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5700 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Mar 2002 at 12:05 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-01 12:07:08 AM  
God help me, my girlfriend is going to go nuts
2002-03-01 12:10:19 AM  
I'm the mini me version of Vin Diesel.
Yeah, that'll be my new pick up line.
I'll just use that line on Mme. Mersault and she'll leave Mr. Mersault, no problemo ! (NOT) =+)
2002-03-01 12:10:20 AM  
Oh thank you thank you thank you whoever posted this! I'm gonna cover every square inch of my bedroom walls with Vin! He's so dreamy!
2002-03-01 12:10:21 AM  
Hell, wake her up and show her, ya might get lucky tonight.
2002-03-01 12:10:40 AM  
Oh sweet dawgs in heaven!!

Mme. will love this.
2002-03-01 12:11:59 AM  
Dammit, three weeners links in as many days, and not one good boobies post.

2002-03-01 12:16:23 AM  

damn.... now, I know I'm gonna catch crap for this... but I'm drunk, and fuk you all....

I, as most know, am a dude, and I WISH I had Vin's body.... that dude is ripped.

again, kiss MY ass guys

2002-03-01 12:16:47 AM  
...not that there's anything wrong with that....
2002-03-01 12:20:49 AM  
thanks Bigpeeler....ha. ha. can I add, I'm ALMOST there...
2002-03-01 12:20:51 AM  
......not that far up the evolutionary ladder......
2002-03-01 12:24:52 AM  

awww, you guys are just jealous ... all I need is to get my gut looking like that and... Wo0t!

now where'd I put my beer ....

and where's Kady... she might like this one.

2002-03-01 12:27:22 AM  
Oh God.. I need a shower now.. and some fresh batteries...

Wheres Mme?
2002-03-01 12:28:58 AM  
Vegasj, what can I say, you are so gay.
2002-03-01 12:30:16 AM  
I'm not quite sure what this picture means.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-01 12:32:32 AM  
LMAO @ BigPeeler

Oh, and nice boobies, Bumjube
2002-03-01 12:35:23 AM  
"Vegasj, what can I say, you are so gay."

Why, cause I envy his body.... I didn't say I wanted to pump his bunghole man... I said I wanted his...errr.. I wish I LOOKed like him (body)....baahh.

2002-03-01 12:36:54 AM  
Hmm.. He's cute, but he's not Ethan Hawke. Mmmm.. Ethan Hawke..

[image from too old to be available]

Forgive me; I saw Training Day last Saturday, and Dead Poets Society a few weeks ago. :)
2002-03-01 12:40:01 AM  
Not to bust your bubble, but Ethan Hawke is happily married with 2 kids(maybe more?) to Uma Thurman.
Didn't know if you knew.
2002-03-01 12:40:55 AM  

I can still think he's cute, can't I? lol!
2002-03-01 12:42:56 AM  
My wife asked me the other day, who I thought was the "coolest" guy ever. The one guy I would want to be if given the chance. It could be anyone she said. Entertainer, politician, the schlub down the street, anyone.

Mind you, the term "cool" is quite subjective, my answer was Cary Grant. The dude was just smooooth. And he looked good in pleated slacks. The boy could wear threads.

I began to wonder what my fellow Farkers would have answered, given the diversity of ages and mentalities in here.

Who would you be? Who's cool to you? Just curious. Oh yeah, Drew Curtis is out. No one can be that cool.
2002-03-01 12:43:56 AM  
I think I've exhausted myself looking through all the pics.. and I must get my mind off the thought of him breaking down my door, bending me over the kitchen counter and.. well, nevermind...

2002-03-01 12:47:54 AM  
"bending me over the kitchen counter and.."

ahahhahh.... from behind.....nothing better.

2002-03-01 12:49:22 AM  
Bigpeeler: Definitely Sean Connery in the old Bond flicks. Sooooo smooth with the ladies.

