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(CNN)   Those idiots waiting in line to see the next Star Wars have lost their loser title to these parents.   ( divider line
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15996 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2002 at 8:53 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-28 08:55:14 AM  
almost as 'Stupid' as the title...
2002-02-28 08:57:29 AM  
Yeah, parents are stupid for wanting to get quality education for their kids...
2002-02-28 08:59:29 AM  
im not referring to the parents as being stupid - im referring to the fact that this article was accepted and its incredibly dull title
2002-02-28 09:00:11 AM  
What morons! They stand in line so their kids have to learn two languages? Should send them to public school, where they aren't even expected to learn one: English.
2002-02-28 09:00:24 AM  
What morons! They stand in line so their kids have to learn two languages? Should send them to public school, where they aren't even expected to learn one, like English.
2002-02-28 09:00:40 AM  
2002-02-28 09:00:43 AM  
Cormee: your comment wasn't posted yet when I posted. I too, was referring to the article.
2002-02-28 09:03:22 AM  
I'm all for smarter kids, but don't use my tax dollars to teach them an unofficial language. My prediction: next come the lawsuits demanding bilingual education in French, Swahili, Ebonics, etc.
2002-02-28 09:04:33 AM  
"They were parents trying to get their children into one of 30 precious pre-kindergarten spots in the capital's only bilingual elementary school."

Pre-kindergarten? WTF is up with that? Sounds more like "I want kids so let's make up school grades for 1 year olds so I don't have to deal with them."
2002-02-28 09:04:46 AM  
Can we vote to get the "stupid" tag replaced with a "hero" tag? I hope when I have kids, I'm even half this concerned with getting them a quality education.
2002-02-28 09:05:30 AM  
I'm with you guys too, the parents are ok in my book. The Star Wars guys still win.
2002-02-28 09:06:26 AM  
damn stop ya whining - i learned 4!
2002-02-28 09:06:53 AM  
2002-02-28 09:07:13 AM  

Last time I checked, this country didn't HAVE an "Official" language. Its not like they are teaching them Farking Klingon.
2002-02-28 09:11:04 AM  
Shalbotnik, *gasp* 95% of public schools out there offer "unofficial" foreign language classes with your tax dollars(!). They are an accepted part of the curriculum because most people consider fluency in a foreign language to be the sign of an educated and cultured individual. (imagine that.)
Most colleges and universities (even public ones that use your tax dollars!) have a foreign language requirement.

Why do you care if these kids get an early start on something that is expected of them later, especially since it has been proven that children develop language ability quite rapidly between the ages of 3-8?
2002-02-28 09:12:56 AM  
It is way easier for children to learn a second language, than it is for adults. The parents that try so hard to get a good education for their kids should be applauded. It is my belief that almost any kid that is not mentally retarded can learn to read by the time they are four. It is totally up to the parents to make sure they learn. It is absolutely unacceptable when kids in elementary school do not know how to read. This country needs a major revamping of the way it educates it's children.
2002-02-28 09:14:11 AM  
I remember something like this happening in my city a while back. People were waiting to get a spot in a 'gifted' school. But since this is Alabama, 'gifted' here is average everywhere else.
2002-02-28 09:17:57 AM  
Let me add my voice to the "not stupid" cry.
2002-02-28 09:21:32 AM  
You can leave your brats money and property... but it isn't worth diddly squat in reality. The only thing that you can give them, which will be of value as they get older, is an education.
2002-02-28 09:28:11 AM  
HERO tag, HERO tag, HERO tag!

It's amazing that we seem to be having such a hard time "fixing" our education system when schools like this exist. Duh, this is a model, open 3-4 more schools like it, with good teachers, and we'd be getting somewhere...

how depressing.
2002-02-28 09:30:24 AM  
Wish I had foreign language available to me when I was a kid--I find it very hard nowadays to pick up and retain a new tongue (I'm 19). But, alas, the public school systems did such a fine job not teaching me English so this post probably looks like holy hell.

Desee que tenia idioma extranjero disponible para mi cuando era un cabrito -- encuentro muy duro hoy en dia recoger y conservar una lengueta nueva (soy 19). Pero, los alas, los sistemas escolares publicos hicieron un trabajo tan fino que no me enseñaba inglés asi que este poste parece probablemente infierno santo.
2002-02-28 09:31:36 AM  
Parents who want the best for their kids are stupider than loser geeks with too much time on their hands wanting to see a piece-of-crap movie? Wow. Fark really has sunk to a new low.
2002-02-28 09:34:19 AM  
It used to be that many of the schools in my town had very good Bilingual programs. But then a damn Californian came in and bought an election to dumb down all the schools in AZ. Woo hoo thank god for English only laws. Now I have to teach my kids a second Spanish myself. (and as an engineer i'm Very underqualified to do that)
2002-02-28 09:38:45 AM  
Whoever wrote that stupid headline should be flogged.

