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(The Smoking Gun)   Obi-Wan McGregor makes his opinions on the subject of Puerto Rican polar bears known to the US government   ( divider line
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6594 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Feb 2002 at 10:49 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-27 11:53:52 AM  
No, no, no, Bacchus. You're thinking of the Chicago CUBS. The Bears went 13-3 and won a super bowl in the last 2 decades. Have to go back almost a century to remember the Cubs winning a championship.
2002-02-27 12:10:38 PM  
Fb- You really crack me up.
2002-02-27 12:29:47 PM  
Cliff_Yablonski: Just as I suspected.

"I've gotten to the demented stage of hoping that everything PETA does fails, screw the animals..."
Hagbard_C: At least you realize that your thought process is demented. I'd call it short-sighted, illogical and asinine, as well...
2002-02-27 12:29:58 PM  
If he kicks Russel Crowe's ass, then I might listen to him.
2002-02-27 12:34:50 PM  
At least you realize that your thought process is demented. I'd call it short-sighted, illogical and asinine, as well...

Sounds like I'm almost in the same league as PETA then, all I have to add is rabid fanatisism...
2002-02-27 12:45:16 PM  
Anyone else notice that he's basically just advocating on behalf of what PETA originally stood for, Ethical Treatment of Animals, before they became People with Extra Time to be Assholes? When I first read it I thought I would end up hating McGregor, but I don't. I just farking hate PETA.
2002-02-27 12:46:18 PM  
Hand me my lightsaber. It's the one that says BADMOTHERFARKER.
2002-02-27 12:53:27 PM  
On a slightly more serious note...

I remember a story of some zoo somewhere (I seem to remember Brookfield or Lincoln Park Zoo, but it was somewhere that summers are pretty hellish) that brought in polar bears. They went to great lengths to give them a "natural" habitat, natural meaning an Arctic simulation. The bears got sick... they just moped around all day, didn't want to do anything. The zoo tried everything to make them better... vitamins, diet, mud, chickens, nothing worked. Finally, just for the hell of it, they put the bears in the open air (during summer).

The bears not only got better, they thrived.

Moral of the story: Annimals are more adaptable than we like to give them credit for.
2002-02-27 12:56:22 PM  
Hey, Pamela Anderson wrote one of these, too.
2002-02-27 01:05:03 PM  
I didn't know Pam's arms could reach past her breasts.
2002-02-27 01:05:39 PM  
She has arms?
2002-02-27 01:09:46 PM  
I woulda been more impressed if Richard Gere were to petition against the deplorable conditions gerbils and hamsters are forced to endure in petshops around the land, and offered them a more accomodating environment in which to thrive.
2002-02-27 01:11:43 PM  
1 polar bear=1 full length coat
2002-02-27 01:11:50 PM  
Uh, he's calling for the USDA to step in? Tell me I'm wrong, but isn't that the U.S. Dairy Association?
2002-02-27 01:12:36 PM  
Polar bears are white
2002-02-27 01:13:31 PM  
so they are beating the cubs? Thats just sick, a full grown bear I could understand. But a Cub?
2002-02-27 01:14:21 PM  
Yow, color me clueless! "U.S. Department of Agriculture". I'll just sit over here with the other trolls.
2002-02-27 01:19:02 PM  
So he saw something he believed in and actually took opposed to posting on a message board.... Hmph.
2002-02-27 01:20:36 PM  
is that ironic?
2002-02-27 01:23:20 PM  
Hi, I'm a not the brightest light in the world, but I play one on the silver screen. Perhaps you've seen some of my works.
I've read a book or two in my life, and I was even asked to host a documentary on a subject I previously knew next to nothing about. Now I know lots and I'm an expert. So you have to treat me like an authority, because, after all...who really is an authority? Well, now I am.
So, listen to me when I have something to say because I look really good up on the screen and I played a bunch of really cool roles, including, sometimes, drug addicts. I just mention that cause it's cool and now I'm an authority.

Hey, c'mon, why aren't you listening to me? I'm an authority, I tell you! I'm an authority and I'm enraged, so I'm commenting.

