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(Fark)   Somehow, Fark user No. 200,000 slipped by us on Friday while we were having a few cold ones. Congrats to sirphobos21, who hasn't logged in since Friday, either -- Drew   ( divider line
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11930 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Dec 2004 at 4:59 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-14 10:15:57 PM  
92059. Well, at least now I can say I'm one of the select few to have a 5 digit or fewer Fark user ID, now that the majority of Fark users have 6 digits.

He may have 200,000, but I have something he doesn't have yet, and may not get for a while:

Submitted Links Approved: 1
2004-12-14 10:16:06 PM  
my number (96622) ends up being some military thing if its a zip code, thats no fun
2004-12-14 10:17:06 PM  
At least he's from Beer City.

/74820, shouldn't have been a lurker for so long
2004-12-14 10:18:02 PM  
P0e: I get...Perris, California. Hmm, anyone wanna trade?

92059 = Pala, CA.

I'll trade with anyone for an East Coast zip. Where's #15212? I want that one (Pittsburgh, PA)
2004-12-14 10:19:09 PM  

All of us 5 digit or less farkers should adopt the town of the zipcode that our number matches

I'm Orlando!

There's something vaguely [image from too old to be available] about this statement.
2004-12-14 10:20:47 PM  

Shouldn't there be free, honorary TotalFark memberships for 'old schoolers' with #'s

Change that to the # > 21037 Club and you might be on to something. :D

If only I'd signed up right away instead of lurking. I could have had an '01 registration date. ;_;
2004-12-14 10:21:30 PM  
/defeated by un-clicking the 'preview before post' box.
2004-12-14 10:23:02 PM  
You 5-digit farkers can keep your stupid ZIP code game.

I have my own monitor
2004-12-14 10:24:27 PM  
User #12,416. My penis is bigger than all of you! Bwahahaha!

Okay, not exactly.
2004-12-14 10:24:41 PM  
Unfortunately, my Fark thread is available to TF'ers only. Can someone summarize it for me?
2004-12-14 10:25:08 PM  
Ada, OK

(kind of sounds like a foreign guy trying to tell you something)
2004-12-14 10:26:50 PM  
So what's the significance of the boobies link in your profile? Is it the first thread where your name appears?
2004-12-14 10:26:59 PM  
(go Dayton, MD)
2004-12-14 10:27:36 PM  

So what's the significance of the boobies link in your profile? Is it the first thread where your name appears?

Correct. A play on the "primary post" = boobies filter.
2004-12-14 10:28:21 PM  
im 76423

wow im pretty old

i never post tho o_O
2004-12-14 10:30:45 PM  
76,423? Old in dog years maybe.
2004-12-14 10:32:15 PM  

So what's the significance of the boobies link in your profile? Is it the first thread where your name appears?

It's a reference to that Fark word filter that replaces the words "[image from too old to be available]" with Boobies.
2004-12-14 10:32:30 PM  
Check out the big brain on StrongBrad!
/Pulp Fiction
//kidding, by the way
//fark acct. no 61030, representn' Forreston, IL
2004-12-14 10:36:20 PM  
Moniter? Thbbt. I've got my own automotive part...

/must get acquainted with HTML
2004-12-14 10:39:50 PM  
200,000 accounts, still only about 15 to 20 actual users tho :)
2004-12-14 10:41:24 PM  
epyonyx: I wanted the number 24601.

24601 is associated with the following Cities/Towns:

City State City/Town Status ZIP Code Type

/Yeah, yeah, Jean Valjean and all that
//Saw Les Mis from the nosebleeds
2004-12-14 10:42:59 PM  
HaywoodJablonski, it's a redlit thread that never had any comments. But the headline was amusing:

"Athletic commission denies Tyson a license to f**k Lennox Lewis till he loves him"
2004-12-14 10:43:13 PM  
Envy23: Moniter? Thbbt. I've got my own automotive part...

*grovels* at Envy23's feet.
2004-12-14 10:44:43 PM  
Unfreakable: it's a redlit thread that never had any comments

Ah, thanks. And how appropriate, given my poor record in article submission. No comments. *sigh*
2004-12-14 10:44:58 PM  
Wow, 200,000. I remember flipping through a Playboy (or was it a Maxim?) a few years back, and reading their "Top Websites to Visit" section, and reading about a little website named "Its not news, its Fark!" And the rest is history. Good to see it still alive and kicking. Drew's just gotta make sure he doesn't spill the brewsky's on the server.