What's wrong with parents trying hard to get their children some decent education?

Silly Fark, common sense is for kids!
2002-02-28 09:42:31 AM  
whatever mod allowed the posting with that headline and tag should be flogged as well!
2002-02-28 09:46:36 AM  
CNN is a bit late picking up this story and it's incomplete as well. The school board promised last year to remove the first-come-first-serve method of enrollment for those outside the school district. When a similar article ran in the Washington Post in January(!), it drew cries of outrage and the school board quickly stepped in and sent the campers home. They hurriedly adopted a lottery method of selection IIRC.
2002-02-28 09:48:48 AM  
This deserves a HERO tag.

I think its fantastic that the parents are willing to wait. Far more useful than waiting for a Star Wars movie.
2002-02-28 09:51:11 AM  

This should have an

img.fark.netView Full Size

Look, it's like econ 100: if demand outstrips supply, prices rise. If prices are kept artificially low, as in the public school system*, lines develop.
Look at this groovy pic I found for a demo. hehe.

[image from too old to be available]

(Found at, although I have no idea whether the page makes any sense beyond the gif or not.)

On the other hand, if prices are allowed to serve their natural function as indicators of consumer preferences, well, then they adjust to reflect the ratio of supply to demand, ie, the price of good schools becomes higher than the price of crappy schools, just like the price of, say, a 1.6ghz athalon is higher than the price of your aunt's 386.
That's not a bad thing.

Pretending that basic laws of economics/human behavior to not apply to important goods such as education does not enable us to escape them.

2002-02-28 09:55:16 AM  
Having a wife in the inner city public education system, I can assure you that 99% of the parents, see school as a free baby sitter. These parents don't give a rats ass about where thier kids are, as long as its our of thier hair. Glad to see parents that care. HERO TAG!!!!!
2002-02-28 09:58:40 AM  
Whoa now soldier. No one is arguing economic theory...but it isn't absolute. It has grey areas like health care and education. This isn't a processor...this is something far more valuble and has ramifications outside of your own personal satisfaction.

Its 10am EST and I haven't been to bed yet. I would love to stay up and argue the merits with you all...but ironicly I have microecon at 12:15. I'm off to be for an hour or so.
2002-02-28 10:03:04 AM  
I think a lot of the success of these schools is kinda skewed. They succeed because the parents care enough, not necessarily because of what goes on inside the school. Just about any public school can look great if the child's parents more about his education. A good program don't mean diddly if the parents don't get involved.

Every child is home-schooled. I just don't think a lot of parents realize it.
2002-02-28 10:06:48 AM  
Hell!.....whats all the fuss 'bout.... Here in south Texas you can't 'hep but be bi-lingual, 'cause of all us damn Meskins around.....and the best's free!!
2002-02-28 10:12:14 AM  
Im one of those parents that drives 30 minutes one way to get my daughters to school, even though there are schools in my neighborhood. I might be an idiot, but at least my girls wont be.
2002-02-28 10:15:13 AM  
Nuclear MonkGood point on the parental involvement. I agree that just about any kid can be sucessful with good parental involvement. The main advantage these schools offer though is that all the parents are involved. That means that you don't have 5 caring students and 15 dumbasses. This will allow the class to work at a faster rate.

ALL PARENTS Read to your kids at home every night.
2002-02-28 10:48:26 AM  
The cynical part of me says that most of these parents are not concerned about a "good education." They're concerned about telling Harvard or Stanford someday that little Emma went to the l33t bilingual preschool.
2002-02-28 10:50:41 AM  
I think I learned more valuable lessons of life on the streets of Chicago that you just can't learn in a classroom.
I'm all for education, don't take this wrong. But school doesn't teach you EVERYTHING.
2002-02-28 11:02:16 AM  
"Let me add my voice to the "not stupid" cry."

2002-02-28 11:06:58 AM  
I don't think anyone is suggesting that that schools teach everything. As you rightly point out, the school of hard knocks (life) is invaluable to the creation of full personality (take that as a compliment, please). It does not however negate the fact that parental involvement in a school usually means a good school with kids who have an opportunity to fulfil their ambitions.
- Home time - sorry can't stay any longer
2002-02-28 11:09:12 AM  
Maybe the poster's intent was to say that HE himself was a loser and stupid for thinking it's less worthwhile to wait in line for a good school for your kids than for a movie that will still be on the main screen on Tuesday.
And I'd be happy to argue in Carl's place. Supply and demand is "not a bad thing" only when either the thing going up in price isn't a necessity of life or when the people who can't afford it are wholely responsible for their own inability to afford it. Any 4 year old who could benefit from such a school - that is, any 4 year old who has developed normally and has good parents - should have access to such a school if his parents would like him in it. It's our responsibility - for the good of our society and for each of us, whether directly affected or not - to figure out some way of making that happen.
2002-02-28 11:13:50 AM  
I really hope that the person who posted this does not have kids. Only a fool would not do everything in his power to give his children the best education he can provide.

