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(BBC)   Women deemed cleverer than men. Probably because we don't have distracting breasts that can be used to get what we want   ( divider line
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12150 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Dec 2004 at 3:07 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-09 11:33:54 AM  
I'd be clever if my nuts were allowed to hang out.
2004-12-09 11:45:11 AM  
I'd be clever if I didn't drink so much damn beer.
2004-12-09 11:48:33 AM  
I'd be clever if...

well if I could think of something to finish that sentence with.
2004-12-09 11:51:03 AM  
We men don't care about being clever, as long as we have sports, video games, and boobies.
2004-12-09 11:58:25 AM  
American educational researchers William Draves and Julie Coates have argued that it is not boys who are the problem but schools.

While boys are developing the skills they will need in the "knowledge jobs" of the future, schools are still preparing students for a past industrial age, they have said.

What are 'knowledge jobs', and how is it that we're no longer in an industrial age? I don't understand that.
2004-12-09 12:02:47 PM  
Scientifically speaking, it's not that women are per se more clever than men on a gender-wide basis. Instead, when you look at the baseline data and compare it objectively with the active study group in the featured article, you find that men are more...

WHOA! Check out the can's on that bimbo!
2004-12-09 12:17:35 PM  
Boobies apparently cause LarsThorwald to use apostrophes incorr... ect.. wait... did somebody say boobies?
2004-12-09 12:18:26 PM  
Nah, I'd say it's just a difference in aptitudes, making women & men symbiotic.

Without my wife, my savings account would simply consist of a stack of empties and the only green food I'd eat would be jello. Without me, well,... okay, she'd do just fine.
2004-12-09 12:28:06 PM  
People regardless of gender are as clever as they're forced to be. I don't think the evidence quoted in the article can really be used as a comparison tool.

I'm especially suspicious of anyone who claims that because "more young women attend university than men" as some kind of evidence for the superior cleverness of women. Choosing to attend school isn't proof that you're smarter. That's assuming he remembered to factor in that there are more women than men in the population.
2004-12-09 12:38:01 PM  
I wouldn't say we're more clever than men. We're just stupid about totally different things.
2004-12-09 12:40:21 PM  
women are generally dumb
there are a few clever ones but ...they're biatches
2004-12-09 12:43:17 PM  
I agree with Jeebus_Frist, but I can't pass up the opportunity to use the phrase "suck our greatness."

So, suck our greatness, boys.
2004-12-09 12:53:10 PM  
That's the best greatness I've sucked on all week!

Thanks, Myrna.
2004-12-09 01:14:10 PM  
:sucks Myrna's greatness:

That was teh great. Thanks Myrna!
2004-12-09 02:10:17 PM  
Wait a minute... are we being propositioned? If so, this could be the greatest thing to happen to me all week. Bring that greatness over here!

Wait... I don't have to pay for this, do I? Are you a cop? Because if you're a cop, you have to tell me, right? Something's not right here...
2004-12-09 02:44:11 PM  
I object to the word "clever" being used in relation to getting good grades. Smarter seems to be more appropriate here.

Clever is best represented by inventors and comedians. I find woment to be more often "smart" and "not clever" with the exception of Ellen Degeneres and Marie Curie.
2004-12-09 02:44:56 PM  
...and better typists...
2004-12-09 03:10:22 PM  
Once something around the house breaks, see how 'clever' women are.
2004-12-09 03:11:11 PM  
To the Submitter (who's obviously a woman)

...cleverer? that's the bestest word I've heard all day!

/I'm more clever
2004-12-09 03:11:15 PM  
2004-12-09 03:12:11 PM  
Your 'greatness' needs to be cleansed at least once a week, it tasted terrible.
2004-12-09 03:12:16 PM  
Exactamundo, BlorfMaster
2004-12-09 03:12:36 PM  
You'd think if they were so clever they'd figure out how to stop being moronic crybabies obsessed with fashion and popularity.
2004-12-09 03:12:43 PM  
if they are hot pretty damn clever see how many men come to fix it for them
2004-12-09 03:12:56 PM  
So, suck our greatness, boys.

Sure...I'll suck yours if you suck mine :P
2004-12-09 03:13:04 PM  
I think women really are quite clever. Unfortunately, many of them just use it to figure out ways to make that biatch across the room jealous.
2004-12-09 03:13:21 PM  
Uh-oh, I see trouble ahead...Good thing men outnumber women on fark...