When are we going to have another Seattle Fark party???
Rat [TotalFark]
2004-12-14 10:47:16 PM  
I still haven't learned all there is in the known universe

© #379 (but my little world is kinda spiffy)
2004-12-14 10:47:17 PM  
Farker #13163, for the record.
2004-12-14 10:47:32 PM  
#11377 = Flushing, NY

the story of my life, thinking i'm cool only to be drop kicked by reality.

i've been here most every day since creating an account (and a few months before that lurking) but post in spurts. no, not that kind.

got TF as an incentive to join in photoshop but lack the skills yet. that and it was about time i paid back Drew at least a little for all the good times. these threads sure remind me of them.

congrats to the n00b and thanks Drew, et al
2004-12-14 10:48:51 PM  
sirphobos21 stil hasn't checked in yet? what an asshole
2004-12-14 10:50:09 PM  
HaywoodJablonski: That's right.
But no, apparently we six-digit people need to stick together...
2004-12-14 10:52:54 PM  
celebrating arbitrary numbers makes baby jesus cry..
2004-12-14 10:56:04 PM  
Account created:2002-07-27 11:49:23

Been lurking ever since.
2004-12-14 10:57:50 PM  
Login: actraiser2k1
Fark account number: 14930
Account created: 2001-11-23 02:28:49
Submitted links approved:
2004-12-14 10:58:44 PM  
#3180 - I remember the first Photoshop contest and nearly getting fired for surfing Fark at work (multiple violations)
2004-12-14 11:00:28 PM  
pop chug puke cheers
2004-12-14 11:00:28 PM  
Zip Code Game, fark that. What generic reaction are you:

_displayName Glycogen synthase catalyzes the addition of glucose residues to the non-reducing end of a (1,4)-alpha-D-glucose multimer.

2004-12-14 11:01:14 PM  
Envy23 umless i've forgotten my auto repair skills that a bearing set for a two banger. wish it had details.

and here's a HTML guide pops
2004-12-14 11:01:55 PM  
as a 4 digit farker I have no zip code..
Just some writting on cave walls
but goodle 3309 and you get

RFC 3309 - Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Checksum Change
Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) currently uses an Adler-
32 checksum. For small packets Adler-32 provides weak detection of
2004-12-14 11:03:05 PM  
Wesbran: I've never been banned.

Heh. Nice one.
2004-12-14 11:06:54 PM  
GIS for 107304

[image from too old to be available]

Can anyone tell me who this account number squatting farkface is?
2004-12-14 11:07:18 PM  
Wil Wheaton! #9435
2004-12-14 11:08:04 PM  

i'm cooler than I thought.

wait no i'm not
2004-12-14 11:09:12 PM  
Login: loginname [TotalFark]
Fark account number: 20659
Account created: 2002-01-18 14:28:50

oh yea!
2004-12-14 11:10:10 PM  
Yep, I've got no idea what the hell that auto part was. Kudos to you. AND MAD PROPS FOR THE HTML GUIDE!!
You are my hero!!!!!!
2004-12-14 11:11:52 PM  
Still no reply from sirphobos21?
You'd think that the Boobies would be on this forum.
2004-12-14 11:15:07 PM  

Login: Drew [TotalFark] (Admin)
Fark account number: 1
Account created: 2000-06-14 (approx.)
Submitted links approved: 4241
Name: Drew Curtis

Ok, so can anyone beat Drew for greenlighted links?

Ok, so can anyone not an admin greenlighting their own submissions beat Drew for greenlighted links?

/Kudos and thanks to the Farkmeister
2004-12-14 11:15:30 PM  

NUMBER 38 biatchES!

Carry on.

/anyone wanna buy a super low fark account number? Used only daily, perfect for people named "Chris"...
2004-12-14 11:16:16 PM  
sirphobos21 What the FORK!!~!!!
2004-12-14 11:16:31 PM  
mike8536 buddy, in fact he has

ctrl-f is your friend
2004-12-14 11:20:42 PM  
kayen: mike8536 buddy, in fact he has

ctrl-f is your friend

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