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(Cosmiverse)   "Iritable male syndrome" causes men to be assholes   ( divider line
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6817 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2002 at 7:21 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-28 07:22:41 PM  
I too suffer from IMS
2002-02-28 07:22:50 PM  
I suffer from it 24/7
2002-02-28 07:24:18 PM  
But your wives/girlfriends suffer from it the most.
2002-02-28 07:24:53 PM  
IMS caused by CWTTDM. Chicks Who Talk Too Damn Much
2002-02-28 07:24:55 PM  
So... are they going to make a pill so I stop being an asshole?
2002-02-28 07:26:09 PM  
no beer and no tv make homer go crazy
2002-02-28 07:26:37 PM  
Hummers are the cure to what ails me
2002-02-28 07:27:05 PM  
true......many support groups have been set up in local taverns.........
2002-02-28 07:27:35 PM  
No Boobies causes "Iritaqble male syndrome".

Farking lousy mis-spelled Cosmiverse headline. Where's my pelicans?
2002-02-28 07:27:54 PM  
But your wives/girlfriends suffer from it the most.

Just like husbands/boyfriends suffer the most from PMS.

Finally, equality. Maybe the world is ok after all.


2002-02-28 07:28:07 PM  
Farkin' fingers.
2002-02-28 07:28:25 PM  
Oh, comon?! No Fb- jokes yet, and we're already on the 11th or 12th post!!!

Kids today... they have no appreciation!
2002-02-28 07:28:25 PM  
Sounds similar to the Can't Undertand Normal Thinking virus.
2002-02-28 07:28:31 PM  
Oh wait... after reading the article it would seem that sex could prevent our cure this ailment... so I just need to find me a nice looking female doctor to give me my medicine while I give it to her. I think I am going to like being an irritable man.
2002-02-28 07:28:46 PM  
So does this mean I can jeer at my boyfriend and say, "Whatsamatter? You on the rag or something?" whenever he's mad at me for leaving the toilet seat down or not leaving my socks and underwear all over the floor?
2002-02-28 07:29:00 PM  
Like hell it does.
2002-02-28 07:29:15 PM  
This explain every muslim motherfarker ever!
2002-02-28 07:29:53 PM  
Iritable? what kind of a pansy-ass would use that word? oh yea, this guy
2002-02-28 07:30:25 PM  
farkin biatch
2002-02-28 07:30:47 PM  
Im measuring my testosterone levels right now....seem a bit low. better do another check to be sure.
2002-02-28 07:31:28 PM  
Man Fark is posting articles from cosmiverse all the damned time now.
2002-02-28 07:33:25 PM  
Ah yes, PMS for men.
2002-02-28 07:34:12 PM  
Iritable male syndrome my ass!!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-28 07:34:57 PM  
I thought it was just a hangover.
2002-02-28 07:36:59 PM  
Irritating man syndrome

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-28 07:37:49 PM  

"Fb-, do you ever get that...not-so-fresh feeling? And it makes you want to watch "The Man Show" 24/7?"

2002-02-28 07:37:51 PM  
Well, that explains most of the denizens of Fark...
2002-02-28 07:39:28 PM  
It's not fuggin funny! I don't know why I'm crying...
2002-02-28 07:39:59 PM  


Symptoms of the condition resemble those of the so-called male menopause, but Lincoln says that the condition can strike men of any age when stress causes testosterone levels to drop. If Lincoln's theory turns out to be true, it's not just women who are affected by hormones.
Yeah, not like stress doesn't cause people to be irritable. What?!?
2002-02-28 07:41:32 PM  
shiat, I always thought it was too much testosterone that made for the biggest assholes... I guess this means that that's just over-compensating?
2002-02-28 07:46:42 PM  
Yessssss! Taking away the myth of female martyrdom!
2002-02-28 07:46:45 PM  
Phxtony: PMS for men is Pissy Male Syndrome. :)
2002-02-28 07:48:21 PM  
Finally! when a man has a genuine issue he wants to discuss we can say, "What's wrong honey, do you have IMS or something? I noticed you looked a little bloated..."
2002-02-28 07:49:50 PM  
I'm actually suffering from IMS right now. I think the damn transmission went out on my jeep. I was suppose to leave for Mexico this next Wednesday, now I'm farked. Time to buy a new car I guess.
2002-02-28 07:50:14 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

I'm never irritated.
2002-02-28 07:50:48 PM  
Pornosaur: Mmmmmm. Mexico. Great titty bars.
2002-02-28 07:51:38 PM  
... yeah and my asshole tightens up so bad, my eye brows cascade down over my eyes and I can't see for shiat..
2002-02-28 07:52:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-28 07:56:13 PM  

I have an excuse.
2002-02-28 07:56:21 PM  
IMS... So THAT's why my schlong leaks blood every month.
2002-02-28 07:57:06 PM  
Phalkin: Get that checked.
2002-02-28 07:59:34 PM  
I heard you can cure this was Vicodine.
2002-02-28 08:00:34 PM  
It pisses me off when someone can't spell "Iritable".
2002-02-28 08:03:02 PM  
hmmm....cure it with drugs or rodents with guns?
how bout we give the rodents with guns the drugs, win, win situation
2002-02-28 08:03:46 PM  
which one would that be?
2002-02-28 08:04:20 PM  
I bought that damn thing when I lived in Michigan, no one in my town has a foreign car. You could killed for some shiat like that.
I wonder how long before a drug company starts to market a pill for this?
2002-02-28 08:10:40 PM  

Figures...easily amused uhn?

*sees shiny thing on floor*


2002-02-28 08:12:10 PM  
At least I have something better to call it now than just "being an asshole." I suffer from IMS. I have a medical condition. If I'm a complete dick, it's not my fault, and if you retaliate in any way, I'm going to sue you for discrimination (unless you have it too, then we can just beat the shiat out of each other).
2002-02-28 08:12:43 PM  
Big farking deal. Quit posting from this freaking site. I hate it, and it nearly always has stupid stories. We don't care about stupid things like this.
2002-02-28 08:13:45 PM  
BloodyL: Then dont read them. Simple.
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