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5376 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2002 at 1:41 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-28 01:43:41 PM  
I want one too
2002-02-28 01:46:24 PM  
And the Satellite's a great investment, because you'll get all your investment beack when it burns up in the atmosp.... oh wait, you won't... never mind...
2002-02-28 01:47:57 PM  
Keep in mind, though, that the web designers are working with the terrorists who are secretly under the control of the reverse vampires who were the result of experimentation by the saucer people who are under contract to Rand McNally!

Does that make any sense?
2002-02-28 01:48:22 PM  
Is it just me or are those links to Russian boobies sites at the bottom of the page? Anyone not at work want to check it out?
2002-02-28 01:48:31 PM  
fourth boobies fark biatch?
2002-02-28 01:53:25 PM  
That article gave me a headache. I read, but I still have no idea what it said. God I'm hung-over.
2002-02-28 01:54:10 PM  
Brain no worky.
2002-02-28 01:57:12 PM  
FalconRed- I looked all around. Couldn't find any Russian boobies. Sorry.
2002-02-28 02:00:19 PM  
All those russians are wierd bastards.
2002-02-28 02:03:05 PM  
"Last year Legus signed a contract to develop some small-ass video for a local TV-channel STS. They were subsequently sued by the Lego company for copyright infringement. Days later, the makers of Eggo waffles also sued for copyright infringement. Legus executives were unavailable for comment while they fight CIA accusations that they were using old Russian spy satellites to brainwash people into wearing tin foil hats."
2002-02-28 02:06:12 PM  
Sing out front:

2002-02-28 02:10:30 PM  
That article sounds like it was written by the lady who sits in front of me. It's horrible when the government won't pay to teach immigrants that Russian syntax won't work with English! RAISE MY TAXES!!! 34% is NOT enough!

sorry for the rant.

2002-02-28 02:13:42 PM  
Look at this!
2002-02-28 02:38:48 PM  
I want my own spy satellite. I could do many things with it. Like watch parties at the grotto
2002-02-28 02:42:23 PM  
Russia makes it funny
2002-02-28 02:51:11 PM  
Yeah, well Darth Vader will do business with anyone.
2002-02-28 02:53:53 PM  

I thought Russia had some primo Vodka ! why not pay with that ?

That story is:

[image from too old to be available]

Absolut Bullshiat

2002-02-28 03:34:03 PM  
oh come on it is funny :-)
2002-02-28 03:35:30 PM  

Nobody has commented on the use of "MotherFarker" and "Farked" in that story. I guess Fark is a worldwide phenom or the webmaster is a Farker.
2002-02-28 04:39:36 PM  
damn right! i pledge the allegiance to fark! =)
2002-02-28 05:11:34 PM  
"..they thought it would be a damn good idea to get rid of the farked satellite."

Huh? FARKED satellite. WTF????
2002-02-28 05:26:50 PM  
Satellite imaging is big business. They can sell images to the media or to other countries for big time dollars. Just ask space imaging. The DOD bought the rights to any shot of Afghanistan for about 2 milion a month. Not bad for some crappy russian web designers. But if it breaks or it is not a imaging satellite they have a big piece of space junk.
2002-02-28 09:33:04 PM  
farkers, pls tell mr bush not to provoke us.
what the fark do we both need it for?
i want to live a little longer then next week when usa will fly its forces to former soviet republic of georgia, i mean - it's like 700 km from where i am!
it's farken crazy!
2002-03-01 10:41:02 AM  
"It's just a BUS!!"
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