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(Reuters)   HBO insists that they don't use ad placements and that any product usage is critical to storylines   ( divider line
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2004-12-12 10:02:18 AM  

Probably deserves the "unlikely" tag instead.
2004-12-12 10:13:23 AM  
I used to do media buying and we dealt with HBO a lot. This is true.
2004-12-12 10:28:31 AM  
Damn communists.

/meh, got nutin
2004-12-12 11:01:32 AM  
is it possible then, that the writers themselves are placing the products? The Sopranos is RIFE with P.P.
2004-12-12 02:11:10 PM  
That's funny. I saw a Frontline on advertising where the Aboslut people said they created a drink and took it to Sex and the City to make it part of the plotline. Me thinks someone be lying.
2004-12-12 02:42:32 PM  
Oops, that should be Absolut although I suppose it would work the other way for that show.
2004-12-12 04:57:04 PM  
I'm sure Tony Soprano just happened to point out the Nissan 4x4 6 point safety program when he bought one for his son because it moved the plot along.

2004-12-12 06:04:24 PM  
Yeah... and Fox News is fair and balanced

all together now : Puuuhleeeeze
2004-12-12 08:23:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

That TOTALLY moves the plot forward! Thank you, HBO!
2004-12-12 08:27:49 PM  
Complete and utter lies. HBO is lying directly to your face. There is no justification for this:

Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) gave his son, A.J. (Robert Iler), a new bright yellow Nissan Xterra as an incentive to get his grades up and expounded upon the SUV's features with such dialogue as "It's loaded -- 3.3-liter supercharge," "It's got sensors in the seat belts, part of Nissan's triple-safety philosophy," "(It's got) a 6-CD changer and surround sound,"

Also, it's reasonably priced, with up to $1000 cash back in dealer incentives!, he said while mysteriously turning towards the camera.
2004-12-12 08:29:34 PM  
Two that really stood out to me in the Sopranos was the Hummer driven by Christopher, and the Nissan SUV that Tony bought for his son.
2004-12-12 08:34:57 PM  
nothing is free in the corporate world
2004-12-12 08:36:49 PM  
Anyone remember when Tony complained to Carmela about the OJ.

Tony - "Hey, this O.J.'s got no pulp. I don't want the one they have that has lots of pulp, but at least get the one that says some pulp. See right here, this one says no pulp."

/What ain't no country I ever heard of. They speak english is what?
2004-12-12 08:36:53 PM  
The executives make it sound all innocent, but nobody believes them. I know I don't. The placements just seem too obvious.
2004-12-12 08:38:06 PM  
Must be Bush's fault..
2004-12-12 08:38:56 PM  
heh... This is a big inside joke in the Sopranos newsgroup.
2004-12-12 08:46:24 PM  
Tell me about it. I got pretty pissed off when last season's Carnivale had blantant product placement for McPhearson's Mini-Victrola and Stroffsky's Miracle Tonic!
2004-12-12 08:47:03 PM  
I mind the delivery rather than the usage. Lets face it..In real life we use alot of this crap..and why wouldn't a character supposedly living in our times use it?

Everyone gets upset because it's so damn OBVIOUS. It feels forced and that gets people all critical about debasing the art.

/or something to that effect.
2004-12-12 08:47:58 PM  
Deadwood doesn't use any product placements, unless you count hookers.
2004-12-12 08:52:35 PM  
I recall that when one of the Sex and the City girls used fake nipples, the company that made them couldn't keep up with demand. You couldn't buy advertising that equaled a spot on that show.
2004-12-12 09:12:49 PM  
Oh, that's a load of rich creamery butter...
2004-12-12 09:19:45 PM  
No... no... HBO doesn't do it. But the people who produce our shows? Yeah. They're the ones who do it.
2004-12-12 09:26:26 PM  
"That's funny. I saw a Frontline on advertising where the Aboslut people said they created a drink and took it to Sex and the City to make it part of the plotline. Me thinks someone be lying."

Yeah i saw that, the spokeslady was farking nauseating.
2004-12-12 09:41:10 PM  
though it kind of explains why HBO is the highest priced of the premium channels.

/works at a cable company
2004-12-12 09:43:25 PM  

Ever see a T.V. on the Sopranos that isn't a Phillips? And ever see a Phillips T.V. in the Sopranos that doesn't have the brandname freakishly highlighted by a white background?
2004-12-12 09:58:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/got nothing
//post brought to you using Mozilla Firefox
2004-12-12 09:59:31 PM  
Let me just say that everything you see on your screen, EVERYTHING, is there for a reason. Me and my brothers actually point out funny/obvious product placement when we watch tv, like we're so stupid that we're going to buy something just because we saw it on a show/movie.
2004-12-12 10:00:15 PM  
Come on, everyone. Can't we all just settle down and discuss our differences over a nice, refreshing glass of Dr. Pepper?
2004-12-12 10:05:00 PM  
hey you product placement guys....

our model rocketry club needs some funds.

yes we do model rocket launch videos, and we could easily place your product in context.

gotta admit a bunch of geeks flying model rockets is a bit neater than what is normally on TV.

/planning wayne world ripoff, rocketry style
// seee it at
2004-12-12 10:05:53 PM  
I don't think HBO is pretending they don't do product placement on their shows; the Absolut and Nissan examples are fairly obvious. They just don't charge for the privilege. The Frontline story never said Absolut paid for the placement in Sex And The City, only that they "helped" with the writers with the storyline.
2004-12-12 10:06:25 PM  
Holy crap, they killed Stringer!
2004-12-12 10:10:13 PM  
Charlie and Mrs. Landingham are walking through the doors.