I am glad to see intelligent people who realize that parental involvment is the real key to a child's intellectual, social and moral development.

I learned to read, write and do basic math before I entered elementary school. I wasn't born some genius. My dad simply opted to teach me these things at night instead of running around getting farked up with his buddies like so many parents (rich and poor, white and black, etc).

I completely agree with Michael_Knight. Parents should read to their kids and teach them every day.

Those that think bilingual education is a waste are ignoring the fact that learning an additional language helps children to physically develop their brains. I don't think every class has to be in two languages, but kids should certainly be begin to learn other languages at an early age.

I suppose music and art education is a waste of tax dollars as well. Someone who receives a well rounded education have a better chance of becoming a rational, reasonable adult instead of someone who sits in a cabin in Montana plotting to kill a judge's wife and kids.
2002-02-28 11:55:46 AM  
2002-02-28 12:16:39 PM  
So, the only people who are dumb enough to wait for days/weeks/months for ANYTHING are minorities, and nerds. Fascinating.
2002-02-28 12:18:05 PM  
Wait in line, by the way. Oops.
2002-02-28 12:52:11 PM  
Its too bad that all our nation's schools can't be like these ones. I also like the idea of magnet schools ever since I attended one. At the school they made sure that there was a balance between ethnicities. I learned to appreciate and respect diversity from an early age.
2002-02-28 12:57:39 PM  
I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario (pop. about 500,000). In Ontario we have two publicly funded school systems: the Separate School System (Catholic) and the Public School System (everyone else). One of the separate high schools was girls only. They had parents camped out there to get their daughters enrolled, and things erupted into a fistfight. Police and everything.

It just tells you how protective parents are. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for your kids. Camping out is probably a small price to pay to get into a good school (although getting a black eye might be pushing it.)

By the way, the girls at that school were the sluttiest for miles. Did the parents know that? Probably not.
2002-02-28 01:01:44 PM  
I'm a mother that pays an enormous sum for her children's education. I firmly believe that an education in a safe, attention given environment is key. I've explored many public school systems, and I simply don't agree with many of the government endorsed programs . I have homeschooled for a good portion of their education, but was forced to give that up because of gun-ownership. It is a violation to have a firearm on or a certain distance from school grounds, and this *does* apply to homeschooled children. I do endorse that parental involvement is key, regardless of the external education, and I personally have had my children on school waiting lists over a year in advance. There are some things you don't compromise on as a parent. Your children are one of them.
2002-02-28 01:32:18 PM  
Standing in line to get your child into a pre-school that will give him/her a head start on a better education makes you a loser? Well, I suppose it's better to let the kid hang out at home in front of the idiot box and drool while watching Teletubbies,huh?
2002-02-28 01:41:23 PM  
I too disagree with the headline -- but this is what I think about it having been posted:

I imagine it wasn't changed because all sorts of editorialized headlines (whether they be "right" or "wrong" depending on your point of view) end up on the homepage. While the admins/mods obviously found the article interesting enough to post, even if they don't actually agree with the political opinion expressed in the headline, by changing it they would be muzzling the contributor's right to speak his mind.

Just a theory anyway.
2002-02-28 02:05:18 PM  
I dunno, but seems to me that the quality of posted articles (including the tags and headlines) has really gone downhill in the last couple of months.

And this is a serious case in point (Hey Drew,are you listening, or is this a paid "farkerator for the day" nomination? Eh? Inquiring Farkers want to know!).

I'm one of the oldest people here (according to the last poll - I'm 58) and have an adult daughter and a couple of granddaughters in elementary school, and if they're being taught Spanish, good on their school!

Yes, we only have one "official" language here in the good ol' US of A, but I'd like to remind y'all of a country that has four - count them - four official languages, and no one has farked with them since Napoleon!

A gold star to everyone who got the correct answer: Switzerland.

Back when I was working for Uncle, we were told that the Swiss had the ultimate Doomsday weapon - if any country attacked them, then they would publicise every bank account held by every politician and military leader in that country ... and confiscate those bank accounts as well!
2002-02-28 02:11:21 PM  
i would way rather learn french than spanish
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