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(Local6)   Food Bank receives the spirit of Christmas toking with latest shipment of watermelons   ( divider line
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7884 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2004 at 2:18 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-07 12:34:06 PM  
The fried chicken and malt liquor are coming this afternoon.
2004-12-07 12:46:57 PM  
SOO wrong! : )

Seriously, Watermelon wine is pretty good.
2004-12-07 12:52:15 PM  
Dammit, 20 pounds of good marijuana down the drain. Why can't I ever find stuff like that. There'd be no way I'd turn it into the farking cops.
2004-12-07 12:52:20 PM  
That dealer must really be stoned.
He did the same thing last week.

/Queue the repeat posts
2004-12-07 01:32:42 PM  
Was it in a Target bag?

2004-12-07 02:20:54 PM  
2004-12-07 02:21:55 PM  
"The bale was seized as evidence and will likely be destroyed, investigators said."

2004-12-07 02:22:32 PM  
I walked byt the food donation box at a BJ's Wholesale club in Westboro MA and some thoughtful person put in a whole case of Molsen Ice in there. Very nice.

Those lucky homeless folks. sometimes they are so lucky.
2004-12-07 02:23:03 PM  
Having 20 lbs of Ganja confiscated by police makes the baby Tommy Chong cry...
2004-12-07 02:23:18 PM  
So that's where I left it. Toking/memory loss. It's a vicious circle.
2004-12-07 02:23:26 PM  
Save the Bales!!
2004-12-07 02:25:16 PM  
Dang. If only I could go to a food bank. I'm allergic to watermelon so they would HAVE to give me the bale!
2004-12-07 02:27:28 PM  

Thats a good one
2004-12-07 02:28:23 PM  
"The bale was seized and will likely be destroyed..."

Yeah, at the policemen's Christmas Ball, when all the cops spark it up in the men's room.

/It's 4:20 somewhere - spark it if ya got it.
2004-12-07 02:28:34 PM  
Marley's ghost unavailable for comment.
2004-12-07 02:28:37 PM  
"The bale was seized as evidence and will likely be destroyed..." the local police departments lungs.
2004-12-07 02:29:01 PM  
Sell the pot and give the proceeds to the Food Bank.
That way, everybody's happy.
2004-12-07 02:29:43 PM  
It's really a quandry they're in. There's really nothing setup for them to distribute the pot to non-poor people. And if they give it to the poor people coming to the foodbank, well, pretty soon they won't have any food left. So what to do with it? I guess give it to some scum-sucking asshole vice pigs.

/Vice crimes are not crimes.
2004-12-07 02:31:08 PM  
Just imagine if the food bank worker had been a head. What a miracle!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...
2004-12-07 02:31:47 PM  
Legalize it.

2004-12-07 02:32:20 PM  
After the bale was discovered, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency was called. An agent quizzed the man who found the bale but quickly determined he had nothing to do with the illegal shipment.

Like the guy would call the DEA after finding his own dope. That's some detective work.
2004-12-07 02:33:07 PM  
I bet the cloned monkeys had something to do with this.
2004-12-07 02:33:15 PM  
Fuzzy Zoeller unavailable for comment
2004-12-07 02:34:24 PM  
We're jamming...I hope you like jamming too...

/Chief Wiggum
2004-12-07 02:35:18 PM  
So, $1000/lb, $62.50 an O.

Must've been some old schwag or something.

/awaiting next "coffee" shipment from Cali
2004-12-07 02:36:35 PM  
Move along, nothing to see here.
2004-12-07 02:38:51 PM  
As is witnessed by my ability to post images at Fark.
2004-12-07 02:39:27 PM  
All the 'submitter too high to realize a dup post' posts have been done.

Uhh... Your mother was a hampster and your father smelt of elderberry.
2004-12-07 02:39:44 PM  
The fried chicken and malt liquor are coming this afternoon.

Totally uncalled for...
2004-12-07 02:42:29 PM  
I believe this man had something to do with it:

[image from too old to be available]

in case the picture doesn't link directly
2004-12-07 02:42:37 PM  
Farks needs a Pot Tag.
2004-12-07 02:43:42 PM  
damn... and i used to get pissed at myself when i'd lose a $20 sack
2004-12-07 02:44:29 PM  
"Save the Bales!!"

Game over. Soctt_Free rules this thread.
2004-12-07 02:47:21 PM  
What Cowboy?
2004-12-07 02:47:59 PM  
How come I'm never the one to benefit from that sort of "shipping error"?

If I did, you can be damn sure no one'd hear about it. Come to think of it probably no one would hear from me for a couple of years (it WAS 20 pounds after all).
2004-12-07 02:48:12 PM  
did someone say "toking"?

I feel a great disturbance in the force. As if millions cried out and were suddenly silenced...

//exhaling'll be O.K.
2004-12-07 02:49:12 PM  
"The bale was seized as evidence and will likely be destroyed, investigators said."

er, yeah, destroyed, that's the ticket. It'll be incinerated, just a little bit at a time, at this year's policeman's ball.
2004-12-07 02:50:17 PM  
I really need to start reading other people's comments before I chime in with the exact same thing :-) Oh well I'm at work, I have an excuse.
2004-12-07 02:51:09 PM  
My Farked headline when I submitted this last week:

Officials Say Pot Delivered to Food Bank
Food Bank Employees Says They Need More Food
2004-12-07 02:51:27 PM  
damn, should have sold that shiat and put the money into the food bank. Not like it was 20lbs of crack.
I love how the DEA questions the guy who found it. Good policy.

I would like to see a food bank bake sale.

/yeah that sure was lame, but for a good cause.
2004-12-07 02:52:29 PM  
2004-12-07 02:51:09 PM Legalize It

My Farked headline when I submitted this last week:

Officials Say Pot Delivered to Food Bank
Food Bank Employees Says They Need More Food

yours was funnier...
2004-12-07 02:56:39 PM  
Legalize It

As the submitter, I like your headline better! I just threw this one out there among 10 other submissions (all were better than this turd). Actually very surprised it was given the green...kind of arbitrary.

/self-deprication now off
2004-12-07 02:58:35 PM  
"The bale was seized as evidence and will likely be destroyed, investigators said."

Likely? Unless the cops seize some afghanistanimation to go along with it.
2004-12-07 02:59:41 PM  

Maybe it was the dumbass tag instead of amusing. Then again, who forgets to grab his 50k sack. . .

/Fark newbie
2004-12-07 03:01:33 PM  
$20,000 for only 20 lbs. of pot? Where was this pot grown, on the moon?
2004-12-07 03:06:50 PM  
20X16X$155=about 50 large

/not that I'd know
2004-12-07 03:08:22 PM  
adjmcloon: Actually in the south east where it is easy to grow $1000/lb is about right (that is of course if your buying it in lb amounts). You can often get a 1/4oz for $25 and a 1/2 for $45.
2004-12-07 03:09:02 PM  

Only? $62.50 for a Z. Less than $8 for an eighth.

/Do you know the way to San Jose....
2004-12-07 03:11:38 PM  
20,000 for 20 lbs is cheap. As someone already mentioned that's only alittle over $62.00/ounce..Which would mean its probably dirt cheap schwag.
Decent stuff around here starts at $50.00/1/8
2004-12-07 03:12:36 PM  

Old shwag around here (south Texas) is anywhere from $40-65 an O. Good stuff (hydro, kine) usuall $100/O

/or so I've been told
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