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(Iwon)   Motley Crue to reunite for world tour, new CD. Rumors that tour will be sponsored by Geritol and Fibercon unconfirmed   ( divider line
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4875 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2004 at 8:35 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-07 08:36:38 AM  
Considering it's the Crue, a Viagra tour would've been more appropriate.
2004-12-07 08:38:17 AM  
.... i'm gonna grow some hair back .... mevermind my wife won't let me ... but i'm still going to try and go.
2004-12-07 08:39:00 AM  
Will the suffering ever end ?
2004-12-07 08:40:19 AM  
and depends because they are the shiat.
Opps I ment to say shiatty.
2004-12-07 08:40:46 AM  
These metal bands all look kind of gay to me:

[image from too old to be available]

2004-12-07 08:43:09 AM  
A buddy of mine's dad got permanent hearing damage at a show on the Theatre of Pain tour, when the Crue topped The Who's record for loudest rock band.
2004-12-07 08:44:20 AM  
i just remember seeing them in '89 (i know some farkers weren't born yet) and my brother and i had a blast great show! definitely worth seeing again.
2004-12-07 08:44:36 AM  
Considering that guitarist Mick Mars is so old his original garage band played the last supper, this should be a rawwwkin' show.

Nothing says full-on metal rebellion more than needing an intermission so the home health worker can drain your pee bag.
2004-12-07 08:45:07 AM  
are the part of the riaa cruesade?
2004-12-07 08:45:26 AM  
Red, White, and Crue?

Oh, dear.
2004-12-07 08:46:25 AM  
Wasnt crue in one of those "napster bad!" flash cartoons? the good guys?
2004-12-07 08:46:30 AM  
Hey, where are the pointless silent umlauts? They just don't RAWK!!!1 without pointless silent umlauts.
2004-12-07 08:47:18 AM  
New single --​com/jsp/ %20search.jsp

I give it a C-
2004-12-07 08:48:55 AM  
This was on Metal Sludge like two months ago.

/saw 'em on Shout at the Devil, Theatre of Pain, and Dr. Feelgood tours.
2004-12-07 08:49:35 AM  
In the old days, we would throw vibrators and rubbers on stage...I guess now it will be "Depends" and "ExLax".
2004-12-07 08:50:48 AM  
They will still be better than a lot of the crap out there right now.
2004-12-07 08:50:55 AM  
the crue... that takes me back. i remember a show with them that had cinderella as the opening act. HA, the bassist from cinderella had an industrial fan blowing on him the entire time so his hair would blow around in the wind. sooo funny. good times, good times.
2004-12-07 08:50:56 AM  
Although, I kinda have to give credit where credit was due. At least the guys in Motley Crue did live the rock star life -- when they talked about doing dump trucks full of blow and banging groupies in tubs full of bleu cheese dressing, you know they were really doing it -- picking up the gauntlet that bands like Zeppelin and The Who vomited up.

It wasn't like hearing wannabe monkey-spanks like the guys in "Trixter" going on MTV and saying "Whooo! We're out-of-control rockers!" when you know that, after the show, they all split a Zima and played "truth or dare" -- closing the night at 11PM when the drummer ran down to the Holiday Inn ice machine in boxer shorts.
2004-12-07 08:51:46 AM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth

A buddy of mine's dad got permanent hearing damage at a show on the Theatre of Pain tour, when the Crue topped The Who's record for loudest rock band.

But Tap still has the record for England's Loudest Band.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-07 08:53:28 AM  
This might be worth seeing if Vince Neil could still sing...
2004-12-07 08:53:29 AM  
I went to a show from their last tour a few years back to see Megadeth who was opening for them. I stuck around and was surprised that they still had it together.
2004-12-07 08:53:35 AM  
Okay, the other members must be in it for the money, fame, and girls - just like they have always been - but Tommy, why? He's famous enough to get chicks still and, unless he has some kind of thousand dollar a day habit, he doesn't need money. Maybe he just wants to be loved like he was before Methods of Mayhem, his solo project, and the techno fiasco. Poor Tommy.

And oldbap is right.
2004-12-07 08:54:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Jon Lovitz will be filling in on vocals.
2004-12-07 08:54:56 AM  
I hope they bring the "transvestite hooker" look back to rock.
2004-12-07 08:55:25 AM  
You can tell they are getting old. Did anyone else check out the tour dates and times? What's with all of the a.m. shows? Boston, March 5, 11 a.m.? wtf
2004-12-07 08:56:11 AM  
I used to listen to these guys until they started to sound like, like Aerosmith, they're commercial trash. I wonder if Tommy Lee DJ's on the new album...
2004-12-07 08:56:16 AM  
Nothing worse than a Hair band that just won't give it up and play golf instead of trying to score with teenies again.
2004-12-07 08:56:40 AM  
Old and hotness: Too young to fall in love
New and busted: Too old to get it up.
2004-12-07 08:57:21 AM  
Cool. The local mall just redecorated its center court.

