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(MSN)   Outraged parent says to Ludacris, "Get out of my mall. Tiffany never started shiat here"   ( ) divider line
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21939 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2004 at 10:40 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-12 11:41:20 PM  
2004-12-12 11:43:49 PM  
$300... wow... <carl>the poor children</carl>
2004-12-12 11:44:42 PM  
mmmm Tiffany. I'd hit it! Nice b|oobies!
2004-12-12 11:44:58 PM  
Let's see $300. Ludacris make millions per year. I think that roughly analogous to the pocketchange I gave a bum on the street yesterday. Thanks Ludacris, you're a real humanitarian.
2004-12-12 11:46:51 PM  
Outraged parent continues, "Stay out my business, my busiNASS, stay the fcuk up out my busiNASS, cos it's mine, all mine..."
2004-12-12 11:52:04 PM  
B.B. King came to the mall in Urbana a few years back. It's not even a nice mall, at all, only like 5 stores left. No fights that I know of.
2004-12-13 12:03:31 AM  
Meanwhile Old Dirty Bastard is still dead.
2004-12-13 12:05:42 AM  

An unsafe environment... well duh.

Let's see -- "Macy's would like to invite the Crips and the Bloods to an autograph session for Ludacris's new album..."

All that clever trolling and someone just comes out and says it. Damn.

Not that most of his fans are rich white suburban kids or anything...
2004-12-13 12:08:11 AM  
I bet that at least half the people biatching that he didn't give enough in charity donations because he's rich also voted for Bush and tax cut for the rich.

/flamebait, but probably true
2004-12-13 12:12:43 AM  
What the hell does Tiffany have to do with Ludacris?
2004-12-13 12:16:56 AM  
Being a former resident of Alabama (lived there 22 years until graduating college)....I can say that Montgomery is definitely not the classiest city around....I mean...even in Alabama...nobody says..."you know what...I think I'm going to graduate and settle down in Montgomery....." ---it's a sh**hole.

/not trolling...just hate that town....
/and $300 is not generous...screw him for trying to make us think so.
2004-12-13 12:30:48 AM  
Move biatch, get out the way. Get out the way, biatch. Get out the way.

Fark you to all those who are saying "Oh, $300 is nothing! He's not generous!" What is he supposed to do, give 15% and be mormon? At least he's giving something at all.
2004-12-13 12:33:13 AM  

Fark you to all those who are saying "Oh, $300 is nothing! He's not generous!" What is he supposed to do, give 15% and be mormon? At least he's giving something at all.

I agree that anything is good. But it sounds like it was known he was coming and it became some sort of appearance. If you're going to drop off $300 in toys just drop it in the bin like everyone else.
2004-12-13 12:35:48 AM  
For all of those who think $300 is nothing... send a check to...
denver, co
2004-12-13 12:41:26 AM  
Ludacris has what, well over a coupla million and donates 300 bucks? I am less than a year out of college and have probably donated $500 bucks this year. Hmm.
2004-12-13 12:44:57 AM  

Ludacris has what, well over a coupla million and donates 300 bucks? I am less than a year out of college and have probably donated $500 bucks this year. Hmm.

And you automatically assume this is the only donation he's made all year long. BRILLIANT!
2004-12-13 12:52:17 AM  
Lets say ludacris is worth 5 mil (a lowball estimate) and donates 300 bucks everyday (highly doubtful). That is 2% of his pay. On my 20K a year (i'm a student) I donate 500 bucks which yea equals 2% but I have other expenses too, like school and the such which take up a large percentage. yea, Ludacris is Motherfarkin Teresa
2004-12-13 12:59:13 AM  
I didn't see he's Motherfarkin Teresa, just that it's stupid to assume that's the only donation he's made all year long. And that's how your post came across. You could stand to do a little research on Ludacris and his charity work before making such claims.
2004-12-13 12:59:58 AM  
People musta been throwin' bows up in there...
2004-12-13 01:00:00 AM  


Time for bed.
2004-12-13 01:08:02 AM  
I love fark. We have here:
- People criticizing the headline
- People posting without reading the article
- vaguely racist trolls
- people debating the moral weight of a $300 donation
- People quoting lyrics

Thank you. You're beautiful people who make me never need to do situps (laughter)
2004-12-13 01:10:09 AM  
Oh, I forgot, also, posting tittay.
2004-12-13 01:21:21 AM  

you never have to do situps?

Also, what's vaguely racist about identifying the obvious?
2004-12-13 01:24:25 AM  
Besides his obvious gifts to charity, I would personally like to thank ludacris, and his hip hop brethren, for bastardizing the English language.

/English major
/No job
2004-12-13 01:26:21 AM  
More hilarious ludacris lyrics are welcome. I know there are plenty out there, but am too lazy to look them up right now.

Off the top of my head, how bout "I got people scared as fark, like when condoms break"

2004-12-13 01:46:06 AM  
joe manco: /English major
/No job

Guess who wasn't an English major and is making millions. I'm sure as an English major you've had to take classes with more historical literature. How'd people speak a thousand years ago? It's nothing personal, I just don't understand why people seem genuinely pissed off or offended by hip hop language.

/thinks English majors who are annoyed by the changing English language should be history majors instead
//also thinks "shizzle" is a stupid word
2004-12-13 01:49:36 AM  
lmao joe! How about this gem

"Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are wreckless
Feels like a MIDGET is hanging from my neckless"

Necklass...heh. Lyrics sites are endless fun.
2004-12-13 01:53:53 AM  
Dude, it's not changing the English language. It's changing the spelling to seem cool. I congratulate him on making his millions. I also congratulate him on making millions of young children look ridiculous and uneducated when they write college essays and job applications, completely oblivious to their misspellings.
2004-12-13 02:05:13 AM  
Supreme Court precedent anyone?

/Cox v. Louisiana
//may be wrong
2004-12-13 03:20:46 AM  
no links to the tiffany pix?

im so dissapointed in the power of fark.
2004-12-13 03:38:02 AM  
absolutely baffling how violence like rioting, raping, and even shootings break out at events like Woodstock, presidential inaugurations, or Damageplan really just baffles me...

/fark trolls
2004-12-13 08:23:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-13 12:27:59 PM  
Hahaha...that's hilarious Slowpoke.
2004-12-13 02:42:47 PM  
"Besides his obvious gifts to charity, I would personally like to thank..."

I dropped out of college, but isn't there an English error in there somewhere?
2004-12-13 03:01:32 PM  
to be fair, this had nothing to do with ludacris and everything to do with inadequate security.

"I would have liked to stay, but I understand I was part of the problem," Ludacris, a College Park, Ga., native, told the newspaper.

police told ludacris to leave in order to disperse the crowd; he complied. all parental complaints in this story were about how the mall had not properly prepared for the sort of large and rowdy crowd that could have been expected for a celebrity of his stature.

so the headline is bunk.
2004-12-13 04:07:19 PM  
farkin attractive and successful African-Americans.........
2004-12-13 04:26:30 PM  
And by the way, Ludacris is a pretty funny guy. I saw him once in Boston and once in San Diego. He managed to involve the multi-racial crowd both times without starting any fights. Here's one of my favorite verses. I'll clean it up so that you can pretend you're not racist:

You see, [you've] got it all wrong, like women in tuxedos,
and [you're] coming up shorter than five Danny Devitos.
I'm on a Cool Ranch. get Lay'd more than Fritos,
with five strippers, four wives, and three amigos.

See? Cross-dressing, pop-culture references, group sex, and snack foods. Now that's funny.
2004-12-13 10:51:42 PM  
A whole $300. I give more than that. I truly hate these dumb negro rappers.
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