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(The Sun)   The "burnt toast that vaguely looks like someone" phenomenon has officially hit rock bottom. The Sun is there   ( divider line
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36950 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Dec 2004 at 2:29 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-12 09:17:21 PM  
Even if it did look like him, who the hell is going to know who he is?

I'm in the UK, and I'm not sure.
2004-12-12 10:18:25 PM  
Are you making fun of my piece of toast that looks like Millard Fillmore?
2004-12-12 10:34:12 PM  
2004-12-13 02:32:42 AM  
For some reason I was going to guess Robbie williams.
2004-12-13 02:34:03 AM  
I think I'll have som toastie for brekkie tomorrah.
2004-12-13 02:35:16 AM  
hey, as long as Australia doesn't start doing this retarded shiat... soon enough, itll be white, sandy beaches and drinks with little straw hats.
2004-12-13 02:35:35 AM  
I've got a Baby Ruth bar that looks like a turd.
2004-12-13 02:36:50 AM  
Oh gods... why in the name of all that is good and holy would someone shell out 300 for that? WHY?
2004-12-13 02:37:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-13 02:40:48 AM  
i once took a dump that was the spitting image of kim basinger.
2004-12-13 02:41:00 AM  
i've got a turd that looks like a baby ruth bar
2004-12-13 02:44:16 AM  
Brekkie... Is that a cross from breakfast, and... crap no idea. Breakfast in a phizzle hizzle snip kizzi con heuvos el la Britain?
2004-12-13 02:44:27 AM  
I made a piece of toast that looked just like a polar bear walking thru a snowstorm. Of course, I forgot to plug the toaster in first.
2004-12-13 02:47:34 AM  
ROFL, Biledriver.
Actually, wow, got me to thinking. If a literal piece of crap had the picture of something vaguely female, could it be sold for thousands to the invisible sky guy ppl?
2004-12-13 02:48:14 AM  
Yep, the ol' veil between worlds is pretty thin these days.

/adjusts 3-D glasses
2004-12-13 02:53:16 AM  
Man, just imagine how much money you could make with one of these.
2004-12-13 02:53:27 AM  
This is ridiculous. No way in hell would this image just happen to come out of a toaster. At least the guy who made that Virgin Mary grilled cheese thing put some effort into it.

I will now go burn a slice of toast, and then scratch the thing using a butter knife until I get a vague image of Drew. Or Wil. You'll see it here in a couple days.

I missed on cashing in on the Dot-Com craze... I won't miss the Toast craze, dammit.
2004-12-13 02:54:35 AM  
Imagine what a picture of me would go for, toast or not.
2004-12-13 02:59:34 AM  
Eh. It won't be rock-bottom until there's a piece of toast that looks like Bob.

Whether Bob Dobbs or Bob G*****E or Bob the Angry Flower or just Bob from Accounting, you make the call. Either way.

As far as toast as an advertising medium: been there. By the Japanese, of course.
2004-12-13 02:59:43 AM  
Just to think. If we all would of acted on our impulse when we saw that virgin mary toast, we all would be 300 bucks richer.
2004-12-13 03:05:46 AM  
youve gotta be shiattin me
2004-12-13 03:06:15 AM  
I gave the wife some toast that looked liked someone had splooged on it. I, of course, had no idea what she was talking about and told her to eat up.
2004-12-13 03:06:20 AM  
Nah, DeadKitten, this parody officially closes out the Toast Craze.

Actually, there was some Farker that had a pic of some blonde celebrity that SOOO looked like the orig cheese sammich picture, I at least, considered it "case owned (pwned for those that think not being able to type/spell is cool, in case actual true spelling confuses you)"

But this definately places the last nail in the coffin.

Now we need some "Mary sexing up the stable boy ("Oh, husband, I SWEAR I am still a virgin." "Really, it must be GOD that got you preggers then!") glass windows and such.

At last I read, there are 1,000 "Marys" every day in the USA!
2004-12-13 03:08:06 AM  
I hope this is a farking joke. Someone please tell me it is.