2004-12-07 08:58:15 AM  
2004-12-07 08:59:49 AM  
He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood
He's the one that makes ya feel alright
He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood

Viagra! See your doctor today!
2004-12-07 09:01:42 AM  
Yet another sign of the 80s revival that will sweep the US. the 70s did it -- that's the trend that's currently ending right now. The 80s will, unfortunately, return, and return hard. I give it 5 years and you'll see big hair on the streets from people who aren't complete white trash.
2004-12-07 09:01:59 AM  
2004-12-07 09:03:03 AM  
Mick looks 'five years dead.'
2004-12-07 09:04:04 AM  
i seen crue back in the day in vegas, un-freakin-believably great band. I seen vince neil only a few months ago, he still rocks! he sounds great. submitter is an idiot. so is dying_one_day_at_a_time.

// can't wait to catch 1 of these tour dates and pick me up a cougar.
2004-12-07 09:05:30 AM  
I wish Voramyr was wrong but I see Old Navy is trying to bring back leg warmers.

Friggin' leg warmers! I haven't once complained in the last 15 years that my legs were disproportionately colder than the rest of me. sigh.

The 80's sucked people. Resist.
2004-12-07 09:06:54 AM  
I have all of 'The Motley Crew's' songs on 45 for my old record player. I'm gonna rock around the clock tonight.

[image from too old to be available]

Now, if only I can score some good smack for the show.
2004-12-07 09:07:04 AM  
Woot Woot Woot
2004-12-07 09:07:04 AM  
Mr. Coffee Nerves:

That'll be one new keyboard please, as mine has suddenly become filled with coffee.

I remember these guys when they were really, really cool you know, like in the '80's.
2004-12-07 09:07:07 AM  
when the Crue topped The Who's record for loudest rock band.

Crue was never the loudest rock band. That honor went to Manowar who were listed in the guiness book of world records as such. (Probably furriest underwear too).

Some of these "classic" bands are still excellent. Twisted Sister now goes out as "Bent Brother", no makeup or flash, and plays like they did when they were a bard band. The shows kick ass.

Oh, and Queensryche (note my ID) is doing a Mindcrime 2 tour, but haven't come to my area yet. Tate had an amazing voice, don't know if he can still hit the notes like he used to.
2004-12-07 09:08:14 AM  
You know. This is funny. How everyones music becomes the new "old and busted".
It's strange because the next generation will always ridicule that lasts taste in culture (loosely used here), and somehow think they're the epitome of what's in. That they've discovered what being young is, and everyone else has no clue of what it's like to be at that peak moment in life.
I just turned 38 recently, and I know I'm going to be around for another 60 years or so, and I still feel like a fossil sometimes. Then I remember I used to make fun of my old man when he listened to Elvis and Fats Domino.
2004-12-07 09:10:03 AM  
the 80s were all about bad-haired freaks ->
[image from too old to be available]

nothing against gay looking bad-haired rock stars...
2004-12-07 09:10:12 AM  
This thread is useless without umlauts.
2004-12-07 09:10:39 AM  
"The 80's sucked people. Resist."

It wasn't all bad, but we could have done without leg warmers. I plan on openly mocking anyone I see wearing that shiat.

I'll kill the first girl I see wearing a belt with spandex.
2004-12-07 09:12:46 AM  
All you need are the first two records. Everything after that is sh*t. These guys have been washed up for a long time. There is nothing worse than seeing fat rockers try to relive their glory days.
2004-12-07 09:13:08 AM  
Music thread....I almost forgot to mention that the White Stripes suck.
2004-12-07 09:13:33 AM  

/best song, riff
2004-12-07 09:15:25 AM  
just checked out the tour dates, there is something bizaar about having so many morning shows, i am digging deep into my imagination to come up with a few reasons.

1 - they feel it would be cool to do something different than the night shows, kinda like be the pioneers of a new trend or something ( which is a pretty lame idea )

2 - they are thinking of their original fan base, all married with children and wanting real bad to go to the show but can't be hungover with the kids 2morrow. ( also lame )

anyone else got any ideas? i'm hurtin this morning myself

//no kids to keep me in line last night.
2004-12-07 09:16:05 AM  

/insert 3-fingered devil hand sign here
2004-12-07 09:16:28 AM  
all I got to say is.........they were on the Larry King Show!
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