes "Rumors" and "Over." Those in attendance say the genre sounded more like dying babies.
[image from too old to be available]

The director had to cut away at one point when Lohan's mouth was closed while she was "singing." Said one viewer: "She missed her cue to mouth along to the vocals."

An insider told PAGE SIX that the band was live, but there were backing tracks. "It wasn't fully lip-synched," the source shared. However, the source added that Lohan, no stranger to a late-night good time, had some vocal issues and, "It was dicey to use her straight vocals.

"Lindsay sang completely live (then why did she have to mouth vocals???), the band was live and the background singers were live," maintained Kim Jakwerth, spokeswoman for Casablanca, Lohan's label.

She clarified: "The first song had some background. It's a little more rock and roll and needed it there. It's about how you make the song sound exactly like the record."

/So it's all about making it sound exactly like the record by playing the record while you perform. Sheer genius.
2004-12-15 01:37:44 PM  
She needs to drop out of the Paris Hilton - Tara Reid School of Skankery if she wants any chance of career longevity.
2004-12-15 01:38:08 PM  
Adman12: Maybe because their "exhaustion" is different.

It's called the stress of fame. DUH!

I like the time when Robert Downy Jr was really "stressed" and "fell asleep" in his neighbor's little girl's bed. Wearing women's underwear.
2004-12-15 01:46:30 PM  
Zaftig women love it when you refer to their breasts as "monster cans", but far prefer you call them "freaky fun bags."
2004-12-15 01:46:57 PM  
Damn, TenderBranson! What is her name?

Oh and Lohan? Hotness.
2004-12-15 01:49:39 PM  
TenderBranson, I'd do them both. I've got two hands, and one can ride my tongue while the other rides my weener.

/can look, but he'd better not touch.
2004-12-15 01:51:51 PM  
I like the ones with the red hair, as long as the collar matches the cuffs.
2004-12-15 01:55:00 PM  

This is pretty common. Heck, Pierce Brosnan's bond contract says he can't wear a tux in any other movies.

In The Thomas Crowne Affair her wore one, but the bowtie wasn't done up and the top few buttons were undone so he wasn't technically wearing one.
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