/And that toast was manipulated. There's no way that stupid cartoon face just by chance appeared on there so perfectly.
2004-12-13 03:08:08 AM  
So, we looking at a PS contest soon involving toast?
2004-12-13 03:12:30 AM  
Fark Joe and everybody who looks like Joe. "Judging from his picture, I think he's jerking off too much!"
Yea I had to pull something from the book of George Carlin in response to this asshat.
2004-12-13 03:13:53 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

Referring to these "sightings" in general, not to this particular article.
2004-12-13 03:15:49 AM  
It IS a joke, 5" Taint.

As hearsay as it is, a good bud's friend did this, I think, tho will know for sure tommorrow. Said he was going to use plain water and a medium artist brush to make a smilie and try to sell it as a parody on Ebay.

If it isn't him, even more funny for me. Mike's bud is going to be rather irate his did not get the coverage when someone elses did...
2004-12-13 03:17:44 AM  
NICE link, Duffman!
2004-12-13 03:17:53 AM  
Hey, alright. I've got something in common with the burnt toast that vaguely looks like someone phenomenon.
2004-12-13 03:18:02 AM  
First thing the headline: Oh holy Mother, do not let it look like Britney. And, praise the goddess, it's some random guy I've never heard of. W00t!
2004-12-13 03:20:49 AM  
er, first thing I thought when I saw the headline...
2004-12-13 03:22:02 AM  
My brother managed a lab in Vegas (pre-employment screening). He also liked to take photos of interesting rock formations in the surrounding desert, and hang prints of some of the better ones in the office. He noticed an increase in the number of folks showing up for no reason other than to stand around looking at one of the prints. Those interested parties were Catholic Chicanos/Mexicans, and the word had spread that there was an image of the virgin to be ogled.
My bro sold/gave away lots of copies, but refused to tell them where he'd taken the picture. He explained, to me, that had he given directions, the faithful would have `seen' the virgin but he'd only get to see toilet paper tails waving from beneath every rock in the area the next time he'd visit. Figured that they'd be just as well off crapping in heaven after making that final pilgrimage.
2004-12-13 03:33:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-13 03:33:29 AM  
someone from a bread company needs to make a loaf that can have different faces appear when the bread is toasted. that would be cool.

just dont forget me.
2004-12-13 03:36:19 AM  
who is that chica in Draakneuz picture?

2004-12-13 03:38:11 AM  
Anybody else think British humor sucks? There are a few exceptions obviously (Python, Eddie Izzard), but on the whole does anyeone else agree?
2004-12-13 03:38:56 AM  
read the article, and you would know who that was in the Draakneuz picture that is further up this page.

2004-12-13 03:39:00 AM  

2004-12-13 03:39:12 AM  
Crazy Lee: My bro sold/gave away lots of copies

I've decided that trying to convince these people they are wrong is a waste of time, so screwing them out of all the money they're worth is the next best thing.
2004-12-13 03:41:04 AM  
almost real time that was
2004-12-13 03:41:18 AM  
Kudos, Tribs!!

Auto a vote for me on your next PS entry!
2004-12-13 03:55:13 AM  
My girlfriend had a toster in Japan that put a Hello Kitty face on every slice. You could get the tosters on practially any corner in akihabara a few years ago.
What the fark is the big deal?
2004-12-13 03:59:38 AM  
Seriously, how the hell is a hot chick like that standing next to a complete farktard dipshiat asstwat like him and NOT sponatneously combusting into flames? Damnit!

/grabs the rope and a rickety chair...
2004-12-13 04:02:27 AM  
heres a link I found on google hello kitty toaster

2 things about this.. It makes faces on toast.
And someone made "" ?!?!

2004-12-13 04:50:30 AM  
to add to my delirium spree, i thought this one said vagina in the headline.
2004-12-13 05:20:23 AM  
Tribs: that photo is SO fake. I can't believe you tried to pass that off.
2004-12-13 05:27:37 AM  
I got respect for this guy, he's obviously making fun out of the whole stupid episode. Funny stuff.
2004-12-13 05:30:19 AM  
Tribs what's the link to the e-bay auction for that amazing piece of toast????
2004-12-13 05:30:28 AM  
says he noticed Joe's face starring out at him while preparing his brekkie.


and that toast looks like he drew a face on it...
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