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(Fark)   Somehow, Fark user No. 200,000 slipped by us on Friday while we were having a few cold ones. Congrats to sirphobos21, who hasn't logged in since Friday, either -- Drew   ( divider line
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11930 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Dec 2004 at 4:59 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-14 11:26:03 PM  
every time I read one of these I kick myself for not signing up a year earlier - I remember getting news about Sept 11 from this site because everything else was down (could have been in the low 20k's instead of the 50 somethings)
2004-12-14 11:28:28 PM  
I'll bet he doesn't show up at all.

#189424 here.

Yeah, yeah. Lurked for about a year before I got an account - and the reason I got one is because my hometown was actually the headline for a story. Did it the week before I turned 21...

/that was an awful week
2004-12-14 11:29:35 PM  
2004-12-14 11:32:46 PM  
I'm a n00b here too, and my profile doesn't even give a number. What's up with that?
2004-12-14 11:33:36 PM  
2004-12-14 11:34:36 PM  
Christ I thought my number was high....
Good Luck
ENjoy the show
bring your Nomex you need more often than not even in the boobie links
2004-12-14 11:36:47 PM  
just so that i logged on
2004-12-14 11:38:26 PM  
#48953 represent

My number is not a current ZIP code...what a downer.

But what's cool is that there's only 90000 farkers/TFers with a 5-digit account number....and I'm one of them! Hell yeah!

I'd celebrate with a beer, but I'm out, and I live in a damn dry city.

/wishing the 21st century would come to Glasgow
2004-12-14 11:40:10 PM  
bobhemprules (#17373) reporting for duty, late on the thread as usual. My 3 year anniversary is creeping up!

Account created: 2001-12-18 03:00:23
2004-12-14 11:40:34 PM  
Ampullae of Lorenzini

ur right, thats awesome, assign urself a number before the power that be change their minds.
2004-12-14 11:41:06 PM  
What is my number? Oh, there it is.
2004-12-14 11:45:04 PM  
Congrats and welcome aboard.

2004-12-14 11:45:11 PM  
You know what? Go to hell, sirphobos21.
2004-12-14 11:55:45 PM  
BEER STEAK: You know what? Go to hell, sirphobos21.

I couldn't agree more.

And suddenly I really want to get some food. And a beer. Must be some subliminal advertising somewhere around here.
2004-12-14 11:56:49 PM  
lagged_variable: 2004-12-14 05:42:41 PM lagged_variable

number 20x6!!!

Damn! I knew someone would beat me to it!
2004-12-14 11:57:19 PM  
whoopie for you! but whoopie for me too because my birthday is on thursday :)

/bitter that I didn't get a special number
2004-12-14 11:58:02 PM  
zeevon3 rapporting for detail
2004-12-15 12:08:08 AM  
My favorite screen name so far is Ampullae of Lorenzini (just had a final with that on it, shudder).
and since everyone else is:
Fark account number: 96458
Account created: 2003-06-20 11:00:38
2004-12-15 12:12:18 AM  
Apparently, I am just the kewlest 1337 mofo here, 'cause I ain't even got a number!!!111!!!11!oneoneone!1!

/Kinda funky. Anyone else not have a number?
2004-12-15 12:14:37 AM  
At 15170, I'm in the 7th percentile. Not bad....
2004-12-15 12:14:59 AM  
big_dave: My favorite screen name so far is Ampullae of Lorenzini

Damn, I'm like...freakin' honored, or something! ~sniff~

2004-12-15 12:16:43 AM  
still lurking
2004-12-15 12:18:04 AM  
I just noticed I'm only 69480. I didn't join that long ago...
2004-12-15 12:19:26 AM  
I win! Had a 3 digit account put lost the password but being number 1000 something or whatever is still cool when there are over 200,000 of you jerks.
2004-12-15 12:22:56 AM  
2004-12-15 12:30:25 AM  
this is crazyness!

too many people bragging about how long they have been unproductive!

I'm unproductive too!!

/grumbles back to work.
2004-12-15 12:32:05 AM  
Fark account number: 1808
2004-12-15 12:33:00 AM  
I'm Atlanta!

Hasn't anyone emailed this dude? Like an admin I mean?

2004-12-15 12:35:13 AM  
We get numbers?
Where? I can't find mine.

/numerically challenged
2004-12-15 12:35:48 AM  
zeevon3: numberless

Login: zeevon3
Fark account number: 197235

I can see yours, but looking at my own I have none. Can you not see your own number?
2004-12-15 12:37:32 AM  
Clear Blue: We get numbers?
Where? I can't find mine.

Click on your username.
2004-12-15 12:37:43 AM  
Alright, I am in on the zip code thing since I am a 5 digit god!

I am.....

Marblemount Washington WA 98267

barely in before the 100k.
2004-12-15 12:38:57 AM  
Wow, I could be described as a n00b.

2004-12-15 12:40:26 AM  
Ampullae of Lorenzini: Click on your username.

Clear Blue, you ain't got one, either.

'pparently, we're special.

/Quoting myself with FarkIt...a new low.
//Users <200,000 have no number, perhaps?
2004-12-15 12:40:28 AM  
I did but all I get is an account creation date instead of an account number.

No wonder I never win the lottery.

How do you get bold and italics etc.
2004-12-15 12:45:45 AM  
Clear Blue: How do you get bold and italics etc.

Easy Answer: You use the FarkIt extension to Firefox.

Firefox extensions for Fark.

Hard Answer: You learn HTML. Or you use this guide that Curious posted earlier in this thread.
2004-12-15 12:52:02 AM  
Ampullae of Lorenzini:/B Easy Answer: You use the FarkIt extension to Firefox.

Firefox extensions for Fark.

Hard Answer: You learn HTML. Or you use this guide that Curious posted earlier in this thread.

Thanks a bunchly and just to keep on thread: Way to go new guy who got a number but I didn't for some unknown reason.

/Not jealous. Us numberless people are farkin cool.
2004-12-15 12:53:08 AM  
2004-12-15 12:53:45 AM  
#43004 here, that zip translates out to Blacklick, Ohio.
kind of suggestive, aint it.
2004-12-15 12:56:55 AM  
#672 says #200,000 is weak
2004-12-15 12:59:29 AM  
What the...

Just checked my profile for the hell of it and lo and behold I HAVE A NUMBER.


2004-12-15 01:03:57 AM  
30975. If i hadn't lurked so much beforehand, I'd be in the 20k somewhere. Guess I was too drunk at first.
2004-12-15 01:04:25 AM  

/Jacques Plante: "How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?"
2004-12-15 01:21:47 AM  
STILL no response from the dude. Its WEDNESDAY for crying out loud!
2004-12-15 01:23:00 AM  
OH! So i'm just a stick in the mud eh?! Well that's just dandy!
2004-12-15 01:27:18 AM  
Your momma's so old, her Fark number is 1.
2004-12-15 01:43:04 AM  
Which lucky Farker will be 5318008 ?

/try it on a calculator
2004-12-15 01:54:05 AM  
What a let down!

Sir Phobos will most likely never know what hath passed here today.
2004-12-15 01:56:18 AM  
Dammit fark sucks sometimes. I'm sitting here trying to study and fark is just there crying out to me "waste time waste time!" On top of that my (Lexmark) printer excells in sucking. Oh the humanity!
2004-12-15 02:04:51 AM  
a little off subject, but i was wondering if anyone can help me find the picture of a kitten that was kind of placed in a beer weiss glass (i think it was a weiss glass) and it had a caption making fun of it that it had a "help me" paw i thought it was hilarious. but this pic was from a long time ago and i've looked elsewhere with no luck. please help
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