Oh, the hell with it, keep the damn bears where you want, just make sure I make $10mm or more in my next flick. Then I can pay some schmuck to write my authority letters for me....but if Congress calls, I'll go in person because that'll get me some face time.
2002-02-27 01:27:09 PM  
Sammy Sosa needs to hit the second most home runs in a season again so that he can have parades in Puerto Rican communities (at my, the tax payer's, expense) and denounce polar bears being used for entertainment in Puerto Rico.
2002-02-27 01:35:25 PM  
Isn't Sammy Sosa from The Dominican Republic ?
What the fugg you talking about Troyf1?
You fuggin' Ricans find any excuse to throw a party to get messed up at, huh?
Heh Heh Fiesta fiending Mo Fo's...
2002-02-27 01:35:32 PM  
Too bad PETA doesn't spend more time/resources on stuff like this. I can get behind something like this that is obviously cruelty to animals. Instead they spend most of their efforts trying to stop people from having a turkey for thanksgiving dinner, and other such ludicrous efforts that reveal what total whack jobs they are.
2002-02-27 01:36:05 PM  
In response to Elrond, it's unfortunate and idiotic that doing a documentary or appearing in a movie makes someone an authority, but if you think about it, a letter from some PETA shmoe or random guy wouldn't have popped up on the Smoking Gun, and it certainly wouldn't have been a fark post.
2002-02-27 01:37:24 PM  
Isuldurs: Polar bear fur is white, their skin is black.
2002-02-27 01:49:04 PM  
Bizkicka, I agree. Unfortunately, our society (for some bizarre reason) feels entertainers are authority figures with some sort of special knowledge. In fact, it usually doesn't go much further than good looks (the exceptions prove the rule) or good acting talent (again...exceptions).

I thought after Meryl Streep's Alar episode, people would have learned that celebrities can actually prove to be nitwits who support "causes" that aren't what they seem to be.

I prefer celebrity causes like Martin Sheen and the homeless. I don't agree with his political views, but he puts his money and his actions where his mouth is. He's no limousine liberal. That, I can respect. Most of these guys are just a talking face without anything behind them.

Beyond that, it's just fun to take pokes at these nimrods. They take themselves too damn seriously.
2002-02-27 01:54:58 PM  
Eschewing: Polar bear fur looks white but is actually transparent. Seriously. Gives their fur a "greenhouse effect" that keeps em warm.
2002-02-27 01:55:41 PM  
Why does PETA care about polar bears? Are polar bears tasty?
2002-02-27 02:05:00 PM  
Yes. Actually each hair is also hollow to provide a guarranteed air cushion of insulation. (evolution did this?!)
2002-02-27 02:19:51 PM  
Actually, it is a myth that polar bears thrive in cold climates. Most polar bears in the world actually live near the equator. I learned that while riding on the zoomobile with my son.

Wait, it was penguins. Never mind. Carry on. Da Bears still suck...
2002-02-27 02:54:47 PM  
I don't care what terroristic animal activist group he belongs to, Ewan McGregor is the HOTTEST MAN ALIVE. And he rides a Ducati.

Yes, I am a stalker. Thanks.
2002-02-27 03:23:14 PM  
Rogerwilko, I'm not so sure we hate them (some of us do...including me) as much as we find them to be parodies of themselves.
Personally, I hate them because they are parodies of themselves, anyway. I also hate them because they think an animal life is worth more than, or as much as, a human (and there are documents that state as much in the public domain).
I also hate them because they would deprive me of my right to enjoy life in the way I see fit (something we were supposed to get as stated in the Dec. of Ind....."life, liberty, blah, blah, blah....not a legal document, but a source of moral/ethical backing FOR the legal documents that followed).
I hate them because they would rather cause people to feel uncomfortable about what they are doing than allow them to live decent lives that happen to be at odds with PETA's beliefs.
I hate them in much the same way I hate the abortion activists who bomb abortion centers, or picket them so women can't get in (PETA supporters have been known to engage in violent acts like bombings...yes, it's true).

So, while others may disagree with why I hate them, and have their own reasons, I DO feel they have every right to have their opinions and express them. But they don't have the right to throw blood on people, harass them, or demean their belief systems. If demeaning belief systems is how they want to do things, however, I think we can easily trash theirs.
2002-02-27 03:28:15 PM  
Nemisonic: Yes, evolution did this! Amazing what it can come up with given trillions of planets and billions of years.
2002-02-27 03:40:35 PM  
I'm glad someone sort of cleared up (I'm still lost on the reference) who this guy was because I thought Alec Guiness played Obi Wan and he's dead.

Polar bear skin is black. The fur is transparent and hollow but the inner surface is somewhat rough, kind of like frosted glass. The hollow fur does work as an insulator but also acts similar to fiber optics and conducts sunlight to the black skin. The hollow hair is actually more efficient, around 80%+, with a rough inner surface than if it were smooth and fiber optics engineers have been studying it to find out why because glass fibers are less than 50% efficient. Polar bears are so heat efficient that they have more trouble keeping cool in temps above 0F than they do keeping warm in -100F temps. So keeping polar bears in warmer climates without the means of cooling off causes them lots of stress.
2002-02-27 05:41:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-27 08:41:15 PM  
Why are there Polar bears in Puerto Rico? No snow, are they zoo specimens?
2002-02-27 09:40:15 PM  

There was one polar bear that kept licking its balls!! Yes they did hit, em put it seemed like pats, didn't look like a slash.
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