*Fingers in ears* LA LA LA ! IM NOT LISTENING !
2004-12-09 03:13:41 PM  
Probably because we don't have distracting breasts...

I thought woman HAD breasts?

I'm SOOO confused.
2004-12-09 03:14:06 PM  
Don't look so clever with my dik in you mouf does ya?
2004-12-09 03:14:49 PM  
This thread needs Peter Griffin quotes.
2004-12-09 03:14:58 PM  
clever ( P ) Pronunciation Key (klvr)
adj. cleverer, cleverest
Mentally quick and original; bright.
Nimble with the hands or body; dexterous.
Exhibiting quick-wittedness: a clever story.

...but please, don't let this interfere with the misogyny (which I can also post the definition of if you'd like).
2004-12-09 03:15:04 PM  
How's that working out for you?


Being clever?


Keep it up then.
2004-12-09 03:15:19 PM  
by the way...

I've been debating this all week at the office...

Why do women buy stuff simply because it's on sale?
I've asked my girlfriend that, and she says "because I saved so much money," but if you
don't NEED the item or if you were NOT going to buy it anyway, how did you save money?

/saving money can be expensive!
/women are cleverer in their mind!
2004-12-09 03:16:03 PM  
wha hahaha
2004-12-09 03:16:18 PM  
Does this mean white people are more clever than minorities?

Should we celebrate that too?
2004-12-09 03:17:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Please note the posture of the woman in the center of the image.

Casually cradling her arm while demurely chewing on a finger. and casting a sidelong glance at the guy.

What does this say, in body language? Discuss.
2004-12-09 03:17:31 PM  
Looking at the headline, I think the submitter is a guy. Thats where the "we" comes in...hope I'm right, else this headline is really confusing, or I'm not cleverer enough ! :)
2004-12-09 03:17:35 PM  
my wife thinks i am cleverererer because i oral sex her evertyime we you know. course she does me 2 so i dont give a fark if i am cleverererer or not.
2004-12-09 03:17:35 PM  
clever ( P ) Pronunciation Key (klvr)
adj. cleverer, cleverest

Ladies and germs, I've been officially 0WN3D!!!
2004-12-09 03:17:36 PM  
Yes woman are more clever*, that's why they rule the world.
2004-12-09 03:18:31 PM  
I knew we shouldn't have granted them suffrage!

(Give 'em an inch, and they take six!)
2004-12-09 03:18:43 PM  
Is this a joke? You never see a man hanging around an abusive woman because "he loves her". Men are aggregately not held in bondage by their emotions. That said there are exceptions(Stedman Graham)but for the most part this debate about whether men or women are smarter is juvenile and belongs in the 7th grade, not in articles by the BBC.
/flame on.
2004-12-09 03:18:45 PM  
Lois: I guarantee you a man made that commercial.
Peter: Of course a man made it. It's a commercial Lois, not a delicious thanksgiving dinner.
2004-12-09 03:18:55 PM  
Meh, I know some smart girls, but not too many who I'd classify as clever. I tend to associate that word with novel solutions to heinously difficult problems.

/vapid whores and buxom wenches, the lot of 'em.
2004-12-09 03:18:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-12-09 03:19:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]

'Nuff said.

2004-12-09 03:19:11 PM  
I love my penis, keep your clever.
2004-12-09 03:19:16 PM  
There are three things that distract people from evolving into a race of intelligent beings that are capable of living in harmony and working for the betterment of all:

1) Greed
2) Religious Intolerance
3) Bias (Cultural, Racial, Sex & Gender based)

All those idiots out there who have nothing better to do that compare figurative (and maybe NOT so figurative) dick size are a hindrance to us all.

STOP trying to hurt others for your own gain. STOP trying to convert others to your way of thinking. STOP trying to convince yourself that you're better because you have breasts or a penis. Jesus... if everybody just steps back and LOOKS at the world, maybe they'd see how juvenile it all is.

Or maybe they'll just paste a witty slogan on a bumpersticker. Feh.
2004-12-09 03:19:27 PM  
or I'm not cleverer enough

you're not clever enough.
the headline is basically saying that women are
more clever because they ARE NOT distracted by there a boobies filter?
2004-12-09 03:19:45 PM  

It obviously means.....

"I'm only 15, please impregate me so that I might live the rest of my life on child support and benefits"
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