Are you getting an eight-speaker stereo?


Six speakers?


How many speakers?

I have two ears, how many speakers do I need?

At least six and a subwoofer.

I'm not getting a subwoofer.

How about the tow package?

The tow package?

To tow your boat.

I don't have a boat.

What about a camper?


What do you tow?


You can probably put those in the trunk.


They reach the OUTER OVAL OFFICE as Josh walks by.

Tinted windows?


Hello, Josh.

Mrs. Landingham's picking up her new car today.


Yes, and I wish I haven't told anyone. Why do men think women can't buy a car without
a man?

JOshiat's an old stereotype, Mrs. L. Did you get the extended service warranty?

Wow, that entire conversation about cars was so incredibly boring because I didn't know that she was buying a Nissan! I should have just turned off the TV.

In other words, you can have a dialogue about a car without "moving the plot forward" with a brand name. And, it's nice to see that some shows are above the deay.
2004-12-12 10:15:09 PM  
Tonight's "The Wire" had an OBVIOUS plug for a Walther PPK! I call shenanigans!

/still surprised by the ending
2004-12-12 10:16:36 PM  

I didn't see that coming either. I just hope HBO decides on another season. The Wire is a great show, everyone should watch.
2004-12-12 10:18:05 PM  
What pisses me off the most are the awful rap groups who blatantly advertise electronic equipment like TV's and mobile phones in their video clips
2004-12-12 10:21:11 PM  
Tony Soprano doesn't open the refrigerator door without us being able to see the orange juice. The funniest one was when Carmela was reading a Sharper Image catalog, holding it in a way that would be almost impossible to read, but easy for the camera to see. Right, I really believe Carmela is a Sharper Image fan.
2004-12-12 10:29:03 PM  
As tough as the Wire is to follow sometimes, it is probably the best show on HBO, Sopranos included.
2004-12-12 10:36:59 PM  
Top 4 shows, in no particular order:

Lost, Deadwood, Carnivale, The Wire.

Everything else is far, far below, with Amazing Race sticking its head up at times.
2004-12-12 10:42:50 PM  

Lost? Never heard of it. Is it on HBO? Give us some linkage, please. :)
2004-12-12 10:43:14 PM  

I agree with you about the ending, and they just finally got what they needed from the wire...

Forget the alleged product placement, HBO programming is some of the best TV out there today even if I have to pay for it.
2004-12-12 10:43:34 PM  
HBO is shiat pretending to be better shiat. They are whores like everyone else is a whore. They give head to the sponsors just like everyone else.
2004-12-12 10:50:41 PM  
This is only moderately off-topic, but the most blatant product placement I've ever seen had to be in The Thomas Crown Affair, when Rene Russo goes to a vending machine, buys a Pepsi I think, snaps the top, continues a conversation, then pauses, takes a gigantic gulp with the glistening can facing the camera, lets out a satisfied "ahhhhh" then continues with the conversation.

I remember that because it was the only part of the movie that was even remotely entertaining.
2004-12-12 10:51:19 PM  
Mr.Smee Sorry, Lost is on something called "Broadcast Television". Kinda sucks because the show is about 3/4 content and 1/4 of these things called "commercials". No swearing. Oh, and no boobies. Still, i guess there's a flower in every dung pile.
2004-12-12 10:53:16 PM  
Lord please forgive my lack of html skillz.

Also... without trying to give anything away.. for those of you who saw it (Mirage, BeerNut, et al) - do you think the ending really happened? Like.. no outs, no options? That's that?

/being intentionally vague is almost as hard as having leet html skillz
2004-12-12 10:55:03 PM  
Since I'm on a roll....

Don't forget the product placement in "Lost" for Oceanic Airlines, especially the Sydney-to-LA flight...
2004-12-12 10:57:38 PM  
lol at beernut's comments

nah i never noticed that italian mobsters in jersey and new york only drink rolling rock. I dont notice the tropicana orange juice carm is always pouring at breakfast, the ipod aj is always sporting. not to mention the vehicles, the scam to steal all the foreign import cars, the hummers, the hummers the suvs, the different suv's that all the mobsters push, that and the caddy's of course. never noticed, those phones that the guy in the wire has to drive around and buy each week. 'the burners' or the ones the police use. entourage using only dutch masters.... j/k i dont know what they use for their blunts.....

i always notice the product placements, i think every since waynes world did the lil spoof "cheap product placements"
2004-12-12 10:58:37 PM  
I did not see any mention of Coca-Cola in that article. There are a few very BLATANT ad placements in Sopranos in the early seasons for Coke.

Also Mercedes must have totally paid HBO something. At the end of the episode when Tony is on the boat with the MERCEDES saleswoman and the shot pulls away to a sunset and a MERCEDES parked in front -- you could have snapped that picture and thrown it into a magazine ad.
2004-12-12 11:16:34 PM  
The shelf in Tony Soprano's basement is filled with Barilla pasta.
2004-12-12 11:27:12 PM  
In other news, HBO has renamed the series "Six Feet Under The Scotts Lawn Turf Builder"
2004-12-12 11:34:06 PM  
The product placement that sticks out in my mind is Epsode 20 (Season 2) "D-Girl" where Christopher has been screwing around with his cousin's filmmaker fiancee. One of them goes into the bathroom. On the counter is a mirror (the pedistal kind), and on the wall is the bathroom mirror. In the reflection of the reflection, you see a tube of Crest toothpaste. "What are the odds?"
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