(Bond walks in on a broad in the bath)
Chick: I think you're in the wrong room.
Bond: (naturally, in thick Connery accent) Not from where I'm standing.
Chick: Well, will you at least pass me something to put on.
(Bond passes her a pair of sandals)

2002-03-01 12:50:07 AM  
BP: Christopher Walken. before fark, i wanted to be him. he plays a guy with problems in every movie he's in, and can usually steal the show without trying, or having a major role.

wouldn't mind being scott mcneil (a thousand fark points to ANYONE who knows who that is), just cuz i like his job
2002-03-01 12:51:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

To make this thread worth looking at =)
2002-03-01 12:51:37 AM  
When it said "XXX (TripleX)" as one of his movies, and "XXXTrailer Caps", I thought it was talking about some sort of porno he had starred in.

But. I. Uh. Clicked it, anyway. On accident. Boy was I glad to find out otherwise!
2002-03-01 12:52:15 AM  
Bigpeeler, have ta be James Dean....come on, jeans, white T, and black leather jacket.... hair slightly tossed, definatly a heart throb in the day......that or Brad Pitt, well he IS banging Jennifer....
2002-03-01 12:53:53 AM  
I'd have to go with Mugen on the Sean Connery thing.. I'm not sure if I just think he is cool, or if it's because I'd fark him silly if I could.. possibly both..
2002-03-01 12:56:54 AM  
did I say James dean...I meant Sean Connery...yea, yea, thats it... ;)
2002-03-01 12:57:09 AM  
Redd Foxx
2002-03-01 12:59:40 AM  
You sure about that?
2002-03-01 01:01:14 AM  
I like being me
2002-03-01 01:04:11 AM  

oh yea, I'm sure...nice pic(boobies) btw.

and I STILL haven't seen Kady !!

2002-03-01 01:07:21 AM  
Did someone here call my name? ;) How did you know I'd show up in this thread? Lucky guess on your part I suppose.

Although he's not all that bad to look at, Vin does not get my panties wet. But it doesn't hurt to look.
2002-03-01 01:07:47 AM  
Kady has her hands a little busy right now, hehe
2002-03-01 01:08:29 AM  
wOW, I was almost right........hehe
2002-03-01 01:09:35 AM  
Two words: Hugh Hefner. Even as an old farker he's banging incredibly hot twins.
2002-03-01 01:09:42 AM  
Ah, Kady, you reminded me. Notice my pic is missing from my profile? I do this to keep girls panties from becoming wet. Your welcome.
2002-03-01 01:09:56 AM  
Some cool people by SLAYERSWINE
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-01 01:10:28 AM  
"get my panties wet

Hi Kady....please say that again... for me...please...(lol)

2002-03-01 01:13:53 AM  
JOHNDX: Hands are busy...typing. I am a good girl. ;)

DarkDragon330: Well, I guess I should be thanking you for the public service you are performing by not including your picture. Would hate to get all excited.
2002-03-01 01:14:49 AM  
lmao, yeah.. it'd be a shame.
2002-03-01 01:15:33 AM  
Vegasj: Sure, I'll say it again...but this time in a breathy whisper. Does that work for you?
2002-03-01 01:16:56 AM  
Don't do it.. He'd much rather have Vin do that.. save it for..ME. lol
2002-03-01 01:18:04 AM  
Hands are busy...typing. I am a good girl. ;)

You sooo wanna be bad though, c'mon baby you can tell us ;)
2002-03-01 01:18:17 AM  

not unless you're here in front of me... no.

my screen doesn't turn me on that much..

2002-03-01 01:18:50 AM  
2002-03-01 01:20:58 AM  
see what Dark... a 15 year old that should probably be in bed already ?? run along young one.....
2002-03-01 01:21:02 AM  
my screen doesn't turn me on that much..</i.

Put a hole in the side of it LOL
2002-03-01 01:22:30 AM  
Bed? Assuming things so quickly could end up getting you screwed, lol. I could live in California, or Australia where it's the middle of the day.
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